Hungry Wenger talks up team’s attacking potential


Arsene Wenger says he’s hungier than ever to win the Premier League, knowing that he can’t go on forever.

The Frenchman has won three titles with the Gunners, but hasn’t tasted success in the league since the Invincible season in 2003-4.

He insists that he desire to win it again is high, particularly as competition these days is so intense.

“I was always hungry but I’m more hungry than ever because the demands are higher and because I didn’t win the Premier League for a long time and I want to do that before you get me out of here!,” he said.

“I have always got something to prove. If I play 4 v 4 with you now, you will see that I will try to win. We can play 1 v 1 if you want.”

Sadly nobody took him up on the 1 v 1 offer. Wenger also called on his team to put costly errors behind them, and talked up the attacking potential of his squad.

“We have many opportunities on the offensive front,” he said. “We have variety in midfield, creative midfield, and up front as well.

“What is at stake for us is that we have used our flop already at the start of the season, and we’ve had a strong run.

“It is important that we continue that. We responded well at Everton and it’s important that we focus on repeating that quality that we showed at Everton to prepare ourselves for a tough game.

“Every game is massively difficult.”

Arsenal take on Swansea City at the Emirates today.

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Wenger is always hungry


Feed the Wenger.

Heavenly Chapecoense

He just doesn’t eat other teams like before.


Anyone would think you were an insomniac or in Australia posting at this time Blogs.


He likes a warm quason with jam. Feed the man

Arse City Blues

He prefers a Chelsea bun, I’ve heard.

Arse City Blues

But Kroenke is only in it for the Profit-erroles. Sorry.


Wenger is simply not winning the league anytime soon. He knows it, we know it and the board does as well.


Good to hear/read. Not that I ever doubted him but he needs his players to step up big time. Can we win at City next weekend? Would be a bold statement considering our well documented struggles away from home especially against the ‘big boys’. A careful examination of our fixtures shows that away to ManU looks like the toughest game we have in the last 10 fixtures. If we are there or thereabouts by the end of February, we have a chance. Let’s just stop imploding. Still early days and I still have hope because I don’t expect us to allow Alexis or Ozil leave in January. Alexis the more important and most crucial anyways. COYG


As has been perfectly put on here before

‘No one doubts his hunger it’s his capability that is in doubt’

Why can’t a reporter ask that? He’s said for years this team is special blah blah blah. It isn’t true it’s a statement to pull at the heart strings of those wearing rose tinted spectacles


Wenger’s hungry, unfortunately a couple of the players are little bit well-fed

Man Manny

Well, I won”t argue with him, but Arsene rather looks overfed to me.


Attacking potential is not the problem.

We need defensive concentration and we need to finish on that potential.

BTW….Banners held up fondly for Bill Shankley with 3 titles and FA cups over 15 seasons. Just saying, Wenger’s record isn’t too shabby either with 3 titles and 5 FA cups over 20 years odd (plus one season undefeated)…just Shankley won in Europe. Maybe Wenger can do it this season.


I’m not worried about our attacking potential. I wish he would focus more on the defensive side of things because thats why we arent going to win the premier league this year (and last year, and the year before that)…….