Mertesacker says he’d address players not giving 100%


Per Mertesacker says he’s yet to see any evidence that Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil are anything less than 100% committed on the pitch this season, but that if he were to see their standards drop he’d make it an issue.

The skipper is into the final year of his own contract, before he takes over as Academy Manager next season, and believes that the star duo will be professional every time they play.

However, he seems clear that any dip in standards would not be tolerated.

“Everyone has to do his job 100 per cent otherwise they are not eligible to be on the pitch,” he told Sky Sports.

“As long as everyone understands that then we are fine and you won’t get problems from me. If I have a different feeling then it would be addressed.

“I have no problems with players in their final year, that includes me as well. The only issue I’ve got is if they’re not fully committed to what we’re doing here.”

Despite that, the BFG is sure that all the players in the final year – which include Ozil, Sanchez, himself, Jack Wilshere and others – will give their all.

“A lot of people focus on being on long-term contracts, but that’s not needed,” he said.

“I don’t feel a dip in commitment; we’re in a good front with those who have their contracts expiring.

“We want to be successful here and everyone is committed to that.”

Let’s hope so.

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