Watford 2-1 Arsenal: By the Numbers



75 – Percent of shots in prime (which I abbreviate as SiP and which are simply shots from about 11m to the goal in a semicircle) that David de Gea has saved this season (leads the League). He is also 2nd in the League in Big Chance saves with 71%. If you’re ever curious what a big chance/shot in prime save looks like, check out his kick save vs Liverpool.
14 – Petr Cech is 14th in SiP saves with just 33%, he’s also 9th in big chances saves with just 30%. Last season Cech saved 53% of shots in prime on target and 32% big chances. That was pretty average for a big club. The season before (when Arsenal lost the title to Leicester) he saved 64% of the shots in prime he faced and 48% of the Big Chances he faced.
0 – Percent of the 12 penalties Cech has saved since moving to Arsenal (source: Transfermarkt.co.uk)
13 – Percent of penalties saved by all keepers in the Premier League from 1992-Present (source: myfootballfacts.com)
4 – Percent of penalties that players have missed (not saved, not scored) in the Premier League from 1992-Present
0 – Percent of penalties which players have missed against Arsenal

Watford 7amxG v. Arsenal

1.8 – Watford 7amxG if we include the penalty
1.05 – Watford 7amxG if we don’t include the penalty
1.35 – Arsenal 7amxG
1.9 – Arsenal 7amxG if we include a penalty that people seem to want for Welbeck’s injury/foul

Watford v. Arsenal two halves

I can’t remember a second half as gormless as this one from Arsenal. If you have one you remember that you’d like me to compare to this graphic I would be happy to do so and update the post with additional graphics (if I can get the data).

But as you can see, I marked all of the things that Arsenal did poorly in the second half in red here. Regardless of the penalty, this was a complete and utter implosion by Arsenal.

Watford 2-1 Arsenal

12 – Aerial duels won by Mertesacker (led all players)
11 – Clearances by Per Mertesacker (led all players)
7 – Clearances with his head (led all players)
7 – Aerial duels won by Mertesacker in the 2nd half
6 – Aerial duels won by Deeny in the final 30 minutes
6 – Aerial duels won by Mertesacker in the final 30 minutes
2 – Tackles won by each of Elneny and Xhaka (total, 4)
1 – Interceptions by Xhaka and Elneny combined (all 90 minutes)
36 – Passes completed by Xhaka in the first half (of 46 attempted, 80% pass completion rate)
18 – Passes completed by Xhaka in the second half (of 26 attempted, 69% pass completion rate)
18 – Misplaced passes by Xhaka
3 – Total number of Xhaka’s misplaced passes which were long balls
1 – Key pass from Xhaka (corner, assist)
1 – Through ball from Xhaka (unsuccessful)
1 – Time caught picking his nose instead marking Cleverly
38 – Passes completed by Elneny in the first half (of 42 attempted, 90% pass completion rate)
23 – Passes completed by Elneny in the second half (of 24 attempted, 94% pass completion rate)
1 – Through ball by Elneny (successful)
0 – Key passes by Elneny
50 – Percent average for players to score on Big Chances
1 – Big Chance for Ozil in this match
9 – Total Big Chances Ozil has scored in the Premier League since 2015/16 (when I started tracking)
21 – Total Big Chances Ozil has attempted in Premier League play sin 2015/16

And finally.. a few notes on the weekend’s matches:

0.29 – Expected goals for Man U against Liverpool, Pool’s 7amxG was 2.14 – the match ended 0-0 and United should consider themselves lucky or…
1 – Assist for Joe Hart (West Ham) v. Burnley. This kick also counted as the only Big Chance created in the match.
18 – Man City have created 18 Big Chances in the last three matches: 10 against Palace, 1 against Chelsea, and 7 against Stoke. They have scored 10 of those Big Chances, 4 against Palace and 6 against Stoke
13 – Actual goals City have scored in the last three matches
12.14 – Expected goals for City over the last three matches
2.18 – Expected goals for Crystal Palace v. Chelsea. Chelsea only managed a 0.87 expected goals.
10 – Total expected goals for Chelsea so far this season – that’s 9th in the League this season. However, Chelsea are a strange team in that they tend to overperform and score more relative to their chances created.


Sources: My personal database, Whoscored.com, Transfermarkt.co.uk, myfootballfacts.com


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