Wenger on ‘decisive’ Kolasinac + injury update


Arsene Wenger says Sead Kolasinac’s performances since moving to Arsenal is proof that bargains can still be had in the transfer market.

The Bosnian international was instrumental in the Gunners 2-1 win over Swansea City scoring his third goal of the season and helping himself to a third assist, for Aaron Ramsey’s winner, before being substituted with a hip problem.

“Kolasinac was decisive today, because he scored and made an assist,” noted Wenger in his post-match press conference.

“We had a bit more space on the left, we saw that and we wanted to take advantage of that in the second half because they blocked Hector a lot with Clucas on our right side.

“For us it was important to build up on the right and change quickly to the left and create some space for Kolasinac. He did that very well.

On the wing-back’s successful start to life in the Premier League, he added: “It’s just down to quality. I believe that since he has arrived, he has convinced everybody that he’s a good signing. When you see the quality of his performance again today, you see there are still some good deals to make out there.

“He has the natural qualities that suit firstly his position as a wing-back and, secondly, because he has the absolute body power that is needed in the Premier League.

There was also an update on Kolasinac’s fitness with the boss hopeful the player will recover in time for next Sunday’s trip to Manchester City.

“Yeah [he was injured], on his thigh, on his hip, he had that already but he came back today.

“It’s a hip problem, a tight muscle in his hip. How long will he be out? I don’t know. We hope to get him fit for next Sunday.

“He had that before and we managed to get him always available.

“Yes [he wanted to play on], of course that’s what he wanted. I thought there was no need to take a gamble so I took him off.”

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Dave M

Did we really use the left more today because of something wenger “saw” or is this a reactive comment to try and demonstrate his “in game tactics”? Hector saw a lot of action down the right, I’d like to see the stats


But he said that we used the right to build up to enable us to switch to left. So it might be tactical.


I don’t know about wengers motives for saying what he said, but I noticed alot of solid work down the right too.
Nothing profitable in the end but alot of good passing and movement from both flanks today.
Kola is proving to be one of the best signings we have made, in the second half of wengers reign at least.

Dave M

Absolutely, not taking anything away from either fullback they were probably our two best players on the day. Brilliant games from both, especially Kola who’s goal and assist won the game. I just feel we have to go wide so often because we are so spare in midfield. IMO I didn’t think we went left more than right at all we just went wide.

Great to see us up the tempo of the game in the second half (credit to Arsene for that) and again surprise surprise we looked good. Early goal helped, but straight after HT we were playing faster longer balls and we are a different team when we can have space for the front three.

nimble foot

We did go left more than right. When we start at the right, we seemed to move it over to the left which explains why there was not so much Ozil involvement. I thought the reason we did that was because of how compact Swansea were and we knew we needed Sanchez’s dribbling to move spaces whilst Laca, Ramsey and Ozil would use movement to further displace them

Dave M

R got any stats or are you just going to keep subjectively peddling exactly what the manager said. Bellerin was in the Swansea box or at our beyond the byline a tonne.

My name is Jeff

The guy is a tank. A couple days in the shop and he will be ready for battle next Sunday.

Me So Hornsey

I really, really like Kolasinac. Mentally and physically tough, strong, technically sound, quite clinical for a defender and has a winner’s mentality.

However, and I know this isn’t a popular opinion, but I really don’t think Xhaka is good enough to be Arsenal’s no.1 midfield player on the teamsheet..

He’s had a season and a quarter in the PL now and I feel he’s had enough time now and has too many deficiencies. He’s not physically strong, loses the ball under pressure, not the greatest of tacklers, is quite slow and not accurate enough with short passing.

I know Arsenal’s (Arsene’s rather) way of playing does leave him exposed, and he is superb with long range delivery but I still don’t feel he’s ever going to be a complete enough midfielder for us. A useful squad member in my opinion. It’s a shame, because I do like him and think he gives his all unlike certain other team members.


” I do like him and think he gives his all unlike certain other team members.”
but seriously though, hes making all the mistakes ramsey was making couple of seasons back. Needs to be a lot more consistent and assured.


I couldn’t disagree more. He is one of the most creative midfielders in England and was involved in both goals today. He and Kolasinac have a great understanding and I cannot think of anyone better at making the incisive pass that turns defence into attack. Also has a great shot on him and is unlucky not have a few goals. I agree too he always gives his all and I wouldn’t chang him for anyone


the trouble with Xhaka is that in his first half a season he played quite well and got himself noticed by other teams, who in turn learned his weakness’ and now pressure him early to rush his passing or drawing tackles from him when in possession of the ball.

The former means that he doesn’t have the time or space to place his pinpoint long balls which make him so dangerous.


Good point Goonerink, I think so too that keeping possession (either by short passing or dribbling) is more of Xhaka’s problem




Opta statistics show he makes more accurate long balls than any other player in the Premiership.


He would probably look better in a 3-man midfield as he is left quite exposed when Ramsey and the wing-backs power forward in this system.. His passing has been sloppy at times though and have resulted in goals conceded and he gets in trouble when pressed. Would like to see Wilshere get a run but I’m afraid he would be as exposed in a 2-man midfield, and he and Ramsey have never played well together. Xhaka and Wilshere together could work though


We need to find Xhaka’s partner. Ramsey is not it!

Dave M

I thought Ramsey was awful in the first half, but absolutely brilliant and everywhere in the 2nd. He really has some serious stamina. Jury is still out on the midfield balance, but we got the job done in the 2nd half today.


Granit’s strengths is indispensable at the moment. He moves us forward quicker because he can pick out passes on the vertical from deep.

He was never a DM so his deficiencies have yet to be sorted.

Ramsey can play discipline and has done so for reasonably long spells (last seasons run in and with Flamini the season before for a while). BUT his better instincts is to attack.

I think our current system 3-4-3 involves Ramsey picking the right time to join Ozil and Alexis in the attack.

That nominally leaves Granit deeper picking passes.

Usually with the more aggressive and mobile Mustafi, the central Cback pushes up to help Granit and the two wider Cbacks cover more centrally.

With Per, he needs to be aware of his limitations too so he tends not to be as ‘adventurous’ which makes it all the more crucial for the other mids and wingbacks to be watchful of the space around Granit when we are turned over. This is one of the issues apart from just general concentration levels (as in Monreal’s gift to Everton last weekend)

We have yet to find optimum partnership. Jack if he can stay fit can add a different dimension (the other half of Santi) in dribbling from deep should he play the Ramsey link role.

Coquelin tends to be more aggressive attacking the ball higher (Norwich game he was not exactly deep as DM)

As I mentioned before, we did ourselves no Favours covering for midfield issues in not getting another competitive body to help as cover/alternative.

I feel current partnership, Ramsey and Granit are best to develop together organically. There is also option of trying Granit and Jack and of course Coquelin and Jack.

One of those 3 permutations should settle as our mainstay (until Santi comes available or the transfer window re-opens)


how about we finding ramsey a partner . xhaka was supposed to be the guy that protects the midfield and now we have to find someone to protect him??.

granted ramsey is adventures but with goals and assists he is proving that he should be given more freedom . all we need is a player who can sit back and protect the midfield , xhaka is not it , he is slow , loose a lot of challenges and simply does not protect the midfield well . a three man midfield or another player in place of xhaka is the only solution

The Red Tank

Most people criticising Xhaka would probably do the same thing if Xabi Alonso at his prime was playing in our midfield. Midfielders like Xhaka, Alonso, Scholes etc.are not known for their tackling and shouting- they dictate the pace of the game and how the team plays. Most of the good things that happen on the pitch for us are orchestrated by Xhaka, granted he’s made some mistakes as well, but he’s still coming to grips with the EPL. In my view he has been a lot more influential to us than the likes of Pogba who only needs to do half of what Xhaka does to be named a man of the match by the media.


Very impressive player and will be very valuable in the near future


Like we got him for nothing.

Thanks Director of Football.


If we had been told that our ‘free transfer’ left back/wing back would have scored 3 & made 3 by the end of October would we be happy? Absolutely. Great signing!


I love Kolasinac. Let’s hope they’ll hate him in Manchester after next Sunday.

Thierry bergkamp

There will be 2 more bargains in the summer.


I wonder if Wenger would have bought him if he was not a free but on the market for 30m?! Still whatever the case he’s ours!!


Well done David Dein and Director of footy for signing Kolasinac.:D

As I have always said, Wenger flatters to deceive because in general he is excellent in market.

He has had his share of flops but mostly he spends less which is at lower detriment to our bottom line (important for a self generating club)

Of course we are now at risk in exposure chiefly to two players which have bucked the spending trend at Wenger in Ozil and Alexis. Such is the risk with just buy at any price (and even the Wenger was very shrewd with his purchase price for these two marquee signings)

Where Wenger fails to do himself a favour perhaps if anything is buy enough. He tends to favour two ard internal development, not a bad thing buy seems to always be a player or two of quality short on full competitive for the season which has let us down over the years in our title push.

This season, I think we could have also done with a quality midfield to add option/cover to an injury prone and slightly difficult to balance select currently (sans Santi)

BUT as far as signings go, Wenger is the gold standard (no coincidence that many players are spuriously linked to us because true or not, it is a stamp of quality to do so)

Kolasinac is an absolute steal/steel.

Santi’s Flip Flop

Yeh, and Ozil and Sanchez will be fucking bargains 🙄. Doesn’t justify sloppy transfer and contracts policy.


I don’t think Wenger is to blame for this. He obviously wants to keep the Ozil and Sanchez, and he sets out a list of targets every year. It is the board and the contract neg team who let us down in this regard.

Jacko\'s broken ankle
Jacko\'s broken ankle

Bellerin looks bellow his standard. Should ve played, run and finished with more calculation and composure. Be more cunning.


Another inform for my all arsenal players team in FIFA I’m hoping ;Dpuskas giroud was a nice addition