Wenger reveals team news ahead of Everton clash


Arsene Wenger has provided the latest team news update ahead of Sunday’s trip to Goodison Park.

The Gunners face an under-pressure Everton who come into the game with just two wins from their last 12 games, and off the back of a Europa League defeat at home to Lyon on Thursday night.

There is some good news from an Arsenal point of view with two players who missed the Watford game back in the squad, and no significant damage done to one who had to go off at Vicarage Road.

“Alexis, Ramsey and Koscielny will be alright,” said Wenger after the first two were not available for the trip to Watford last weekend.

There wasn’t such good news about Danny Welbeck though, while there are others sidelined until after the next Interlull.

“Welbeck is out,” he said. “He has a groin problem, I think it will be two to three weeks before he is back. He will not be back before the international break.

“Mustafi will not be back before the break, and Ospina as well. Ospina is not very bad, he has a grade one [groin problem] so it’s just a couple of weeks. Mustafi is a bit worse than Ospina.

“Calum Chambers as well will be back after the break, and everybody else is alright.”

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Wilshere surly in line for his first start of the season in BPL?


Bit soon after Thursday isn’t it? I suspect he’ll come off the bench

Runcorn Gooner

I hope I am wrong but playing Everton who are on a terrible run just feels like a disaster waiting to happen.
Last year they weren’t playing well and we went one up and threw it away.
Please don’t let it happen again.


It’s already written somewhere. 2 wins in 12 and they turn us over. If I was an Everton fan Cant think of anyone ide rather face than this fragile arsenal team i


This exactly.

David C

How about this?

Holding Mert Kos
Bellerin Elneny Wilshere Kolasinac
Ramsey Sanchez

Ozil is talking too much crap to start plus it’s an away game. Giroud and Iwobi to star off the bench!


more likely to be saved for the calippo cup

Okechukwu Jude

Oh! Take me back to the days when we dismantled an everyone side that had just qualified for the champions league, hammering 7goals past them, in what was a final game or so for Edu. Oh! #bringbackourarsenal

Stringer Bell

It’s all very sad. I feel sad. Like a part of me has died. I’m in grief. It’s now time to express it. I grew up next to the Highbury stadium. I was a ball boy at reserve matches aged 8 and brought home by police aged 9 for climbing into ground from the back of our flats, breaking into the old cigarette machines and getting caught when we went back the following day. I have had a season ticket for many years. I’ve only been to Leicester match so far. I feel serious though there is doubt when I voice I’m not renewing next season. From top to bottom my club feels like it’s in decline and I am struggling to cope. It hurts. I didnt mutter a sound when the big German scored against Watford. I felt our performance was insipid. Our manager said we played extremely well first half. I apologise for this long letter and out pour of grief. My wife just doesn’t understand. Ozil and Sanchez will leave for the same reason rvp left. It’s all to much.


Never being to london and i can still understand exactly what u want to express!! It seems much more depressing when you compare us with spur nowadays who from being in our shadow forever, have not turned into an absolute machine team who are able to churn out result against champions league winners!!


Cause they’re born shity


Drawing at home to Burnley and Swansea and losing to Chelsea are not great results. Early days yet


Arsenal remain the only English side to beat a very good Madrid team (Zidane, Ramos, Raul, the real Ronaldo, Alvaro, Woodgate, Gutti, Cadillac, Beckham, Carlos, etc.) at their home. No big deal in pulling off a draw with a rather out of sorts Madrid team.

Again, it is early days yet, so no need for this much gloom and doom.

Declan M

I know where you’re coming from. Been a fan since ’71 and thru all the ups and downs since then, I feel that the current time feels particularly fallow – despite the cup successes. We have traditionally been the 3rd biggest English club, even considering our paucity of European trophies and are now 5/6th… No idea how to sort it all out except to say that Stan must go…


I think it’s also because there’s nothing left to spin. We had the new stadium to look forward too. We had the completion of paying off our debt. We had the splurge for Ozil and Sanchez.

There’s nothing in the foreseeable future. They say we have a war chest but we have yet to see it.


Huh..? The old cigarette machines were actually these teleports onto the pitch, or doors to another dimension where you didn’t return home till the next day?


Isaiah Rankin

Chin up pal. I think a lot of it is subjective, but I’m also convinced that football is objectively a much less romantic pursuit than it used to be.

It’s easy to conflate that with our recent lack of success but even when you think about how little the FA Cup means compared to twenty years ago it says a lot.

I just hope, for your sake and mine, that that romance returns.

Either way though, born a gooner, will die a gooner.


The FA cup only started to “mean so little” because Arsenal have been bossing it. It used to “9 years no trophy” till we won the FA cup, then did it back to back. Now, it’s all about the league and CL trophy….

Frank Bascombe

Nice to hear of someone with deep roots. I’d walk from Tufnell Park to the ground. Went on and off throughout my teens and had a couple of Season Tickets for the last 26 yrs. We didn’t renew for this season. To be honest, it was down to events away from football but to be honest, I’m relieved not to have to go, just watch them on the telly. As a child I’d wait outside the Wimpy in Finsbury Park for the players to come out, they used to go in there Thursday afternoons, either before or after banking their wages. Charlie George, Frank McLintock and all that… Arsene’s been great for Arsenal and I’m not going to slag him off but it’s done. I don’t wish to sound like a bitter middle-aged man (Difficult!) but the game and Arsenal, in particular, has changed to such an extent that I don’t really feel part of it any longer. I appreciate I’m no great loss but like you, there’s an element of melancholy about it all. Read a blog the other day where someone was moaning about Ken Friar getting a few bob out it. Man’s given his entire life to the club and there’s blogger’s on the internet whining about his wages. Beggars belief.

Isaiah Rankin

Perhaps shouldn’t be saying this on here Frank but if you still have the itch there’s a lot to be said for following a lower- or non-league side. My roots (and house) are both over the other side of town so £17 to catch the odd AFC Wimbledon game isn’t bad at all.

Will probably make it easier to bear when the Premier League inevitably opts for a 39th game abroad so West Brom can play Stoke in Kuala Lumpur at 5am GMT.

Da Boss

Completely agree with this Isaiah, though I have even turned to the dark arts of rugby. Saracens are a good North London side for anyone wishing to scratch a sporting itch. Failing that, Leyton Orient or Barnet. Or Arsenal Ladies. When is the darts on….?

Dave M

Jeez…17 quid for a league one game?! That’s bloody steep! Ah the sell out of (even barely) professional sports…


Feels such a strange season. As naive as this always proves to be, I go into every game excited as I remember we actually have a very talented group of players, most of whom I like a great deal individually. Even after last weekend I read the news on here with gleeful anticipation at seeing Alexis and Ramsey back in the fold, and delighted to see Kos not banjaxed. Then I remember Wenger won’t be playing the Ozil-Alexis-Laca front three for another week and turn into a miserable twat again 😉 Such a shame to see our strategy (both tactically on the pitch and with our transfer negotiations off it) are spoiling the chances of what could be a successful team.

Lone Star Gunner

Given that Welbeck was a groin instead of a hammy, was this a reoccurrence of his prior injury? Was he rushed back too soon?

Does anyone else worry that Arsenal at Goodison is just what the Doctor ordered for an abject Everton squad? I hope not as we really need to break the away hoodoo.


Last december with did Everton a favour when they were on bad form, let’s hope that’ll not be the case this time.


Feel good factor about kozzer

Crash Fistfight

Is “back after the international break” the new “3 weeks”?

Cliff Bastin

I’ve just come to this strange realisation that English players are addressed by their full name a lot more often than players of other nationalities. From Callum Chambers to Ray Parlour, to Ian Wright and Ashley Cole etc etc.

Asuma Alfred

Surely we really must concentrate at Everton a must win do or die we are in a bad state and there’s need for a keeper otherwise should Czech get injury then Arsenal will be dead.


Why did Wenger start Welbeck when he just came from injury. Stupid management

shropshire lad

Been a gooner since 1950 was proud owner of a season ticket at the emerats for a few seasons making a 400 hundred mile round trip , when i think back to all those wander full player’s we’ve had i can’t believe what’s happening at the club , i have great respect A W but i think it’s time for him to step down the final straw for me was the team he picked against Liverpool he’s lost the plot, having that rant i will always be a gooner.


I guess because the signs looked good in training and the medical equipment pronounced him ready. With Alexis injured, I guess there was little to choose from, in any case.


Wenger’s team selection/ formation will baffle as always. As a result, we will keep Koeman in his job.

Ashabahebwa Rogers

Laccazette is good if he plays with Alexis and ozil.