Wenger unfazed by Ozil reports


Has Mesut Ozil told his teammates that he’s joining Manchester United?

There were some stories doing the round this morning but, honestly, we don’t know. We’re not on Arsenal’s books. Unfortunately, the highest up the football ladder we ever got was a trial for Slough Town’s under-13s in a game lost to Millwall 8-3…a game that was divided into thirds rather than halves.

Thirds. Mental. No wonder we didn’t make it. You can’t add spend games doing maths.

Anyway, we digress. Where were we?

Oh, Ozil.

Arsene Wenger thinks that paying attention to any transfer rumours, true or otherwise, Arsenal positive or otherwise, probably isn’t a good idea right now.

“We have to deal with all kinds of speculation when the players are at the end of their contracts,” said Wenger in his post-Red Star Belgrade press conference.

“On the other hand, to be professional is to give 100 per cent as long as you are somewhere. For the rest, we came out many times and said that’s the situation.

“It [the media] can come out tomorrow and say that he extends his contract here. It will be exactly the same, it will not change anything. When you play the next game, commit 100 per cent.”

He added: ” I believe that at the moment I just focus on what is the best possible team for the next game and have no pre-conceived ideas if the guy will be 100 per cent committed or not.

“That would be unfair on my side, because you don’t have any opinion about that. When a player plays for Arsenal Football Club, his commitment cannot be linked with the length of his contract, it has just to be linked with the responsibility and the ambition he has to win the football game.”

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Bob\'s Mexican Cousin
Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

Ideal situation my arse


F–k him off. Bench him until Jan and sell him in the window. He’s not pulling his weight, easy to see he’s not committed when he plays. As for unphased, he’s absolutely f–king mental. How can one of your star players telling his team mates he’s off to your rivals NOT a problem.


So you believe everything written in the press.


I don’t believe everything written in the press but at the same time he hasn’t signed a new deal so why would we believe he is committed at staying with the club?


Nobody’s claimed he’s commited to staying at the club, because that would be stupid. He’s clearly not. Wenger has however claimed Ozil’s fully commited to giving 100% every match while he’s here, and quite a few of us believe that. Ozil is hard to read though.


Thinks it’s besdies the point – Wenger said his own contract situation last season had a detrimental effect on our performances, so regardless of what’s printed, this situation isn’t going to help the teams performance.


Bullshit. It’s not unfair to question someone’s commitment to the team, when commit is the ONLY thing they have not done in 12months of negotiations. Wenger and the club had a responsibility to the club, fans, and current squad to do the best buisness last summer, and failed miserably. Didnt strengthen. If he wanted to stay he would. Should have got rid of both him and Sanchez in summer, we are a joke right now. And it don’t look like ending for a while yet…..


I don’t know whether I subscribe to the whole ‘he’s not pulling his weight,’ idea. I genuinely think he has had a knee problem, I don’t think his lack of appearances have been down to him being difficult and refusing to play, or Arsene not selecting him because of his contract situation. I just think he actually was injured.

I follow practically all of his social media accounts and over the last couple of weeks prior to his run out at Watford, he was constantly in the gym working out talking about getting back to match fitness. Then Low left him out of the Germany set up as well. So I think the whole thing has been conveniently timed for the media to slam us saying he doesn’t want to be here.

Regarding the Man United stories, I probably think there is some substance to them. I would imagine Mourinho would love to get him at United just to spite Wenger, and when you consider Mesut has worked with him before, I think it would be unrealistic to assume that a move there hasn’t crossed his mind.

Ultimately this hole situation has been allowed to develop because of our inabilities to deal with a player that didn’t want to sign an extension. Right when we figured out he rejected our last offer then he should’ve been sold abroad.




I thought the other version worked well too.

Da Boss

I was about to say. His hole situation is probably none of our business.


Which team mates did he tell? Where are the quotes? Siiiggghhh!


He has denied this media lie.


I reckon we have become used to the fact that he and Alexis will be leaving. But the slagging and fuck him statements just become annoying now.

We had big problems before he arrived, won fuck all happily finishing top four year in year out. Ozil and Sanchez have brought success, actually winning trophies, a welcome change.

But what I just don’t get are people ready to slaughter them when they go. Are they the only ones to leave? No, there is a long list of players to go, WHY? And there is the answer to the problems at our club.


Lol yeah one of your players is going to walk around to teammates and let them know he is leaving in Jan. That is high possibility that is happening. Why would anyone do that?


As expected Ozil has denied this media lie. As I said don’t believe everything you read


Let him go. He doesn’t deserve to bear the Arsenal crest


He was good enough to make you win trophies…


Whilst I understand what Wenger is saying I believe in Ozil’s case it is total bull.


True, but maybe overly idealistic


If there’s any truth to this?
Then I want him training with the under 6s until he leaves.


There is no truth as he has denied the story

Fabrizio Ravanelli

Özil does deserve to wear the shirt. It has been a pleasure and a pain to watch him play, just as it has felt to watch the entire Arsenal team over the last few years. I can’t help but feel he has born a little more responsibility than he should have. However I think it is time for a change of personel at our club and he and Sanchez should be shown the door so we can start a new project. 3 FA cups in 4 is an achievement even if we didn’t add a league title with a capable side. Good luck to Ozil, but if I’m homest seeing him warm the bench at United would leave a bitter taste.

Isaiah Rankin

Sorry I can’t see ‘Ravanelli’ and ‘shirt’ without wanting to pull mine over my head and run around the office with my arms out…


That’s well put. If the club’s not going to invest in addition to Alexis and Ozil, I agree a reshuffle is the best way to go. A few clear talents with a few more years ahead of them, and maybe a top castoff more ready to buy into the club. Sure wouldn’t hurt to have a player of personality stature like a Mertesacker, Arteta, or Cazorla in the game day squad going forward.

Stan and the board aren’t making it easy though.

I was really hoping Wengers extension suggested the club would really add another top player or two for a last go, not just tread water (or watch the wheels come off). But, yeah. Sigh.

Isaiah Rankin

I know Millwall are shit but still you’d expect them to do better than 8-3 against Slough Town U13 triallists.

Frank Bascombe

They did take their end though.


Sign of times… Guys like Ozil are holding the club to a ransom.


Just withdraw the contract extension offer, issue a statement ‘Anyone who does not want to be here GO’. Yet another almighty F… up by Wenger, con artist. Start afresh.


Con artist who managed to bring arsenal its most successful patch in club history. Maybe his time is up, but doesn’t mean we need to lose our common sense.


Not exactly a repudiation. My guess is that we’ll see less and less of Özil on the pitch in the months running up to January.


Why? He would want to play well if he wants other clubs to show interest also if he wasn’t sold in the summer why sell him in Jan.


I’m far from his biggest fan but he is a good player in the correct team and system with a manager who will challenge him

I can accept his reported frustration with the lack of signings as we all have them

I can see him at man utd and tearing it up and good luck to him. Aw can’t get the best out of him


Well he has up to now. He’s been brilliant for us as shown by the number of assists and chances created. I will be really sorry to see him leave

Nordin Bin Hassan

Ozil is staying. He is gonna sign a new contract,
probably by end of year or early next year. He told some teammates this. Not sure who he told tho. Please viral this news….whether you believe its true or not

Yoki Rivero

We wasted his talents. He created all those chances in his early years at Arsenal and we never took advantage of it.

Now, admittedly he has flaws, but he’s being the scapegoat for everything that is wrong with Arsenal, from fans and pundits alike.

When he was really good, he was underappreciated, when he’s not playing well, he is heavily scrutinized. We never surrounded him with the proper pieces for him to excel and hide his flaws, and he got blamed for everyone else’s putrid play.

I honestly can’t blame him for not wanting to stay. And I hope he goes, not because I don’t want him to stay, but because he deserves to be in a club that could utilize his talents. Unfortunately, that club is not us. Wenger blew it.

I just hate that it’s going to be Manchester United. With an excellent finisher, a winger that has insane pace, and a couple of guys that can cover for his defensive flaws, that team is BUILT to make the best out of what he can do. And I’ve seen how dangerous Ozil can be when he’s properly managed and with the proper pieces around him.

This is going to suck.


Waou, a sensitive post! The problem is Wenger being obsessed with his home made players and he has never put Özil in the right scheme to have him flourish. See what Mesut does with Germany… When Wenger says Chamberlain is worth building a team round, it’s just craziness as he’s never done it with Özil… I’m tired of Wenger and his “respect the contract til the end”. Yeah, we’ll see if the club respects his contract with Özil til the end and goes on respecting him.
Btw, Arseblog, you truly love this pic, doesn’t you? It tells all about what you think of a player who has brought you trophies you’d had been waiting for for years…


Wenger did change formation to accomodate Ozil. We used to play a 4-3-3 and he changed to a 4-2-3-1 to accommodate his inability to play wide in a 4-3-3 or do enough defensive work being one of the 3. We didn’t have anyone playing no. 10 for a long while before he changed to accommodate him.


Yea 4231, but not with the right players. Yoki rivero was spot on when he mentioned we surrounded Ozil with putrid players.

Without a good midfield, how would you expect your playmaker to play? Many a times he’s had to come deep to get the ball. Not something I’d like my technically and most creative player to be at. And so many analyst and articles have highlighted our lack of midfield (positionally and figuratively) and that means we won’t find it easy to win back the ball when we lose it so we really struggle to create a good platform for Ozil to play and shine in.

The formation only serves so little if the players aren’t the right ones.


It’s not like he’s been playing with Denilson and Bischoff. For a good spell he played with Santi and Arteta.
Most creative number 10s, especially those who like Ozil whose strengths are not speed and penetration often do actually come deep to get the ball: Silva, KDB, Eriksen.

It’s not like Ozil should be kept high up so he can whizz past opponents. His strength is creativity so like the other three would be expected to be comfortable coming back a bit more and starting from deeper. I can’t understand why you wouldn’t want your most creative player be involved as part of your buildup.


Why do people say Ozil hasn’t flourished? Look at his record of assists and chances created.


Who is the excellent finisher at United? Lukaku scores goals, but he shoots a crapload, so his conversion rate wouldn’t suggest he’s really all that great of a finisher.


yeah, he would have been brilliant for Scum last week v Liverpool.
Utd had 1 shot. They defended for their cunty lives.
Can Ozil do that?


Mesut is a winner but he can’t carry a team on his own. His play has got worse since Arsene changed his position and asked him to start scoring goals, that isn’t what he is, and he’s taking a lot of stick for it. Just sign a decent DM and let him play with a decent strikeforce, it’s not rocket science is it? Get Mahrez and Draxler instead of Walcott and Sanchez (who will leave), get a quality midfielder behind him and watch him catch alight! He used to make loads of assists for Oli, but it must be very disheartening watching Walcott, Ramsey and Welbeck tripping over the ball or shanking it to row z every time you set them up. I love Mesut and I don’t think he really wants to leave, but he’s being wasted at Arsenal and the club doesn’t seem to care. It’s very easy to blame the playe ,but he signed a five year contract with us and it was supposed to have been the start of a brave new era. He was lied to, as we all were.

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

The silliness needs to stop. Ozil can fk off, I would hv preffered Sanchez to stay but he will fk off too, and Wenger will stay. So in one word the club is f***ed till Wenger is shown as well

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

Shown the door*

Jimbo Jones

I’m glad you said it! It’s really sim

Jimbo Jones

I’m glad you said it! It’s really simple, if anyone wants to go then they can eff off, im an arsenal supporter, not an Ozil fan, or a Sanchez fan, nor a Wenger fan. Stop these silly bloody excuses and dithering debates. It’s not about the players ability, there’s plenty of quality at the club. It’s a system, leadership, and guts that we lack.


And here we go again. Whether you like it or not, our beloved club is in decline. Same mistakes being repeated over and again and nobody’s made accountable. Why we didn’t sell Ozil and Sanchez at the start of the summer and replace them with some players that want to be at the club is beyond me. Even if Ozil and Sanchez go to United and City, it won’t be to our detriment as they’re no longer rivals of ours. Kronke is poisoning this club and there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s so depressing.


We didn’t sell Sanchez and Ozil because they are our best players and it’s good to get another season out of them. Things are not perfect but to say we are in decline is a gross exaggeration.


I really do wonder were we are going.

We have our 2 best players running down their contracts, a board not willing to spend money on investment, a manager who clearly has lost his way over the years and a fan base which is divided.

We have become a laughing stock for other teams and it’s embarrassing. I strongly agree with the comments made by Troy Deeney last week and as they say “The truth hurts”

I think my point is, nothing is going to change unless the manager and the board are all gone but the way football is nowadays, that isn’t going to happen.

It’s clear that Mr Kronkere doesn’t care about the club and it’s well documented in regards to his other team investments and how he views winning.

The manager isn’t going to rock the boat upstairs – would you if you were getting paid 8million a season?

When (not if) Ozil and Sanchez do leave, good luck to them. I wouldn’t stick around……

Jimbo Jones

Well said 👍🏼 I just hope our supports can get organised and bring about the change


Everytime we play Ozil of recent we end up losing. Tells a lot about his commitment as he plays better for Germany always

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...
He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

Sell him in January? Yes.
Sell him to those inbred northerners? No.