Wenger unfazed by Ozil reports


Has Mesut Ozil told his teammates that he’s joining Manchester United?

There were some stories doing the round this morning but, honestly, we don’t know. We’re not on Arsenal’s books. Unfortunately, the highest up the football ladder we ever got was a trial for Slough Town’s under-13s in a game lost to Millwall 8-3…a game that was divided into thirds rather than halves.

Thirds. Mental. No wonder we didn’t make it. You can’t add spend games doing maths.

Anyway, we digress. Where were we?

Oh, Ozil.

Arsene Wenger thinks that paying attention to any transfer rumours, true or otherwise, Arsenal positive or otherwise, probably isn’t a good idea right now.

“We have to deal with all kinds of speculation when the players are at the end of their contracts,” said Wenger in his post-Red Star Belgrade press conference.

“On the other hand, to be professional is to give 100 per cent as long as you are somewhere. For the rest, we came out many times and said that’s the situation.

“It [the media] can come out tomorrow and say that he extends his contract here. It will be exactly the same, it will not change anything. When you play the next game, commit 100 per cent.”

He added: ” I believe that at the moment I just focus on what is the best possible team for the next game and have no pre-conceived ideas if the guy will be 100 per cent committed or not.

“That would be unfair on my side, because you don’t have any opinion about that. When a player plays for Arsenal Football Club, his commitment cannot be linked with the length of his contract, it has just to be linked with the responsibility and the ambition he has to win the football game.”

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