89 breaking records thanks to Arsenal fans


89 the film was released last week and it’s a wonderful look back at one of the greatest moments in the history of Arsenal football club.

It was also made available via OurScreen.com, which allows fans to set up screenings in their local cinema, and once enough tickets are sold, the film is shown. It’s sort of like crowd funding but for movies.

And such is the reach of Arsenal fans, and the popularity of the film itself, 89 has broken the record for the most successful documentary ever to be released through the Our Screen platform. What we can do via Twitter, we can also do in cinemas – it’s nice that it can translate to real life.

It has had three times the number of screenings confirmed than the previous record holder, with nearly 30% of screenings being organised outside of the traditional Arsenal heartland of North London – including South London, East London, Norwich, Liverpool, Kent, Belfast, Bristol, Nottingham, Brighton, Cambridge.

It’s an illustration of how widespread and awesome the Arsenal community is, and there’s still time to set up your own screening if you can get enough people to it. Simply check out https://www.ourscreen.com/film/89 and take it from there.

Lee Dixon, executive producer on the project, told us, “I’ve been blown away by the response to 89 on the big screen. Watching it with an audience is an experience I’ll never forget.”

It is, of course, available now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download from all the usual outlets like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and more.

Watch the trailer below, and I’ll see some of you at the screenings in Dublin on December 11th when we’ll have a Q&A beforehand with Lee Dixon and fellow producer Amy Lawrence.

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