Mustafi: We made it complicated but early goal was important


Shkodran Mustafi admitted that Arsenal made life difficult for themselves against Huddersfield last night, despite the fact the 5-0 scoreline might have made it look like a walk in the park.

A period of sloppiness either side of half-time could have seen us punished, but thankfully good saves and some stout defending snuffed out the chances the visitors had.

The German international was pleased with the way we responded, however, and pointed to the third minute strike from Alexandre Lacazette as crucial for the overall complexion of the game.

“In the first half, and as well in the second half, a few passes were a bit sloppy, said Mustafi. “That complicated the game because I think the plan of Huddersfield was to stay compact and win the balls and then counter-attack, which I think they did well.

“They were quite compact, but as soon as we tidied up our passing and the ball movement we found a way through and we played some good football.

“Overall we had to step it a little bit up because in the end yes it was 5-0, but the goals came late and they could have punished us in the first half, so it was a really tough game.

“When you have home games against teams like that, that don’t put too much pressure on you and let you have the ball, they stay compact and it’s difficult to come through so it was really important to score a first quick goal.

“We did and after that we could have done a lot better, so we complicated ourselves a little but, but at the end it’s about being professional, staying concentrated and we deserved to win the game.”

But he former Valencia man would not be drawn into gushing over the Gunners run of wins at home which now stretches to 12.

“It’s fun to talk about numbers but in the end the numbers won’t help you if you don’t reach your goal in the end of the season, so it’s nice to read that, but in the end it doesn’t give you anything,” he said.

“You have to put the performance in every week and then in the end you count the numbers and see if you reached your goal or not.”

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