Wenger: It was a strong push and a penalty


Burnley’s howls of derision filled the air when Lee Mason pointed to the spot in injury time, believing that the award of a penalty was an injustice the likes of which the world has never seen before.

As you would expect, Arsene Wenger doesn’t share that view, and says that Aaron Ramsey told him he’d been on the end of a ‘strong push’ from Burnley defender James Tarkowski.

Alexis Sanchez duly dispatched the penalty, making it 1-0, and giving the Gunners yet another late win over Sean Dyche’s side (how they must hate the sight of us).

Speaking afterwards, the manager said, “From outside, it looked like a clear penalty. I felt there was one on Bellerin as well.

“I can understand that Burnley are disappointed with that, but from outside it looked like a penalty.

“When you speak to him [Ramsey], he didn’t throw himself on the ground. He said he wanted to go back and flick on the ball.

“He was pushed in the back and he has a problem in his neck from the push. He said it was a very strong push.”

And in this crazy, topsy-turvy world we live in, there is only one thing you can rely on: a man who wants to save rhinos would never lie.

Suck it up, Burnley.


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