Xhaka on his Man City Fantasy Island


In sport you have believe anything is possible, otherwise you wouldn’t have moments like Anfield 89, Wigan beating Man City in the FA Cup final, or Ignatius Magee winning the 1962 Olympic 100 metres gold medal for Ireland.

At this moment in time, the idea of anyone catching Manchester City seems fanciful, but Granit Xhaka isn’t giving up the ghost.

The Swiss international acknowledges their incredible current form, but says it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that they could have a blip, and that Arsenal have to be ready to take advantage of that if and when that happens.

“I think in football everything is possible,” he told Sky Sports.

“Manchester City, at the moment, are on a very good run, they’re doing very well and others have dropped points – which they haven’t done – but it’s conceivable that they could drop points as well.”

“They might not continue as they have been, but our aim is just to focus on ourselves. We know we need to work and we’re convinced that we can compete at the top.

“Everything’s possible, I’m a person who thinks realistically but has dreams and fantasies as well. In football, everything is always possible.”

Can’t fault the attitude, but let’s just try and win our next game and see where we go from there.

To de plane, Tattoo!

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