Wenger dismisses Lacazette mind-games suggestions

Lacazette taking a penalty

Although we faced Jose Mourinho side last week, journalists still can’t help themselves in trying to spark conflict between Arsene Wenger and the Man United manager.

The inclusion of Alexandre Lacazette was a surprise to most last Saturday, and it seems to have annoyed the former Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid boss.

In providing a team news update for his own side, he referenced his various injuries, calling them ‘the truth … No stories of Lacazette or David Silva. All the truth.”

Quite why he has his knickers in a twist about it is anybody’s guess, but then he could take offence at a gust of wind that wasn’t favourable, so it’s not really a surprise.

At his press conference ahead of tomorrow’s Europa League clash with BATE Borisov, Mourinho’s quotes were read out to the Arsenal manager, the clear intention to spark a tit-for-tat to create headlines and clicks for no other reason than the sections of the media today are tasked with doing exactly that.

Wenger wasn’t playing the game though, giving a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why the French striker was included.

“I thought he wouldn’t play,” he said. “In the end, he could play. What did you want me to do, leave him at home?!”

“I’m always honest. I thought really that he wouldn’t play, that’s what I had been told.

“After, he had a test on Friday morning and went to the game. We weren’t sure he would play but he tried and he played, you know, that’s part of football.”

Some of the issue may well have come from the fact that due to time constraints his pre-United press conference took place immediately after the Huddersfield game, with some of the info embargoed until a later date.

Had there been the regular Friday presser, Wenger would have had more up to date info and the story might well have been out there, so it’s not some vast conspiracy against Mourinho.

He just thinks everyone’s out to get him. I know I am.

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