Wenger: I’m no Sanchez psychologist


Arsene Wenger says that the constant media coverage of Alexis Sanchez is ‘unbelievable’, despite the fact it’s quite believable indeed.

The Chilean is almost into the final 6 months of his contract, and does not look likely to sign a new one. As such, there’s constant speculation about him, his future, and his motivations.

However, the Arsenal manager seems to believe this is somewhat strange, saying, “When he plays well it’s a problem.

“When is it not a problem? It’s unbelievable. You judge a player on whether he played well or not and you comment on it after that.

“I am not a psychologist to know what is in his head, if he is short-term or long-term. You turn up to play football, that’s it.

“After that you judge, did he play well or not well.”

He definitely played well on Thursday when his two goals helped us to a 3-2 win over Crystal Palace, and it would be good if he could do something similar against West Brom tomorrow.

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