Wenger on Ozil, Man Utd and mixed messages over January sales


Manchester United have not contacted Arsenal over Mesut Ozil says Arsene Wenger, as the Frenchman insists that none of his players will leave in January.

The German is rumoured to be of interest to former boss and massive hypocritical wankspanner Jose Mourinho, but there are also rumours that a new deal with the Gunners could be close too.

The Arsenal manager was quizzed about the playmaker’s future at his press conference today and the conversation went as follows.

How close is Mesut Ozil to signing a new contract? He’s not gonna join Manchester United then, is he?

No. How close, I don’t know. He will stay here.

Journalist: Are you talking about a new contract?

We have never been approached by Man Utd anyway. I don’t even know why that came up and who found that, but that’s always something that has been created.

So you’re sure he’s going to stay here?

Until the end of the season for sure. The rest is open.

Earlier, the manager had been asked about potential January sales and letting players go – in particular those with not long to go on their contracts.

“They will all stay,” he said, before immediately casting some doubt on the statement.

“It’s very difficult for me to tell you, because I will analyse every case individually and separately, but overall my wish and desire is that everybody stays.

“After, if you come in and you tell me ‘That’s what I offer you for this player’, I will say yes or no.”

So definitely not for sale. Unless the price is right. Which is fair enough, that’s how it works, there’s no point pretending otherwise.

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