Arsenal offer Wilshere a new deal, and a pay cut


It’s being reported that Arsenal have offered Jack Wilshere a new contract, but the structure of the deal is such that the midfielder will see his basic salary reduced, with a number of incentives built in.

With question marks over his fitness, the club have offered him a smaller weekly wage than he currently earns, but with bonuses for the number of appearances he makes and his performances he could surpass that with the new contract.

Wilshere has spoken frequently about how much he wants to stay – going so far as to express his desire to club captain – but Arsene Wenger has made it clear that it will be down to him to accept what’s on offer.

Speaking in December, the Arsenal manager said, “I believe that, if we can meet a point of agreement financially, he will want to stay.”

The risk, of course, is that despite this kind of offer making sense on an objective level, Arsenal run the risk of losing Wilshere to bigger offers from clubs who can afford to push the boat out because of his availability on a free transfer come June.

They would also have to assume the risk of his injury record, but you can be sure there’d be no shortage of suitors for his services. Will his loyalty to Arsenal and love of the club make the difference?

We’ll see.

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