Wenger: Not all giants are fantastic


When the Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, was asked about the player exchange between his club and Arsenal involving Alexis Sanchez, he typically had a little dig at us.

It’s what he does, he can’t help himself, but if you didn’t see it, he said, “United and Arsenal made a fantastic deal, I lost a fantastic player, Mr Wenger lost a fantastic player, Alexis changed from a fantastic club to a giant club and Mkhi changed for a fantastic club, so was a great deal for everybody.”

As is also typical, it was brought up during Arsene Wenger’s press conference today, to see if they could spark a little tit for tat, but the Arsenal manager was not going to get drawn into any tabloid games when asked what he thought the Portuguese twat-o-war meant.

“I don’t know,” he said. “You should ask him. Can you be fantastic without being giant? Yes.

“Can you be giant without be fantastic? Yes. I don’t know, you should ask him what he means.

“I think they are two great clubs and two players, the two clubs have made a good deal, yes.”

This press conference chicanery from some sections of the media was apparent earlier this week when Sp*rs boss Mauricio Pochettino took umbrage at Wenger’s comments about how the media give his side a more difficult time than others.

He insisted the Frenchman had ‘made a mistake’ by talking about his club, something which displeased Wenger today who felt the Argentine had been misled about what he’d actually said.

“I just complained that we are always in a hot spot,” he said. “I did not speak about anybody. I’m not happy about that.

“I did not speak about T*ttenham at all. I did not even think about them. It was just a general example, I did not speak about anybody.

“I’ve worked for 20 years here and I respect the press and I stand up for what I say but I don’t accept to be questioned about things I have not said.

“Of course he’s been misled. He said I have to focus on Arsenal and he’s right and that’s what I do. I have no problem with him or anybody else.

“I want to be responsible for what I say not what I’m supposed to have said. That’s really disappointing for me.”

Some giants are good though, such as:

The BFG (both Arsenal and fictional)
Andre the Giant (who was driven to school by Samuel Beckett – true story!)

Er, that’s about it. Giant pandas are kinda cool though. Much better than those measly regular sized pandas, the bamboo bastards.

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