Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Frimpong opts for Ghana

Emmanuel Frimpong has opted for a life of yellow and red cards by pledging his international future to Ghana.

The combative midfielder, who would surely have been given the kind of refereeing doubt so many England players enjoy had he chosen to play alongside teammate Jack Wilshere, chose to play for the country in which he was born and signed an agreement yesterday.

The president of the Ghana FA, said, “Yesterday we met him after the game at Fulham at a hotel. He wants to play for Ghana. We have to apply to Fifa now – send them the documentation and wait.

It is out of my hands how long they will take, but with my experience I expect no longer than three months and it will probably be shorter than that.”

Frimpong was selected by Stuart Pearce for the recent England U21 squad but pulled out due to ‘injury’.

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That’s a shame. It would have been nice to have more Gunners in the England set up. One of the reasons why I hate international football is due to the fact that cunts like Rooney, Terry, et al, get both barrels of my banter during the week. Then all of a sudden I’m supposed to sing songs about their talent just because they’ve pulled on a white shirt (which is a shit colour for a shirt!). Sorry. No dice.

Good luck for Ghana Frimpong. But I hope you don’t get picked this winter!

George Blazenby

And fair enough, too!


He would probably have made it into the England Squad eventually, to bad he’s had to make this kind of decision so early. On the bright side it shows that he is a loyal person and goes with his roots. This should also reflect on his promising career with Arsenal and staiyng loyal to the team which has grownup with.


It has come to my attention and after thorough investigation that there are some amongst our flock that and I can hardly bear to write this, some that believe that nasri is not and I repeat is not a cunt. I no this is a shock to find such heretics and blasphemers among us. Some believe him to be just a very naughty boy. This act of betrayal cannot and should not be tolerated. The man is a lesbo faced arse wiping cunt of the largest kind and is to be blame for all our recent woes including the injuries… Read more »


Popeye I enjoy your messages but I can’t seem to gauge your opinion of Samir Nasri. Do you remember him? Used to play on the left, #8, sold for oil?


No DM’s during the time of ACN?????

We’re Fucked!


Song plays for Cameroon. Cameroon didn’t qualify for the tournament this year.





That’s what gunnerblog tweeted. So I’ll take his word for it.


That is awesome! Stuff Cameroon!

The ACN attracts the strangest, most twisted forms off support from prem supporters..


now we’re definitely going to need another defensive midfielder for during ACN. Why are all the best ones African?
Or, alternatively, why can’t they just add the winter break everyone seems to want anyway and we won’t have to always worry about it.
Good on Frimpong though, I wouldn’t want to play in the same team as John “paedophile eyes” Terry, Wayne “granny fucker” Rooney or Ashley “errr….twat” Cole.


Ashley “mobile phone” Cole


He’s only played two fucking games – and in one of those he got sent off – who gives a shit?


WE DO!!!, the real Arsenal fans!!!




Good man Pete ya lamp…..!

Best of luck to frimpong…hope all goes well for him….massive future with the gunners!

Now back to Pete…..your still a lamp!!!!


– Another player who will be forever whisked away by the ACN.

– Won’t ever have to cosy up to pond life inbreds like Rooney, Terry, Cole etc.

I’ll take it, with a smile.


Observation: we’ve forgotten that Ca$hley is a greasy cunt as well…


Blogs, i’m pretty sure the refereeing benefit of the doubt doesn’t apply to Arsenal players whatever country they play for. . . . .


He also doesn’t look quite… english.. enough to get the ref benefits, I would think.

Look how the refs always treat heskey =(


Meh except that it’s funny that even a kid as young as Deeeeench has so little confidence in managerial expertise of Cock Eyes Pearce.

Midfield Corporal

To be fair he has more chance of lifting a trophy with Ghana.

Popeye- regarding the ‘Na$ri not a cunt Scandal’ currently brewing. It’s seems it is more an issue of terminology. Surely no sane individual truly believes he is not a cunt in the traditional derogatory use of the word, however many on these pages have indicated a penchant for cunts so feel adding a pretext such as ‘scabby’, ‘filthy’ or ‘rotten’ would clarify any misunderstanding.


So, are we saying na$ri IS a cunt then?

Midfield Corporal

No PerryGW, Na$ri is a stinking cunt, unless you like him, in which case he is a cunt. But if you’re gay, I suppose you don’t like cunts, which is not a problem but……., fuck it, I’ve confused myself now.

Does anyone know how to update wikipedia

Midfield Corporal

Sorry, hit submit comment button by mistake. I was hoping to update ‘cunt’ on wikipedia to make reference to our chinless friend.


I’ll just stick with the simple fact that he is a fucking dirty stinking little Gail from Corrie chinned shit cunt for now


Too bad. Frimpong’s refreshing decency would make a nice change from the twattishness of Terry, Cole, Rooney & co.

[…] could have featured in the match above too, but he has pulled out of the england squad, and instead has chosen to represent Ghana. Can’t say I am too pleased about it, if he plays well we will lose another player in January […]

Sir. Dr. Easy

Popeye, u re d CUNT.
D kid is wise 4 choosin ghana ahead of england. Look at what d english f.a did 2 agbonlahor, he can no longer play 4 Nigeria.
Frimpong is a wiser kid.


Sir, did you pay for that Blackberry?


Fair play to him, England are shit.

The fans, the pundits, the press are all complete cunts.

After the way Ramsey was mistreated for having the front to break his leg on Ryan Shawcross and the way Eduardo was treated like a child murderer, for diving against Celtic. (even though Rooney and Gerrard throw themselves on the floor week in and week out) I made a vow never to support the national team ever again.

I wish Theo and Jack Wilshere would just retire from international humiliation.

Rant over.

Lawrence Hunt

Why should he represent England? If he was born in Ghana and lived there for 14 years and went pretty much straight into Arsenal’s academy, I wouldn’t have understood if he considered himself English…

Lawrence Hunt

(Straight into our academy aged 14-15 upon moving to London)


Get your hair cut son. 🙂


Good luck to Frimps!!! He’ll sure be a Ghana legend one day.

And don’t you ever forget – Na$ri is a lesbo-faced CUNT



lmao best na$ri I’ve heard

Eric Irish gunner

Good luck frimps would’ent want to play with those Chelsea wankers either


I kind of missed the point really.

Good luck Frimpster, although I’m not happy about losing you to the fucking ACN.

Red Fred

Good luck to the fella. Having said that, is there a word for “anti-Deeeeench”


Oh well gonna lose him every other Jan/Feb, for the wate of time that is the ACN.

Also £20million has just been wiped of his sell on value, based on the fee paid for the pony tailed geordie wanker. (not today you understand, but give it a couple of years, and i’m sure that Shitey would have paid any amount of money for him, of course he would then have arab DNA!!!)

Rant over, did i mention that “NA$RI IS A SCABBY CUNT”

Henri Sekzmasheen

we should put a clause in the players contracts that says they get an extra 20k pw or whatever if they don’t play for their country. specially if its a spacky country like ghana. wtf frimmers? didn’t the last crapcopn get shot up my rebels in angola? I remeber watching it on the news and gut wrenching tragedy when I realised adebayor survived 🙁


LMAO was not expecting that ending to your post

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