Report: Arsenal 3-1 Shrewsbury Town


Arsenal beat Shrewsbury 3-1 in the Carling Cup tonight.

We went 1-0 down, then scored three goals via Gibbs, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Benayoun, each of those players getting their first goal for the club.

Due to the fact the match wasn’t televised I didn’t see any of it so if you’re expecting an in-depth report I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place.

However, look at it like this: it could have been on the television, I could have watched it, we could have lost, a large space rock could have landed on Oxlade-Chamberlain’s head and then as the medics were trying to save his life Godzilla could have crashed through the west stand looking to take the ultimate revenge on Ryo Miyaichi whose grandfather had electrocuted him right in the balls in a 1950s B movie and with one blast of fire from his massive snout he could have incinerated tens of thousands of Arsenal fans before eating Arsene Wenger in one gulp leading the panic stricken board to replace him with John Gregory.

I think I know which you’d prefer. Leaving aside the coolness of the Godzilla thing, who is something of a personal hero of mine, the whole John Gregory angle would be really, really bad. And when I say coolness, I just mean the coolness of a gigantic monster stomping round the Grove and not the deaths of thousands of Gooners and the Arsenal manager.



So, we go into the 4th round and we’ve won a game. Seems ok to me.

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Fear The Ox.

Ben Savage

Forget the opposition, it just feels good to win a game for once.


Chamberlain what a debut, Good goal and energetic performance

Master Bates

THE OX scored from outside the box


We’ve got Gunnersaurus though! Oh.




Fast track the Ox to the first team!

Johnny Massacre

An OX in da BOX, cracker!


Funnily enough thats exactly what happened at my 5 a side last nite arseblogger. what a game.

Black Matta

Uncharacteristically unfunny.


All post match reports should be like this.


Happy for the win, good result for the youbg lads, disappointed that they were booed after first goal though, classy!!

Bromley Gooner

Can’t wait to see the goals on the Arsenal website whoop whoop up the arse


Yeah that was probably Popeye leading the chorus, Donski.

Jon Hume

Job done.


The taming of the Shrews.

kirollos yaakoub

everyone should calm down and stop asking for OX to be “fast tracked”to the first team. let him develop properly and he might turn into a world class player. but don’t go around thinking he’s our savior because he managed to score against shrewsbury. nonetheless. good to get a win


How can he develop if he doesn’t play? The team he came from is only FOUR spots below us on the league table (21st in English football).


Don’t know why I felt the need to yell “Fore!” Sorry.


Its on the Arsenal website at 10pm according to a statement released earlier on facebook. Full match.


at bleacher report they had a text live feed of the game. oac was man of the match and got a standing ovation


Wish I could have seen the new players (OX, Young, Coq, Ryo, Frimpong) in action. Listened in on a live commentary stream, was pretty exciting anyhow.

I’d really like to see Ox, Ryo, and Young pushing Arshavin, Walcott, Ramsey and others for a first team place.

Too bad that the first team playesr did not get a taste of victory


I haven’t seen the game but following on soccernet gamecast I was impressed with the second half defensive performance. Arsenal conceded 7 shots with 3 on target in the first half. Second half they only allowed 1 shot which was on target.


Good job well done we deserve something like this, more to come from da bigger boys


Did anyone hear the histrionics and screeching on talkSHITE radio, Sam Twatterface and some other dickend made it sound like we were being relegated at 0-1 down.

Once good radio station, now well shit.

Sidcup Reds

Djourou is fuckin’ useless!


Gunnersaurus gets picked on by Godzuki so he wouldn’t have been any help.


On the Upside …………..Spurs are Out of the Carling Cup!

Jeremy Mathews


On the downside……………..Stoke is still in the Carling Cup. Can’t win ’em all.

Smeer Na$ri (with shit)
Smeer Na$ri (with shit)

Yeh, I think they must have forgotten to bring the lions onto the pitch. That would have brought about the only fair result.


I think wd owe Tottenham some gratitude. No matter how bad life get for us Gooners tbey are always there to put a smile on our faces.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you Tottenham…

Now fuck off!


Love the yahoo headlines…
“United thrash Leeds” (3-0)
“Gunners survive scare” (3-1)

No, there’s no bias against arsenal…


Just seen attendance – 46,000
Has there ever been a lower attendance at the grove??


Was at the game……park, gibbs,djorou are SHIT……park is awful……and gues what…….WENGER OUT


I was at the game too, and you’re talking complete bollocks. So fuck off back to the lane you wind up cunt!


Excellent comeback? Any chance of explaining your criticism? Like why the players I said were crap? Why AFC had its lowest attendance? Why Wenger has his job? Or why after thirty years a arsenal fan i should be banished to the lane? Oh no, you got school now. So run along with mummy


Response to Les; September 21, 2011 at 6:06 am

I was at the game last night and my personal observation of the game was that “none” or any of the Arsenal players were crap.

Gibbs in the first half had a “soon come Charlie” attitude but he scored the opening goal, JD was overshadowed by Miquel ( Hope he is fast tracked into first team) Ju Young played his first game for Arsenal… he was nervous, but found his way after 35 minutes and made some excellent runs in the second half. (Watch the game online) The first half was a baptism of fire for our young team whereby The Shrew relied on long balls to their giant forwards… and JD had a few blonde moments.

In all this first half heart stopping oh my Lord what are we doing – insecurity, Yossi marshalled the players, Oxtail was nowhere to be seen but the CoQ was doing a tidy job. The second half was all Arsenal. Oxtail and Yossi and Coq and Gibbs decided to play football and we turned it around.

In terms of the numbers of fans. We are in recession (I bought a £10 ticket; I am what Roy Keane calls a prawn cocktail fan- but times are harsh and if I have to make concession, just image.

We had the highest number of supporters last night for the CC and I was located in the north bank; I became part of the gang who sang… “There is only one Arsene Wenger”. Wenger he is going nowhere. We have a good solid team of players… and I think they are going to shine. I saw something last night that made me believe again… and I haven’t felt that way since we beat Blackpool last August.

I’ve seen a lot of football since then, and sometimes it’s not been great (the Barca home game was the best I have ever seen). Sort out our defence and we can “boss” the English leagues, (FA, CC and EPL). Game on.

LES… have you noticed I have not used a bad word to describe our players. They are our team… and I have been supporting Arsenal for years… and to be honest I have seen some crap games and last night was not the worse.
Enjoy your day


Hats off to you Maddo. You are top class.

The only Sam is Nelson
The only Sam is Nelson

i was at the game (I’ve also been going to the arsenal for well over 30 years, although what that has to do with it i’m not sure)

less than 40,000 (the 40K figure includes the 9,000 or so prawn circle/club member tickets that are valid for the fixture and therefore “sold” even though the occupants stayed away as if last night’s offering was in fact a film of twitcher shagging tina turner), a mix of obscure youth with a been-around-the-block pro (Yossi) giving them the calm assurance, a bunch of loud northerners at one end – it’s like a glimpse into a potential version of our future.

i thought the goal they scored was a shocker – JD and LF leaving it to each other – but we should have been a couple up by then in any case. And the second half performance was very good indeed. Coquelin in particular looked excellent and the Ox really came on in the 2nd half too.

Roll on the next round!


Has anyone else noticed that Djourou regularly suffers from a case of ‘Kolotitis’… U know, that panic stricken, dazed & confused wtf’s going on look that Kolo often had?

Someone needs to give him a slap & tell him to sort out that stupid hairstyle… Oh and while at it, Song needs the same… actually ffs, didn’t Almoonya have a dumbass hairstyle a couple of seasons ago? I think he needs a slap and a foot in the arse!


Coquelin was my MOM with Chamberlain not far behind! Bit too selfish on occasion! Gibbs looks more confident in attacking than he usually does! But the 4-4-2 didn’t work with two defensive midfielders, no matter how well they played! Djourou gave another Jekyll and Hyde performance and should be worried how much more assured Miquel looks with every game! Jenkinson spent too much time upfield and causing Chamberlain to cover him, Park looked like a new player struggling to understand if he should be playing next to Chamakh or just behind him, Benayoun floated around and could’ve had a hattrick if he had bothered to shoot more! And Chamakh was, well, he was just Chamakh!

There’s your player review!

Oh yeah, frimpong


Bloody iPhones!! Frimpong was very good but tired after the hour mark again! Stamina training needed!!


I prefered, just ‘oh yeah Frimpong’. Frimpong is most assuredly becoming a new adjective for … well Frimpong.


haha i thought he was going for that effect as well!


Just back from The Emirates… The OC has a very bright future ahead of him. What a goal.


Also at the game tonight.

Chamattack wasn’t as awful as you’d expect. Didn’t hold up the ball too well but was unlucky with a chance in the first half.

Yossi played reasonably well, seems to take one touch too many far too often.

Ox was great, always looking to run at the player. Feel like he would be better placed in the middle though. Good power, vision and end product and the driving runs from the middle of the park would be awesome!

Coquelin was the un-sung hero for me. Really got stuck in ala a certain Manu Petit would have done. Took a battering too and just kept on coming back for more.

Djourou was pretty shite. Confidence still shot to bits, distribution was piss poor.

Agree that the press will say we struggled though. Who cares. We won, scored an equal amount as utd

Eric Irish gunner

Haha classic did’ent think anyone else noticed that, clichy had that same fucking blank stare. Well said


Also at the game tonight.

Chamattack wasn’t as awful as you’d expect. Didn’t hold up the ball too well but was unlucky with a chance in the first half.

Yossi played reasonably well, seems to take one touch too many far too often.

Ox was great, always looking to run at the player. Feel like he would be better placed in the middle though. Good power, vision and end product and the driving runs from the middle of the park would be awesome!

Coquelin was the un-sung hero for me. Really got stuck in ala a certain Manu Petit would have done. Took a battering too and just kept on coming back for more.

Djourou was pretty shite. Confidence still shot to bits, distribution was piss poor. Hope Miquel plays with a more assured player in the next round as he looks like a good player.

Agree that the press will say we struggled though. Who cares. We won, scored an equal amount as utd, sp*rs lost and theres Bolton to look forward to on Saturday.

Uncle Pats Rice

Djourou as captain , for fucks sake he can’t even do what he is supposed to do , let alone lead a team.


Oh and #deeeeeeeennnnnccccchhhhhh


Others at that game and even the Guardian match reporter said that Djourou was all at sea again. After his display at OT, his awful cameo on the weekend, and by all accounts – another stinker tonight, I’ve lost all confidence in this guy. Let’s remember that he ended last season in really poor form as well. Hope Wenger gets rid of him in January and promotes the young Miquel. Shame about Park’s lack of contribution. He was the unknown quantity and I’m not writing him off after just 1 game, but a big game by him would have got some much needed optimism from the fans going again. Does anyone out there know how young Ryo did on his first outing for Reds?



Ryo looked full of energy but as so often with arsenal players he seemed apprehensive to pull the trigger. Had a decent game though, plenty of pace, some nice one-two’s and had Gibbs played more through balls along the ground rather than in the air I think we could have seen some of that pace of his.

Looked like we lacked that creative spark though. Two DM’s would work if we played 4-2-3-1 but in 4-4-2 we kept on playing the sideways pass-it was like a midfield of Rosickys in the first half!

I thought Ryo would have started on te left of a 4 man midfield with Yossi in the middle of a diamond. Have high hopes for him.


wht’s the meaning of deeeeccch? anyone


It’s basically a new piece of argot, meant to separate those who know what it means (cool people) and those who don’t (uh, you draw the conclusion).

Smeer Na$ri (with shit)
Smeer Na$ri (with shit)

It’s because of Frimpong and Lethal Bizzles clothing line collaboration “Dench”.
Look it up.

Charles Greig

I don’t think we should be negative and dwell on bad things, but having been there this evening I’d have to get on board the ‘zonal defending is horse wank’ train – if they could finish, or were even just a bit luckier we could have deffo conceded 3, and that is no joke. I’m not sure flappyhandski understands it as he was all at sea when it came to any crosses, with one scuffed shot or something trundling almost too him, it looked like he decided to leave it only to realise too late that it was going on target, he scrambled back looking like a prize chump and the ball ended up going off the post and out, it was a corner if I recall so I guess he might have got amfinger to it or something, but it certainly questioning ‘wtf?’.

Ryo looked decent, deffo trying to seize his moment

Gibbs worries me a huge amount, not his ability, rather the way he runs forward, then seems to saunter back as they break on us, I appreciate that if we are going to push forward like we do that people will have to cover in defence, but I’d have thought with our current defensive retardation it couldnt hurt for him to at least look like he gave a squirt of piss, that and his seeming inability to block a cross, I mean, it’s so annoying to be how he just sticks a foot out and kinda leans back meaning that if they manage to miss his foot the cross goes in unhindered, I’d Shrewsbury can cross it in to their big old units, then Bolton will be able to too! Seems to me that with our issues at the back cutting off the supply for the opposition should be stressed right?

That said, the ox had a good second half, coquelin had a decent first, I didn’t think park or chamack had a bounty of decent opportunities, but at least in the second half jenkinson put in a couple of decent crosses that nobody got on the end of.

Djourou, honestly, I was singing this guy praises in the past, I dunno what’s happened to him, if it’s just confidence or what, but he was embarrassingly bad :S

Yossi was ok but needed to pull the trigger or find a decent pass rather than just kinda fizzle out IMO

Frimpong was decent

I think I’ve seen us as slow to react to balls just trundling around in the penalty area ever before, there were a number of instances when the players seemed to give up on a still live ball, only for the first Shrewsbury player to shank it or step on it or something sending it into space while the arsenal players kinda seemed to just watch as a Shrewsbury player gave it some row z treatment, maybe thats picky of me, but I get harassed when I give up after a failed move and miss out on what could have been a tasty rebound or whatever, so surely these boys should too.

On the plus side, any my final thought, i enjoyed the ‘one Arsene Wenger’ chant toward the end, at least a decent number of the crowd appreciate that he’s still awesome.



Bob the Gunner

Hail OX !
Stay healthy please.

Rickard M C S

This is the type of opposition that can really test us in our current state and I’m glad we pulled through with a HUGE absolutely ELEPHANTINE WIN!

only 1 goal CONCEDEd. That is unheard of.


Na$ri is a cunt !!

Mr Teddy Ears

Agreed but we have moved on now team the new figure of hate is Ivan and from here on in its “IVAN IS TERRIBLE” end of lets us never speak of Cunt faced lesbian ever (until he turns up at the EM’s then its a cunt fest of mega proportions)


Was at the game and think a lot of positives can be taken from the performance. The Ox looks like a very good talent, not afraid to run at players, has some tricks up his sleeve and isn’t afraid to shoot from outside the box.

Coquelin put in a good shift – excellent tackles to retrieve the balls, and as someone before stated he took a few knocks but kept coming back up for more. Would have been good to see Ryo start from the beginning, interesting to hear Wenger now say he wasn’t given enough time to show what he is capable of…I wonder who makes those decisions!

Djourou was poor in 1st half, even had a couple of nervy moments in 2nd half. Have absolutely no idea what he was thinking for their goal. Didn’t even jump for the ball, positionally poor and just looks like he has absolutely no confidence. Chamakh showed glimpses of his early Arsenal form, had a couple of chances in 1st half and was putting himself about the pitch. But 2nd half faded away quite badly.

Really couldn’t make up my mind about Park – he tried some intricate passes which didn’t work out, and other than a half-decent effort in the first half, didn’t do anything else of note. Benayoun was all over the place, good performance and was at the heart of most of Arsenal’s creativity, but as was mentioned previously, often took one too many touches and needs to learn to shoot rather than passing, especially when in and around the box.

Have to say though, was impressed with the performances of Jenkinson and Gibbs. Were constantly bombing down the touchline and bombarding the box with crosses which was a pleasing sight. Weren’t always perfect crosses, but Jenkinson did put in a couple of beauties.

As for Fabianski…well lets just say thankfully we have Szcezny!

john has highlights.. recommend AOC’s goal it was pretty


1. Johan Djourou has completely lost the plot as a defender. He’s a Centre Half and he just stood there as a cross came in. I’m sorry but you just can’t do that as a defender at a club as big as Arsenal. I like the guy, and no doubt he was great last year and can be good. But at the moment he is afflicted by some sort of mental block, that is almost self-harming in a way. It was woeful defending, you’ve got to ATTACK the ball. Also not good enough as the captain for the evening. I really think he needs some time to self-evaluate, and at the moment I think Squillaci once fit, has to be ahead of him in the pecking order.

2. The Ox, that was a strike of pure venom. Fuck me that was hit hard, very exciting. I think he is ready for a few 75 minute subs on the ground if we can manage to be in front during games in the league.


Please tell not to interview Djourou anymore! Especially when he smiles, he is like a clown. Well, that’s what he is when he plays.

Smeer Na$ri (with shit)
Smeer Na$ri (with shit)

Looking at the highlights on the web site Shrewsbury goal came not just from poor defending by Djourou who did not jump but also if you look at Fabianski he starts to come out but then goes back on his line. To me that was a keepers ball and he should have come out and cleared that cross. He had plenty of time to do so. I am wondering if Djourou did not jump because he thought the keeper had it covered.
In part I feel sorry for Wenger when his players are making schoolboy errors. Sadly due to his poor transfer policy he has nobody decent to replace them with.