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Norwich 1-2 Arsenal: By the Numbers

180 – Successful passes from open play by Norwich in the first half
189 – Successful passes from open play by Arsenal in the first half
126 – Successful passes from open play by Norwich in the second half
257 –
Successful passes from open play by Arsenal in the second half
118 – Successful passes from open play by Stoke City in 90 minutes today
77 – Percent of passes completed by Arsenal today (season low)
43 – Successful passes by Alex Song
1 1 – Unsuccessful passes by Alex Song
1 – Passes that resulted in a goal by Alex Song
1 – Successful corners by Arsenal
3 – Minute in which Arsenal successfully completed a corner kick (Robin van Persie to Koscielny)
11 – Shots on goal by Arsenal
5 – Shots on goal by Gervinho (1 blocked)
3 – Shots on goal by Robin van Persie (1 blocked)
2 – Goals by Robin van Persie
2 – Shots on goal by Norwich
1 – Goals by Norwich
0.45 – Arsenal’s opposition’s goals per shot on goal 2011-2012
0.34 – Arsenal’s goals per shot on goal 2011-2012
28 – League matches since Arsenal last had 11 shots on goal (West Ham 0-3 Arsenal)
1004 – Year AD in which Swein Forkbeard raised RAZED Norwich, apparently they still haven’t recovered
31 – League goals by Robin van Persie this calendar year
2 – Number of other players in Premier League history who have scored 31+ League goals in a calendar year (Shearer, Henry)
13 – League goals this season by Robin van Persie
5 – Consecutive League matches which Robin van Persie has scored a goal
5 – Consecutive League matches which Arsenal have won
3 – Consecutive Arsenal wins after international breaks (Swansea, Sunderland, Norwich)
15 – Arsenal goals in the last 5 League matches
10 – Goals for Robin van Persie in those last 5 games
25 – League goals scored by Arsenal this season
14 – Number of those goals that have been scored in the second half of matches
24 – League goals scored in the first 12 games last season

Odd Individual Stats

6 – Interceptions by Arteta*
5 – Successful tackles by Santos and Kyle Naughton*
4 –
Shots on target missed by Gervinho*
4 – Key passes by Theo Walcott*
6 – Touches by Grant Holt
2 – Passes by Grant Holt
1 – Turnovers by Grant Holt
2 – Fouls drawn by Grant Holt
5 – Dives by Grant Holt
0 – Aerial duels by Mertesacker?**
2 – Through balls by RvP*
3 – Key passes by RvP
100 – Percent of those balls by RvP that should have been assists
7 – Accurate long balls by Vermaelen*
10 – Aerial duels lost by RvP (out of 11)*

*Leads both teams
**According to two Opta sources Mertesacker didn’t attempt a single aerial duel. This seems wrong to me.


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La Gooner

Arseblog…it’s fuckin excellent !


Take your next 12 points arsenal and yu will have nothing to fear when facing Man City.


I was almost sure you’d miss the 77% season low passing accuracy. Props to you for not missing that!

“According to two Opta sources Mertesacker didn’t attempt a single aerial duel. This seems wrong to me.”

I agree because I could have sworn I saw him win at least 1 aerial duel.

Also, where do you get the key pass stats? Through Opta?


KpPG comes from WhoScored.com which is an Opta source


Great stats once again 7am, they always make for interesting reading. Your Swien Forkbeard stat made me chuckle.
Find it a little incredulous that its 28 league matches since we last had 11 shots on target, blimey, do you know if our accuracy has just been a bit woeful or have our chances across the board just been far less than what we are used to ?


Arsenal tend to start seasons hot an tail off, the last 28 games have been up and down and there were a number of 10 shots games but the last 11 shot on target game was Wet Hams


Thanks, yeah I know our tendancy is to start alot better than finish, heart renching slides out of the top 2 in recent seasons is testimony to that, just was a bit dumbfounded about the shots on target stat – the end of last and the start of this season wern’t exactly special, I just wasn’t sure if the balance was down to us being more wasteful in front of goal or if we just hadn’t created the chances across those 28 games.


1 the number of mistakes from the BFG and he will probably get slaughtered by our crap press tomorrow. He was immense after that again and loved it when he came over at the end, the last one off the pitch and looked like he was apologising for his mistake, and the fans sung we got a big fucking German, I don’t think he realised what we were saying until he was told and then he turned and clapped us even more.. Great great moment and am falling in love with the bfg as I did Tony Adams


This is the kind of information I will include in tomorrow’s blog. Thanks!


That Robin Van Persie, he’s rather good at football, is he not ?

Glenn Helder

He’s better than me

Samir Nasri

Everyone is better than me.

Shoddy Knee Parples

“Sure you mean *razed*


Bleeding Yank spelling I suppose..


The stat about Stoke is eye-opening, if not hugely surprising. Glad they’ve been beaten again playing their ugly, Neanderthal brand of football. They can fuck off to the Championship with their stupid long throws and career-endangering tackles. Cunts.


The only thing wrong about this comment is the presence of a dislike button at the bottom.
and the only thing disturbing about it is someone actually disliked it.. !!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt. After reading that post he was probably thinking about that c*nt full of cockroaches Ryan Shawcross and went cross-eyed with rage.


Yes, I think he meant “razed”, not “raised” (and it’s spelled the same on both sides of the Atlantic). Nonetheless, it was amusing to think of Norwich not having recovered from having been built at all.


we got a big fucking German! we got a big fucking German! we got a big fucking German! Lalalala! CYGO!!


Cool article…It’s somewhat irritating n annoying to hear some gooners if they really are criticize, complain n condemn our players. This set of fans if given the ball cannot even juggle up to 5 times…to ease things out, go support chelski or some club. To be honest, the Arsenal fan base is way too much so we are downsizing at the moment, we want all U losers out! GUNNERS!!!


Ugh who the fuck are you?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He’s the Gooner-ness Inspector. If he sees you drop below 105% blind adulation of all things Arsenal then he’ll sneak into your house in the middle of the night, steal your Arsenal shirt(s) and replace them with blue ones.


Ha ha ha…. Stoke city….. Wankers….. Fuck off to the championship…..

[…] with a heavily in-form Van Persie leading the way. His 2 goals plunder yesterday takes his tally to 10 goals in his last 5 games, a ratio of 1:2. Highly impressive, and close to overtaking Bergkamp in my heart. ARRRRRRRRRGH, […]

Jim Deen

7 – Accurate long balls by Vermaelen I must say, TV5’s addition has brought a real sense of ruggedness to our backline. He’s a killer back there – he is ferocious, and takes no shit from anyone. It’s not just the accurate long balls he is providing. He is quick and aggressive in starting counter attacks. Throughout the game he was bombing forward, cutting through the midfield, whether he was rewarded with a pass or not. It will be interesting to see if he is this aggressive against the teams that can really punish us when he leaves his spot… Read more »


It’s funny, when Mert and Kos started building a partnership you thought Verm may have to fight for his place a little. Then he comes back and you think fuck, how did we live without this guy. He is “world class”, to coin that horribly overused phrase!

Jim Deen

Thanks for pointing out the fact that I underestimated how quickly he would return to top fitness – without your wise and canny ability to spot inconsistencies in online posts, I would never have seen the error of my ways. Not the first time I’ve been wrong, and it wont be the last.

But I am glad to be wrong in THIS way, i.e., that TV5 is impressing this quickly after returning. Good times, good times.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Well, you know that moment when silly people will start suggesting Man City could go through the season unbeaten? Well, when the Blue Invincibles (hoho) walk out on to the pitch to face Arsenal Balotelli glances back to the dugout and see Nasri cowering behind the back row of chairs, waving frantically to his team mates. “What’s up with that c*nt?” Balotelli asks Dzeko. “No idea, I’ll ask the guys. Hey, Sergio! David! What’s that prat Nasri doing?” “Who gives a fuck. Throw a fucking coin at him.” says David Silva. “He’s trying to warn us about something,” says Dzeko,… Read more »

Richard Leeming

brilliant blog entry but I am a pedant so I have to point out its ‘razed’ in this context.

I’ll shut up now …

Richard Leeming

and of course that’s ‘it’s’ not ‘its’


You mean replies ? Lmao, kidding kidding.

Bob the Gunner

Walcott showed alot of football brain this season. 🙂

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Bromley Gooner

7am thanks for the stats I love em, anychance we could get a gervinho vs mata stat pack over the last 10 games that would be very interesting ad I’m hoping will shut a few chelski fans up too x

Bromley Gooner

Sorry about the kiss force of habit

[…] the first half, I thought they were deserving of the goal they got because, as I pointed out in my By the Numbers column on Arseblog News, the Canaries nearly matched Arsenal pass for pass in the first half (180 for Norwich and 189 for […]


What were Arteta’s passing stats? Perhaps its just my impression, but he seemed considerably worse than Song because he was misplacing sideways and backwards passes, whereas Song’s poor passing was a bit more ambitious.

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