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Wilshere: I promise to stay at Arsenal forever

Jack Wilshere has confirmed his desire to stay at Arsenal for the rest of his career and given the club a further boost by claiming he could be back in first team training in six weeks time.

The 19-year-old England international has not played a single game this season after limping out of the Emirates Cup and was forced to undergo surgery on his ankle despite initially hoping to shake off the problem without going under the knife.

Speaking from Wembley Arena to iFILM LONDON in the aftermath of Saturday’s win against West Bromwich Albion, the playmaker spoke openly about his recovery.

“It’s going really slow at the minute and obviously I’m really frustrated. I should be back in training by mid-December, then I can crack on and it’s up to the boss when he picks me.

“It’s massively frustrating, especially after last year when we were so close to winning a trophy. We beat Barcelona at home and everything seemed to be going well and it ended sadly. I was looking forward to this season, I really thought we could push on and do something. To get a setback is massively frustrating but I’ll be back in December and hopefully we can push on from then.”

Buoyed by the recent upturn in form at the Emirates, Wilshere also praised his teammates for overcoming the difficult start to the season.

“We seem to get better and better every week. We had a bad start to the season and everyone knows that. I’m not going to lie and say we did well, we didn’t. The boys had to play together, they’re new players some of them. We seem to be getting better and better every week.

“Today [vs WBA] was probably one of our best performances. We passed it around like the old Arsenal and we seem to be back to winning ways.”

As a final fillip, Wilshere answered in the affirmative when asked by interviewer Kugan Cassius if he could promise to stay at Arsenal forever:

“I promise that, yeah. I’ve been at the club since I was nine and learned to love it. From the Vieira days, to Bergkamp, Fabregas, I’ve watched them come through and move on. There’s a crop of new players Ramsey, myself, Kieran Gibbs…hopefully we can really create something special. I love the club and I want to be part of its future.”

Lovely stuff.

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Jack the gooner.


Oh to be a Gooner!

Young Gooner

And I promise to be your fan forever

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I see a future where Wilshire becomes the top English player of his generation, and by sheer force of his determination to win it all he drags Arsenal up by it’s bootlaces, forcing the team to play football they never even dreamed they were capable of, so that he can win all the medals he wants as a Gooner.

Trust me. I know what I’m talking about. I’m a prophet, you know.


Watch what you say Jack….fans never forget (look at Rooney and “once a blue…..) Even TH14, for all the love he professed for the club, couldn’t resist when Barca came calling. Glad to have you at the club though….future Captain?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

How dare you compare Honest Jack the Gooner with that chav criminal granny molesting bald ugly diving cheating snidey fat little cuntbag.


He’s not bald anymore. He got those hideous hair plugs.

Dave Gooner

Nope….still bald allright . Stapling pubes onto your big potato head doesn’t change anything..


I believe it was Arsene’s decision to sell Thierry. I may be wrong, my memory isn’t the best, but that’s what I recall.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla



Check your sources, Thierry Henry was sold to make way for the ‘new’ Arsenal, as in the generation that started with Vieira’s departure in the belief Cesc Fabregas will carry on the legacy (and failed).

The problem was Henry had a rather injury-ravaged season prior to his departure, and new players were coming through. He had said previously that despite winning the CL with Barca, he ‘regrets’ going there and wants to win it with Arsenal a lot more.


Proper, proper Arsenal. That’s what I want.

No mention of catalonian cunts

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

TH14 went when he had given us his best years and plenty of success. He didn’t do anything wrong, and it didn’t hurt the team when he left. In fact it allowed many of them to grow. Don’t knock the man for knowing when it was the right time to go. He’s a Gooner too, you know.


Arsene sold Theirry, and the player himself said, it was probably better for the team if he left. The new generation had the potential to be great, but probably needed to get out from under Henry’s shouts for the ball etc. They where too much in awe of him is what he said. (Wasn’t Arsene’s fault that the new generation was full of cunts who didn’t realise what he was giving them, looking at you Flam Ade Hleb, and a few more) Reckon the one’s we should have kept where Vieira and possibly one of Bobby or Freddy, experianced winners… Read more »


He’s not even 20 and already a legend. It feels so good to see a player that is more passionate about the club than most of the fans 🙂 And i believe that in the current side there are a lot of real gooners, most of the players we have right now seem to have character


Things change in football,but I am glad he feels that way.

The Don

jack wilshere is our future captain. he’ll be like gerrard for us but a 1000 times better

La Gooner

Gerrard can go fuck himself.

La Gooner

Lovely stuff indeed.


Thank you EBOUEFAN, you are possibly the only one who got what I was saying without getting angry and emotional. You just summed up my post in one sentence!! I’m a big Jack Wishere by the way.


Everyone feels that way little girl, it’s just that you’re pretty much ‘insulting’ our beloved Gooner Thierry Henry who has expressed regret at leaving Arsenal alone. It wasn’t fully his decision to leave Arsenal. He could see Arsenal was evolving into something different with the advent of players like Cesc, Walcott and Adebayor (back then). Your concerns are valid, but the way you expressed it was unacceptable. Even if you did not mean to say such ‘hurtful’ things, what’s done is done. You can’t go driving on the road at 100mph, killing someone and say that it wasn’t your intention… Read more »


No need to be condescending. Jesus Christ, I wish people on here would lighten up a bit.

Ray Bandana

During your quite superbly appropriate comparison of her comment to a 100mph hit-and-run, you seem to have convinced yourself that she actually ran Thierry over.


Yo, Anon, get off the high horse. Nobody’s appointed you guardian of Arsenal fans’ feelings.


@ Anon

Fucking hell. You really don’t speak for me.

@Goonergirl – good post, ignore the inevitable swathe of thumbs down. Considered, interesting opinion. Loads of us like that kind of thing but have long grown bored of trying to hold back the red thumb tide…


*Big Jack Wishere FAN


I love his attitude and ability. I’ve only been following Arsenal for about 6 years (I don’t dare call myself a supporter, a supporter would probably buy stuff and go to games,and not live in Denmark, and worse still, be an american). Why does it seems like every season has some major “what-if?” factor? What if Wilshere was fit this year? What if RVP had been fit in previous seasons? What if Wenger had bought a Center Half last January? What if Eduardo did not get his leg broke? Ramsey? Funny enough, I’ve never seen Arsenal win anything. So for… Read more »


Neutral you are deadly wrong about the part that you don’t call your self a Arsenal fan, let me tell you something I’m Arsenal fan since 1998 and I’m 25 years old , I live in Macedonia poor country and I don’t have the finances to come to London and watch my only love Arsenal play , but that doesn’t mean I’m not true fan like the gunners that are leaving in London and watching arsenal live , the only wish I always wish is to watch Arsenal live for the first time and I’ll continue to wish till my… Read more »


That’s right! You don’t have to from North London to be a fan of Arsenal like many of us are. Supporting a Football club is no longer about what region your from. Times have changed. Support AFC wherever you are and doesn’t simply mean buy merchandise.

Arsenal football club is beyond that and means so much more than that! If you support the club then you are a part of Arsenal…. UNLESS YOU’VE EVER DARED SUPPORTING FUCKING SP*RS!!!


I agree with everything except that part about being an American(because I am one.) I don’t think myself any less a supporter than anybody else because I have only ever been to one Arsenal match(unfortunately this years home loss to Liverpool). I follow the team just as passionately as anybody else and wake up in the often very early hours of my weekends to watch them play. So please, don’t invalidate my support simply because of my nationality.


Football is like a religion. Even if you are not from London, you can love the Arsenal. I started liking Arsenal from playing PES when I was a kid and liked how cool their kit was, and Thierry Henry’s godliness too. A year or so went by, and then I started seeing Arsenal for the first time. Gradually, the love became very serious and here I am now. Being a ‘fan’ has no prerequisites except for a desire to love. In the same way, Christians are Christians when they have a yearning and a love for God. The same applies… Read more »


Godliness. Christians. Love for God. Worship.

Give. It. A. Rest. Please.

Not the place for religious dogma.

Dave Gooner

Couldn’t disagree with you more neutral. If you’re Arsenal, you’re Arsenal, no matter where you live. I have been following Arsenal since George Armastrong and John Radford lit up north London; danced around the living room when Liam Brady’s Arse beat ManU in that FA Cup final; and did a personal lap of honour around my local pub (full, as it was, with puking Dublin Liverpool fans) when Michael Thomas won it in the last minute. I was lucky enough to come to Highbury (to see Charlie Nicholas put the ball in the ManU net), and to the Grove (to… Read more »


Arsenal D.N.A Arsenal D.N.A Arsenal D.N.A Arsenal D.N.A.


i think the big difference this year is attitude. we got through a huge amount of work yesterday and didn’t give west brom a chance to get into the game. there were many many games in the past few season where we didn’t do that and i think a lot of it was down to a lack of leadership/character on the pitch. cesc was a great player but he was far from being a great captain and i remember seeing him fade out of many games, usually against teams we were expected to beat. it was almost as if he… Read more »


ikr, and people were all OFF WITH WENGER. Personally, I love the fact that Arsenal has turned from enigmatic on-and-off wonder-team to consistent, hard-working performers. That’s not to say that Cesc wasn’t hard-working, but it’s just that Wenger probably centered Arsenal’s play on his style of ‘class’ instead of on the overall good of the team. Incidentally, centering the play on Robin van Persie does seem like the latter part of the previous sentence. We’ve turned from half-Barca half-MU half-defensive-crisis to a fast-paced, energetic, defensively solid and thrilling team with the potential for classy passes, not to mention our speedy… Read more »




He’s only 19 but Jack comes across to me as very old school. He sounds old school (with no false accent like many of his peers, I’ll say no more) when he speaks and therefore I really hope he has those values and will indeed be a sort of Tony Adams figure at Arsenal for years to come.


BillyWhizz I agree with you. Though maybe having been spoilt in the past few years with Henry, Bergkamp, and so on. I would just like to see a couple of world class players in the squad.


goonerbob, as le boss said to vieira when he went to him complaining about not making any world class signings: “you weren’t world class when i signed you”… =)


As long as he walks the walk in a few years when the oil money comes a calling. With jack, Ramsey song and le coq our midfield is looking pretty good for the next 8 to 10 years.

Merlin's Panini

don’t forget the Frimster and Lansbury


Cesc who?? Oooooo to be a……………..


“Promise me you’ll never die….
I promise. I’ll never die!”
Jack is what Arsenal is all about. The future.


Gotta love Jackie boy. I absolutely loved everyone losing their heads at the start of the season saying that he’d end up at City if we didn’t win anything soon, I may be wrong but I think Frimpong also said that if Arsenal ever terminated his contract he’d retire! Think we really do have some special young talent coming though the ranks this time, no disrespect to… Can’t remember, Denilson was it??


I can’t wait to see him when he’s 28-years-old


Get in their jack… Legend already in my eyes. Just remembered…. Still laughing at john ‘turf muncher’ terry but Andy Carroll £35 million…. Ha ha ha ha. I love it….

[…] sense of loyalty is thrown into the dumpster, it is somewhat relieving and heart-warming to hear Jack Wilshere pledging everlasting loyalty to the Arsenal. Any players can say it, and most of the time we all know the badge kissing antics was probably […]

[…] sense of loyalty is thrown into the dumpster, it is somewhat relieving and heart-warming to hear Jack Wilshere pledging everlasting loyalty to the Arsenal. Any players can say it, and most of the time we all know the badge kissing antics was probably […]

Merlin's Panini

ahhhh… we have the best young midfielder in the country by a mile and he wants to stay (at the moment) with us forever!
It’s also great when you know we haven’t had to splurge £40 million on him.

I’m liking the look of the midfield at the moment. We’re starting to tick along nicely, and then we get to add Jack aswell, and him and Arteta are a great pair of players to be able to rotate. He could probably even do a job in Ramsey’s position. The future’s bright here, I reckon.


Looking forward to the return of Wilshere & Sagna!


anon, go play with your toys.


careful jack, we’ve bin hurt before….


All I can say is:
Sooopa. Sooopa Jack. Sooopa. Sooopa Jack. Sooopa. Sooopa Jack. Soopa Jack Wilshere!

[…] stay at the club and why Chelsea and City can’t buy our class! More good quotes as well, Jack Wilshere promises to stay at Arsenal forever! Obviously I wouldn’t hold him to that, the future is just too unpredictable, but it’s […]

[…] yet you should. I found it on the Arseblog news site earlier this week. Little Jackie Wilshere pledging his allegiance to AFC for the rest of his career. I’d call that […]


I think us the fans and the players we should all understand that tears flow in the night and joy comes in the day it our time for joy let us rejoice as many times as possible .

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