Robin honestly loves Theo

Robin van Persie & Theo Walcott

Robin van Persie’s goalscoring feats are well known to everyone at this stage. In his last 41 league games he’s scored a remarkable 40 goals*.

His hat-trick on Saturday included two assists from Theo Walcott, meaning 10 of Walcott’s last 11 assists have been for the Dutchman*. Yet while the skipper has spoken before about how much he enjoys getting on the end of Theo’s passes, he reckons there’s more to come from his Action Man haired chum in terms of scoring goals.

Walcott has been criticised recently for some sloppy finishing and wayward shooting, but van Persie believes there’s more to come in front of goal.

“I love him, I honestly love him,” Van Persie said.

“Theo was sharp, he was playing fantastically and, like anyone, he misses chances – but I miss chances. Ronaldo misses chances, Messi misses chances. It is life, you know.

“Sometimes I feel that people are a bit harsh on him. I don’t know why. If you look at his assists rate then it is unbelievable.

“Theo will score. Trust me, he will score. He will get 20 goals at least every season. You will see. He will, trust me. Have faith in him.”

Arseblog News would never try to suggest we know more about the game, or one of his teammates, than Robin van Persie, but 20 goal a season Theo, every season, would surprise us. In a very nice way, we’re happy to admit.

Right now, we’d settle for a bit better in front of goal Theo. Let’s do this step by step.

* Stats via @orbinho

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Anyone would think Robin thinks Theo is the next coming.

Which is weird, as I never took RVP as having an interest in religion, certainly not a *drum roll please* Theologian.


Well, the stem “theo-” does indeed mean God in Greek. Coincidence?

Yeah, probably.


Maybe RvP can teach him how to move into space and finish!

Runcorn Gooner

Still say the jury is out on TW.
He has been too inconsistent over the past
couple of seasons and this has cost us a number
of valuable points.
He has got to stop talking the talk and walk
the walk more often.

Here's Waldo

I read your comment as if it were a limerick, it baffled me. Truly postmodern.


Runcorn Gooner, I completely agree with you.

Shaun Murphy

Do you think RVP would be up for putting a bit of money on it?


Why wouldn’t RVP love Theo with the number of assists he give him?

I don’t see Theo scoring more than 12 goals/season unless he’s moved into a central role with RVP playing slightly behind him.


Or do you think that rvp is backing theo as his replacement for when he moves on in the summer. Thus backing arsenes sometimes blind faith in theo and Theo’s own belief that he can be central striker.

Dick Swiveller

Personally, I think Theo is more likely to go than RVP, going away to England matches with all those United/Chelsea/City players showing off their medals and whispering the kind of salaries a guy of the status of Theo could earn. Theo seems like a smart guy and pretty independent but if we’re still going nowhere and his contract is low…

Hopefully the sense of clam Theo seemed to exude on his assists will translate into some clinicality soon enough and then he won’t make a liar of his captain.

Harry Potter

I don’t believe that. I actually think Theo has been good this season, a little inconsistent but I believe he’ll get there. RVP is just giving him the support that any good captain or teammate would.

Andy Mack

RvP is purely trying to boost Theos confidence in the hope of getting a better /more consistent game out of Theo = more crosses = more goals for RvP. Plus he knows that if Theo does score more it will help him score more because teams will come out chasing a goal and again leave more space for him to score more goals.
If he wasn’t ‘greedy’ to score more, he wouldn’t be a striker.


The ability is there without a doubt, he just needs to do it more consistently. His assist rate is so good because of RVPs movement in the box. They are certainly on the same wave length. Hope they both stay at the club.

Eric Irish gunner

Played well against Blackburn but needs to do it more consistently not every third game, with ox playing well and gervinho to come back it might keep him on his toes


Actually it i quite believable, if Theo could sort out his finishing. He has had a lot of goalscoring opportunity and one-on-one. 20 goals spreading in Champions League, FA Cup, League Cup, and Premier League could be achieve if he can convert his chances. But that is a big IF for now.




Play walchot with mobile midfielder that play him into sprints(rosicky) instead of Ramsey who plays simple passes that means he has to dribble his way and he will deliver like against Bburn.

Red Cannon

Great point! Now I have another reason to not want Ramsey on the field for us as a starter.

Lord Teddy Ears

What a crap thing to say about Ramsey next thing you will be saying is lets put Arshavin there instead of him.


@Lord Teddy’s ear. Actually, if Wenger will keep Arshavin as the player in the hole then he will be the best we can boast of in this team. Not only better than Ramsey there, but all others, except probably Arteta, whom ironically he doesnt see as ‘the man in the hole’ as well.


I concur. Rosicky is far more direct than Ramsey who has been less than inspiring recently. Thats not to say he wont be agreat player but just seems to be losing his way a bit at the moment. Rosicky, on the other hand, has been playing as well as I have seen him play in the last couple of months.


Nicely said Robin.


Maybe this answers the FOW questions as to why Wenger keeps playing ‘that useless ****’
RvP may believe that his goalscoring exploits are down to Theo’s assists so keeping him on the pitch when he appears to be doing nothing productive could be what is keeping him going.
Over the weekend I read somebody say that Theo’s crosses only appear to be good because Robin is on the end of them and if a lesser player was in the middle then the crosses would be useless.. Is it possible that the other way round is also true – that RvP is doing well because of Theos crosses and if a lesser player (possibly in a #23 shirt???) was putting them in instead then the goals may dry up..
Something to ponder methinks…


What does that even mean?


Glad he played well against Blackburn, but I’m not sure what attribute of Walcott’s will get him 20 a season, is it his poor first touch? His lack of composure? Or his poor awareness and ‘head down’ style of football? Only effective when teams push high and leave lots of space behind their fullbacks. Would love him to prove me wrong, but a very limited footballer for my money


I think RVP is counting goals Walcott scores during training sessions.


Why do people criticise his 1st touch? I think his control is quite good actually i’ve seen him trap the ball very well. His problem is he has no dribbling ability and has never really grasped that wingers mentality of keeping your composure once you’ve beaten your man and an accurate final ball is needed. It doesnt come natural to him. His natural urge is to try and get past the last man and not have to think. Theo is best when there is a quick break and he receives a slide rule pass from midfield. Both th ox, rosicky and are capable of providing this hence his performance against blackburn.


Ox, rosicky and rvp that should say

Merlin's Panini

I love that picture. Looks like RVP is letting rip with a megafart and Theo, who was happily buddying along with him has just smelt it at that moment.


Hopefully Theo is scoring those 20 goals a season with us and RvP sticks around too. I never understand the people who call Theo “useless” he has his games where he’s inconsistent but still has lots of time and room to grow and has improved even this season from last.


Just dawned on me…Champions League next week!


I am certain both RVP and Theo want to stay beyond their contracts. RVP because i honeslty believe he loves the club, and Theo because he knows he still has a lot to prove, he has not hit the level required at the big money clubs. The problem is that they are both struggling to commit to a club where the manager is not reinforcing the squad with tha calibre of player who will push us over the line and into winning things territory. While Cesc was an abvious move, and Nasri had no love for the club but a love of riches, i think these two may be different. All Arsene has to do is meet them halfway, and he is failing so far.


I really beleive Theo would score thats if he does not leave to Man City.

Theo and RVP is ONE


I go with RvP. OK” Theo is maturing more slowly than Exel and say Greaves but as I keep saying, we have inconsistancy to thank for Viarra, Bergkamp and Heny sold off by impatient managers. And bless the slow developmemt of Wright , only noticed by Graham. With his attitude, I believe we`ll see continuious improvment from him. RvP trains with him every day and is better qualified to judge him, than we.

Mike Arsetalker

Theo really needs to improve . His style, game and he needs to be more of a lion in front of goal
Robin is a King. He has also spoken well of the ox


Damn, you gotta love RVP as a captain. Much more of a leader than was Cesc, methinks.


Walcott has had no support behind him since everyone has got on his back.His average performances coincide with our full back injuries.I think him and jenkinson will be amazing.Coquilene has just got to grips with the right back position and this is what theo needs as does every winger.He was fantastic against blackburn.As long as we have proper full backs Theo will play great.He has improved a lot and will continue.


You are exactly right. Its unfortunate that some people would rather right Theo off before thinking it through.


None more wrong – of course – than goonermatt. The self-delusion of youth I guess. Going head-to-head with RvP on football potential says volumes for the lad`s intelligence. He`s knocked AR, AA and probably booed St. Dennis for not scoring at first. Henry and Vierra were judged as failed wonderkids at TW`s age. by experienced managers with the same lack of perception as this hapless contriutor.


Typical Arsenal, one win and they’re all wanking eachother off. These are the losers Wenger has created.


Can anyine confirm the figures I have just read? Ref. Riley: 31 games in which manu did not figure he awarded 1 penalty. In the yker eight games he awarded 9 pens – to manu! Surely not. We didn`t win 1 of the last 11 games wth Dean in charge! With Dean or Dowd the figures read W2- D-15, L16 whereas our average was W31-D15-L16. The odds against this equal winnig 2 major lotteries. The 2 games we won under this pair were a cup match against leads and a match against Norwich. Whereas, in my youthful ig no rance felt bitter at Rooneet


Well every one of you had your saing. My point of view is this who are we to juge Theo or any other players unless we train with them and see wbat really went wrong for them. I think Theo doesn’t have weekness but wenger does.he dectate than being flexable to his team.good example what happend when we played machster. Look Ramsey is not fitfor his postion.he dosent deserve start.if arsen keep him out then walkot will perform well couse rocy will providem timely manner. Any how none of theplayers are bad. Just wenger needs to correct his wrong doings


I find it really funny that either Arsenal fans end up criticising players as “useless” after a few games where things don’t go our way or put them on a pedestal after couple of good matches.

We never consider giving opponents credit for playing well against us. Somedays our guys are just not up for the game. Let us just accept that. Also, it is so ridiculous to read comments that players are good but AW has lost it and he is ruining their careers! Ha Ha. I think Wenger is one of the most “tuned in” manager. He is trying to create a team of flexible mobile players who can compete with the best.

Barca didn’t start winning out of the blue with the current team. It took them 8-10 years to start gelling and find the right formula after they developed the youth team. And they have got so much more budget and talent pool to pick their kids from. Wenger’s struggles from the past 7 years are slowly taking shape this season. I for one am neither worried about losing CL spot or RVP’s contract situation. I hope RVP remembers that Arsene has kept faith in him through his injury years and only this year he has played to his potential. I hope he thinks about that before he decides on the extension.

I believe youth project is alive and kicking. Just look at the talent playing and coming through. But we need to stop obsessing with Gotze, Hazard etc. I also don’t understand this obsession by some fans to get rid of Arsene and sing praises of someone like Klopp. Isn’t he the same guy who has such abundant talent at Dortmund and then failed miserably while our much maligned team of “mediocre” players topped our group in CL. Just goes to show that sometimes talent at home seems mediocre while players at other clubs look “world class” to us fans. Yes, Klopp is a great coach but he is competing in a league where they do not allow excessive money to float around and skew the league in favour of rich clubs (wish we were so progressive in England).

The only blind spot for Arsene has been defense. I hope he gets some assistance on that front. Of course it is never easy to defend if you play attacking football. The teams who are stoic defenders are usually setup with a different mentality. It is one tough balance to find and depends usually on getting that key one or two individuals who protect the defenders while creating attacks at the same time. Viera was the best in that and unfortunately such players are pretty hard to find.

I hope we respect our young players and appreciate that they are putting in a lot of effort to achieve success for themselves, club and fans. Not all of the players will make it and not all of them will have the right attitude. Some will be just not good enough but let us support their efforts. That’s the least we can do. Walcott, OX (who was a pretty underwhelming signing in the summer for AW critics and lots of other fans…Oh no, not another kid. We don’t want star in the future, we want him now!…blah blah), Ramsey, Coq, Yennaris, Frimpong, Song, Gerv, Wilshere, Miquel, Gibbs, SZCZ are all young talent who now have Arteta, RVP, Rosicky, Vermalen, Kosceilny, Per as team mates. I see a very bright future for Arsenal even if we miss out on a CL spot this season.

Sorry to rain on the negative brigade.

Cygan's Left Foot

Don’t try to make it as people criticising Arsene unfairly after one win. Arsene has been taking decisions that no one in his right mind can explain for the last 7 years, we lost great players because of him refusing to sign the one or two quality and experience players that can take us that extra level to wins somehing for the sake of one or two millions.

I will have to give you just some of the examples of Arsene’s fales economy in the last 7 years, if I list them all you would really be surprise, he trys to save a million or two and ends up losing 3 instead. For example, refusing to give Gallas two years contract on 60K because he is over 30 and only gave him a year, then goes and pay actual transfer fee and around 40K a week to somone who is over 30, that slow and has never played in a fast league, in a 2/3 years contract. Refusing to sign Alonso a player the team was crying for, for 15/16 millions then the following season he was sold for over 30 millions. Lost Mata for the sake of few extra millions in wages and instead lost those extra millions in transfer fee and wages for Park. this is just few examples, I could go on and on but I don’t want this to be too long.

We gave him all the freedom any manager can only dream of as sign of thank you for building for us the Grove, We made him answerable to no one, he has no pressure on him to win something for the last 7 years. And now we started asking him what is going on and demand from him to explainto us what is going on, suddenly he is becoming the victim????


Everywhere else I’ve read this statement from says robin puts it in perspective by saying “an assist is worth a goal” and by those tokens meaning theo is atleast Worth 20 goals a season. But if he scores 10 and gives 10 assists, that’s worth 20.


And to be honest I don’t see what all the fuss is about, if it wasn’t for theo we wouldn’t of made it to the group stages of the champions league. He was immense against Udinese. I’d rather have theo on our side than playing against us that’s for sure.


Walcott is going to be dropped as soon as Gervinho is back. Of the two of them, Gervinho looks a lot more explosive and dangerous and get’s in much better behind the defense. His finishing is Walcott-esque but he still has a bit of time to show he can finish. The way trhe Ox is playing there’s not a hope of him being dropped either, so Sorry Van but your lover will be warming the bench for a lot of the rest of this season!

Andy Mack

I think you’ll see them being ‘rotated’ as AW doesn’t want AOC overplayed/fatiged. With Gerv coming back from a long trip to ACN and TW avoiding injuries more that most previous years. it makes senseto rotate and try to keep a full playing squad. I can also see AA getting some more Right hand side games before the end of the season.


Rvp, that’s how a man should to his teammate n keep it on


u guys have been condemm him to much