Usmanov gobbles up Rangers shares


For 102 years Rangers Football Club in Scotland have owned a stake in Arsenal. A close alliance between the two clubs was forged at start the of the  last century when Arsenal were, apparently, in financial difficulties.

Two shares were purchased in 1910 and some years later Arsenal gifted another 14 shares to the Scottish giants. Now though, and somewhat ironically, Rangers own financial problems have forced their hand, and the shares have been sold.

The Daily Record reports that the club’s owner, Craig Whyte, sold the 16 shares to Red and White Holdings Ltd, fronted by Alisher Usmanov and Farhad Moshiri for £230,000 (£14,375 per share).

They continue, “Whyte then blocked a move for the cash to be paid into the Rangers bank account, demanding instead it stayed lodged in one of his own companies, Pritchard Stockbrokers in Bournemouth.

“Pritchard’s assets have now been frozen on the orders of the Financial Services Authority. The FSA moved in on Friday after ruling that Pritchard, who listed Whyte as board ­secretary, had used client money to cover its own costs.”

Rangers were placed into administration last week after years of financial mismanagment, and the opportunistic Usmanov has swooped to continue his efforts to reach a 30% holding in the club.

For those who are not wise to, or confused by, what effect this might have, this piece blog post by Angry of Islington sets out the implications in clear and precise form and is essential reading for any Arsenal fan.

It does seem a shame that Craig Whyte seems to have overlooked Rangers association with Arsenal when deciding how to dispose of the shares, but then considering the way he’s run things I don’t know that we’d have been dealing with the most above board businessman of all time.


STAN KROENKE 41,579 66.82%
RED and WHITE SECURITIES LTD* 18,437 29.63%


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WOW…. USA,Russia,UK and France involved together.
USA vs Russia to gain control of UK with France opposing both of them..
Would make for a great movie.

The day has come for THIERRY HENRY to leave us xxx
The day has come for THIERRY HENRY to leave us xxx

“It does seem a shame that Craig Whyte seems to have overlooked Rangers association with Arsenal when deciding how to dispose of the shares, but then considering the way he’s run things I don’t know that we’d have been dealing with the most above board businessman of all time.” I guess when the Inland Revenue and Customs are owed in the region of £40m by Rangers, history and loyalty is tossed away. . I wonder could he have changed ownership of the shares to an family infant as a nest egg …. but he wanted the money.

My hero
My hero "THIERRY HENRY " has left us..again

Oops the header was not changed above… quick fingers… Doh


And we thought we had troubles.


Troubles with Roubles: A Cold War at the Arsenal.


great news


Celtic fan? Much as I know most Celtic fans aren’t really happy with this either.

That or he’s hoping Usmanov gets off Arsenal’s back and go for Rangers, which is both unlikely and bad.



Jordan Gooner

The Yank really loves Arsenal. Apparently after the Arsenal Board meeting on thursday, he is flying staight back to the states. he cannot be bothered to stay for the game against Spurs on sunday!! I am flying from Amman, Jordan ( 6 hours ) to watch the game, and I am only a poor supporter! Obviously he has different priorities from me!

Cygan's Right Foot

Like his family and his home?

Master Bates

oh come on cygan , are you calling the away fans family-ditching cunts ,because they leave their families every weekend to support our boys

Cygan's Right Foot

No, I am replying to the above comment and saying his priorities may well be family based and so he doesn’t want to leave the country for too long. He also has other businesses but lets all forget that small detail as well.


Who says the yank isnt doing anything he is changing Arsenal colors to red and white and black. I feel for red and white holdings that doesnt mean i support Usmanov and certainly doesnt means i supports the red white black kit we are TheArsenal not United who dont know their colors yet.


Literally the most trivial complaint of all time.


God forbid he should spend some time attending to his other business interests… or other trivial things like spending time with his actual family in his home.


Kool i am also from jordan and i am flying to watch the game with spurs/liverpool !!! how can he not stay for this game…………..


As a humble London cabbie a lot I that goes over my head, but it seems that usmanov would pass any right and proper test to own a premier league club and the article itself said that stan has little time for supporters opinions.
It seems the club is in bit of a stale mate in terms of ownership and I can see the devide now developing along the lines of those for stan and those for usmanov in the same lines of for and against wenger staying.
All this leads to turmoil and a club in crisis whose fans will soon again be at each others throats.
Anyway ya look at it it’s a sad situation and one that looks like it will get worse before it gets better.
God I loved the eighties.

Cygan's Right Foot

Problem is, the board were also 30 years younger in the 80’s. A younger board in place should be our priority in the summer.

Also, until one of either Kroneke or Usmanov leaves, we will always have this as neither wants to help the other profit from Arsenal’s success. While they are both fighting for control; Stan won’t want to put money in as this would increase share prices if and when he tried to get full control and Usmanov won’t want to help the current board after they blocked his attempts to do anything that wasn’t Arsenal-like


He’s. Businessman. What do you expect? I somehow do not think this will be a happy relationship between the eventual board and the fans. The lack of communication being a major reason.


All I know is they way the club is being run at the moment is clearly flawed. From the summer transfer fiasco to the current lack of direction and general lack of information.
Stan may revell in his silent status but thats not what’s needed at this time. Is the Russian the answer? who the fuck knows but one things for certain, judging on his performance so far silent stan certainly isn’t.


Assuming Usmanov was able to get to 30% and assuming this gave him some modicum of control, what is the result for the club and the fans? As we don’t know Stan’s intentions and we don’t know Usmanov’s, what the fuck is going to happen either way?


Greed and egos is what is bringing the once might ARSENAL down

gun for the hills

Greed and egos seem to be working for City! (not that i want us to be like those nob’eads)


GREAT NEWS we need this man on the board before our club goes down the pan. As Jordan Gooner said Kroneke couldn’t give two sh*ts about our club and should sell up. As fans we can force him out and get football people in our board. Kroneke has no top teams in the USA. All of them are mid table and under invested. He will let us slide all the way down and not put a penny in. Please sign this petition to get Kroneke OUT


That petition isn’t doing great is it. It’s been open since October and it has 179 signatures. That says a lot about the trust people have in Usmanov.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Especially when the other side is a fat, criminal gangster masquerading as a businessman.


Don’t believe people when they say this guy is a gangster because its boll**ks. These opinions the board put out have a slight feeling of racism and shows you how old the board are. You see in the olden days it was ‘Look west my son’ and now its ‘Look East’ and these out of touch old men are living in the past. Countries such as Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are going to become very important countries in the future and all the people slagging these countries populations are going fell a bit silly for making assumptions about a culture and people they know nothing about. Gangster what a joke if anyone’s a gangster its kroneke he’s doing a turnover job. Invest exactly 0$ and then keep pocketing the dividends. We could drop to 10th and his money and investment would look exactly the same so why would he do anything? Your right the petition’s been around a while but people are only just starting to look at it this week. I started it in October because I could see this coming from a mile off like most fans. If we want things to change we need Usmanov. I suppose Abramovich is a gangster? He has less money so he must be right? OK he’s not a great example as he has put all of the debt onto Chelsea, BUT Usmanov has made it clear he will invest and he will not land it on to the Arsenal but absorb it himself against his holding firm rather then the clubs. Trust me he can afford it. Imagine if we could compete with Real and Barca for Neymar or man utd for Snijder. I don’t know about you guys but that sounds pretty good to me.


“Invest exactly 0$ and then keep pocketing the dividends.”

the AST has stated on more than one occasion that no dividends are paid out.
please stop pushing falsehoods.

Cygan's Right Foot

I think you’ll find that, if he becomes the owner or even just the majority shareholder, Usmanov wants to pay out dividends which Arsenal haven’t done for over 40 years and to say he isn’t a criminal is just ludicrous.

From Craig Murray’s blog: “Alisher Usmanov was jailed in Soviet times for blackmail. He and a colleague in the KGB attempted to blackmail another KGB officer. The KGB officer they tried to blackmail was Jewish and they seem to have felt that would make it easier to isolate him and his “roof”, or network of protective interests, would be weak”.

Also from Craig Murray – “For the first time yesterday the mainstream media had the guts to take on billionaire Alisher Usmanov, whose hyperactive libel lawyers succeeded for a few days in closing this blog down.

Channel 4 yesterday showed a Dispatches programme on the Russian oligarchs, which for the first time in British mainstream media put the case that Arsenal shareholder Usmanov is a convicted blackmailer and racketeer. You can see the programme here: (unfortunately 4od longer has this episode but there are clips)

Sadly I cannot see it in Ghana (I get a not available in your area message) so I do not yet know how much of my own interview in the programme got past the Channel 4 layers. It is however typical of Usmanov that I can find not a single comment on the programme in the mainstream media or even in any of the Arsenal blogs. All of the major Arsenal blogs have in the past received threatening letters from Schillings, Usmanov’s solicitors.

Meantime, it is worth noting that libel bullies the Quilliam Foundation and their pathetic lawyers Clarke Willmott seem to have skulked away. Not one of the individuals – including Jack Straw, Tim Spicer, Allisher Usmanov and Ed Hussain – who has set the lawyers onto this blog has ever dared to go to court.
That is because this blog does not libel, it tells the truth, and not one of them dares to face the truth in court, even with England’s notoriously oppressive libel laws on their side”.

Seems like a lovely fellow to have running our club….


His American Soccer (Football) team Colorado Rapids just won the championship two years ago. Ya so mediocre.

glory hunter

Everybody seems to think its better the devil you know!
I dont understand why everyone is so sceptical about Usmanov? the guys richer than Abramovich for crying out loud!
He’s not trying to make money from Arsenal, it cant be any worse than what we currently have.

We’ve got a fantastic stadium, a briliant manager, all we need is a better team(squad), we all moan that wenger doesnt buy players, that the board lacks ambition, yet we dont want things to change!!!! I dont get it!

Something has to give cos keeping status quo will mean things remain the same and we all dont want that! or do we??


Because he is a gangster, a racketeer, a thug, a thief. He quite rightly spent 6 years in jail.

He is also a Man United fan.

I don’t understand how you can’t be sceptical of him.

This is one of the few truthful resources that haven’t been taken off the internet about him…


What is written at that link may well be true, but am I the only one who is cynical enough to see an issue that the author plugs his book every 5 sentences?

glory hunter

I see your point Gary but i cant comment on his criminal past cos i dont know how true your sources are but if he passes the suitability tests before completing a takeover(assuming he does takeover), then theres not a lot we can do about it!


Interesting article about Usmanov. Considering he was jailed under the soviet regime makes me very skeptical he actually did anything wrong. This is the same regime that allowed a child murderer to continue even though they knew he was committing these crimes, because they didn’t want a propaganda issue. So forgive me for being skeptical of there ability to uphold the law. As for the other allegations I don’t see a huge amount of proof. He knows a lot of powerful people that the author can prove but the rest is just hear say. You know its funny how the western media is very quick to investigate a foreigner for being a bit dodgy but not how big business in the UK is connected to organized crime. I have studied organized crime as an analyst and I can tell you this. For every foreign so-called gangster you hear about there is one in the UK you don’t hear about. There not living council estates that’s for sure. Bear in mind that in Russia and the former soviet block you have to have connections with dodgy people to get business done. In Russia you could a politician/prime minister/president/dictator, a businessman, an FSB agent, a criminal, all at the same time and this is considered normal. Don’t believe that the UK is somehow this corrupt free country and these terrible foreigners are coming over because its complete boll**ks. We have our own they just keep it quite better.

Pascal Zidane

How do we know Silent Stan himself hasn’t done dodgy stuff himself? I think you’ll find that all these billionaires have cut corners somewhere to amass their wealth.

And btw, a lot of the allegations against Usmanov are so far unfounded. And if I am a rival who wishes to discredit him…i’d post a few blogs calling a gangster, thug etc. Anyone can write those, what we want is hard evidence.

One thing is clear about Usmanov: after 4 years and quiet a stiff opposition, he’s still here trying to buy more shares.

He goes to more games than Stan, our current owner who cant be bothered to hang around for the club’s biggest game of the season this Sunday.

David Dein trusts this man and that’s enough for me.

Cygan's Right Foot

Because there isn’t anything anywhere on the web about anything he may have done, so it’s either all very hush hush or he made his money the old fashioned way by working.

A little background info for you; He founded the Kroenke Group in 1983, a real estate development firm that has constructed numerous shopping centers and apartment buildings. Since his marriage to Ann Walton, he has been in the special position to develop many of the plazas near Wal-Mart stores.

Lets be fair to Stan though, unlike other owners, he hasn’t lumped the cost of buying the shares onto the club as debt. Being a billionaire and having married into the Wal-Mart family, i doubt he’ll need to and the fact they also don’t take dividends, makes me believe that he actually wants to own us and not just make money from us.


Is another Abramovich what Arsenal need?

“Here’s £70m for players.”
“Sweet! I think I’ll buy…”
“No. I want you to buy this guy.”

“Why didn’t you win the Champions league? I gave you £70m.”
“Well, we had a lot of injuries in a criti–”
“Your fired. Get me Avram Grant on the phone.”


so true the last thing i want its another billionnaire who think he is better than the manager and buy player without the manager knowing .
and after that we get the chav and glory hunter who jump ship because we havent won anything for 7 year comeback to the emirate.
Maybe we havent sell out all season but at least i dont have to seat near the troll who complain all the time all match

Pascal Zidane

You’re assuming two people are the same there…who happen to be billionaires.

Now, please read this carefully…

Football has moved on, our board is stuck in the 80s and the club is getting left behind.

No top club endures 7 trophyless years. No top European club like us continues to sell their best players every summer. No wonder we haven’t won the European Cup!

There’s a serious lack of ambition at the heart of the club. Examine our transfer dealings since 2005 – we act like a mid-table club, constantly signing average to mediocre talent that other clubs don’t want. See Benayoun, Squillaci, Silvestre, Chamakh and the list goes on.

When we do sign quality, they’re often young and usually f*ck off after 1 good season.

I honestly think we’d still have Cesc Fabregas at the heart of midfield if Wenger surrounded him with the quality he claims he’ll bring BUT NEVER DOES!

Open your eyes people! Silent Stan needs to go, the board needs to go. We need Dein back at the club, our transfer exploits have been terrible since he left. Compared to previous years I mean.

This lack of ambition goes back decades, we had ample opportunities to invest and kick on. We had the chance to recruit Sir Alex Ferguson but our lovely board wouldn’t give him the time he needed to consider the offer. And I won’t get into the countless of top players we’ve missed out on bc the club refuses to go out the extra mile to acquire world class winners.

And please don’t come at me with lack of funds, stadium debt etc. We have the money to invest in the team now for the least 3 years. Significant amount of money. Instead of paying our top performers their worth, we waste millions in wages in crap like Almunia, Denilson, Squillaci and so on. Our youngsters are on too much money for what they offer.

People slag off Abramovich, but the guy doesn’t accept mediocrity. He brought trophies to Stamford Bridge and great players. His main ambition is to win the European Cup, ours is to finish 4th – its a ‘trophy’ apparently.


We know Usmanoc is a massive Arsenal fan, we also know that Stan isin’t even a footabll fan so that tells you all you need to know.


There’s been loads of talk about him being a Man U fan as well as an Arsenal fan. Don’t think anyone is ever going to know.

if he was a ManU fan surely he’d have made sure any evidence of this is long gone – after all he isn’t the first (rich or otherwise) person to rewrite their history.


what is WRONG with y’ is easy to say if usmanov comes he’ll throw in a 70 mil and if stan is there he would give the end of the day despite whoever is in charge i consider wenger,the squad,academy,coaching staff and the fans as the ones who complete arsenal.stakeholders are here only because they have financial interests in don’t get me wrong im not talking about those minor stakeholders who are also our die hard fans.i am talking about usmanov,stan and other board the end of the day whoever it is in the board all that counts is what we do on pitch and the quality of players we got.we have enough capability two get 2 more superstars like RVp.what we need to realize is that after a difficult summer last season we will have to rebuild our quality and show our ambition.we need quality on pitch and no matter who is in control of board they need to acknowledge that because we are arsenal and we will never go down.


that piece by angry of islington is an interesting read.

imagine if Wenger was the “mystery investor” buying up the small amounts of shares,.
Who truly knows what’s going on at the club & it’s shares right now,.


The yank does not care what’s going on as long as he gets his money, the rusky won’t care as long as he gets his money. As long as one of them puts there hand in there pocket to re assert us as a major European force then it can only serve as good. If we don’t finish 4th without major re investment we are the way of the dodo on par with the Geordies and such teams. Forget pl champions, forget champions league winners. Somebody needs to act and soon.


This is the point no-one ever makes. Regardless of whether Usmanov or Kroenke have been Gooners from birth, or to what degree they even care about sport, the fact is is that there is no business incentive for them to preside over Arsenal’s failure. If Arsenal are winning, then they are winning.

Not sure why this is so difficult for people to understand.


Apostrophe on the end of Rangers? I thought this was a spoof article and feel misled. Where does one lodge an official complaint?….. Aggghhh I’m a **** these days – The Arsenal, why do this to me, make me feel like this, like a twitchy (albeit literate…) spud?

Cygan's Right Foot

Has he just been told that the microphone is a cornetto? He looks confused but is going in for the kill…

Yankee Doodle Cheeseburger Munching C**t
Yankee Doodle Cheeseburger Munching C**t

*Shakes head*


One of the things that never seems to be mentioned when talking about Usmanov hovering up shares is where does that leave ordinary Arsenal supporters who may want to own a piece of Arsenal.

I’m not knowledgable enough (financially) but it seems to me that the biggest losers here are any Arsenal fans that may have wanted to buy a (Rangers?) share. Not very many people can compete with the amount of money Usmanov will offer so doesn’t that mean less of the club owned by true fans?

And what about the Arsenal Fanshare scheme which was launched with much hype and fanfare?

Got a letter from them saying they can’t match what Usmanov’s doing so will be taking a back seat for now and nothing from them since.

Does this mean they’ve given up?

Should fanshare members with money sitting in a fanshare account take their money back especially as it seems a certain section of Arsenal support wants him to take over?

It just looks like what Usmanov is doing right now is ensuring Arsenal is the plaything of a couple of billionaires with a tiny bit of the club (and shrinking) in the hands of fans (AST, fanshare etc)


Surely with the FFP coming in the wealth of the owner is less important as they can no longer plough money into the club?

Also, whether it be Kroenke, Usmanov or A. N. Other in control of our club, does anybody invest vast amounts and not expect a return? I think not.

Mace the Gooner

Oh how I miss David Dein 🙁

Midfield Corporal

I recall Keith Edelman talking about the new wave of investors coming into football about 5 years ago. He asked fans to understand that when someone is an ‘investor’, they are looking for an investment, consequently they will eventually take more out of the club than they put in.

I feel uncomfortable with some fans eagerness to get Usmanov on board, we don’t know enough about the man and surely there are lessons to be learned from West Ham, pompey and rangers.

Personally I don’t see the need for a sugar daddy, Arsene is given a huge budget to oversee team affairs, wages £130m alone, apparently 40% more than the Spuds. If this was managed better we could attract quality players and pay them big salaries.

glory hunter

But thats the point midfield corporal:
If you can see that we are not managing our funds better, how come our board/chief executive cant?
We’ve been saying for years that our squad needs improvement but instead it gets weaker every summer!
Most still believe Wengers the man for the job.
Most prefer Kronke to Usmanov!

It would appear then that most would be happy the way things are!
But not me, football is an easy game, you win matches if you have better players than your opposition 90% of the time.

All i want is a charmain/board/manager that wants the same thing as the fans, which is sucess for Arsenal both on & off the field, not just making even financially & getting into the Top 4!


And that’s the problem. We don’t have proper leadership at the club. Instead, our past-it manager is allowed to do just what he likes by a weak board and an uninterested, money-driven American owner.

Even if Usmanov didn’t invest a penny extra, I would hope that he would at least demand from Wenger a successful side, and pull him up whenever he failed to deliver. And ask questions about our outrageous wages policy. And make sure that we kept our star players.

Usmanov is worth a try – he can’t be any worse than what’s happening now.


How would Usmanov would have ensured Cesc stayed? or kept Nasri without putting a penny more into the club? or “pulled Wenger up” (whatever that means) and “asked questions” about Arsenal’s wage policy (the execs of the club have already said they are doing just that)? That is a load of garbage.

“[H]e can’t be any worse than what’s happening now.” Have stories coming out of Glasgow given you no sense of perspective? He actually could be so much worse that what we’ve got now! Ask Leeds, Portsmouth, Rangers, or Chelsea (when Abramovich stops spending dough)–all clubs, who, unlike Arsenal, are never going to get back into the Champions League without a _massive_ influx of outside capital. Wenger, on the other hand, has funds already set aside to retool the squad. And Portsmouth won an FA cup not too long ago, bully for them! They just laid off 33 staff and asked players to go without being paid so the club can stay a going concern. Just how many quality signings are clamoring to put pen to paper for those suckers?

I’m not happy with the recent results–who is. And looking further back, the loss to Birmingham in the league cup final was particularly tough to take, and the best Arsenal side in a while was one controlling touch by Bendtner away from seeing off Barca in the CL at the Camp Nou. But that’s sport for you.

Like it or not, Arsenal has a chance, a good chance, of being successful again, and the current set-up has neither mortgaged, gambled, or sacrificed a single day of the club’s future to be in the position it is in. If that’s not good enough for some, then those that are unhappy with it can f*ck off and not come back when things get back on track.


I’m sorry that I’ve upset you, Mr Kroenke. But at the moment the club is in crisis. And it won’t get better while we have the current management structure in place.

And I’m sorry, but I don’t just don’t buy the anti-Usmanov scare tactics. We are up shit creek and this guy just might get us out of it. He’s worth ten billion, and we’re not Portsmouth.


Eh, it takes more than your deficient logic and constant complaining to upset me. I’ve dealt with worse. I’m just trying to show you the error of your ways.


I’m surprised at the number of supporters seeing Spurs ahead of Arsenal jumping to the conclusion that that other club has managed their money better. There are many factors that go into a team having a good year or a bad year. Do people look over their shoulder and actually think that all of a sudden Spurs are better run? Is this based on anything other than a 10 point gap in the table in a season that hasn’t even finished yet? I’m not about to extoll their virtues just yet after Arsenal and AW has dominated them for so long. Their position could well be a fluke, and if history* is any guide, then this “period of supremacy” is definitely ephemeral and will disappear as quickly as it crept up.

*of Spurs or of ‘Arry.

Andy Powers

Read your article with interest, could you possibly confirm where the numbers for the current share holdings shown above come from, as they don’t tally up with that what’s show on the website.

Also could you confirm whether the AU holding shown above is including the shares purchased from RFC or not as well?

Thanks for your help here.



I’m an Arsenal and Celtic supporter and I didn’t know that Arsenal and Rangers had an alliance. WHY? this makes Arsenal look like a racist club such as the scum (Rangers).

curious cunt

Does this mean you’ll stop supporting Arsenal??????

Yankee Doodle Cheeseburger Munching C**t
Yankee Doodle Cheeseburger Munching C**t


Cygan's Right Foot

How does it make us look racist?


peder. don’t start downgrading arsenal comment pages with typical old firm “they’re scum” remarks when your not nuch better yourself! The topic here is the fact the round russian man is buying up anything he can get his hands on and Mr Whyte has had no care for the club he supposedly loves and sold off a long standing friendship to line his own pockets with more money he doesn’t deserve. What Craig Whyte has done to Rangers is what other ‘investors’ will do to other vulnerable clubs. Hes bought them with money thats not his, not paid any PAYE tax since he took over (£9m), pocketed that tax money himself as a wage, sold off several assets which the club owns (like the shares in question to this article), and after plunging the club into administration and crisis, will now go on to sell the club for possible £millions to make further profit.
However, being an avid arsenal fan in scotland, it disappoints me that this long standing friendship between 2 of britains greatest clubs (although many arsenal may not know much about it) has been broken down. Just shows how much these so called investors care about a clubs true history, morals, and values


Ha, the use of ‘Gobbles’ fits perfectly.


Nom nom nom.


If you want to find out something about the kind of man Alisher Usmanov is I recommend you read Craig Murray’s (former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan) book ‘Murder in Samarkand’. You can get it from Amazon for £5.99 and then pass it around your Gooner mates. No, I’m not on commission, but it’s important that Arsenal fans educate themselves about Usmanov before getting seduced by his £illions. Personally I don’t want him anywhere near The Arsenal.


Anyone knows why Usmanov is only fixated on Arsenal ? I don’t want us to turn into another Chelski or Oil-city.


Remind me again why we have Usmanov? Like, actual reasons, which have nothing with him being fat.


have = hate


arseblog called him jabba the hut


That’s all well and good. But why is he so bad for Arsenal?


I have a better question. Why would he be good for Arsenal?


I think the part about him being a shady Russian businessman who’s a convicted felon pretty much sums it up nicely.

Do you think you get to be a billionaire in Russia without getting a little blood on your hands?


No, but if oil money can win titles (see Chelsea), I don’t mind getting my hands dirty. Not saying we need a sugar daddy, but you know, someone who can shell out a couple extra million so we can get Juan Mata instead of playing Rosicky again and again.


Profoundly disturbing comment.

Cygan's Right Foot

Considering we have won more trophes than Chelsea throughout history, that is a bizarre comment and opinion

ilya aka UkraineGunner
ilya aka UkraineGunner

Wow soo insightful, you must have drawn your avatar all by yourself. Yes lets all just simplify all of Arsenal’s problems and simply fix it by getting a sugar daddy, why didn’t anyone think of that? Hopefully because most arsenal fans have a more sophisticated thought process than an infant

Northern Gooner

Scravaldio, how have you ‘studied organised crime as an analyst’ when you don’t know the difference between ‘there’ and ‘their’? Your lengthy diatribe is also full of dreadful grammar. So kindly peddle your poorly spelt Usmanov supporting views elsewhere, any true Gooner knows he’ll be dreadful for the club.


Go support Chel$ki or City then. Your values are clearly not aligned with the club.

Why do you think The Fat Russian wants to buy Arsenal? Do you think he’s a philanthropist and wants to blow his money on buying new players every year.


He’s more akin to an activist investor like Carl Ichan. He sees a good business that generates tons of cash, but doesn’t declare a dividend. So he takes an equity position in the company and starts rabble-rousing, spouting off a bunch of sweet-nothing’s into the supporters (and other investors’) ears till they give him a controlling position.

Then, he’ll do something like declare a dividend or give himself a management fee. Do you think he will he invest more of his own money into the team or will he leverage us out further with a debt issuance? Shady, Russian businessmen do not get rich by giving money away. Now, we’ve got a fat, bloodsucking leach attached to our hairy danglers and it’ll be next to impossible to get rid of him.

He’d be pretty much like a Glazers v2.0 in my opinion.

Arsenal’s got 99 problems but a Glazer ain’t one.

Cygan's Right Foot

Are you saying he’d be a double-glazer…..


Will Arsenal’s problem be solved if Usmanov is arrested and jailed for ‘Child Trafficking’?


The amount of people clamouring for a sugar daddy is bewildering. What is going to happen to Chelsea if Abramovich gets bored and decides he wants his loans back? You want that possibility for us too just for the sake of being able to pay Man City wages? Ridiculously short sighted.


A crash course in the car crash that is Alisher Usmanov …


as i said earlier, at each others throats already. no idea how this will be resolved but you can be sure the only losers will be us the fans, the only language these people know is money, and only when revenues drop due to falling gates at the grove will anything get done.
sadly in the short term i think falling gates and lack of cl money is the only way to get stan to act, we are not the cash cow that he may think we are, and if and when the grove does empty a bit maybe then something will be done.
in the long term it may be for the best.cant see any other way

ilya aka UkraineGunner
ilya aka UkraineGunner

Arsenal is only a cash cow if its a successful team, therefore your fundamental premise is incorrect. This isn’t fucking Hogwarts, in the real world making money isn’t something that arbitrarily happens when you buy something, it happens when your investments works. Stock share value doesn’t increase in a failing business, the only reason you see ours being worth $14,000 is because Usmanov created an artificial market environment with his motivated spending

ilya aka UkraineGunner
ilya aka UkraineGunner

lol northern gooner, i also wondered what kind of analyst this could be. It also made me laugh when arsenalist asked why we hate Usmanov, as if people were not talking about exactly that throughout this whole comments section. Btw, I was born in the former Soviet Union and the rampant corruption didn’t start till after Gorbochev broke up the USSR so please avoid looking like retards by talking about things you obviously have no clue about


A little perspective is needed here.

For all that we are worried about Silent Stan´s inactivity over the course of this season, I´m pretty sure it was pointed out not too long ago that he wouldn´t be able to surround himself by “his” people on the board until the current board members (from whom he has bought the majority of his shares) end their term at the end of the season. In other words, the “new” direction of the club should become clearer this summer. If Stan says nothing or makes bold statements about investment in the team and then nothing happens over the summer, by all means light the bales of hay and grab your pitchforks.

Until then, we have to suck it up, get behind the team and hope for a strong finish to the season. Dreaming of Sugar Daddies who want to “PES” the team is a dangerous thing, in my opinion; Millionaire “fans” of the club wishing to restore us to former glories via a blank cheque simply don´t exist. A club as well-run as ours is always going to attract asset-strippers posing as the solution to all our problems. My advice is to try not to fall for it.


Dear all,

We at Arsenal dont want sugar daddy. But we dont Stan because he is shit. I explain why:

Stan just wants to raise share value and flog the club – and until he does The Yank has a complementary club to boast about with other loaded yanks. This stalemate will go on for years until Usmanov coughs up.

Stans other investments are all like us over the last few years. Bridesmaid. He the shrewd devil understand the competition money is not much bigger if we are 1st or 4th – yes you may get 15m or 20m more but you have to spend 100m to get there.

So we either shut up and carry on hoping we squeeze 4th – and when a new sugar daddy buys Tottenham or West Ham we fight for 6th and so on.

Then we can hold our morals and our head high – and say we achieved all this misery via self sustained bollocks.

Fuck the morals – nobody has them, Not stan, PHW or Usmanov.

All we have on Usmanov is some blog guy called Murray (British freedom ambassador, because we brits have always upheld human rights). Sorry thats not enough for me, I back Usmanov and Mr Dein – Mr Dein the Arsenal legend. (Quote Dixon, Adams, Henry, Pires)

Now many on this particular forum disagree – I say fair play, good for you. I hope you guys stick around when Stan eventually fucks off. We dont want you starting up FC united style club next door (Man Utd fans). You could call it the self sustained FC – No trophies but plenty of soul.


Ilya or whatever your name is. Arsenal have not won a trophy for 7 years and is still judged to be successful in financial terms. So the premise of your argument is incorrect. We are a cash cow as Long as the profits that we make are not being reinvested in team.
You don’t have to have attended fucking hogwarts as you put to work that out.


Rampant corruption might not have started until after the fall of USSR, but that does not mean The Fat Russian isn’t shady.

From the Craig Murray blog:

“After the fall of the Soviet Union, Alisher Usmanov was pardoned by his croney President Karimov of Uzbekistan, perhaps the World’s most vicious dictator. Karimov runs a gangster state and political opponents have been boiled alive.

I was British Ambassador to Uzbekistan and I will swear to these facts on oath before any court.

Usmanov became a billionaire oligarch in the gangster takeover of Russia’s “privatised” mineral assets. He is close to Putin, and has been used by him to buy up and neutralise much of the little remaining independent media in Russia. Usmanov does this in his own name or as Chairman of GazpromInvestHolding. Independent journalists have died in mysterious accidents following Usmanov takeovers.”

I shudder to think what happens if he takes over and Blogs mysteriously disappears.


And ilya trying showing a bit of respect to people rather than insulting them by calling them retards, because their opinion differs from yours. You use nice long words then lose the moral high ground by insults. Not clever mate.

ilya aka UkraineGunner
ilya aka UkraineGunner

Didn’t think i was that insulting, I didn’t actually call anyone a retard directly but anyway if you reread my one response to you, I wasn’t talking about what is “considered economically successful” as in what we have done forever which is break even and show marginal profit by selling players every year…no what I meant was “real success’ and real profit, which is exponential growth which significantly and naturally increases the value of our shares, in this scenario our majority shareholders can make significant profit not just recouping their costs plus a tiny amount of interest. Exponential growth can be seen if you look at United’s net profit (thats just profit no costs, interest, etc.)since 2006/07, especcially after they won CL few years back, if we had their on-field success and taking in consideration our superior economic base/solvency we would be seen a very attractive investment and our shareholders would make real profits naturally


using words like retards and infants to describe arsenal fans that have a different opinion to yourself is not a good way to go about the blog mate. your replies are very patronising, your obviously a clever guy far to clever for me to ague with.
most people seem to get on with each on here despite thier opinions be they retards, infants or having attended fucking hogwarts as you so nicely worded it.

Midfield Corporal

Any arsenal fan being wooed by the promise of Usmanovs money are akin to a 16 year old girl who agrees to fuck her older boyfriend with a nice car because he tells her he loves her. Then once he’s got what he wants he pisses off and she is left pondering his empty promises, feeling silly, and a sore fanny.

I don’t want to hear anyone moaning when Usmanov leaves them with sore privates.


And what type of soreness do you like from Stan?

Up the Arse?


I am still waiting for Abrahamovic to pack up and leave as predicted by every man and his dog.

These guys are so filthy rich they dont need “return on investment”. The fancy trophy is the return. The same reason people buy 100K cars which lose 50K in value as you drive them off the forecourt.

Usmanov is clearly here for the long run. Even after being blocked by OAP board he is hanging around grabbing shares (paying top dollar) and is showing patience.

Once again it must be stressed we dont like gangsters and mafioso (not proved by any means – Oh sorry Mr Murray said it, must be gospel) yet we are happy to play within FIFA (allegedly run by gangsters and crooks) and yearn the big prize – European Cup. Something Villa and Forest have won but we havnt.

Isnt it time we hear what this chap has to say before we get our morals in a twist. Who knows he may give our a stadium a proper name.

Instead of that one given by that Monarchy which oppresses its own people and jails opposition activists.

Emirates my arse.


“European Cup. Something Villa and Forest have won but we havnt.”

What of it? Those clubs haven’t seen it in 30 years and aren’t getting near it ever again.

Cygan's Right Foot

A second pointless rant. Emirates is our sponsor and until their contract with us is up, we can’t rename the stadium but i’m guessing you don’t need to knwo that fact….

If you actually look around you will find that Usmanov’s solicitors have threatened to close down numerous blogs and media outlets that stand against him and try to show what he has done. If he was all sweetness and light, he would just defend himself with facts but he doesn’t, he silences people.

Also, Chelsea haven’t won the champions league despite heavy investment. Man City aren’t going to win the champions league this year despite heavy investement.
Villa and Forest weren’t around when Billionaire owners started showing up or television revenues made the rich clubs richer. Do you really think they would have beaten the Barcelona of today? Or Mourinho’s Inter Milan or even his Real Madrid?

Do some research and use common sense before you start claiming your opinion as fact. It is an opinion, that’s it and that’s all it will ever be.


Not all Arsenal fans hate Usmanov. This is the only fact gained from this convo. Please stop repeating the same old “many blogs got threatened” drivel.

We get it – He aint a nice guy. This club needs some not so nice guys.

Now go hug Adebayor – Mr nice guy.


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Jermaine Pedant

Yeay, comment 100!! I now match the amount of donuts Usmanov can fit in his mouth in one go!


we need someone with leadership and wants the club to be succesful on the pitch not a selling club!


I just did


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Thanks for the flood of advice The impartial headline isan eye opener. Where most people just buy shares – Usmanov ` Gobbles` them up. It


Gobbles? Only a nasty person would do suh thing. I guess Kronke `bought his?