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Report: Arsenal 2-1 Newcastle (inc goal clips)

Arsenal closed the gap on Sp*rs to just one point after a dramatic, injury time win over Newcastle at Emirates Stadium tonight.

After getting off to a quick start against Milan, it looked as if we were in the mood to do likewise tonight. We should have been 1-0 up after just 3 minutes when Theo Walcott’s fantastic cross from the right fizzed across the six yard box and with Robin van Persie arriving you’d have put money on him tapping home.

That he missed the ball completely really was something of a surprise, as was his second touch a few moments later having brought down a Song pass beautifully on his chest, allowing Newcastle to clear.

And it was the visitors who struck first. Thomas Vermaelen gave the ball away in midfield, Ba fed Ben Arfa in our box and he stepped onto his left foot and smashed a low shot just inside the near post. Not much that Szczesny could have done but it came from giving the ball away.

Newcastle’s lead didn’t last long – just 14 seconds after the restart Arsenal were level. From the restart Rosicky fed Walcott down our right, he played a ball into van Persie whose first touch took him away from the defender, his second wrongfooted Krul and with his third he lashed it home to equalise. 1-1.

After a subdued start Arsenal got more into the game, dominating possession without really creating too much. A van Persie shot from the edge of the box went high and wide, and late in the half a fairly tame Walcott cross was cleared off the line from a corner.

The Gunners were much better in the second half, dominating possession and creating all the chances. Tomas Rosicky was outstanding in the middle for us again and he had probably the best chance when a Walcott cut back found him just 8 yards from goal but his left footed effort was miscued and went miles wide.

And there were other chances too, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain volley not far over after a great piece of skill, van Persie’s first time effort from an Arteta cross was straight at Krul who was the panto villain of the night with his time-wasting antics every time they had a goal kick.

Gervinho, on for The Ox, miscued at the back post from an Arteta corner, miskicking wide. Van Persie had a great chance but fired wide with his right foot, and when a Vermaelen header was cleared off the line at the back post it looked as if the goal might not come.

Then, as Newcastle tried to waste time up our end of the pitch, we won it back, Song fed Walcott down the right, his cross was headed by two Arsenal players and then fell to Thomas Vermaelen who had run the length of the pitch to sweep it home for the winner. 2-1.

Some handbags followed when Tim Krul came all the way out of his goal to have a go at van Persie who, as you would expect, was having none of it. It took Howard Webb a few minutes to gain control of things, Krul was obviously gutted at having lost the game, and although the 5 minutes of injury time turned into 9 by the time he blew the final whistle, Arsenal had snatched the three points.

It was no less than we deserved, we made all the chances, all the running, and while Newcastle were dangerous, the other side of the coin is, fuck them.

A great win, and we’ve set a Premier League record for being the first team ever to come back from a goal down to win in four consective league games.

I love the Arse.

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Our defenders are the bollocks. Sagna v Spuds and now TV5. You can almost hear them thinking fuck this for a game of soldiers, have some of this.


I can’t actually wait for Santos to get back to playing though.. Gibbo is just not ready and doesn’t possess the knack for the game yet. He has a tendency to get sucked in field and doesn’t contribute attacking wise the way the Brazilian can.

With Santos back we will be truly sick, goals flying in left right and center. Gibbs needs more time but when we have a firecracker brazilian international in our ranks it’s not time for his time to happen now.



Thought Gibbs was quality.

Der Springer

I was looking forward to seeing Santos but Gibbs was good and now is not the time for analysis (in my mind anyway); just too deliriously happy to give a shit. 🙂

Young Gooner

Gibbs was good today. A lil bit too harsh saying he doesn’t contribute. Verm almost scored from Song’s cross. At the time, he was the one who get the ball back and started the attack


Seconded. Thought Gibbs had one of his better performances tonight. A draw would have really puzzled me as no-one played badly in our side, and certainly most played very well.

Would not have stopped Pyles Malmer from copy and pasting his four paragraph rant on power-hungry Wenger before skipping off saying he’s too busy to write anything else. Tomorrow: 40-page yarn on Rooney, Engerland, Chelsea and all those things ‘real’ Arsenal fans really care about.

Rectum Spectrum

Gibbs had one of his best games in an Arsenal shirt. Did well defensively, tiny but naive for the goal, but was a constant threat on the ball.


That’s a lot of hate for a generally positive comment.
Personally I agree, just watch Gibbs and you can see him go inside all the time. Newcastle’s goal was because Gibbs went inside and left Ben arfa open. Then he ran back and showed ben arfa inside!

Don’t just hide this comment as well, Gibbs has a chance to improve but currently his defending is not quite good enough and not as good as Santos.


Kos Vs Milan..Sometimes when we’re chasing game and Arsene decides to put Chamakh on, I really think there is more possibility of us winning if he throws in Verm and Kos as immediate striker. They both are bull headed and can break the wall with that.


Very good call. We know Vermers has great instincts in the box plus he has dynamite in his boots!


our back 4 are taking turns at scoring. Gibbs up next. Van Persie is getting all the support he needs!

What's my name?

There are reports coming through on the news about a really foul smell coming from somewhere in North London. Apparently it is the Scum who are pooing in their pants as Arsenal take over 3rd spot whilst instead they wrangle with Newcastle and other for a spot in the Europa League next season 🙂

Runcorn Gooner

The Twitcher has gone into overdrive.

Yankee Doodle Cheeseburger Munching C**t

Twitch-Con 5!


and Kos had given the tempo vs milan


Booo! hadn’t read that,


Could it be that we actually have CHOICES at the back? Finally?!!


Koscielny vs Meeeelan.


You beauty!!!


Hey any of you guys from the Gold Coast in Australia, I’m getting sick of screaming and jumping around at 1am or 6am in the morning with only my dog (complete with arsenal scarf) looking at me crazy. Van Persie is the ultimate gunner I was secretly hoping he would punch on but he knew we need him so he just carved up that fool and restrained his hands, that is mental strength…


Im from Brissy mate. got a few mates down the GC. however i will be flying to London in 3 weeks to see the Arsenal for the rest of the season. FUCKING LOVE THIS CLUB!


@padwan you got me on that one im rolling over here HA mental strenght that was just about it!!


goontang you got facebook brother add me patrick hambling, you’ve picked quite the time to head over to watch the gunners dominate, I’ve always wanted to head over to see a couple of games, get some Aussies into the emirates and see it rock and roll, i made so much noise this morning my neighbour was pissed, blowing up

Expat Benji

Good to see some Aussies here! I moved to North London from Melbourne 6 months ago and there’s nothing better than heading to the Emirates to see the Gunners! Went to the game last night and the atmosphere was brilliant!

It is what it is

I feel for you…..know that feeling all to well.
Watching the game alone, but you NEED to tell someone how amazing the last move was…… you talk to yourself or do a lap in the garden.


Hey guys, Sorry to chime in here. I’m originally from Sydney and moved to North London. I head to most home games and a few away games. Sorry for the shameless plug, but I’ve set up a Twitter account for Australian Gooners both here in London and abroad because I know it’s pretty difficult to “get in the scene” when you’re fresh off the boat. Hopefully it helps you to find fellow gooners to drink with and go to the games with. Anyway, give it a follow if you like (or any of you out there with Twitter): Cheers,… Read more »

why is my name required

Check this out guys

Robin vs 8 Newcastle players including their keeper for the first goal. That’s almost their entire team

Who needs Messi? We have Robin van Persie


There is nothing quite like an extra time winner. To get 3 out of our last 4 Premier League games is amazing.


4 out of 5.


That makes it four comebacks in a row. New premier league record. MENTAL fucking STRENGTH.
Lack of leadership? Ask my two captains. Leading by example. Who needs a guy throwing up his hands, slipping and falling all over the place and shagging wayne bridge’s woman every now and then? Sweet sweet last minute stuff


typn wiv 1 hand bz cleenin jizz off frm EVRYWHERE


What a game what a result what a performance. They were all superb again tonight.
 And what the fuck has happened to rosicky the bloke was outstanding today, as they all were. 
Walcot had his best game in months.  At times in the first half we were unplayable   One of the best displays of the season for me. 
And 1 point behind the best team the universe has ever seen. 

Master Bates

In Months? have forget his brace vs the Cunts

Wenger Portions

Yeah but he was shite for at least 45mins against the sp*urs. Even more frustrating after a first half performance like todays. Sooooo much potential!

Up the

#ArseneGotMyTrust ……always!


You have an awesome name, mate, AWESOME!!!

I just love to see Pardew lose!!!!

Master Bates

If you look at the replay for the first goal , theo initiate the attact ot RvP who unluckily hit the post…fast forward Arteta to Sagna and BAM! a goal . he also created few chances . But people only remember that time he did nothing with the ball . I followin closely , I am a fan

Master Bates

In Months? have you forgotten his brace vs the Cunts


When ramsey came on I was like oh shit, but he was playing so well I was running around my house yelling ramsey actually looks like a player

bob's your uncle

give the guy a break. he’s been a real stand up player for us all season, and when we were on our earlier unbeaten run he was a vital part of a very strong midfield.
I really don’t understand why people knock our young lads.. especially one as talented and hard working as him.

Rectum Spectrum

Ramsey was ok tonight, didn’t have a lot of the ball. But jump off that wagon mate, he’s fucking quality.


I was just playing around, he had a couple of bad performances but I never thought he was shit, I was watching an old game and he wasn’t playing the creative midfield role and he was playing more of the arteta role and he looked fantastic, he had big shoes to fill this season and he just can’t quite handle it yet, at least consistantly. Also coming off of a leg break didn’t help his progress. He’ll be quite the player in the next couple of years

Der Springer

I think Ramsey was a key substitution tonight. He added the extra energy we needed to ensure we didn’t retire into accepting the draw.
Don’t get me wrong, Rosicky was fantastic and deserved the time he had but we needed that extra boost in the closing minutes. I don’t think Gervino provided that kick but Ramsey did.

Runcorn Gooner

Gervinho was the worry.He seems to find new ways of missing open goals.
Great team performance .Nice week of rest then beat Everton after
they are shattered after Liverpool tonight and Cup at weekend.
How far off are Man C?


In Ramsey’s defence, his bad games this season have come – like Song – as a result of him being caned for 90 minutes for four games in a row. Once we have enough options to rotate the midfield a bit better, we’ll see him more consistent (and hopefully also playing better because of the competition).


I noticed the changed of tactics from the way we play and I like what I saw tonight!! We defended well for most of the game from the top and right down to the bottom. We pressed so hard them geordies didn’t know what hit them.

Its good to see what the squad can do when everyone is committed, relatively unbroken and having some balls!

Cygan's Left Foot

Why are people surprise about Rosicky!!!!!. At 21/22 years of age he was talked about as one of the best CAM in the world while in Germany and was called the Little Mozart for a reason, then he had his injury nightmare started while he was with Dortmund and he was playing through pain, but was still highly thought off. When he first came to us we played him on the left side of midfield as we had the up coming young Fab and he was still doing great out of position with all the pain he was going through.… Read more »


Rosicky = My Man of the Match (minus that shocking miss).


Theo’s best performance of the season.


I’m going to disagree with you on that one and say his second half against spurs was better. He still had a fine game though and deserved the MOTM award.

Shame Rocky had run himself ragged – he was having an absolute stonker of a game (despite missing a sitter) – dangerous coming forward and wanted the ball back every time Newcastle had it – almost Tevez/R**ney like in his tenacity. He’s been playing like someone lit a fire under his arse recently – long may it continue.

Gearoid Kelly

Best 90 min performance though.


Theo’s best this season was at Stamford Bridge… let’s not forget the “stumble.”


cruyff turn….laudrup turn….the theo stumble….nice


Turdpue is a big hair you know what.

Well done Arsenal

Davey Jones

Mental strength? What mental strength? Oh that brilliant mental strength which means coming from a deficit to win 4 games on the bounce! COYG!


Loved TV5 escorting RVP off at the end. Killer eyes all over the place looking for it to boot off. You want some of him, you gotta come through me cunts.

Master Bates

That man is scary


Adam Watford

What ? Both of them ????

That’s gotta hurt !


I laughed my head off when Krul went up to RvP, he showed him the captaincy and the Emirates start chanting: Rooooobin van Persie!!!

Midfield Corporal

I thought that was great too, his own bodyguard.

Eric Irish gunner

Haha seen that, classic


was our home turf…krul shouldnt have been given so much face….3rd place is more important i guess


The match ended 6am here in Malaysia. No use going back to bed. Getting ready to go to work, TOTALLY worth it though.


Greetings from SG. What a cracking game. Had to restrain myself when the winner went in to keep the volume down.

Inner Mongooner

ha ha..same here in China. 4am kick off and because my internet at home is down, i just stayed overnight in my office…a couple of hours sleep on floor, watch the game, then impossible to get any more sleep after the buzz of a last minute winner!

Sometimes it’s worth it though!


It was 3.30am in India when the match ended and it was my birthday. I couldn’t have asked for a better gift, to win the match in last minute. Thanks Arsenal you made my day.


Tim Krul is a bell end. That is all.




Started earlier in the game. More than once the ball went to Krul and everyone poured upfield for the clearance.
Krul stands over the ball and RvP is forced to trek back to make him pick the sodding thing up. Then Krul gets all shirty ‘cos Robin insists on standing in front of him (churlish not to after going all that way), he’s got no defenders wide to chuck it to and has a tricky clearance on his hands.

So effectively he wound himself up. The dick.


fffuuuuucccckkkkiiiiinnnnnn”””’ yyyyyyeeeeeeeaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!

I’ll go read the report now 🙂


Walcott had a tremendous game. Should have ended up with 3 assists.

Rociky, miskick aside, was outstanding.

Both were LANS.


Although in Rosicky’s case, he actually is a new signing.

So just ANS.


Just when we start to bemoan our inability to play the 4-3-3 due to the absence of a Fabregas-like fulcrum, in comes Rosicky, a player that plays the Fabregas role….albeit better than Fabregas. Keep going at this rate and we could catch Man City….Yes, I mean Man City. COYGs.

Master Bates

I love Theo. there I said it


I’ve been very critical of him this season, but Walcott was the fucking nuts tonight

master floda



Way to go lads. Yipee! Was so krul what we didi to Krul and co. I love Arsenal FC 😉


I thought Kieran Gibbs played well today, always looked to get up and cause havoc.


About time someone realise that Gibbs has some quality in him. Newcastle goal aside I think he had a really decent runs of game for the last few matches.


I loved Persie at the end. Fuck that, I love The Arsenal.


Gervinho…..fookin frustrating watching u play today


african cup of nations hangover is hitting him really hard


he needs to start. was quality first half of the season.


I think I can hear a nervous twitch somewhere in north london tonight…..

Rad Carrot

Walcott Man of the Match?! Arsenal scoring late on in consecutive matches?! It’s the apocalypse! No… no, wait. Webb was still the same cunty bollocks referee he always has been. Ah well. Good performance, was convinced we weren’t going to get the three points today. Was actually sure that that was that when they got that late corner, but then, that’s karma, isn’t it, you Toon bastards. Maybe you shouldn’t have fallen over so much when touched by a stiff breeze – you wouldn’t have got so much injury time, then. We’ll be asked to stop winning by the FA,… Read more »

Adam Watford

At least he didn’t contrive to award them a penalty.
I was still expecting it to hapen even in the second half when we were penning them into their own half !!!


Rosicky and theo were absolute top class today. Love rvp – he was really pumped! Krul can go suck pardews rotten ass.


those time wasting cunts had this coming

Eric Irish gunner

Vermaelem you fucking legend, harrys twitch has gone into overdrive, great win defence playing great, rosicky like a new man bring on fucking third you spud wankers yesyesyes


Looks like we’ve got some balls. I layke balls.


…and Coq.

gooner odst

fucking come on!!!! I said this before, title wining sides grab the win after 90+ minutes when they shouldn’t have. We did that today. A draw would have suited 5pur2 and Newcastle (barcodes) but the mighty Arsenal grabbed all 3.

fuck i’ve got work tommorow how am i gonna sleep now after antagonising all my 5pur2 mates?

Mike Hawke
Btw, for added funsies, did you know that in Icelandic, tott means blowjob. Heh.


Great performance from the team especially Rosicky and Theo. I hop we can maintain this level of performace till the end of the season.
Verminator is a better finsher that Chamakh!


“while Newcastle were dangerous, the other side of the coin is, fuck them.” Fantastic!! 😀 I love The Arsenal!

Der Springer

I was going to cut and paste the same quote from the article. Hilarious. Love the Arseblog. 🙂


Who needs a second competent striker to bring off the bench when you have Vermaelen on the pitch?

Der Springer

What a brilliant ending to the match. It was so important for us to get the three points. TV getting on the end of Theo’s cross was absolutely mind-blowingly beautiful.
I will remember that ending for a long,long time.
And Van Persie is such a great captain; winding up the Newcastle keeper all game and then a proper “fuck you” at the end.


For Vermaelen to show that much running, that much effort, and that much desire in the 95th minute of a match most people thought was over… Amazing. It’s like he just decided, “ok, fuck it, I’ve had enough of this shit. Let’s end them.” And then he did.

He said in his post-match comments that this proves once again that this team is made of fighters.

He’s absolutely right, though I’m not holding my breath on the notion ever taking to the media.


*Ok, fuck it. Enough of this bollocks, this one’s going in. If Krul is in the way, I’ll put him in the net to.”


So what you’re saying is- He scores when he wants? Captain really rubbing off everywhere….


My only gripe with that sensational ending is that Arsene didn’t run up and down like a demented cunt in front of that Pob’s Programme looking cunt Pardew like he did to him a couple seasons back at St.James’s.


While it would have served Pardew the jackass right had Wenger done it, it shows that our manager and club have something that most other pretenders lack – Class!

Everybody hates losing and for all the fuss about Wenger’s moaning when we have a bad result (some of it justified) he definitely isn’t arrogant when he has all the justification to do so after a win. Anyway good times!


Pardew = No class
Wenger = More class than Newcastle can waste time


Thats called MENTAL fucking STRENGTH!… I would be jumping up and down in his cunty face. COYG!!! Fuck! I can’t bring myself sleep!

Clock End Mike

Yeah, but didn’t you love seeing Wenger and Santos hugging like kids and TR7 jumping about like he was on something? Fantastic!


TV5. 10 PL goals in less than 50 appearances. Wow…




Wrong. TV5 > (Torres + Carrol)


Thomas £5m > (Torres £50m + Carroll £35m)

Young Gooner

Our crosses just getting better and better. Walcott did great and put many good crosses today. This is what we need, seasons after seasons, many teams choose to cut our passes from the middle of the pitch. Having another option to give the ball to striker is good and that’s what we did today!


The same occurred to me watching this game. We missed a lot of chances but the crosses kept finding Arsenal players (from corners, too). It seems to me that our crossing has improved greatly this season.


It’s called “full backs”.
Having two actual specialist attacking full backs overlapping with the wingers, rather than “make do and mend” defensive replacements, moves the whole game up the flanks.
Additional crosses are the result of having two players on each side who know how to deliver them.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.
The mistake we made was in persisting with a formation designed for this approach without the players to do it. We should have gone 4-4-2 while all four specialist FBs were crocked.


The elusive Plan B has arrived.


Watch the gap? You must be kidding me.


I’m watching it disappear


can i just say, the emirates was fuckinn boomin lads!! keep it up, let the cunts next door know the arsenal are comin. Oh tis sweet to be a gooner!!


o yeah.. and big ups to the home crowd..
fantastic tonight.. well rewarded in the end…

Naija Gunner

We don’t want 3rd place again, manshity we are coming to get you. We want 2nd or did I hear someone saying the trophy….. why not? COYG we can do it I believe.


BIG BIG result tonight & thank fuck for that!Newcastle got what they deserved,typical Pardew side/tactics…mind the (VERY SMALL) gap you middlesex cunts,St Totteringham day is getting closer & closer…


We should set up a “Szczezny cam”. fucking love his celebrations


That performance by Rosicky deserved a goal. Absolute brilliance! I think his on a drug


“Come with me if you want to win..”

– Verminator


‘Come with me if you want to win…’
Love it!


Gervinho looks off form.


Van Persie and Vermaelen…the killer Vs save the day for Arsenal!


With the full backs back in action Arsenal are looking solid again


I just knew there is a new mother fucker call Krul who has no ambition to qualify for the top4 with his time wasting tactic. I think this son of the bitch Krul chased down the tunnel to confront RVP.

Eric Irish gunner

And stopped when he seen the verminator the pussy


Hey spuds, find the gap.


Last time I saw the team spirit this good I’m sure we were invincible? Dare I dream… 😀


A fabulous birthday present indeed!



Oh man, tonight Theo was da schizzle. Someone must have injected hum with Barcelona DNA.
He was good. Very, very good. If he can keep this form, between him, Ox and RVP we will have the most potent front three in the Prem

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