Van Persie bigs up Song and Szczesny


Despite his two goal salvo winning the points for Arsenal at Klanfield today, Robin van Persie was keen to ensure that the praise was evenly spread.

The skipper kissed the boot of Alex Song after another delicious pass led to his incredible winning goal, and in the first half Wojciech Szczesny made a brilliant double save to deny Kuyt from the penalty spot after the diving buck toothed racist won the spot kick for the home side.

Speaking to Sky Sports after the game, van Persie was quick to praise Song for the assist which many have compared to his ball for the goal against Everton.

“It was the same pass from the same guy, Alex, an unbelievable pass,” he said. “This one I hit with the inside of my foot, but again it was an unbelievable pass.

“Alex is a really good player, he can see it and actually do it. And I have to thank Szczesny as well.”

Arsene Wenger was also happy to praise his goalkeeper, saying, “There were two men of the match today, Wojciech Szczesny and van Persie.”

The victory means Arsenal have opened up a 10 point gap over Liverpool, and should Sp*rs lose to United tomorrow it means the gap to them is just 4 points.

“It means a lot, to score at Anfield is big because Anfield is a massive ground,” said the captain who, in case you didn’t already know, scores when he wants.

“I’m proud of that, but even more proud of this win. I don’t think we really deserved it to be honest because Liverpool played better.”

“I think we are 10 points ahead of Liverpool now and we can wait to see what Spurs do tomorrow (against Manchester United). It’s a big win, a massive win.”


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Can we all go get drunk? Name a pub in North London and I’ll be there.


bob's your uncle

Szczesny, he saves when he wants, saves when he wants, saves when he wants.. =-D

Runcorn Gooner

Chesney has got so much class.Didnt make a big deal of the dive by Bugs Bunny.
He just gets on with the game plus did you see him run up to Kos after the
o.g. To tell him to get on with the game.
Very mature head on young soldiers and potentially our best keeper in club


I also thought it was very telling (if not commented on) that he went and picked up Kos after the OG, character and leadership


Szez is great but best keeper in our history ?
Not yet – long way to go to oust 70s porn star from that position

Still great win! UTA!!!


He cries when he wants,
he cries when he wants,
Luiz Suarez,
he cries when he wants.


There’s only one pub in London fella – The Tollington!!!

Wes Mantooth

I’ll call for your pre-emptive taxi. I’ll ask for spuds fan taxi driver.

Ace McGoldrick

Klanfield hahaha.

Adam Watford

No need for the Klanfield thing, really, that’s just bad taste.

On a brighter note, excellent result and third place can be ours by the beginning of May ! If not sooner !




Titty Bar Barry

Alex Song literally does have a chocolate leg, I would kiss it too!


Go on then.


fellow gooners check out ryo miyaichi’s henriesque effort against manc.he really learnt a valuable thing from is good to see youngsters adding one or two to their game from such big players.#already waiting for next season.

Wes Mantooth

What if it was a chocolate Coq? Would you kiss it? Just asking.

The BearMan

We managed to dig out a result although the tide was against us!

Excellent n vital RvP’s goals.

Winning ugly can look so pretty when it’s your side!

Malaysian Gooner

Suarez, a racist diving cunt!


You missed a ‘pelanty’ and we scored for you. But we’re The Arsenal, we’ll score another two.


Two match winners today. Szcz was IMMENSE

seven year itch needs scratching
seven year itch needs scratching

He scores when he wants, he scores when he wants, Robin Van Persie he scores when he wants.


‘He scores when he wants’. Classy arrogance. We are the fuckin’ Arsenal!

Pete The Gun

Always good to see us win ugly ( ish ) as well as classy. Just before we scored our tackling was really strong and commited. More please Gunners,we’re on a great run


Makes Tuesday interesting again.

What if eh? What if.


no neeeed for that kind of optimism. hahaha that’s just wishful thinking. don’t go there mate. not yet. though I really want to





Mashive mashive reshult today. Pay RVP the going rate for one off the top three playersh on the planet and if only the playershs would believe in themshelves with performancshes like to today and eshpecially the Shpuds, then he/they and ush really can win the prizes.

For shure!!!

Malaysian Gooner

What the hell are you saying?


shumtimes my fellow goonershs have trouble with shtrong Dutcsh acshent.

Shtill i’m show happy, time to shmoke shomthing.


Fucking priceless mate, pissed myself laughing reading that Steve McClaren eat your heart


Klanfield, hahahah!


RvP had 2 shots on goal, and was given 2 crosses the entire game….and scored 2 goals. Brilliant

Holdin Mygroin

Chavs are losing
could this day BE any better ?!
Love you RVP


Maybe a double break for JT in a dubious shower accident


Chavs lost. This is turning out to be a lovely weekend.


Van Persie Class!!! Szczsney Brilliant!!!! Song = World Class midfielder, truly underratted in the world of football. If he was spanish or brazilian we would be holding him on a pedestal!!


Alex ‘Riquelme’ Song
how many times has he played that ball this season? Forget everton, didn’t he play it for theo against sp*rs last weekend?


Don’t forget the thru ball to Henry at Leeds! He pulls a Cesc every now n then 😛


Watch Alex Song’s amazing dribble through Dortmund before he assists RvP’s header with another of those chips that he is soooooo good at. I think we’ve had about ten assists this season from those chips.
He is a monster and he’s a gooner. There’s only one Bacary Sagna etc.


What a day!
Strange few weeks for Arsenal. Two abysmal cup performances but the North London derby victory and todays win at Anfield makes everything quite peachy.

Bring on Milan eh! Just maybe.


True talk about Song. He has completed more succesful through balls than Silva etal from defensive midfield. Absolutely love the fact that it looks like he ‘shuffles’ through games. Whatever that means. Top player that guy

LA Gooner

The guy is goalmaster! when we play good he scores, when we play awful he scores, what else u expect from worldclass player!
He is truly a legend!


“I think we are 10 points ahead of Liverpool now and we can wait to see what Spurs do tomorrow (against Manchester United). It’s a big win, a massive win.”


I look forward to Man Ure beating the spuds tomorrow.

Adam Watford

I’ll settle for a draw there. I can’t back Utd regardless of them playing the Spuds.
Besides I this year I’ll happily see Citeh win the league.

bob's your uncle

mate.. you should back any team against the spuds. especially if it means it would help us catch them. …maybe time for some lasagne.


I’d sooner back Hitler’s first XI than sp*rs

bob's your uncle


Lord Teddy Ears

Got to love RVP please please please please pay him whatever he wants and lets give him some heavy duty back up

Kronksta the fans want you to spend our money on players for RVP please !!!!


he’s skilled, he’s dutch, he scores with his first touch. Robin Van Persie!


Another week,another dodgy penalty against us from another known diving cheating twat…
& another week when justice was done & the cheats didn’t prosper!NEXT! COYG!!!!!

Cygan's Left Foot

Not always justice is done with us, Arsene and the club should complain to the FA/UEFA/FIFA or who ever, make noise let them realise we will complain and we will highlight it the refs biased if nothing is done about it by the FA. Last year we lost 9 points because of refs decisions, this year so far we lost around 7/8 points because of that.

Newcastle Gerv pen 2 points
Spud Fart hand ball 1 poing
Man City RVP goal and pen not given 3 points
Swan dive pen 1 point (that toy boy young cunt ref was EVEN smiling when giving it)
Spud Monkey head dive 1 goal difference
Pool Suarez dive luckily nothhing.

The refs finding it easy to give a decisions against us with no worries or knowing Arsene won’t treat them like school kids or question their integrity as the Manure Glorify Bully and his media British Pals would do and he would get away with it.


separate issue, but does anyone have any news on Jack? When’s he coming back? If we can get him back in our midfield in the next few games, I think that we’ll have an amazing chance of clinching 4th!

Mr. Hyde

pfft, to hell with 4th, we’re sinking Sp*rs! And if we’re lucky, the Toons/Chelski will send ‘Arry back to the Europa league.


Oh Captain, my captain.


Man of the match is shesny


was anyone else listening to 5live commentary. the cunting cunty shits that is savage and co were a fucking discrase. did not hear one compliment towards arsenal and they were saying how bad kos has been this season wtff…the way the cunt savages voice dropped when van the man scored the winner made me think why u hate u fucking twats??


Does anybody find it slightly satisfying that Mata chose Chelsea over us and so far…

seven year itch needs scratching
seven year itch needs scratching

sorry i thumbed down meant to thumb up!

Yeah Mata is a posh cunts Arteta!


Someone should have pulled Mata aside and told him straight out, “If you go to Chelsea, it means your owner will be fickle and second-guess everybody including himself, your manager will be a lame duck by December, and worst of all, you’ll have to ride a bus with John Terry.”

seven year itch needs scratching
seven year itch needs scratching

Im still buzzing…..cant stop singing he scores when he wants!

He scores when he wants.


Am with u mate…with the chavs losing…Oohh to be a gooner.

Wes Mantooth

Hopefully it gets the Board to start singing “WE PAY WHAT HE WANTS”


Must be said. Song deserves credit for the work he puts in offensively at times. He’s definitely improved within that aspect


Van Persie is one of the best strikers in the world. If only we had more world class players in the squad…


Not one of, THE BEST STRIKER IN THE WORLD. And there are world class players in this team including szesz, Jack, Bac,TV, MERT, Song, Santos etc.Also on a good day walcott is unplayable.

Wes Mantooth

What, Bendtner isn’t world class? Even he says so. He was so good today against Newcastle that he swapped shirts with himself.


SZCZ put on a display I’ve been dying for from an Arsenal keeper for years. The captain was right, we didn’t deserve to win, but dammit it’s nice to be on the other end of these type of games.

SZCZ saves when he wants. RVP scores when he wants. Song passes how he wants.

Pele of Romford

No coincidence that since we’ve got our full backs back, we look better.
Injuries have fucked us. But we’re on a roll. Bring on Milan. Even if we don’t win, someone just kick boateng that cunt

Runcorn Gooner

Very slight negative.Was Yossi playing yesterday?
Very Big Positive.Sagna wasnt really mentioned as much as he should have
been yesterday because RVP and Chesney were so good but he has been fantastic since his return

Mr. Eboue Armann Yes

Anyone else found this game disturbingly easy to masturbate to?

Wes Mantooth

No, not without a Coq.

Naija gooner

YEAH, RvP is the goal king of the world. Nobody scores on the volley like he does. Inside foot, front foot, side foot and anywhere foot. A goal is all that matters. Lession : win when we play excellent football like against the spuds and win when we are not too excellent like yesterday, 3 points is all that matter. Go gooners, Arsenal5; Milan0. Somebody say amen.

Merlin's Panini

Mr Eboue Armann Yes, I’m NEVER watching football with you! Heh.

Glad we beat those racists. They’re the absolute shame of this country and if any of their fans support the way they’ve acted throughout this then so are they.
Next up: justice for Gervinho. I’m certain he’ll score against Newcastle


its nice to have a keeper who saves us 9 points a season rather than drop 9..


I keep hearing that we were lucky to win yesterday.


Putting the ball into the back of the net is a skill. If you dominate a game and don’t win it then you get what you deserve. Liverpool won’t finish in the top four because they just can’t score enough goals – especially at home. Simple.

Even when we play badly we still somehow manage to score at least one goal – that’s why we are in fourth spot despite having a terrible season. And we’ve got the best goalscorer in the league while Liverpool have the most expensive English flop in football history.

Fuck off Jamie Redknapp.

Runcorn Gooner

Sometimes luck evens itself out.
Dalglish “we were the better team and should have won”
Look at the score you sour faced Scottish Git.If you buy overrated Downing,
Henderson ,Carroll and worst of all Adam (even the Lpool fans say he was
a bad buy)Classic case of big fish,small pool.
I despise The Uruguyan bugs bunny but what must he feel like when the
best service he gets is a mighty hoof from Carragher
Dalglish,you have a rubbish team that can’t score and gloat on beating
a championship team on penalties.Enjoy your Thursday nights
next year

Runcorn Gooner

Sunderland 1 up Bendtner!! It’s looking good .Its time to support the Mackems
and Manure for one day only


I’m actually hoping for a draw, doesn’t anybody else feel like we can catch Man Utd…..?

Runcorn Gooner

I think it’s called “Managing Expectations” in business terms although if we
could overcome the deficits on Milan and Man u what a potential end to
the season it would be


but i feel we shouldn’t gamble on the fitness of our players now.realistically speaking we should keep our expectations very low and wait for surprises until winning becomes a routine.
personally i would like to see park,chamakh and afobe against milan.


You speak truth.

Imagine the reprobation that would befall our manager if he picked RvP hoping to overturn 0-4 and our captain was broken in a 50/50 tackle. Besides, Tuesday is the last match day of the season Arsenal can even contemplate resting van Persie.

Challenging for the CL will take more miracles than one, even if Wenger used one of his three wishes on Tuesday night.

We’re in 4th spot now. There’s only 7 points between 5th and 3rd. I think it’s time to consolidate the last “trophy” we have a realistic shot at. It’s too risky with our injury luck to play our best team this week.

Merlin's Panini

Haha spuds lost. They’re bottling it like we all knew they would. We’re coming to get you losers. 4 points is nothing 🙂


What a weekend.

3 – pts to the Arsenal.
1 – pt to Newcastle.
0 – pts to Chelski.
0 – pts to Spuds.

4 – pts to go.
Watch your back Arry!


Spurs run in is much better than ours, let’s hope they really collapse. -and injuries all around.

Good Omens

I never thought I would type these words in this order, but – Well done Man Utd, get in there !


Be glad the Spuds lost and not that the scum won.Like a real Gooner.

Good Omens

Get over your condescending self.


News just in this Sunday….

Harry reiterated that third place is what matters now.

“That’s the key,” he added. “I’ve said all along that we want Champions League football and we’re still in a great position.

“We had a bad weekend last week, but that was a one-off. In all honesty, since the first two games of the season, even the couple of defeats we had we could quite easily have won those matches.

“Last week was the first bad day we’ve had, but it happens. Everyone has them.”



“I’ve said all along that we want Champions League football…”

You can want the moon on a fucking stick you scrotum-faced spud-loving cat turd. We’ll stop you getting that as well.


Now the media are saying spuds dip in form has come because of twitcher being linked with England job. Bullshit. They have been found out by two better teams


Cheating cunts. Two handballs from greedy-boo-yah as well as Galan Bales dive last week.

Spurs are starting to show thier TRUE WORTH now that it’s crunch time.

Mr. Eboue Armann Yes

Robin mistaking Kelly for Chimp Face: