Wenger cautious on Wilshere return


Arsene Wenger has revealed the latest news about Jack Wilshere is positive, but says his return to first team action is still some way away.

Jack has missed the whole of the season thus far with an ankle injury which required surgery back in September. He then suffered a further stress fracture to his heel in January when on the verge of getting back to full training, forcing another period of rest and rehabilitation.

“We have good news but Jack isn’t close to a ­comeback,” said the boss.  “The last scan was good and he can start to jog again so he is on the way back – but we have to be very cautious with him.

“I hope to have him back before the end of the season, but we go step by step.”

There are those who say Euro 2012 is a realistic target for Wilshere but Arseblog News could not care less about his involvement with the England team. Seeing him in red and white is far more important and you have to hope that any selection for England is based on him proving his fitness with us first.

Meanwhile, Abou Diaby, who lasted just 28 minutes of his latest comeback, came off due to a ‘tight hamstring’ and not because of a recurrence of his ankle problems. It means he’s unlikely to play against AC Milan on Tuesday night although his presence in the squad would be a boost due to the injury suffered by Mikel Arteta (GBH), and the fact that Coquelin and Frimpong are missing through hamstring and cruciate injuries respectively.

There are doubts over Kieran Gibbs and Yossi Benayoun too as the manager looks to find a team that will balance our need to prove something against Milan with the need to rest certain players ahead of a taxing league schedule.

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[…] The boss talks Wilshere. He’s doing ok, the latest scans are positive, but he’s not near a comeback just yet. […]


i know this is totally off topic, but just a point of view i wanted to share and if wrong, clarify..we may not have had the best keepers in the recent seasons, but we have had some games where the keeper has been in stunning form, almunia against barca in the first half of the 2-2 draw at home 2 years back, but thats the point, it never lasted the entire game.. but against pool, i just got the feeling we wouldnt concede unless there was another defensive mess up. a big thanks to the big Pole between the poles..
now if he carries the same form to the milan game, atleast we may get a respectable result, which is all i really ask for..


We have the heir to Lehmann and Seaman!
Szcz- Take a bow,son!
You’re looking at the Arsenal no.1 for the next 15 years!!


It would certainly be a huge boost and probably the impetus we need to cement the CL spot if he can play the remaining matches from April. If not, I’d rather that he stays out till after Euro 2012. It would be ridiculous if he plays only some part of our final 1-2 games, and subsequently suffers a recurrence of injuries at Euro 2012. A throughly recovered and hungry Wilshere will give the team the thrust next season.

Cygan's Left Foot

So, are we going to see the Ox in the middle on Tuesday???? I hope Ramsey is fit in the weekend while we are having those injuries and he could play in the Arteta role. Sorry, but I don’t want to see that boy to play in the creative role EVER, he is just a work hourse and I get a shock when we drop Rosicky for him!!!!!!!

Cygan's Left Foot

I feel sorry for Daiby, he has the potential to be one of the best attacking midfielder in the world. But, he is as good as finished, in the summer we should get rid of.

Midfield Corporal

It makes me laugh that fans expect players to show loyalty but when they are asked for it in return they are found wanting. You are prepared to discard Diaby because of his poor injury record, but he sustain these injuries playing for our club. The Dan Smith assault was bad enough, but when player like Barton, Paul Robinson and Essien all actively target the players ankle I think as a club we need to do the decent thing. Sure bin Almunia, Squillachi etc if they aren’t good enough but I think we need to give Diaby every opportunity to recover.
On the subject of Ramsey- he’s no Fabregas but to call him a workhorse is insulting and wrong. Cygans left foot, are you actually spoilt bastard from Viz??

Cygan's Left Foot


First we have been Loayal to Diaby for 6 years and around 10 mil in wages, isn’t that enough for you? What have diaby EVER done for the club to give him more than that? He is a hopeless case and we supprted him enoug and now we should get rid of.

Second, as you can’t think for yourself, I will tell you what is disloyal. Disloyal when your beloved Arsene was offering Bergkump a year contract at the time when he reached 30. And letting Bobby go because he was over 30 and wanted two years instead of one when both players give us the best years in the club history, to only give shit over 30 like Silvster 2 years 60K a week contract that followed by Squialci too.

As for Ramsey, he is the new Fletcher of British football, running around for 90 mins like a headless chikcen with no end products, that is what I call a workhorse. Sorry if you were one of those who listen to Savage or Collymore that tells you he is more than that because he is British.

Midfield Corporal

Please don’t use abusive language like Savage or Collymore.

You have formed an opinion on Ramsey based on what? A few games at the end of last season and being made to play too many in the wrong role this season. Many thought Pires was poor after one season, I thought Kevin Campbell was going to be the best striker we’d ever had, but he underwhelmed after early promise. Players hit peaks and troughs but let’s try and make a considered judgement after a decent length of time, rather than the first 12 months after you’ve recovered from your leg snapping in two.

Agree about Pires contract, however my point was fans loyalty, not club. You could argue that giving Bergkamp 1 year deals kept him on his game, but it is ridiculous when Silvestre gets 2.

Have to agree to disagree on Diaby.


I know it doesn’t seem likely at all, but I really hope Diaby can get a run of games in at some point before the end of the season. He is never healthy long enough to get more than a game or two in but when he does play he is always impressive in my opinion. And that is when he is just returning and presumably nowhere near his best. It’s easy to see why Arsene keeps him around because if he had a chance to play for an extended period of time I feel he could be a huge player for us. His skill on the ball is ridiculous for a player of his size and he is a goal threat as well which is sorely needed from our midfield at the moment.

As unlikely as it currently seems I really hope that he can find his legs again and resurrect his career, and I hope he can do it in the red and white.

Jesper Tengquist

Question: When are there ever NOT doubts over Gibbs’ fitness?

Personally I couldn’t care less about our involvement in the CL at this point. Our main priority has got to be the league, cementing 4th or snatching 3rd place. I think we would do well to rest players like RVP, Arteta and quite possibly one of Kos/Verminator, for tomorrows game.

gooner sami

What! That’s BS. We still have our pride to protect, we can’t be resting such players


I agree. We still have our pride to protect.

That means rest some of our players that need it, and focusing on finishing 3rd above spuds and cheatski. The Milan game was bad, but that game can’t be replayed. Yes we may have a theoretical chance to beat Milan with 5 goals, but is it worth risking more injury that will affect our position in the PL?


Wenger has already renewed Diaby’s contract till 2016 at 60k a week. An efficient way of managing resources?

Giving average players like Bendtner, Almunia, Denilson, Djourou and Vela big long term contracts so that they become difficult to offload and rather choose to run their contracts down is not a good financial management.

I bet that Diaby would have gone if he were English. Upson anyone?

Jesper Tengquist

Comparing him with Upson isn’t really fair on Diaby. He does have an enormous potential, and when he is fit and playing well he can be incredible. Remember how Robin used to be injured a lot, and then stayed fit for 30+ games to become the most lethal striker in Europe?

Having said that, it is hard not to think his career might be over, with us at least. And I do think the boss needs to make a decision on him in the near future. But I would give him a little more time before we chuck him in the bin.


Cygans left foot: “What have diaby EVER done for the club to give him more than that?”

Kicked John Terry in square in the face


We all know diaby has promise. Imagine if we had let a younger and more injury prone van persie go for that reason. I’m sure a line would be drawn sooner or later but until the club / medical staff (who know a lot more about his physical condition than we do) combine to make that call we support diaby and wish him a speedy recovery at any setback.


Cygans Left Foot-how long have you been an Arsenal fan?We do things with more class than any other club in the world.Yes it’s beyond a joke what’s happened to Diaby,but he was assaulted while wearing the famous cannon, & should be given as much time as it takes to get fit or,sadly,retire or go to a less intense league .I do believe that Smith & his dogshit club should be paying at least some of Abou’s wages though by way of compensation.
We are THE Arsenal & we do things the right way.


Rodders, uve just said yourself he should go to a less intensive league or retire. He has been given the time you suggested and it hasn’t worked our for him. It’s sad but the club have given him every chance.
I can’t see much difference between your post and cygans left foot in that case. Your both saying he should retire but your slating clf for it.


[email protected]

May I ask who told you that Diaby get paid 60k a week and that he has a contract until 2016.

Far as I know, the Arsenal Football Club never disclosed players or anyone’s compensation packages in detail.

By the way, most of the players, including RVP, wanted to play tomorrow in order to right the wrong in Milan 2 weeks ago.

I agree if they are fit. That’s my opinion of course.