Sunday, December 4, 2022

Wenger gives update on Podolski deal

As coquettish as ever with the press at his weekly media gathering at London Colney, Arsene Wenger has again played down suggestions that Arsenal are on the verge of announcing the capture of German international Lukas Podolski.

As reports circle that both the Gunners and  Cologne could confirm the deal next week, the manager refused to confirm that a deal had been done or that it might be finalised in the near future.

Despite reporting Wenger’s press conference response to the suggestion the striker had undertaken a medical, “Nothing is done. No [he has not had a medical],” it appears the boss has given a more in-depth reaction in a later chat with the written press.

James Olley, Chief Football Correspondent for the London Evening Standard, who firmly believes a medical has taken place, revealed on Twitter the following words from Wenger.

“The deal could happen soon, it could happen later.

“The speed in which you do things is important, but at the end of the day it is always the player who makes the decision.”

“It is about how much they want to join you.”

The fact that Wenger is even willing to talk about Podolski in such terms leads Arseblog News to believe that negotiations must be coming to a head.

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SWEEEET, hes a really top player and would fit arsenal like a glove


Those really seem like the words of AW. I’m optimistic.
Wenger just has enough class and respect towards Køln not to announce anything yet

Mr. G

If this is indeed true then it is very good news! Look forward to seeing him in an Arsenal shirt.

Now, that just leaves Gotze to grab.


I’ve long admired Goatze’s flexibility. He has the strength to really pull apart a stingy defence.


He can play in the hole, too, you know (provided there’s enough space, of course).

the only sam is nelson

against those who park the bus, Goatze would have that ability to stretch the rear to the extent that I think anyone would be able to exploit the gap


That’s true, Sam, but so long as he doesn’t leave a gaping hole in our midfield when he pushes up, I’m happy.


@Bunburyist The Coq can also play in the hole.


So on a threa about us signing Podolski, all you guys have to say is ” goetze this, goetze that “? Pretty wank.


I think I’m missing the double entendre here. At the risk of ruining the joke, why are we writing things about Goatze that we usually reserve for Coquelin?

damien joyce

I wonder if Le Coq will be moved into the “hole” in future???

the only sam is nelson

poor frog, knows nothing about the interwebs

it seems that your knowledge of the arse has gaping holes in it, let alone your grasp of gotze

even at a stretch, you’ve totally missed the point

never mind


Always said I’d be creaming my pants if Podolski, Vertonghen and Gotze came. Unlikely I’d say, but it’s a child’s fantasy.


‘Grab’ and ‘Gotze’ are two words you should never use in the same sentence.

Here's Waldo

Come on Poldi!




he can fit in nicely with our excessive amount of 3 syllable players all ending with an e sound. Van Persie, podolski, rosicky, diaby, koscielny, thierry… I could go on


hahaha that’s actually amazing! Kinda like our goalkeepers, have you noticed the Man’s? David SeaMAN, Alex MANninger, Jens LehMANn, MANuel Almunia, Vito MANnone…Szczesny isn’t a man though.

He is simply a beast


Well Sczcesny fits the three syllable e category too come to think of it. I’m pretty sure its how Wenger picks his transfers

Cygan's Right Foot

Do you think he’s got a set of dice which he throws to determine his next set of transfer parameters?
He’s done:
‘man’ (broken after the last load of shite), ‘height’ (broken with Mertesacker) but seems to have kept on with ‘3 syllables and ending in e’ and it’s mostly paid off. Next will be a multiple of his age i reckon….

Merlin's Panini

oh, don’t forget Squillaci, how could you forget Squillaci?

oh, yeh…


Hate to break up the language party, but Szczesny is two syllables. And if you really want to get technical it doesn’t end on an “e” sound at least if you pronounce it the Polish way.

Merlin's Panini

do go on.


This line:
“The speed in which you do things is important, but at the end of the day it is always the player who makes the decision.

“It is about how much they want to join you.”
says it is far from over. Medical comes after personal terms, no? Or maybe I should stop playing computer games.


really starting to worry where all these new signings will fit in , out current squad is actually pretty decent when everyone is fit. That said, i would rather have an unhappy player than have to rely on sub par quality to fill the gap

Mental Strength

What? We’ve got only 1 striker. Don’t even count Chamakh and Park. We really need another striker and Podolski would be a really nice addition to the team. We need to offload both Chamakh and Park.


Don’t see why all these people are saying get rid of Park….no one has seen him play. I feel that some fans are very impulsive as to sacking players. Just a little while back everyone wanted rosicky gone, but he’s been one of our top performers in the last 9 games


It’s because he’s shit.


forgot joel campbell


We’ve have this Park discussion in two other threads over the past week. When AW consistently brought on an aging Henry in January and then against Sunderland in the FA Cup Walcott who had never played striker before, that should be your signal as to how much Wenger believes in Park’s abilities.


Offload Park without even letting him play a bit to see how he does? Doesn’t seem very Arsenal like.


Yes we do only have one striker, but he’s like having three of anyone else’s strikers though.


It means we will have proper rotation for once!

Merlin's Panini

whenever I see that cockspurms logo on your avatar I feel this huge urge to tell you to fuck off, then I see that it’s on a bog roll and all is forgiven.

the only sam is nelson

“rather have an unhappy player than have to rely on sub par quality” seems as if what’s happened since AA23 – unhappy (but quality, let’s face it) – left is that we’ve done pretty nicely with sub par quality but happy players swansea probably have sub par but happy players. liverpool probably have better, but unhappier players than swansea. i know who i’d rather pay to watch out of the two. give me happy any day of the week. we’re better off without the miserable gallas, the disruptive adebayor, the uppity bendtner, etc etc and so on. even RvP, who… Read more »


The happier the players, the more motivated. When there’s motivation, therein will the much fabled Mental Strength be found.

If you’re unhappy, you want to get out of the club, and you might as well not care for playing for the shirt anymore, and who’d want players who don’t care what’s on their badge? Not us (okay, maybe City).


Yaay!! So happy right now.


Lu Lu Lu Lucas Podolski!
Yay! 😀


Obviously the signing would signal the dropping of some of the dead wood, too.


Good with Poldi in there will be backup and competition for all forward spots .. even RVP’s a little little bit .
Serves him right for not wanting to score the other day.


Great news. All this squad needs is one more quality signing along with Podolski to really challenge for the title. Really like the squad we have at the moment, good quality, made of stern stuff and all play for the shirt.


This kind of denial by Wenger is almost as good as a confirmation.


quality player without breaking the bank-more signings like this please!

gooner sami

Arsene knows..

basil stackhouse

we now have 4 polish players kos has dual citizenship and our big fucking german we now need another one gotze so he cant b homesick


Chamakh and park both seem to be unhappy at the club.WIth chamakh its a real shame cos he has ability but park you just got to feel sorry for! At least he dosnt have to go to military service for 10 years. Hopefully he can find a nice club for himself. Après match: PODOLSKI BANG!!!!!


I love the idea of Gotze signing, but I’m wondering how many of you think Wenger will break the bank for him? I can’t see it at all. In fact, how much do you think Wenger WOULD spend on a player? I really can’t see him spending over £25m on anyone. Would love to hear what you think. I have never rated Chamakh and was disappointed when we signed him. I mean, if he was (apparently) close to joining West Ham, that tells you everything. It was decent business since he was free, but free does not equal good. Offload… Read more »


Why is everyone forgetting we bought Eisfeld in January? In Wenger’s and the board’s mind, I bet that’s our Gotze. Only we have to develop him a bit for him to get there.


Gotze is good but not amazing as everyone says yet; he’s had lots of injury problems, and has only been a regular starter for dortmund in the beginning of this season. Last season if KAgawa didn’t get injured he probably wouldn’t have got as much of a chance. Personally I’d rather see Marco Reus (i know its impossible since he just signed for dortmund) or hazard, because they’ve been consistent for years…someone who can go 40 games a season.


I need help here… my mate and I are talking about world class player on the city squad and i said Yaya and Aguero and maybe Tevez. He said Joe Hart is world class. I disagree and said he is a good young keeper but wont say world class. I told him the world class and great are being thrown around without care these days. So do you all think Joe hart is the best Keeper in the PL and is he world class. On performance I rate Vroom form Swansea over Hart this season. What do you think of… Read more »


Sure, he’s helped by having a really good team in front of him, but equally, I think the fact that he displaced Shay Given when everyone was spunking over him says a lot, too. Hart has had more than a little to do with City’s extremely stingy defence this season. He’s quality at the end of the day. I was saying we should have tried to prise Hart from City back when Given was #1, but luckily things worked out with Chez, so it’s all good.


TAMCK… would you considered him world class at the moment on his performance from club and country? Our polish have put up a far more brilliant performance on the national stage prompting past great to take notice, but i wouldn’t label him world class just yet.


We actually had this very same discussion in the Arses about two weeks ago. My opinion is that Hart is world class and the best keeper in the EPL. Without him, City would have about 7-9 less points this year. He’s made some unbelievable saves at key moments (a great shot-stopper), and he’s so consistent–I can’t think of more than one or two glaring errors committed by him all this year. Compare this to Szczesny who had a rough January (he even gave up Twitter in response) and also has a tendency to give up penalties. This is not meant… Read more »


I can’t promise not to harbour at least a little hatred for city and their mercenaries. However, I personally, would agree that Joe hart is world class. Szcz may be better at the same age if he matures as well as hes started but I would currently rate hart as best in league.




It may be just me but I can’t see Poldi happy with our 4-3-3. He will never play in preference to a fit RVP and because he is the best player at Koln, would he be happy and quiet sitting on the bench?
Is Wenger going to start playing 4-4-2 with Poldi and RVP?
With our newfound defensive strength, I would love to see RVP taken off when we are a 2 or 3 goals up, and Park put on so we can see what the lad can do.


He’s shit.

Merlin's Panini

I’ve got this strange feeling you might not like Park very much…


It’s not that I don’t like him. It’s that he’s got no business in an arsenal shirt. I’m sure he’s a really nice chap. Hell be great next year in France.

It is what it is

Low plays 433/451…Poldi fits into that system seamlessly. His goals and assists are pretty ridonculous too. About 80% of his international appearances, he’s started on the left and either stayed there, floated to CAM or supported the striker like a shadow. Dude is smart and adaptable with a lot of technique. Reminds me of RVP and Robben.


Arsene made a general statement. People can interpret whatever they want.


Get in there you beauty

Indy Gooner

I am a little skeptical we are doing this so early. This is not typical of Arsenal. He is a winger/striker, but I think we are gonna play him up front. That means we change our formation, hoping RVP stays. But the fact that this is being completed in March, gives me a really bad feeling that RVP might have, and I repeat might have, spoken to Wenger about not signing the contract extension. I know I’m gonna get some thumbs down, but having seen Na$ri and Cesc leave, and before that Hleb and Flamini, I can’t help but think… Read more »


Can we forget that fucking Hazard guy? That douchebag should be his own agent, the way he acts. I don’t want players like that at Arsenal.

[…] other news, the boss has spoken about the signing of Lukasz Podolski who, it seems, is the new Mark Schwarzer given the number of medicals he’s already had. […]

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