Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Exclusive: Wilshere on the comeback trail

Jack Wilshere will take a step towards a first team return when he plays in a behind closed doors friendly against Birmingham reserves tomorrow morning (Weds).

His last appearance in an Arsenal shirt was in the Emirates Cup and after a surgery, and a subsequent set-back, a successful outing tomorrow would be a significant step forward. Whether he builds up enough match fitness to play again for the first team this season remains to be seen but Arsene Wenger is optimistic about his chances.

Speaking before the Aston Villa game, he said, “Wilshere is back with the ball and for us that is a huge step. Today we can say if all goes well now in three weeks he will be back with the squad. Then another two weeks to get fit. I don’t have to hold him back yet because at the moment he suffers a lot for fitness. But after three weeks we’ll have to.

“I think he will play this season if he has no setbacks now. His last scan was positive, so he should be capable to play.”

And with Euro 2012 looming, the boss believes Jack needs to play for Arsenal before the season is over to have any chance of playing for England.

“If he has not played at all before the end of the season I don’t think it’s realistic,” he said.

Fingers crossed tomorrow goes well and we see Jack back in red and white during this crucial run in.

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To be honest I don’t give a toss if he don’t play in the euros, just want him back in an arsenal shirt.


That is if Mr. Twitchy manages to actually get the job in the first place. Oh how I’d love for the Spuds to finish outside the top 4/5 and the FA to then end up picking another manager while Twitchy puts on a straight (albeit twitchy) face saying that this whole saga wasn’t a distraction. 🙂

But yes I agree with Voldermort just get Jack fit and ready but don’t involve him so that he’s not ‘ready’ for the Euros.


Don’t forget that Psycho could pick him for the Olympics too!


Plus, Jack is a huge England guy. Roots for Chelsea on twitter because it’s an “English team”. Etc.

A pack of wild whores couldn’t keep him from playing for England this summer.


oh how i would love a pack of wild whores


Great news. Fingers crossed he can make it back for chelsea


No need for him to go to the Euros after being injured for a whole season and potentially getting injured again, whilst having too much pressure put on him.
A full pre-season getting fit for the first game of next season is vital for him, absolutely vital, not the circus which is the England squad.


wow this many thumbs up aint any one on this forum even English lool


I’m English, though I live in the US now a days. Fact is, I can’t stand this current crop of English footballers. John terry, Stevie g, that cunt cole and shrek make me want to barf. Plus now were talking about arry as the manager? Fuck me.


I almost forgot that twat who nasri backs up at city. Hahahahahahahaha James Milner.


I’d almost rather not have him for the run in (since he’ll only play a couple games) because then at least he won’t go to euro and get hurt playin along side cunts like Terry.


I beleive a situation like this in football is something of a new signing or …………i don’t know?


i hope he doesnt play in the euro’s. i want him to get a real pre-season for once without anything holding him back so he back build his body back up after not playing for a year


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none of you think it would be a shame if he missed the euros? hes played no football in 8 months, i dont think he needs the whole summer off on top of that


It’d be good to see him play, but as an Arsenal supporter, there’s also the risk of him getting fucked up again by some Serbian hardman centre back all in the service of getting us to the quarter finals.


i want to see a fit jack at the start of next season, but although i’m not even english, I kinda agree with stefan. it’s not that playing in the euros is like running the gauntlet. there’s a decent chance that some players will get out of it unscathed, right? If he’s really fit, a bit of game time might do him some good & if he finds his form again, that’s good news for the arse, too.

dink arnold

I would love to see him play in the euros, he needs to play soccer, he’s been out so damn long. It would do him a lot of good too, confidence wise, he really wants to play for his country. And also I don’t expect England to go too far in the cup anyways, they couldnt even qualify last time around and now that they’ve gotten rid of the best manager they’ve had in years, with no replacement yet, it’s looking pretty slim for their squad.

Anyways, I just cant wait to see the kid play again!


jack is back
he’s gonna put the opponents in the rack
oh! yeah! jack is back
some people now face a sack
becauseeeeeeeeeeeeee jack is backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


I will be super impressed if you can actually drag those “syllables” out like you suggest.


Even if he doesn’t play in the run-in, as the best English midfielder he is going to be selected anyway. So with that, why not get him in for a couple of games before the end of the season? We shouldn’t rush him, but I don’t think he will suffer from a couple of sub appearances, especially as it will allow us to see how he will fit into our midfield. I am still not sure if he is going to be played as the link up player or as the most offensive midfielder.


If Jack doesn’t go to the Euros he will almost certainly be selected for the Olympics. Which would be most harmful for us & Jack?


and fifa have also said that it is compulsory to go if you get called up for the olympics. which kinda sucks balls.


That’s gotta be a joke. They can actually force you to play football? I’d be all like “Uh no. I’m going to Barbados.”


if he is fit then there’s no doubt he’ll be at the Euros.. and I’m sure he would love to be there. the kid hasn’t played all season.. he will be desperate to put on the England shirt.and although it’s sucks if you don’t follow England, you have to respect his desire to play for his country.. and hope that the only thugs knocking lumps out of the opposition are his teammates.


If Jack doesn’t go to the Euros then you can bet your bottom dollar on that cunt Pearce picking him for the Olympics. And that will the mother of all cunts of a scenario! (missing start of the season etc)


I can see Wilshere featuring in the last couple matches of the season against Norwich and West Brom. Though I hope he doesn’t get called up for the Euros based on the fact that he hasn’t played at all this season.


at the end of the day, jack din make enough [read any] appearances, so unless that taod [read redknapp] is determined to get him injured, stay assured mates. ‘arry redknapp is not intelligent enough


‘Arry… is that you?

Wayne Quinn

Playing in the Euro’s will boost his fitness ahead of next season while also playing in a tournament with some top class players in it. Could be a good thing, but could easily be the worst thing possible


We always have a crop of good youngsters coming through, and this is obviously a hallmark of Wenger’s legacy. But there is something about the current crop coming through for next season that just screams “x factor”. Four youngsters: The OX, The COQ, Jack and Ryo all strike me as youngsters who, in 2 or 3 years will be world class. In three years time – assuming that Robin has reached the twighlight of his career and that theo has stepped into his shoes: midfield trio of Song, Coq, Jack, and the Ox and Ryo on the wings with theo/podolski… Read more »


I know I’m gonna snubbed back, but please don’t count out ramsey… he’s an young lad who just needs some improvement over his shooting and passing, and he’s 20 only


what about gibbs and jenkinson?.. and szc!

tbh i think this is the most exciting arsenal under twenty-three squad i could ever remember (by far).

lets just hope they keep that togetherness they seem to have. and stay at arsenal for many years to come.


No, I totally agree! There are 7 or 8 that could be great players for us… But was of course making the distinction between “great arsenal players” and “world class players”…


Anyone else shriek like a little girl + clap hands together hearing Jack may be back?

Just asking… not that I did that *cough*


Super Jack!



John M

Jack has so much talent. He could really be an elite player…one of the world’s very best. He outperformed Xavi and Iniesta in the Barca games last year. Lets hope this lengthy injury lay-off hasn’t been detrimental to his development. It would be heart-breaking to see such amazing potential go to waste.


i hope Wilshire plays in the Euros. It will give him much needed game time and international experience to move forward in his short career, so far.


Blogs, is this really an EXCLUSIVE!!! or just something you took from the Maldives Arsenal Fan Club website?

The BearMan

This is good news! But he has to take one step at a time. A gentle run out in the reserves, (Knowing Jack gentle is not a word in his vocabulary). Then gradually work on fitness level, before planning to far ahead.


Sssoooo, if we don’t play him he won’t play this summer? Shit, let’s keep him on the bench. Better to have him fresh and healthy the beginning of next season.


Better for him to get some games under his belt and get in top shape and decent form, so he comes out like a house of fire at the beginning of next season. He’s had plenty of rest over the last seven months. He’s not a new car that depreciates in value as soon as you drive it off the lot.

Praise obi /Lagos

Is good as jack is coming back because Ramsey is continuously messing our middle up not knowing what to do with the ball


I hope the return of Wilshire spells the end of Ramsy, let’s be honest, if u look at the top teams in the world, and I consider us one of the best… Do u think Ramsy will make the starting 11 of either Barca, Real, Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs, Inter, or even Atletico.. I dnt think so, how the hell does he make the arsenal starting 11 on a regular basis, Wenger needs to crack the wip a bit, if ur not good enough… SORRY mate,


Liverpool? Nah, too much hard work, not a high enough price tag. Inter? heh. He’d probably make that squad of under-achievers look bad, so no. Chelsea? Oh no, they need Ramires giving away the ball all the time. I’ve heard Ramsey likes to keep possession. Ugh. Spurs? You should be banned for calling them a top team. Man Utd? He’s definitely better than that Cleverley bloke, so yeah, I actually could see him start. Real, Man City… Maybe not. But that’s just because they buy players instead of developing young ones. Barca, no. For God’s sake, you want a 21-year… Read more »


[…] good news to start the morning and that’s the fact that Jack Wilshere is penciled in to play a behind closed doors friendly against Birmingham reserves this morning. Before the Villa game the boss spoke about him needing a […]


I think jack shud go to euro and dat wil only improve him as a player and d experience he wil get is very vital,though he havnt played for almost a year.he bak nw in training,a run in wit a couple of games in d league n with load of confidence he wil come out gud.screw the fear of injury.this risk is worth taking.


“I think Jack should go to Euro since that will only improve him as a player; and the experience he’ll get is very vital. Though he hasn’t played for almost a year, he’s back now in training, and after a run-in with a couple of games in the league and with a lot of confidence he’ll come out well. Screw the risk of injury, this risk is worth taking.”

I whole-heartedly disagree with this comment, but I thought I might translate, in case English isn’t clem’s first language and you were curious as to what he was saying.

[…] Arsenal eh?  Yesterday saw quite some excitement explode across Twitter as it was announced that Jack would take part in a behind doors friendly tonight against Birmingham Reserves.  I know I speak for just about everyone when I say how much we’ve […]


Have any of you realised the detrimental impact one year out can have on your progress? Imagine how much you could improve during a whole year of playing football: new skills, better dribbling, passing, shooting etc.
I think it’s a massive shame that both our young stars, Ramsey and Wilshere have had to miss almost 1/10 of their playing career but hopfully they can still become the midfield greats we want them to.


“My dad [Aldo Platini] told me off.”

Oh God. I can just see Platini walking slowly into his father’s study.
“Have you been picking on Monsieur Wenger again, Michel?”

[…] 4, 2012 Big day today. News has emerged from the always on the ball Arseblog News that Jack Wilshere will play in a specially arranged behind closed doors friendly against […]

Jack smidla

Says that there is no reserve Birmingham game, just youth team game today?


[…] […]

John M

He’s not even playing.!/alexbrandler


Well, he’ll get his time next week, I hope. He really is LANS, I don’t even remember how he plays, all I remember is he is amazing and knowing him, he’ll come back even harder and better. Hope he gets to go for the Euros. He would probably get benched a bit given the lack of playing time but whatever playing time he gets will be good for him considering he just missed a whole season. And in no time, the England midfield will choke like they tend to do, and he will get his chance- we know how he… Read more »


I blame this exclusive.

O Death

Sorry if this has already been said, but if he doesn’t go to the euros they will DEFINITELY take him to the bloody olympics which would be much more disruptive to us at the start of next season. Same worry goes for Gibbs and the Ox, I just hope they all get called up for the euros if only just to lower the cunt ratio of the England team.

bashar abbakar wara

Hi! Gunnas we have let wenger we encount a very difficult ealy season due to some first starting lineup.. As we are happy our player is back so coach has to do something to stop from going to that euro or wat ever the cal it.. Goonas for life..

bashar abbakar wara

Hi! Gunnas we have to let wenger know dat we encount a very difficult ealy season due to injury.. As we are happy our midfilder is back, so coach has to do something to stop from going to that euro or wat ever the cal it.. Goonas for life..


So he didn’t play. Can’t say I’m in the least surprised as he’s out for the season, as many of us thought all those months ago.

The crucial point is that he does NOT go to the Euros, even if it’s to sell hot dogs. He goes there without match fitness, screws himself up even more and is out for next season ! No thanks.

A whole summer of fitness building and a 110% Wilshire for the start of next season is what counts.

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