Match Report: Stoke 1-1 Arsenal


Were I prone to succinctness, I would probably summarise this match as follows:

“Stoke are a bunch of dirty ugly thuggish monkeys, who play ugly thuggish football, and have ugly thuggish fans who make ugly thuggish noises.”

I would also probably add this:

“Chris Foy is a cunt!”

– Fin –

However, since I am not getting paid to write summaries, I will elaborate.
(Technically, I am not getting paid at all though)

Here goes:

We drew 1-1 with Stoke at the Shittania. Stoke tried to rough us up here and there, but they were mostly okay.  We played well, not terrifically, but were very competitive and looked sharp. A draw was a flattering result for Stoke, but our lack of clear cut chances and attacking options from the bench meant that we had to settle for it.

It was a lively start, with Begovic saving well from a placed shot by Benayoun. Stoke’s Bosnadian ‘keeper went one better moments later – Rosicky’s chipped ball over the top resulted in a powerful downward header from RvP at the far post, and Begovic was down in a flash to save it. Rosicky and RvP would continue to combine well all game.

Usually when we play Stoke, and are dominating, they score almost immediately against the run of play, on the counter. It’s usually a headed goal, from one of their rather large strikers. Did that happen today? Yes it did.

In the 9th minute, Stoke broke (haha) down the wing, Etherington crossed, and Peter Crouch stooped down over Vermaelen and Gibbs to plant a great header in at Szczesny’s near post. 1-0 to Stoke.

We’d lost on 3 of our last 4 visits to Stoke, and it wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that, Stoke’s dirty tactics aside, we’d quite often found ourselves unable to compete, some might even say unwilling. That wasn’t the case today.

We got straight back at them, and Ramsey (who was very positive all game), struck a left-footed shot just wide.

Moments later though, RvP found a way through. Benayoun did well down the left to harry Shotton and win possession, he found some space, and then played a lovely reverse pass down the line to Rosicky who was making a supporting run from infield. Tomas showed good feet to buy himself some time, and then clipped a dipping, curling cross over the Stoke defence that RvP materialised on the end of. 1-1, with 15 minutes on the clock.

And that was to be it in terms of goals. On a day when there were goals galore in the Premier League (22 goals in 6 games), it was a bit annoying to get score updates popping up on the screen every few minutes, although some of them were quite welcome – Wigan defeating Newcastle 4-0 to put a silver lining on our solitary point.

There was to be one more decent chance before the end of the half – Van Persie played a lovely weighted pass down the right for Sagna who crossed first time for Gervinho. The Ivorian, either completely misjudged the cross or wasn’t really interested in it, and failed to make any sort of contact.

This was one of his better games though, and he was full of running throughout the first-half. He looked quick, and played in a more direct and aggressive way than we’re used to seeing. His bulbousness and tendency to roam give the impression of him being  a balloon that has floated on to the pitch and is kind of drifting around. Maybe it’s just me.

The star of the second half  was probably Chris Foy. Having had a quite quiet and reasonable first-half, he’d clearly decided that he needed more attention, and set about imposing himself on the game. By “imposing” I mean “being completely incompetent”.

I counted a double hattrick of “Chris Foy is a cunt” moments – including denying us 2 penalties, booking Song for his first foul of the game (a minor one at that), and rewarding Dean Whitehead with a free-kick in stoppage time for one of the most RIDICULOUS dives you will see this season. I’ve heard they don’t “dive”, so I forget which word you’re supposed to use when a British person falls down for no reason and looks pleadingly towards the ref for a free-kick.

The second half was there for the taking, but we unfortunately couldn’t take it. Stoke were miserably ineffective and produced nothing apart from a hopeful shot from Cameron Jerome that Szczesny parried easily.

Van Persie struggled to be involved at times, but looked very sharp. His touches under heavy pressure from 2 or 3 Stoke defenders were a joy to watch, and he linked play brilliantly. His only real chance came when he played Sagna in on the right, and Sagna crossed back for him, but his header was straight at Begovic.

Some trickery from Gervinho created a chance for Benayoun, but Shawcross slid in with a tackle before Yossi could shoot. Pony Tulis was probably quite disappointed that Benayoun’s legs were intact afterwards, but there you go.

The game had no real flow after that. We had a lot of possession, but couldn’t really break through.

With about 20 minutes to go, Foy turned down the first of our two penalty appeals. An RvP freekick was blocked, and Vermaelen’s follow up shot hit the arms of Shawcross. The raised arms of Shawcross. The not at all “I am trying my best to avoid a handball situation” raised arms of Shawcross. Watch it here.

What can you say really. Chris Foy is a shite referee, and Stoke are a shite team. It’s a match made in heaven. We were just lucky to be there.

With 15 minutes to go, Ramsey was replaced by Diaby. The young Welshman (don’t forget he’s only 21) was much improved today. Predictably, he was booed the entire game, but it just seemed to spur him on. He was very competitive, very tenacious, and although he still took a few too many touches, he moved the ball around well.

Diaby came on and showed some good feet. Chamakh came on a few minutes later, and it was clear that Arsene was mindful of a late aerial bombardment from Stoke. However, our attack could also have been a factor. With most of our joy coming down the wings, and having had 5 fruitless corners, he probably hoped that Chamakh and Diaby could provide a  threat.

In the end, neither really made a difference. Chamakh worked hard, and held the ball up well under pressure – giving RvP some space to roam, but offered no threat.

In between, Benayoun was clearly shoved in the box when latching onto an RvP layoff. Foy had a great view of it, but that means nothing really, because he’s a total prick.

And that was that. The match petered out really. RvP won another free-kick, which he laid off to Vermaelen, whose powerful low drive was inches wide.

Down the other end, Cameron Jerome broke free and hit a hard, hopeful shot that Szczesny parried away. Our young Polish ‘keeper was an absolute boss in this game. He dominated everything, punching well, and took one absolutely brilliant catch on the edge of our box midway through the first-half – poleaxing everything in his way, including the unfortunate Laurent Koscielny.

Rory Delap made a cameo appearance late on. From the importance accorded to him by the commentators, and the reception he got, you would have thought he was a former World Cup and Balon d’Or winner coming on to try and introduce a bit of magic off the bench in his twilight years. He takes throw-ins. That’s it.

He took a throw-in. It was defended. That was about all he did. His like-for-like tactical replacement in the team, Ryan Shotton, was equally ineffective. If Ryan Shotton is the new Rory Delap, he (A) Doesn’t have much to live up to, and (B) Isn’t very good at whatever that is.

There was a reasonable 4 minutes of stoppage time, but it was uneventful. There was a late chance for Jon Walters, but he’s not very good, and it went well wide. Dean Whitehead then produced his ballet extravaganza to eat up a few more minutes, and we didn’t really look capable of producing anything more.

But there was still time for an Abou Diaby special. Our gangly sometimes-footballer, sometimes mythological-creature jinked past 2 challenges and 3 Stoke players on the left touchline before pulling up with what seemed to be a hamstring injury. It was always a risk to play Abou in a game of this physical intensity, but this wasn’t the kind of injury that we were expecting. Let’s hope it’s only minor.

In the end, a point and no injuries to our key players is an OK outcome. Newcastle’s loss to Wigan makes it a little bit sweeter, and although we still need to win our 2 remaining games to be sure of 3rd place, the toughest part of our run-in is out of the way.

!ersA eht pU


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May be a tidy point. Definitely a hard fought one.

Thought Ramsey had a decent game and we looked a little less composed when he came off.  Good for him in the 1st half when he slammed into that 50/50 with some cunt. 

When’s all’s said and done though, Stoke are despicable cunts, they really are.


A point at that hell hole is a good result for most any team. Was particularly impressed by verminator and bosscielny dominating the air duels and generally bossing things against those colossal cunts. Bar the goal I think they came out on top every time and were not found wanting in the physical challenges at all, great stuff. Can’t afford to drop anymore points though, no need for anymore squeaky bum time this season!


That bunch of leg breaking, scabby northern cunts, of the worst kind, will be relegated next season.

What sort of retarded fucking morons boo a young lad, for having his leg smashed in two? I suppose the answer’s in the question!


Damn 0-0, I swear I saw goals!

Olé Mwanakatwe

Not too bad in the grand scheme of things! But I think we’re suffering from a little bit of quality now in the final third. We need a game-breaker of a midfield signing to help unlock stubborn tight defences.

A Hazard or Gourcuff type! But we’re still a great team!


how bout jack wilsere?

Master Bates

or Maroune Chamakh


It seemed as though AW was testing a potential RvP chamakh partnership today… I think IF we do switch back to our old 4-4-2 RvP should stay the main front man, he’s more than shown his goal scoring prowess and was more than able to compete in the air against stokes giants.

O Death

According to the European football expert on 5 live football phone-in Gourcuff isn’t very popular at Lyon, very quiet and introverted in the dressing room, not what we need at all

Dench Bergkamp



whitehead looks like a vampire cunt


He really does have a cuntish face doesn’t he?

I roared with laughter when he fall over on top of the ball, and then looked imploringly at the referee for a foul…. then oggled with disbelief as it was given.

Did anyone else see the mindless cretins in the Stoke crowd impersonating Wenger? Never have I found anything less humourous in my entire existence.


FUCK STOKE! That is all….


” Foy
had a great view of it, but that
means nothing really, because
he’s a total prick..”
and because we are not man united. And fuck man united and fuck ev fucking vra


Stoke City – the only team on earth to bring on a sub to introduce a fresher pair of arms.

Old man grape

that about sums it up.


Lack of a quality goal scorer from the bench is hurting us a bit now. That said 1 each isn’t a bad result against stoke, really don’t want to go into the WBA game needing a win as historically we don’t fare well in our last game of the season. Hopefully we will beat Norwich and the others may drop a few points. Going to be a long few weeks.

The Universal

Well done boys well done Rambo- pity he didn’t score but brave tenacious play. Looked like some form and confidence had returned. Why boo him- zero class from Stoke fans …fucking idiots. Wigan did us a favour as well so all in all happy with today.


Well he did ruthlessly throw his leg at Ryan he’s-not-that-sort-of-player Shawcross. Could’ve done untold damage to poor Ryan’s studs that.

You’re right, bunch of classless bonehead inbred wankers.

Midfield Corporal

Couldn’t have said it better myself, those fans are a bunch of classless cunts. They’re probably moaning on 606 right now about Arsenal diving and how they’re not a bunch of hoofers. Cunts, cunts thrice cunts!!! ……….Fucking cunts!

Davey Jones

Talking of “classless bonehead inbred wankers” here’s what Pubis said when asked about the Ramsey booing: “I was more concerned about the Arsenal supporters booing Shawcross so I didn’t hear the ones on Ramsey.”

He really is that much of a precious troglodytic pustule folks, not that we needed any further evidence.

Midfield Corporal

I hadn’t heard what he said, he’s a piece of work, I don’t think he thinks Shawcross did anything wrong snapping Aaron’s leg with that sledgehammer ‘tackle’.


The boys fought hard…its good they didn’t lie down and get bullied…earned us a few bookings but who gives a shit…i’ll take a point at the Brittania any day…
Stoke – Frickin idiots…the whole lot, players, fans alike…just a bad environment to play in…they all behave like neanderthals…
Something has to be done bout these sub-par refs…i mean a few of the decisions that Foy made (or didn’t make actually) are just an embarrasment…felt like he’d been paid off.

Old man grape

stoke have definitely won the ”spuds of the north” trophy.
literately the opposite of all arsenal stand for.
can’t wait for the sneaky little cuntish lex luthers to get relegated.

great job rambo.. a true competitor today.
and a point well earned. and third place one game closer to being ours.
our defeat against Wigan doesn’t look so out of context now.

gj all round.

Le sausage

Decent point away to stoke, would have taken it before the game. Never know when Sauroncross and his bunch of wraiths will strike, but the fellowship did a decent job in containing them. I’m kindof hoping for Newcastle to get 4th… and Chelsea to lose to Bayern.


Not a terrible result, especially considering that this was our hardest game of the last three and that we are now 4 points(albeit they have a game in hand) ahead of our closest challengers, who are yet to face City and Chelsea. Just do a professional job in the last two games and third’s ours. Also, one other thing, I sometimes think Blogs and people on this blog throw the word cunt around a lot (probably for comedic purposes, well what do I know?) but really I think cunt is not nearly a strong enough word to describe the Stoke fans. Hearing them jeer Ramsey was absolutely uncalled for. Here is a player who nearly had his young career ended (and one and a half years of development permanently removed) and all they can do is call him a wanker!? Ramsey’s performance was good, but I hope that he doesn’t take this incident to heart and just ignore those buffoonish attention seeking Neanderthals.


I absolutely agree…whether they were trying to unnerve him or whatever, their actions are just despicable and unwarranted…’twas all the more reason why i think he played really well. He was confident, positive, showed us a bit of his old self…
Those thugs belong more in Fight Club than on a football pitch…

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna
Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

I am sure they actually believe the EPL IS Fight Club on grass as they couldn’t for the life of them recognize the difference between what their team plays and the cretins in Fight Club enjoy.


I would really love to see Ramsey score there and then raise his hand to his ear as though he’s struggling to hear them. Perhaps even Hulk Hogan style


Ramsey looked good today. Strong on the ball, a lot more forward play, good tackling. To be honest, I didn’t think he would have done this well against stoke. Hope to see the same and more going forward.

aditya swarup

This paragraph made my day lol…..”Rory Delap made a cameo appearance late on. From the importance accorded to him by the commentators, and the reception he got, you would have thought he was a former World Cup and Balon d’Or winner coming on to try and introduce a bit of magic off the bench in his twilight years. He takes throw-ins. That’s it.”

Oleg Luzhny

Bottom line, win the last two, and third is in the bag!

Rad Carrot

Terrible result, actually.

We should have won here. Simple as that. We should be out right now, celebrating St Totteridge day, and instead we’re only still in the race because every other team around us is absolutely shit.

We’re really, really, really lucky that we still have CL football to play for. Any other teams, any other season, we’d be in 7th right now and rightfully so.

Still. Positives? Nice to see RvP score again in open play. Ramsey and Rosicky were blinding, some great plays. Everyone else was, once again, mediocre.

Fuck Stoke though for their booing. Fuck them right in the ear. When they get relegated I’ll be so fucking happy I’ll ride through the shitty town and rub my testicles all over tp’s face.

Rant over. Come on Blackburn.

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna
Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Terrible result, actually………Actually Red Carrot a decent result in a horrible stadium filled with morons and against a team bent on crucifying anyone who has the effrontery to try and play real Football.

We should have won here……Yes, and at QPR and against Chealski etc. but only the Incincibles won every game, we are clearly not them.

We should be out right now, celebrating St Totteridge day, and instead we’re only still in the race because every other team around us is absolutely shit. we will celebrate St.Totteringham’s Day, just a little later so be patient. I do agree that our competitors are shit this year but that doesn’t make us shit or even mediocre…we also have more injured players out that any other team and yet we are in 3rd and looking good to stay there.

We’re really, really, really lucky that we still have CL football to play for. Any other teams, any other season, we’d be in 7th right now and rightfully so….This is the biggest load of bullshit nonsense I’ve ever heard from a Gooner. In any other season we’d come either 2nd,3rd or at worse 4th and we haven’t been near 7th in 14 years so stop your negativism and enjoy what’s left of the seasoné

Rad Carrot

No need for the swearing mate, I’m not one of the “Wenger Out” brigade or the Football Managers who scream about how many new signings we need.

It’s not being negative to say that we should have got three points here. It’s not being negative to say that we’re still in this because other teams have slipped up. It’s not being negative to say that I wish we’d secured CL qualifying today. Fact is, we HAVE slipped again, and I hope the team will address that. For all our good work recently, we’ve only won 6 in 10, with two losses – Manchester United have only lost 4 all season. If we want to be better next season – and Lord knows, we all want that – then there’s nothing wrong with me expecting better from the team as a whole. Don’t forget that our end of season slip last year saw us slide down from Title contenders to 4th place.

I don’t buy the fact that we need heavy reinvestment, I think the 11 players who were in our starting line-up today were more than capable of getting a result, even without Theo, Jack and Mikel, which bodes well for our future. I think that we will get 3rd, I think that we will go from strength to strength next season. But I just don’t agree with the supporters who are saying that 3rd place is ours yet, or that we’d be title holders were it not for one or two matches.

Bottom line, I want the best for Arsenal, as I’m sure do you. I’m a cynical person and I’ll always comment if I don’t believe the team lived up to their potential in a match. It’s part of being a supporter, it’s the same as me being able to scream in joy when the Arse get a good result (and trust me, I do). But imagine if Newcastle had turned on the style, and gotten 3 points today – would we all be so optimistic on here? Being cynical doesn’t mean I’ll ever turn away from the club, it doesn’t mean I think that we’ll finish 10th, it doesn’t mean that I want massive changes. It means that I have an enduring passion for Arsenal and I want them to be the best – the same as anyone on here, I’ll wager. Just because I think they can do better, doesn’t mean I’m wrong.


Glad for the point. City, United, and Chelsea all came from the Britannia with a similar haul.

With Newcastle losing, third is officially in our hands now. I’d hope that we can get six points from Norwich and West Brom, but one thing that’s worried me of late is our lack of goal-scoring opportunities. In the 2nd half especially today I can barely remember us creating anything…

Did we miss Walcott today?

Santos should start WITH Gibbs next game.


Newcastle have 3 games left to play. Those games are against City, Chelsea and Everton (at Goodison). They could very easily lose all three and I’ll be very surprised if they get more than 4 points from those games.

I’d say that third is ours unless we somehow screw up Norwich (h) and West Brom (a).

I think easy 3 points against Norwich, and West Brom will be trickier, but we *should* win.

So in summation, we will be third.

Rad Carrot

Are people forgetting the spuds?!

A win for them tomorrow and one for their game in hand – two VERY EASY RESULTS -puts them 1 point behind us. We lose or draw any more games, then they beat us. Simple as that.

I don’t buy the talk that they’re down and out. It’s exactly what they said about us fifteen games ago.

Old man grape

‘ifs are for the teams below us.
we are third.
its ours to lose.

just because something is possible,it doesn’t make it probable.
and just because something is probable, it doesn’t make it fact.
lets just enjoy the nerves of being in the best position we can be right now and cry if it goes wrong…not when it goes wrong.

Rad Carrot

Not trying to be down and out, you’re certainly right in that it’s still in our hands, but frankly it shouldn’t be. Had the Toon come out and played today, we’d all be lamenting the fact of two points dropped here.

Don’t get me wrong, still confident we can finish third. But that doesn’t mean we all have to be all happy and joyful over one point, and the team shouldn’t be happy with it either. I’d expect them to still be disappointed that, had they performed versus Wigan and QPR, we’d have now qualified already. As it is, we have to ensure it by winning the last two games.

Part of supporting the Arse is celebrating the victories, but part of it is the speculation that comes from the unknown. I, for one, am not going to get happy because other teams have lost to put us in this position; I’d rather the team made it on their own merit.

Old man grape

if you listen to pardrew at the end of the game today, he said exactly the same thing as Wenger,, that they prepared for a battle but Wigan just sucker-punched them.. its no shame to lose to a side in the best form in the league.
and its not about relying on other teams to lose.. that just happens naturally.
and I’m 100% positive that the players never want less than a win. but as a fan I can be happy that we got something from the game and that our closest rivals dropped points against a good team.

Rad Carrot

Fair enough mate. I’d rather the team should have got more from this display because I think they were better than this. They had more chances and they needed to win. But yes, a point is better than none.


I think the key to next seasons trophy success would be moving rvp back to his initial role of no 10, just behind the striker. His movement with the ball reminds me of a crisp clear DB 10, his through passes are absolutely sublime and top class. Assuming the podolski deal is done, rvp (if he signs) should reclaim his no 10 position and play behind poldi. *lethal combo*………….yes??????.

Thierry Henry

Podolski is a bit of a number ten as well. We can’t sign a real striker can we? Still, I’d rather rely on two quality number tens to score all season than just one


Rvp and poldi playing together will only be realised if we assume the 4-4-2 formation otherwise if we continue with the current formation then i think rvp should definetly play no 10 behind poldi. Rvp can also shoot so the goals will be shared.


Gotta say, I see us finishing third, Sp*rs fourth, and Chelsea hilariously winning the Champions League to deny those lilycunts a place in the tournament. Still have lots of work to do though! Norwich won’t be a pushover.


If Norwich continue their current form, we should win. Especially if we can maintain the first half gritty performance. It’s just that its bugging me that Ramsey was being booed by Stoke’s fans. Is it because he didn’t forgive Shawcross? Surely it can’t because he break his leg, because if it is, then that’s like cursing someone for getting hit by a car and had his leg broken. It is inhumane..
By the way, if Diaby injury is bad, i blame it on Arseblog because he dare to mention “Diaby” and “break” at the same line in his liveblog. Seconds later, he got his injury. You should have known better, Blog…


Chris Foy’s performance was strangely similar to his incompetence in the the Stoke – Tottenham match where he disallowed a valid goal and did not give 2 penalties. When that had happened I was wondering if we will meet the same fate when Gunners played at that Shithole of a stadium. Well guess what, it did happen. Luckily we were strong enough to not lose it.

Amazing to see referees turning blind eye to penalties and blatant fouls at the Britannia. And we are not the only team who have such grievances. Lots of top teams have had poor decisions against them at Stoke. I hope somewhere in the referees association there is a man with a backbone who can call out these thugs…

Tom C

I think stoke get special dispensation from the refs because they’re special needs


Wengers boys——– (pulis’ gladiators/warriors)
brittania stadium——-( arena of brittania)

That just about sums up stokes’ world.


They treat the ball more as a ticking time bomb than a prize. They’re so fucking eager to get rid of it!


This is a truly brilliant match report!!! Great writing, thank you!!

Alex X

Those fans mocking Wenger jumping around behind him failing their arms looked like creatures from a Tim Burton movie, or characters on “Little Britain”. God what a hole.


This comment couldnt be more true than for that one old guy, wearing a black coat, who was to Wengers left, and our right. I mean, his movements and the facial expressions after every movement were such that unless he was born in a Tim Burton movie, then God kinda went too far with the practical joke…


Regarding the treatment of Ramsey, PuBis added: “I was more concerned about the Arsenal supporters booing Shawcross so I didn’t hear the ones on Ramsey.”

I mean, really? He must be one of the biggest cunts in world of football.. Tony Pubis that is. (Shawcross too, for that sake).

Jim Jimminy

I can’t wait for Stoke to get relegated. They are awful. Utterly atrocious. The fans disgust me. Its like the worst people from the worst towns in England all got together and decided to go and live together in one place.

I wish we had battered them, but I’ll take not losing at this stage and coupled with Wigan’s result it didn’t end too badly in the end.

I’m confident of 2 more wins. 3rd place here we come.


Bunch of Neandrethals ……
Stoke Manager = Cunt
Stoke Players = Cunts
Stoke Fans = Cunts
The Owner must be a cunt to allow that shit to go on.

And dont get me fucking started on Chris Foy.

Really PROUD of the lads and manager for the performance they put intoday in the face of what was shocking football, shocking decisions and shocking abuse from the fans.

Pullis says he also gets abuse ? surprise fucking surprise.
Im proud of how the Arsenal fans and club behave and today the noise made by the away fans was great to hear on the TV.

Win the next 2 and it will be a great end to what started off as a dodgy looking season.

Perry Groves

Thanks Sul, an excellent match report. I’d by the paper again if articles were written like that!

A good point in fairness. Glad to hear Ramsey did well under the pressure. Shame about diaby. Hopefully he can play a part next season.

It’s going to be tight for 3rd. Even though spurs are shit we can’t count on them to loose. But sounds like the attitude and application is there to see us through. Lets see Pat Rice off in style. COYG!!!

It's A Hanmer Blow

Excellent first half. A result of the high pressing game we played against spuds and chelski. Hard graft gets results.

Thought Ros, Benny, Ramsey and Gerv were all pretty awesome.

Really Stoke should have been dead and buried by half time.

Second half we stopped pressing so insensly and that slowed the pace allowing Stoke to snuff out our moves. Our passing took on a familiar crablike quality as we lost incisiveness. Gerv seemed to disappear, possibly the early misses on his mind.

On a positive note Ramsey looked quality and showed some real guts today. Teams can’t live with us when we press and move the ball quickly. Maybe we should do it more often.

Jakob Arnarsson

“!ersA eht pU”

Up the … Asre?


Me: [Foaming at the mouth]. Dammit, we had more possession than them, we outplayed them, we should have won!”

Mrs. CA Gooner: [Rolling eyes]. “Yeah, but you didn’t.”


Did any of you catch Lennie trying to shake hands with the ref and his team (not Stoke, the other team he had with him)?

I can’t help but think he’s just one crayon away from the special bus. Fuck me he is one truly dopey, simple minded fuckwit. He looks like he’d have to hum while tying his laces not to mention the drool running endlessly down his chin that I’m sure he’s not aware of.


Never felt more iRritated by acts of fans than what stoke fans did today,was very annoying to watch,you break a young man’s leg and boo him,you all need to be locked up in an assylum… still fuckin pissed about it all,and I honestly wish I could smack one of them in the face,but sadly,I am in Nigeria,all the same it was a good performance by the guys,and am sure of us gettin third place


It’s amazing that Shawcross can make a “man and ball” tackle/assault on Benayoun in their box and that’s not considered a penalty. There was no way Yossi could get out of that challenge given how Shawcross used his entire body to knock him over. Then the pricks on the commentary reckoned it was an excellent tackle. The only way that would be an excellent tackle if it was American Football. To add insult to injury (quite literally), they give him Man of the Match.


I hate to say it but it’s warranted- utd would have found a way to win this game, which has been the point of difference between us and having a real crack at the title. I’m not saying that utd would have won against stoke here (they drew didn’t they) but in general it’s these types of matches the arsenal needs to win to become a force again.


That makes no sense


Some games are fixed. Tony Pulvis had deliberately lost his game to Castle last week, as this result will not cost Stoke. Both these managers are anti-wenger, and both are english, and BBC as usual, love to twist and bias what they are best at. Luckily Wigan’s Manager is a spanish, and beat Castle 4-0. Well done.

Infact Stoke are my most hatred team, way above the rest. Tony Pulvis is the master of cunt, including his fans.


Fucking refree, he was guilty giving whitehead yellow card which it was correct. Then all decisions went against us. He would have give penalty to foul on yossi, and handball, if we were manure shite. Disgrace.
Stoke + their minions + foy shite = shite with any flavour


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I think this was a potential banana peel avoided. I thought the defence (apart from the goal) was excellent. We lacked a little bit of invention in the 2nd half but we still got the result. We might need one or two more favours from some teams below us but I think we will be okay.

Didn’t have an issue with anyone. Everyone put in a good shift. Gervinho still looks a bit hung over from the Cup of Nations but he carved out some good chances.

Norwich next up. Let’s do this.


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Stoke fans are retarded. Well, you can understand that, because their tactics are also retarded.
I still wonder how Stoke even have fans.