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Vela: Arsenal will decide my future

Carlos Vela’s spell with Real Sociedad is turning out to be the most productive of the many Arsenal players on loan this season.

His latest goal, a rather nice overhead kick late in the game to grab a point against Villarreal, was his 11th of the campaign, making this his most profilic season to date. Yet as much as he would like to stay with the Basque club, the Mexican knows it’s out of his hands.

“There are many great things about being here,” he said to Diario Vasco, “and it’s obvious they make me consider staying, but that’s not the whole story.

“It’s not just about what I want. We have to consider the economics of the situation. Arsenal hold my contract and I can’t just say ‘I like San Sebastian’ and expect them to gift me to Real. If they sell me, they have to get some benefit from the time I’ve spent here.

“I can’t say if I will stay or go because I don’t know. Maybe yes, maybe no, but I don’t know what’s going to happen next year.”

Vela again re-iterated his desire to leave Arsenal and said that he would try and convince the manager to let him go, even if he was asked to stay next season.

“The decision is Wenger’s. If he says he’ll sell me, then I’ll have to find another team for next season. If he says that I’ll stay then I’ll need to speak to him and ask him to let me go because it’s clear my intention is not to go back.”

One thing Arsene Wenger has never done is keep a player at the club who really doesn’t want to be there, so a sale to a Spanish club, Sociedad or otherwise, seems the most likely option.

As Vela says though, it’ll all come down the economics. Truly, it is todo about los benjamins.


Cheers to @RYO_Cleverfish for the interview heads up.

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Love how Vela breaks into a song mid interview

KenyanGooner know you just got me to go back and sing the lines…


Damn straight we will. He still has a contract with arsenal and only we can decide if it’s best for him to leave, but for now, “you ain’t going anywhere son!” – atleast not with the goals you’re scoring.


Unless we switch back to a 4-4-2 next season, he will be thrown into the same situation as chamakh and park, playing second fiddle to captain van tastic. Would not make much sense especially if the poldi rumours prove true. He should stay for his own good, he’s found his form and apparently his new home. Goodluck and goodbye chippy!


Someone still loves you, Carlos Vela!

Asian Gunner

Want away website?


Excellent idea. How about a Blog? Now, what to call it….?



one season n hes now gud 4 us? let the young fella go…he’s clearly never made the grade

Midfield Corporal

I think just having you off the wage bill is the idea, any fee will be a bonus.


Ifs hes Knocking them in why not get a small fee and big sell-on as we always do


If he’s knocking ’em in, why not just get a huge fee now off someone who needs a striker? In form strikers are in demand, do not grow on trees and cannot be had for peanuts from anywhere else. Why should we offer him as Sale of the bloody Century?

Eric Irish gunner

Dont want players not committed hopefully we get a fee for him


I’m gonna miss this guy!


denilson returning, vela leaving, not a good arsenal day


I’ve had enough of Vela and him constantly having to talk about this..
I find it disrespectful to openly diss us like this.. hope we get a decent fee for him and then he does nothing with his career from then…..

P.s your gonna hate me for advertising but my mate is trying really hard on his Facebook page..he’s doing some good work.
Help your fellow gunner brother out with a like if possible 🙂


Woke up and thought of arseblog, so i accessed it and found: “vela: arsenal will decide my future”—MEH. Now let me go on with the rest of my day.


A fee on top of the wages that he was on at arsenal ? Doubt that’s going to happen. We have a number of overpaid average players that are not good enough for us yet we gave them crazy contracts even before they had proved they were good enough.
The fact Man united have just offered welbeck 45 k a week says it all about how flawed our business model has been. And we asked a proven premier league performer in arteta to take a pay cut before he joined us.


Of course it was a pay cut, if he’d signed a new deal or simply stayed at Everton he would have been on bigger money over the same period. Why do you always defend Arsenal without any logic to what you’re saying? Makes you seem like a dumb sheep.

Cygan's Right Foot

Because, as reported at the time, we could offer Arteta bigger incentives and bonuses (including champions league football, a chance to play for a bigger club, etc..) and the contract we offered was longer than Everton were willing to do due to their finances.


How exactly does Man U offering Danny Welbeck £45k a week demonstrate the flaws of AFC’s business model?


I think he means that we have offered players more money than 45k who have done far less for us than Welbeck has for United.


I would like him to stay,good player he wasn’t given a chance


lol, too bad he doesn’t want a chance.


But if hes scoring surely a FEE!! i bet if he wasnt an Arsenal player. everyone would be crying for us to pay 25 Million for him and offer him 250k P/W


If they’re willing to offer money for him then sell. He’d play about as much as Park does so if we can clear away a spot on the roster and free up some wages then sell.

We have quite a few players in the same situation. I’d rather have a few open spots to bring in talent that’s gonna play rather than pin hopes on “future” players because lord knows we have more than enough of those.


Vela+score goal = sociedad happy
arsenal+fee-wages= arsenal happy
Its not exactly rocket science but football clubs do tend to make things so over complicated


Want him to do well in his career but with Podolski coming in, he won’t get any games. Sell him & put a sell-on clause in aswell.


Looks like we will need to do a few BOGOF deals this summer.

buy chamakh get park free
buy bendtner get squillaci free
buy vela get denilson free
buy fabianski get botelho free


We offered him less money than he was on at everton, thats a pay cut. We will never know if everton would have offered him the same length of contract that arsenal offered him.


Look, we didn’t need him this season as RVP stayed fit. But I always felt he had spark to his play, and the lads seemed to always get on with him, so I don’t see how Park/Chamack were better options.


Slight subject change: isn’t anybody worried about what happened last night? If those blue cunts win the Champions’ League then we will have to finish third to be in it next season. With Newcastle going really well, and our stumbling form, the Geordies could nick third place – and that could leave us out in the cold. OK, so we’ve got the easiest run-in, but after that Wigan defeat I’m not so sure we will pull it off. PS: Not only is John Terry a cunt, He’s a stupid, stupid, stupid cunt. PPS: Had it not been for that fucking… Read more »

Eric Irish gunner

John terry missing the final couldent happen to a nicer bloke hahaha the fucking silly wanker

Wanking thomas

perhaps because it was given to me at birth??. Silly.

Wanking thomas

Oh, not you again!!!!.


Tell me: why are you called Thomas?

the only sam is nelson

the fact that john terry is out of the final is really funny, right up to the point when you consider that if it goes to pens then his absence might mean the fuckers actually win it

and that would be an absolute disaster

i’m cheering on bayern, all the way.


The Cesc back-heel and the UEFA/Barca refs that sent RVP off!


And the miss by TBSTEL


I’m with fatgooner on the Cesc backhell, after that for me he was as good as gone. I didn’t give two shits after that. As loyal a servant as he was – mostly – that pass I mean miss-kick ahem cost us too much.

If it was likely the cocks from down the lane would finish fourth then I’d be cheering Chelsea on but as its likely to be Newcastle then I hope Bayern spank them all over.

Oh and Vela, quality player but like Forlan for Utd and Shevchenko for Chelsea he’s just not suited to the EPL.

Glory Hunter

I think Cesc might have jinxed Barca.
If Chelsea win Champs lge, im going to stop watching football cos there is really no justice in this world 🙁


So delighted to watch Cesc’s little plan backfire!!

Tom C

I saw elsewhere that if chelski win the CL then they would take the third automatic qualification spot and whoever finishes third in the PL would have to qualify. Anyone know if this is true?


Good question. Don’t know the answer.

You can be sure if it’s us that finish 3rd, that cunt Platini will dig it out the rule book from somewhere and make us qualify.


chelski win the CL they would take the fourth spot from the suckers who will be holding it (hopefully not us…but it would be hilarious if is the scums!! heh). But definitely not third, this is from precedent (Liverfools).

But again UEFA are cunts, they might just want to do one over us if we finish 3rd and Chelski win (*puck*) and finish outside 4th.

PS: Terry is a cunt!

Tom C

I looked it up – if the chavs win the CL then they automatically qualify for the next one and whoever is in third will have to qualify.
Source here:

So time to decide who to root for tonight…


I seemed to have really stirred up arseblogger, now he is on here 24/7 replying to the even ‘duh’ comments. You can go now, we don’t need you tellin us what to do and what not to do. We are all equal arsenal fans you know? just different opinions or are you wengers right hand????

Cygan's Right Foot

So blogs can’t comment on his own blog???


‘bloggers’ you mean??.Anyway, Just read some of his replies you will see what i mean.


You’re relatively new to the site, yes? Take some time and see how it all works first would be my advice fella.

Cygan's Right Foot

*standing ovation*


What standards? The site has been cultivated into a forum for Wenger arse-lickers with zero tolerance for anyone with a polar opinion. This might be one of the most popular Arsenal websites, but in terms of insightfulness, it’s just a bottom rung marketing expedition.


wow! Wow! don’t kick me out. Keeping you on your toes and speaking my mind is all i do unlike the others (cygan’s right foot, mooro and the likes). Okay, i’m gonna lay low now and kiss a couple of arses in here.


I agree that a particular comment I read about Ramsey the other day was out of order, but general swearing should be allowed. You call players like Terry a “cunt” all the time on your blog, so if I happen to think Bendtner for example is a “cunt” – or Wenger, what’s the difference?


I do agree that John Terry is indeed a cunt of the highest order, but I also happen to think Wenger is a cunt. After all, he does lie every year about buying players prior to season ticket renewals, is snobbish, arrogant and stubborn. All traits I would identify with a cunt. In terms of grading, Terry is perhaps the ultimate cunt, however, but I expect people to judge for themselves the level of cuntiness when I refer to someone as a cunt.


hahaha, are you guys enjoying this like iam???. Come on you people let us hear the real and ultimate definition of a cunt. More more more!!!!!!

Jermaine Pedant

Just looked up ‘cunt’ in Longman, says this:

cunt [countable] taboo informal:
1. a stupid or unpleasant person such as John Terry.
2. a woman’s vagina (=sex organ)

Amazing tool, the Internets.


Maybe someone who’s alias actually has the word cunt in it. . . . .


cunt  [kuhnt] noun Slang: Vulgar . 1. the vulva or vagina. 2. Persons or persons such as Xavi, Alves, Tony Pubis, That knuckle dragging leg snapping thunder cunt Shawcross, Robbie Savage, Diving monkey face Bale, Mark Hughes, Rooney, Pepe, Barton, That call centre cunt that ruined Diabys ankle, the achilles gods that effect wilshere and vermaelen for seasons on end. 3. Super special levels of cuntiness are reserved for a special few, they are such massive cunts they threaten to swallow up the whole solar system in one huge mega cunt more powerful than a black hole dragging everyone in… Read more »


Wait, who the fuck are you?


That was aimed at fatcunt.


Vela needs to come off the wage bill as does b52 almunia etc

Naija Gunner

Hope those cunts chelshit don’t win th champions league, because we won’t be able to sleep again. Just for qualification alone they’ve been doing the Victory parade and dance till the dead of the night here in Lagos Nigeria!

And we will have to win third spot win or lose by the cunts.

Vela should be let off if he so desires, of course with a good fat fee for the Arsenal, there is no point keeping a player who wants out and whom we don’t have any use of.


After “here in lagos nigeria” i didnt really get what you’re trying to put across. But i picked up on chelsea=cunts.


if you ask me, we need to keep this guy, his a very good player, but just hasnt been given enough time and chances at arsenal. it will be a mistake if we sell him.

H.P. Arsecraft

I like Vela and still have hopes for him. He could be great if he put in the work required to be great,


He’s been at he club 7 years already, how much longer should we wait for the overpaid midget to put the effort in? Get rid I say.


Would go for jeremy alliadere over this overgrown midget. Never rated him, and i refuse to start now


Adios Vela! If goals only counted by chipping the keeper, you would be the man.


If the poldi rumours turnout to be true then i wouldn’t mind having these 3 as our frontmen: 1. Rvp 2.poldi 3.vela—–(plus they are all proven, so rotation would work) rather than the waste of space that is chamack,niclub bendtner and park.


This season the main mistake Wenger has made is not having cover for RVP. Vela and Bentner would of scored around 10-15 goals between them. They needed replacement instead we got Chamakh and Park. Don’t think they are cunts simply not good enough. Adios Vela feel you have been missed although never appreciated.


Overgrown midget? At 5’10”? Ok.
He can only chip? You need to watch his games, of the 12 goals he has scored(one ghost) one was a chip, and it was a vital goal too.


“When you’re three-nil ahead and the game’s put to bed, time for Vela… Carlos Vela.”

Vela, denilson, and cesc were the backbone of the problems in our dressing room last year. We’ve gotten rid of one, now time to see the back of the other two.

On the subject of the champions league: I always understood that the premier league was guaranteed three places, and the winner always gets a spot. That said… Anyone but chelsea to win.


Don’t believe all the bad press that Vela said this ..and Vela said that … its publicity …they twist the words…like went in Mexico they said Vela refused to come for the national team…..until he personally clarified that and said “No I never refused to go “… now their saying that Vela ..basically hates Arsenal….not true either …. But, i believe Vela could become one of the Best in Spain….. his enjoying his stay …because he plays regularly…not 5 or 10 min… like he does in Arsenal…. he Left Chivas at 17 he just turned 23 last month….Dont let a… Read more »


Did you guys ever go to a birthday party where they gave out unmarked bags filled with mystery goodies? We should stick bendtner, vela and denilson in one of those and offer it to Mancini for like 10m.

[…] is quite sanguine about his prospects, admitting Arsenal have a right to get some money for him but he says: The decision is Wenger’s. If he says he’ll sell me, then I’ll have to find another team for […]

[…] on loan to Real Sociedad, said in an interview with Diario Vasco (translation via arseblog news): “There are many great things about being here [at Real], and […]

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