Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Vermaelen: I’ve become a real Gunner

Thomas Vermaelen has paid tribute to Arsene Wenger for the loyalty he’s shown him during his injury absences and says that playing for the club is a dream come true.

The Belgian missed most of the last season with an Achilles problem which turned out to be a genetic defect that subsequently needed to be corrected in his other ankle. But despite missing so much time, Arsene Wenger made sure Vermaelen’s future at Arsenal was secured.

““I have never known a ­manager so loyal to his players,” he said in the Sunday Mirror. “He shows ­immense trust and has shown incredible loyalty ­towards me.

“I was sidelined for a long time with two nasty injuries. But it was under the orders of the manager that the board gave me a new contract until 2015. I can’t ­describe the joy that gave me. I am fit again and I love my life at Arsenal.”

After a rotten start to the season third place is in our hands and Vermaelen insists he wants to be around to make progress in seasons to come.

“I have no intention of leaving this club,” he said. “I feel at home in ­London and I feel that I have become a real Gunner. Arsenal is my club. In my eyes, they belong to the absolute elite of European top clubs.

“We are going for the Champions League again and this team can grow further. When I was young, I dreamed of playing for Ajax and Arsenal. Both dreams have come true.”

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True Arsenal DNA


My submission are often positives… but tonight is the Night we discover whether the British footballing aristocracy is fond of RVP or prefer an Englishman like Hart or Rooney for Player of the Year. I ask that Boucha and Thomas V hold RVP hands just in case they give the award to someone else. It would be a travesty, but nothing surprises me. The Sky Football TV world of presenting have already hailed their biased Thomas V. You rock and the Maddo family love you Babes. I like the fact you’re tied your Male Bonnet to the Mast in paraphrase… Read more »




Just thought I’d add this to further back up my comment http://blog.emiratesstadium.info/archives/2236

Take a read guys.

Eric Irish gunner

Great read cheers


One of the best defenders in the PL, and the highest scoring what a beast

Football Bubble

I love Tommy and I think he is definitely one of the best footballers playing in defence which really suits us and our system. Other, better defenders out there though…


To be fair, I rate Kos over him..


Defensively, yes. But no other centre back can go forward so well and defend solidly like Vermaelen.


agree kos has been better and the scary thing its look like he continue to developp in even better player. But i love as much vermalaen. we have the best pair of cb in PL by miles and one of the best in europe
>>>>>Cahill who????

Football Bubble

My point exactly, I think Kos and Vermalen have the potential to be the best pairing in the league in terms of overall play and what Tom gives the whole team in defence and attack makes him a valuable player (and better than all other CB in the league in my view) but in purely defensive terms he needs somebody solid like Kos or Mertasacker next to him, or Song in front of him to drop back and cover when he bombs forward.


Truly agree with you bubble…mert actually sweeps the threats very well thus allowing TV5 the luxury to help in the offense. I think we have the best defensive rotation in the foreseeable future with mert around…


Best part of the match yesterday was the Verminator “verminating” the wife-shagger.

Eric Irish gunner

Arsenal is my club, I feel like a real gunner, the man is a legend


What an absolute f***ing legend!! Your next job is to tell your best bud to sign a new contract!


Again, Arsene knows!

Old man grape

back when I lived in Amsterdam, and we were on the verge of buying the rat catcher. many of my Ajax supporting friends told me that he was pretty useless and we were making a big mistake. . shows how much us fans know eh? I don’t think he is one of the most consistent defenders around. buit he has something special, a different quality that no one else has. and that what its all about in my book. so glad he has come through such a long lay off. i hope rambo and jack can do the same next… Read more »



Arsenal > Spurs

He should tell his cousin (Mr. Eden Hazard) to sign on with us as well…

Borneo Gooner

And Vertonghen as well.


Blogs: I read that they are indeed cousins…I fink (0;


All Belgians are related.


I think they’re pen-pals?

Old man grape

pen-pals it is then.

got to be worth something.

cannon & ball

Rock on Tommy!


“The Belgian missed most of the last season with an Achilles problem which turned out to be a genetic defect that subsequently needed to be corrected in his other ankle. ”

I didn’t know that that was the problem 0.o


What I loved about his challenge on that racistcuntwifeshagger was that it was totally unnecessary. He just did it because JT is a wanker of the highest order, it was beautiful.


(Verminator+frimpong) = opposition verminated in a DENCH way.


He loves being in a red and white.
i am so happy i share my birthday with this guy and my sis with van persie.

Old man grape

I share my birthday with the Goonersaurious.
I am also glad.


You shared your sis with van Persie?


Spur you.




He’s a bit o ayoba! Now go break some legs and score some more goals bru!


‘Genetic defect’ that turns your bones into titanium and sends you into kill mode every time you see a cunt wearing blue or white…


we have guys doing kung-fu at both ends of the pitch.


my dad has that, he’s been to jail a couple of times


A joy to read.

Higher Runcorn gooner

I feel next season the world is our oyster.just wish I was still liveing in finchley,used to Runcorn now. 5pur2s mind the gap.harry you’r twitching like a good un.win your last 4?your haveing a laugh.hahahaha

The Arsenalolic

Wow That is a true Love story.
Hope those Goner unfaithful lyk Helchy,Cashley,Nasri, Fabregas and Adebawhore are reading this.
We are very proud of u too Tommy.


‘Tommy’ sounds girl-ish. ‘verminator’ is the name.


We need to back players like this with back in the transfer market. Him and players like rvp deserve to win trophies at the club and not have to leave to fulfill thier ambitions.
Back the players, the manager and the fans this coming season with the right quality signings and we all win but another season in the transfer market like the last and the club will lose the little trust the fans have in the board.


Spot on, Voldermort. For the last five years we’ve always been two or three players short of a league-winning side. But instead of bringing in quality, we just keep selling our best players. Whatever happens over the next three games, we must go out this summer and bring in the the top-notch performers who can take us from a third/fourth side to a team who can realistically challenge for the title. And we must keep RvP. It’s time for Wenger, Kroenke and the Board to show that they don’t see our club as just a money-making business. It’s trophies that… Read more »

Paulo Di Gunnio

Oh Vermaelen, Oh Vermaelen, Oh Vermaelen number five
Fuck your Rooneys, fuck your Drogbas, cause he’ll eat those cunts alive


I hope he stays and becomes an arsenal veteran. So that in the future i can say “verminator!!!, ripping them apart since 2009”


I regretted that we never got Vidic.. But then came Vermaelen.

Fuck Vidic.

He is still defensively suspect at times. But never ever found a problem with his commitment and passion.


all players in the team are talking about leaving the club, and every arsenal player that leaves the club sooner or later express his resentment about arsenal. Currently, Arsenal fans are humiliated by, 1. by poor results, while the expectation was high 2. by wenger, fielding players that are not in song with fans. 3. by Wenger, he always tries to silence critics of his own fans. 4. by x-players, 5. by crisis that has never solved nor exposed. this summer has to be a time for change. It is up to all of us (Arsenal fans) to build a… Read more »

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

WTF are you excreting dew??? I have never heard such pure shite from a brainfart like you,in my entire blogging experience! 1) Poor results? we are 3rd and came from 17th at the start of the season, will be in the CL when Spuds will be in the EL and playing for nothing. 2) I can’t even figure out what being in song with the fans means! You aren’t ¨in song¨with reality. the team loves the fans and most fans love the team with the exception of the AAA morons of whom you are the certain cheerleader! 3) Where did… Read more »


err, i think its pretty good going considering we have played 1/3 of the season without a defence,are allegedly ” the worst Arsenal team in 10 years”, with a supposed “club in crisis” and the need to swap Arsene for Maureenio.
oh yeah i forgot to mention we are up against the “best Spuds side ever”, to the point Steven Howard gave up his Gimp Monthly mag subscription.

apart from the mancs, were top of the pile, and the only london club in a CL spot.

im off to find a noose and a wobbly chair……………

alireza fayyazmanesh

We are too lucky Tomas is in our team his a fighter and truth gooner and you can see and feel it when he play no no no he is not only playing he is fighting for team. same Bacry and Gibs and our frenchmand. as a gooner i am proud of them.


I loved what he did for gunner, admitting he was some for gunner loss againts milan and second capitan after rvp.
But alex song deserve that beyond all the rest.
Happy you gonna stay again.


I love lamp.

Oh and erm rock on tommy! Another gooner in a red and white shirt.

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

I love it when AAA arseholes come on this site and diss Wenger,despite the article’s truthful and honest praise from a top professional like Vermaelen. Loyalty is a two way street and money-driven cunts like Nasri, Adebuywhore, Flamoney, and Hleb will never enjoy that depth of loyalty and class ever again.
Vermaelen is pure AFC class and that’s the truth!


Honestly, Kos has been better than him this season on the defensive side. But what Vermaelen has that endears him to the us is the passion for the physical battle. He huffs and puffs, screams and shouts, crunches into tackles and jumps straight up and walks away like a motherfucker. It’s the steely determination in his eyes, the ability to score the winner in the 95th minute after running 90 yards from his position.

My favourite player, for sure.


I like vermaelin, he seems like a good guy to have in the squad. I’m probably about to get kills for this but………. I get the feeling song is going to leave soon and I’d like to see tv5 shifted to dm so kos and the BFG can be our starting centre backs.

I think kos is our best cb and the BFG adds some organization and a cool head. Plus having tv in midfield would allow for him to go forward a bit more without leaving us so vulnerable at the arse.

P.s. fuck Cahill.


i have the same feeling about song to.but,fuck it.we are not letting him leave.he’s still got a lot of things to prove and as long as wenger is there he shouldn’t leave.
for once players show their loyalty to wenger and let him do his job in the summer.

Midfield Corporal

I’m thinking Song is on his way too. Has anyone ever heard him speak? I imagine he sounds like Forrester Gumps mate Bubba.



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