Wenger praises goal hungry defenders, but sounds warning

Thomas Vermaelen

Thomas Vermaelen has scored more league goals this season than Fernando Torres. The Belgian does love a goal and while his willingess to get on the end of crosses has drawn praise from Arsene Wenger, the manager wants to find the right balance between attack and defence.

In today’s Match Day Programme, Wenger says, “I like him to go forward on set-pieces but I don’t like that we are caught on the break. The first job of a centre back is to not concede goals.

“But he has a nose in the box to find a goal where it is needed and I must say he is a good finisher. He is the only one, along with Robin, who gets on the end of crosses with headers. When you see him head the ball you have hope that he will score because he really goes for it.”

Six goals this season makes him Arsenal’s joint third highest scorer, alongside Mikel Arteta, behind Robin van Persie and Theo Walcott.

Meanwhile, left back Andre Santos should have added to his tally against Wigan on Monday night, and his love of getting forward adds another dimension to our attack, but does leave us a bit exposed at the back.

Wenger is enjoying the Brazilian’s contributions but says that there’s little to choose between him and Kieran Gibbs.

“I like to have a battle because we had many injuries and now Gibbs is back. In the last game I still had a doubt that he was completely ready but it is still a battle there.

“In every game it is an interesting choice but that is part of being a big club as well. You want the fight.”

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George Blazenby

Concuss me with planks!


It does hurt that we are so vulnerable to the counter but our proper back four are lightening quick – I think we will be much less vulnerable next season. It’s good that Santos will have to fight with Gibbs for a place. I have a suspicion that he could get complacent otherwise.
Same for Walcott too – I want to see Wenger start Ox on the right a few times so that Walcott will know that everytime he is on the pitch, he will have to give more than the occasional good performance to ensure he keeps his starting place in the squad. I think the C word applies to Theo more than anyone else.
Enough of the self flagellation – lets all hope the “other” Theo turns up and plays a blinder today. COYG


Tell that to Alex Song too Boss. We should be keeping clean sheets first, anything the defenders and defensive midfielders achieve aside that is a bonus.


Just seen the chavs team. So absolutely no excuses today.

Old man grape

why so negative before kick off?

Old man grape

OX in starting line up!¬


lets hope for a committed, and clever performance from our lads out there today.

and a bit of luck would do as well ^^

van persism should b a religion
van persism should b a religion

The verminator will score against chelsea today. I want 100 Likes and a comment from arseblog if this happens.

Bobby Pires
Bobby Pires

Love this guy


On todays game
1. Thank goodness for vanpersie’s shitty performance, maybe suitor teams will back of now and he will be doomed to stay with us forever.

2. Tap running dry For rvp perhaps??, plus his calmness infront of goal seems all but lost.

3. Gervinho should definetly start ahead of chambo. Kid’s got much to learn, but would do well with a cameo off the bench.

4. No stick for ramsey today, direct that to rvp, trust me he needs it.

5. Kos the boss.

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

With Sp*ds and “I am England Manager” and Co going down at Q.P.R, I think it sort of puts us in a very strong place for third……………Newcastle may seem to be level with us, (three points behind with a game in hand) but they next travel to Stamford Bridge host City and travel to the Goodison, so they are bound to drop points in all those games, and with Chelsea now effectively 4 behind us, two wins would really do the trick for us. Its no way in the bag by any means though, and while two more points would not only have been helpful but also deserved but on the whole one can’t really complain about the weekend.

Spurs should win all their remaining games, but on their present form it would take a brave man to bet on it, but the fixtures are not daunting on paper at all and sadly that being coupled with Newcastle’s tough run in would mean the end of their run…….I really wanted Newcastle to spoil Sp*ds party, but sadly they seem to have too many difficult games suddenly piling up on them and from our point of view its a good thing, as the more the trailing party especially the one closest to you drops points the better. As much as I would love Newcastle to finish ahead of Sp*uds I would rather have us clinch our top three berth ASAP, and that will happen if the others drop points as well.

We have two potentially huge banana skins in Stoke and West Brom away and having the trailing party also drop points would be great. After the El Classico we can rile out Chelsea winning the CL, I mean Barca only have the CL to go for this season and I can almost feel sympathy for Chelsea because Barca are really gonna come at them hard.

I don’t know y I wrote so much and how much of it made sense…….lol a little too much alchohol today evening it seems.