Robin happy at Podolski arrival


Skipper Robin van Persie has welcomed the signing of Lukas Podolski, telling Sky Sports News he’s ‘a really good player’.

Robin was speaking ahead of tonight’s Football Writers Association dinner, where he’ll pick up his Player of the Season award, and said that the arrival of the German international is something everyone at the club is happy about.

“He is a really good player, an experienced player and he has been in the game at the highest level for more than eight years,” he said. “I know that he has played 91, 92 times games for Germany, which says it all. He had a little trip to Munich a couple of years ago and then came back to Cologne.

“He is a great player and a great character to have around because he’s a winner. When we played against Cologne in pre-season you could see that he’s a winner.

“Even though it was a friendly he was doing absolutely everything to win and we are very happy that he’s coming to Arsenal.”

All going well, Robin and Lukas will be linking up in the Arsenal attack next season, and despite winning both Player of the Year awards this season, van Persie is not content to rest on his laurels.

“I ask a certain standard of my game, that’s not something new. I always ask myself to provide assists, to score goals and help my team-mates out.

“This year and the second part of last season has gone really well. I always ask those standards of my game.”

Two games left this season, let’s hope he can keep it going until he gets the help he needs next season.

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Good news for everyone in the arsenal camp. Now van Persie resigning will be even better news


I am sure you mean re-sign. Thumbs up for you 🙂


lol god yes, hope that’s a typo and you mean re-signing rather than resigning!!


The captain has spoken!


I’m confident Podolski will being Goatze with him!
(picture is related)


(and before I get about 100 downvotes and angry replies, I don’t actually care much about Gotze or whether he comes to the Arsenal or not…)


Just so you know Gotze had been in the Dortmund setup since he was 8. He plays for the two time defending champs who are also his hometown club. I can’t imagine he’d have any inclination whatsoever to leave Dortmund anytime soon.


You’re dead right. He’s also playing for a cracking side in probably my favourite stadium in the world – their fans are incredible.


Um, did you read that second comment of mine where I explained I didn’t care about Gotze? I’m not putting you down because of the info, I think it’s pretty interesting, but what I meant was that I’m not one of those people that think Gotze is essential for our future and don’t really care if we sign him or not 😛


Ah, more downvotes… To phrase it in a more diplomatic way… “I find your post interesting and informative in regards to the Gotze-joining-Arsenal debate. I however, am not not personally interested in Gotze. Thank you for your post though.”


Yes I did read your other post so it wasn’t necessarily directed at you, I’m just on a personal crusade to try and get the idea of Gotze coming here out of as many Arsenal supporters heads as possible. He seems to be the player mentioned most by Arsenal fans when it comes to who we should target this summer, but there is chance in hell we sign him. Even though we have no chance whatsoever I know there are going to be some fans that will complain we didn’t get him for the simple fact that they expect him… Read more »


Who gives a flying fuck about Goetze? we’ve got the real Dortmund midfield Mystro in our team already. tomasssssssssssssssss


Hahahah funny!

Master Bates

“I know that he has played 91, 92 times games for Germany, which says it all

RvP is very good with the numbers , the other day he said Walcott has assisted him like 12 times . I think he reads Arseblog’s ‘by the numbers’.


Robin resign and #Gunners frontline next season will be unstoppeble…


Robin’s not the only one happy at Podolski’s arrival.

Goldi Poldi Halleluia
Goldi Poldi Halleluia etc
Lu-lu-lu-Lukas Podolski
Lu-lu-lu-Lukas Podolski
Lu-lu-lu-Lukas Podolski….



RvP + Podolski = MURDER SCENE

Pele of Romford

I know everyone’s made up about the arrival of lukas, concerned about finishing 3rd and the captain’s contract. Myself included. However, something else happened in the last couple of days. Sol ‘officially’ retired. I’m confident blogs will do a nicer piece on him but I wanted to say a bit. Sol (for me anyway) was the last of the gladiators we had at Arsenal. Time will tell whether we have others. I remember him walking with arsene after signing and I was like ‘what the fuck!’ I mean I heard the rumours he might sign for us but didn’t in… Read more »


^ This.


As soon as I had read the piece about Sol calling time on his playing career I was thinking “now this is the defensive coach we’ve been missing.”. Let’s offer him a spot back at the Arsenal. Imagine the sort of things he’d be able to share with our youth team…

The Red Cannon

Sol, my favorite Arsenal player ever, basically for the reasons you have so eloquently elucidated.

One point, though. I don’t think he’s the last Arsenal gladiator. I think similarly about the way Kos fights & works his ass off to win every ball. He’s not as much of a huge beast as Sol was, but he has just as much fight in him. But regardless, we’ve gotta love these kinds of players at Arsenal, even while we revel in the trickery of Cesc or Rosicky, the blinding pace of Henry or Theo, or the sublime skill of Bergkamp or RvP.


Spot on. Actually got goosebumps reading that.

Well played

Eric Irish gunner

Well said pele he was an arsenal legend

Trex d' Gunner

If the captains word can be taken into account from this article, then he will definitely re-sign. Wonderful news for all Arsenal fans worldwide


Rosicky van lucas gunner getchya……..
lethal trio i tells ya!!!.


Nice. Thanks for this Pele. Both for the post and for letting me know Sol had retired.

He was a giant for us. I can remember there were a couple of seasons when, rightly, you just couldn’t read his name in the footie press without it being preceded by “imperious” or “majestic”. His return was short lived but, like you said, helped re-ignite the fire in our belly.


Sorry. This was meant to be in reply to Pele’s post re Sol. The nostalgic tears in my eyes meant I pressed wrong buttons on this stupid gadget.

the don

A front 3 of ….Podolzki …V perise..walcott ……could be a killer .

with v perise has got a bit of everything
podolzki knows where the net his and his got alottt of power in his shots
and with walcotts speed.

that front 3 could be the best in the league next year.

and maybe Alex playing in the center of midfiled.

things could be good.

Naija Gunner

I think he’s gonna stay, and our front line will be a devastating to any opponent.


Van persie’s favorite word “a couple”


Thats 2 words


You mean… “a couple” of words?

Old man grape

Spell check kinda killed a few people’s posts here:-)
Rvp again showed what a class act he is tonight at the awards.
Two games left then I switch off my computer til he re-signs.
Can’t take the constant speculation. Gonna sunbathe instead:-D


I know what you mean here. Might watch the euros and Olympics, but likely will only read the transcripts to ensure no one gets injured.
This season in the mls I don’t even have the pleasure of seeing Mr. Henry in Colorado again, as they reorganized the fixtures and new york don’t visit the rapids… Did get to heckle keane though, the twat.


It’s been a while since we had a solid striker partnership(Adebayor-injury free Van Persie) so I have high hopes next season. Just need a creative attacking midfielder and we will be banging in goals next season!

[…] that option if we need it, we shall see next season no doubt. Meanwhile, the skipper himself was full of praise for the new arrival: He is a great player and a great character to have around because he’s a winner. When we played […]

[…] that option if we need it, we shall see next season no doubt. Meanwhile, the skipper himself was full of praise for the new arrival: He is a great player and a great character to have around because he’s a winner. When we played […]