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Arsenal are tough negotiators, says Vela’s agent

Carlos Vela is likely to move away from the club on a permament basis this summer, having spent a successful season on loan at Real Sociedad. However, his agent, Eduardo Hernández says he’s still waiting to hear from Arsenal and that it comes to negotiation time, they’re not the easiest to work with.

Speaking to El Mundo Deportivo, Hernández said, “I am waiting for the call from Arsenal to find out what their intentions are with respect to Carlos. I can’t meet with Real as long as they don’t tell me what they want to do.

“But the summer is long and it’s hard to know when you can complete a deal like this.”

Sociedad’s pre-season training begins in a little over two weeks time and it’s unlikely that anything will be sorted by then, with Hernández admitting he hasn’t spoken to Vela in a number of days. It’s clear the Mexican would be interested in staying with the Basque club though.

“We’ve talked about the situation. He was very comfortable with Real and has said several times that he would like to continue there. ”

Ultimately though, it’s up to Arsenal and this isn’t the first time this summer we’ve heard Vela’s agent say he’s waiting on the club to make a decision regarding Vela.

“They’re a tough nut to crack when it comes to negotiation,” he said, “but we’re in no hurry.”

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Capt. Thiba ♚

Good player, but if we get a decent fee for him,

Adiós Carlos

big dawg

Everyones making fun of Bendtner, too busy to read this article. Sorry.


As we are unlikely to get a good fee from sociedad, I think we should be reluctant to make contact with Vela’s agent. Put him in the shop window, and whoever pays the fee we would like can have the player.



The club could NOT be dicks and just let the player go to a club he wants to stay at and who actually want him for a reasonable fee that will be hashed out amicably by the respective representatives, thus preserving good will on all sides.




Why should we, as a club, care about the happiness of a player who is overpaid, has not performed when given the opportunity, and bad-mouthed the club in the press? IMO its in the interest of the Arsenal to collect as much money for a player who is surplus to the requirements of the squad and someone who the club has invested so much time and money in.


It’s tough because Real Sociedad are broke, £3-4m and a future sell clause and we’d be happy to offload him but not for free ffs.

An option on their Griezmann chap would be nice too.

Master Bates

that griezmann fella is really good..on football manager . I’ve never seen him


he’s got some informs on fifa ultimate team too


Wow Vela looks almost exactly like Aguero in that pic. Hey maybe we can kidnap Aguero from Shitty and send them Vela in his place instead. They prolly wouldn’t even notice cause Nasri, Balotelli, Clichy and Tevez would be fighting over who’s the bigger cunt all the time


Clichy? What did he do?


He moved club.

NO-ONE leaves us!




I didn’t feel anything towards Clichy when he left, but he became a cunt in my books when he talked about how he ”made the right decision to move” after winning the title.

I will never understand why footballers do that. Is it too much to ask for some appreciation for the club which gave you international recognition which started your career in the first place?

That’s prolly one reason why I’m not that pissed towards Cesc. Yea his transfer was disappointing to say the least, but at least he doesn’t bad mouth us at every press interview.


he reminds me of a young Lenny Henry

the only sam is nelson

More transfer headlines that turn out to be non-stories

it’s enough to drive me caracas

*gets poncho*

Brian Mendoza

Caracas is in Venezuela, not Mexico

The more you know


don’t ruin his joke, regardless of accuracy it was enjoyable

the only sam is nelson

sorry my geographic ignorance means my pun gets such a chilli reception

AFC A.k.a Pulco

Maybe we’ll buy Santa Cruz instead. Gosh that joke was so lama! Back to watching TV and finish that Montevideo…


I’m Dick Law, Bitch!

Dick Law, Bitch

you’ve got some explaining to do.


Vela’s going?, Oh no, oh no, oh no,
Me: oh yes.


Their only tough negotiators because they won’t let Carlos go for a handful of buttons.

Cygan's Right Foot

Are they giant buttons? If so, I think we should accept. Normal sized buttons are a waste of chocolate





Yes, I just noticed. Doh!

Merlin's Panini

Surely his agent only negotiates with the other club and we deal with the other club regarding the fee? Don’t we just contact him when we receive an offer for him that we find acceptable, otherwise I’m sure Dick and Ivan have plenty of other stuff to be getting on with.


Me: Hello sir, I found this chin on the floor, is it yours?
Nasri: Chin? What’s that?


Platt: Free chins? I want more!


Reminds me of the old gag when Newcastle said they were thinking of bringing in some new faces……….and Peter Beardsley asked if he could have one.


Q: Why did the mexican push his wife off the bridge?

A: Te-quil-a

Even crap jokes like this are more interesting then reading more pointless news about Vela….

I like sausages.


How do you like ’em?, hard and long?

(and yes your name didn’t help)


a look @griezmann http://youtu.be/uGmCKmtMCVA


Ar=how much would we pay for him.
y=years left on contract.
£2M=two million pounds
Av=actual value



get outta here with your fancy pantsy math


I fear he he might stay if Theo leaves.


we give a fuck all about your fears.stop being fickle.


Tough negotiators? Barca think otherwise…


Limpar called GG that working under him was like being in the saddam regime. He said the guy was pure swine and that he was very very arrogant


watching France – Sweden. Mexes < Koscielny.


it really isn’t even close


Two things i’ve learned today
England is parking the bus against Ukraine
Mexes is complete and utter shit


“England is parking the bus against Ukraine”

They’ll be getting a parking ticket for that. I’m sure its wheels are over the line…..


Yup. More proof.


Looks like Blanc is gonna be the next Spurs manager. Kinda gives logic to the whole snubbing Kos so far. Good thing is France will face Spain this weekend, and will likely be knocked out and we can get the Giroud and Mvila deals sorted out!


I’m still hoping they op for AVB. He did wonders for Chelsea, and I’m hoping he can work that kind of magic with spuds’ defense.


I just can’t see a guy sabotaging his own chances at winning the European Championship just because he might be the next Tittenham manager. Besides, Tittenham would be far better served by someone like Sam Allardyce, you know a perennially mid-table and sometimes flirting with relegation kinda manager.


so after yesterdays match uefa have finally decided to bring in the goal line technology by getting two more officials standing inside the goal.So if any case the ball touches that particular official standing beyond the goal line then its a goal ,it was so simple who needs tech?
only i hope john terry retires soon and uefa bring him in as this official so he will be getting the decision right or get booted in the face.

[…] terms of Arsenal news there’s practically nothing happening. Carlos Vela’s agent is talking again about how he’s waiting to hear from us to know what our plans are regarding the Mexican, but […]

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Uh-oh… don’t be too tough on other peeps like Djourou, Denilson, Diaby, Squid… etc. If they go, it is a win-win situation, they should get more game time and we save on wages.

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