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Giroud delighted to join ‘mythical’ Arsenal

Olivier Giroud has given his first interview as an Arsenal player and said he’s overjoyed to join a club he describes as ‘mythical’.

The signing of the French international was officially confirmed today and speaking to Arsenal Player, Giroud said the lure of a club with such history was a big draw for him.

Asked what had drawn him to choose Arsenal over other suitors, he said, “It’s the philosophy of how they play. It’s the way Arsene Wenger brings the ‘touch’ to the team.

“In terms of integrations it better because there are some French players here, but it’s also the spirit of this mythical club … ‘The Gunners’. I’ve always admired that and admire what they’ve accomplished.

“I hope to become part of the history and to do some big things with this team and this club.”

Coming from Ligue 1 can often be a challenge but Giroud is confident he can adapt to the English game, primarily because of Arsenal’s style of play.

“I think the way Arsenal play will suit me. I like scoring goals and Arsenal create a lot of chances, so if I do well, then we will do well.

“Of course, there are big strikers here, it is a big club and there will be a lot of competition for places. But it’s up to me to win my place.”

Giroud is also looking forward to meeting up with his old teammate Laurent Koscielny. The two played together at Tours and will cross streams again next season in red and white.

“I’m happy that he’s here now and that I can join him, and it’s a nice story because we were together at Tours four years ago, and we just missed out on getting promoted into Ligue 1.

“Laurent and I have talked a lot. I asked him about life, the club and the environment of the club. We talked about English football because like I said I’ve wanted to play here since I was a kid.

“It was my dream to play in the Premier League so Arsenal was ideal for me and Laurent told me it was a good choice.”

You can see the full interview with Olivier Giroud on Arsenal Player.

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“I think the way Arsenal play will suit me. I like scoring goals and Arsenal create a lot of chances, so if I do well, then we will do well.”



I really like this guy. He talks the talk. I am looking forward to Arsenal v Stoke!!

Also, is it just me or is everyone lese that our new signings will not have to disappear to the African Cup of Nations when we need them most.


I forgot about that. What odds that we get as lucky as we did last year and that Cameroon fail to qualify again?


Unlikely. Have you noticed that there is a team in the top four that never loses players to the ACN. This team always performs well in the second half of the season. I can’t help feeling that Gerv would be on form now if he hadn’t gone to the ACN. Just my opinion and gut feel – no facts.

gooner from bangladesh

So…Mertesacker helped lure Podolski and Koscielny helped lure Giroud. Looks like our defenders are handy when it comes to this 😀


Whats that then? So youre saying Sceszney can bring is lewandowski… gibbs can bring us Rooney… Andre can bring us Neymar… Hrm… I think we’re on to something.

Master Bates

no not Rooney , I don’t want that granny shagger

gooner from bangladesh

Well you can’t expect every single one of them to lure someone off of their country :\ 2 is enough for a season.


I’d like BFG to lure Ozil as well…


Uh, and Arteta can bring us a whole lot…

damien joyce

i’d actually ask arteta to keep shtum, fuck his compatriots, there’ll be DNA chasing Chavi Hernandez yapping about us to Balague every day, if santi cazorla wanted to come then fair enough but the rest can fucking stay in there broke ass country

Borneo Gooner

Listen to Bosscielny or die. Welcome to The Arsenal, Olivier!!


Stupid keyboard – I can wait until computers dont need them. Blogs – we need an edit feature!!! The last para should have been:

Also, is it just me or is everyone else happy that our new signings will not have to disappear to the African Cup of Nations when we need them most


I’m happy none of our players, regardless of when they signed on, have to leave us for weeks on end for the African Cup of Nations.


I’m happy none of our players are completely chinless cunts.


Signings like this is what we need: someone who’s delighted to join and not just for the sake.

We brough in your best friend koscienly, now you can both settle in and give 10 good years.


Did Park join us for the Sake? I’m partial to a drop myself now and then…


A park named after the great korean footballer????.

Please remind me, I forget.

New Yorker

“It’s the philosophy of how they play. It’s the way Arsene Wenger brings the ‘touch’ to the team.” Bang on! That’s why I love the club too.

Hudson Hornet

I loved the club before Arsene.

And after.

oh during aswell.


Vermelen can’t lure hazard a pity

gooner from bangladesh

yea that’s ’cause hazard’s a spoiled facking whore :e


Okay so I read some comments on some other sites and what the fuck is up with Arsenal fans right now? Listen, I know we love the idea of signings, but here is something I read. “Great addition, but we still need a left back, a goalie, two centerbacks and a midfielder. Then we will be good.” First of all, this shows a complete misunderstanding of the 25 man rule. Second of all, how many players do they think we can put on the fucking field? Third of all, are we all forgetting that Arsenal are not made of money… Read more »


Well, that it might be true that we are not man City and there is a 25 man rule, but it doesn’t change the fact that we do need some of those things.

There is still a lot of business to be done and I’m sure we’ll do it the right and proper way 🙂


In other news, I did watch a video of the lad and he does seem to be quite volleytastic


Yup. A sweet left foot.


I kind of disagree,

sure some thiungs need to be changed, but we can not overlook the fact we have a new first team trainer and new assistant.

It has been our collective defense that has faltered the last couple of seasons, and I think that we already have the personnel to deal with that.

The only thing missing might be another defensive midfielder like M’vila or Cabaye, though the former seems more possible at the moment.

Cheers !


Many of the so-called fan sites are authored by a bunch of bitching old ladies and they attract alot of negative so-called fans. Stop reading these sites. Its not that criticism is bad,its just that they have nothing positive to contribute, ever. Set your homepage to and be happy. Unless your Greek – Mr Bloggs can’t help you with the shit that’s going down in Greece.


What’s wrong with old ladies?

Merlin's Panini

that’s why I don’t read other people’s blogs.

Bendtner's Ego

Quote: “a goalie,”

There’s the problem with this Le Grove-er’s thought process. How is he going to stop any shots with all that leg padding and the waffle blocker?

And how is he going to get any distances on his kicks?!


Clearly, 6 of the readers for this comment are City or Chelsea cunts.


If Arsenal is ‘mythical’ does that mean Vermaelen is a dragon? That would be seriously cool

Merlin's Panini

who would be Medusa?

gunsen gurner

I’ll give you a clue,he has no chin.


Heh, imagine Arsene as the damsel in distress and VP as the knight in shining armor.

Sami Rockfeller

And Arsene Wenger is Merlin.


Brilliant!!!!!!!!! RVP Cant say no if we sign someone to help on the defensive side. If he does, then hes a cunt.


True. I think Van Persie will take one look at Giroud’s face and decide to stay. Excellent charm offensive by the club. Well played, Arsene. Well played.

Only One

The only thing that would make RVP a cunt is if he signed for another premiership club. Nasri is a cunt, Cashley is a cunt, Adebayor is a cunt. Not RVP

damien joyce

i think Ashley Cole really would hav been cpt by now if we’d handled bit better, yeah he left but he was great player for us and we hav yet to replace him with anyone close to his presence on left side. my grudge wiv him is that his leaving set us back a few years cos we took that halfway line sitting cunt gallas as part of deal

larry kamvy

Mythical….oh yeah…….bring on next season.

A. Wenger


Peter Venkman

Giroud is also looking forward to meeting up with his old teammate Laurent Koscielny. The two played together at Tours and will cross streams again next season in red and white

Excellent Ghostbusters reference


lets just hope they dont cross swords


And why would they do that?……….Oh let me guess, Kos girlfriend decides she prefers OLIVIER. Duel!


Ha, I don’t think that was the type of sword he was talking about…


“…will cross streams again…”

Ill advised.



Both at his general attractiveness, and the sexy words he’s saying about The Arsenal.

NornIron Gooner

Look at the chin on him!! Fuckin right. Its almost as big as Na$ri’s face.

#I like


Fuckin’ smash’em Oli.

This lad gives me a chubby.

Good Omens

Hoping he and the rest can turn things from Mythical into Legendary next season.

Show us your cock, Giroud!

Ahem. I mean, welcome to Arsenal.



Welcome to Arsenal Olivier Giroud.

Matt F

For someone with good aerial presence, it’s interesting that Giroud only scored one header for Montpellier last season.


Aerial presence is not measured by goals. When you have a strong header on your team, defenders get attracted to him more, freeing up space for other teammates to attack the ball.

Master Bates

Welcome to Arsenal , the home of the mythical creatures like Diaby


Ooohh, that’s a good one. Thumbs up.

Master Bates

I am not sure if that a genuine praise , I did my best you see


And not forget, we do have Nessie the Loch Ness monster employed as a mascot. Mythical indeed!


or park

Rad Carrot

I’m guessing he means “Legendary” rather than “Mythical”.

Welcome anyway. Looking forward to seeing you scare a few defences!


Media: Robin Van Persie prepares to leave Arsenal as the Gunners continue to show lack of ambition in the transfer market.

Arsenal: *Buys Podolski*

Arsenal: *Buys Giroud*

Media: Robin Van Persie more likely to move as Arsenal line up his replacements.

me: …


arsenal fans: if we don’t buy quality players van persie will leave

arsenal: *buys podolski*

arsenal fans: one isn’t enough!

arsenal: *giroud?*

arsenal fans: too many strikers, now he’s definitely leaving

arsenal fans: way to fuck up


arsenal fans: gOD


this is by far the best thing i have echo the thoughts of every single gooner.cheers mat:D


If…and it’s a big if, RVP stays, does this mean a change in line-up to a 4-4-1-1 system? Podolski on the wing? RVP in ‘Bergkamp’ role? Can’t see how this will work withdrawing RVP from centre forward. Giroud on the bench…..and not a first pick.

Merlin's Panini

Nah, what’s going to happen is that we’ll keep Chamakh, Park, Bendtner and Vela and line up in an outrageous 2-1-7 formation…

or not.
No idea how it’ll work. I don’t really know how quick Podolski or Giroud actually are, and in a way it would be a shame to lose that if Walcott and Gervinho/The Ox are benched. At least one of the new boys has to be a sub if we were keeping RVP surely?


podolski is fast in fifa, and giroud isn’t too quick in fifa. UNLESS you factor in in-forms on ultimate team and then podolski is really fast and giroud is quickish. i play way too much fifa


Has anyone seen him actually play othe Ethan a few garbage minutes in the euros?

I’m not being a negative nancy or anything but to be honest Id never herd of the bloke untill we had him “wrapped up” two weeks ago.

Anyhow, I hope he fucking dominates!

Matt F

Well, if you don’t follow the French league, you’re not going to have heard of him, are you?


And I’ll be the first to admit I don’t follow the French league. I was just curious as to how many people posting have actually SEEN him play.

I’m not sure why the thumbs down. All I said was I’d never seen him actualy plan and that I hope he dominates.

Matt F

And he’s replacing the mythical Park Chu-Young.


Great signing by the club – saw him play a bunch of matches for Montepellier and he pretty much carried them to the title. He’s reasonably quick, strong, good in the air and can shoot. For people thinking he could be like Chamakh, he’s not; not to mention Chamakh had 11 or so goals in Bordeaux’s title run and most of them were off Gourcouff freekicks. But I’m not sure how we’ll lineup as we have some flexibility – 4-3-3 or back to the 4-4-2, the back 4 are kinda sure, save for Vermaalen Vs Mert (my opinion), the midfield… Read more »


The funny thing is that our last title winning team mostly comprised of right-footed players, but now we three forwards whom are predominantly left-footed. Pluss Campbell and Ryo who is left-handed;) A new tactic from mr. Wenger?! He he! Anyways, super excited for next season. Having three top top quality forwards already is something new and I love it! Pre-season isn’t far away either 🙂


One thing I’m hearing nowhere is the idea of RVP playing behind the striker – half AM, half striker. Pod left, Giroud centre, Theo right. Notice how often RVP drops into the midfield – what about using Giroud as the layoff/target guy to play RVP into great positions?


Exactly. Would definately need a DM then though, to sit back when Song goes on one of his runs.

gooner odst

On the subject of ‘mythical’ things, lets NOT give our 2 new lads the number 9 shirt. 🙂


The number nine shirt should be retired and burned in a public ceremony.


Now Arsenal have the undisputed sexiest front three in the league:
RVP, Giroud, Podolski…welcome to all new female Arsenal fans!!


Arsenal now have our very own RPG up front. Robin, Poldi, Giroud.


arsenal. killing terrorists one super sexy missle at a time

kiss my arsenal

‘The lure of a club with such history was a big draw’ think chelsea even thought they had a chance of signing OG9, its laughable!
hopefully great things await in 12/13


Holland tried to play with RVP dropping off deeper with Huntelar up front. Robin was not effective in this formation and looked totally pissed off as he made countless runs only to be ignored, it will need some work if he stays, I hope he does, but if not and Shiteh are willing to pay big bucks lets get the business done early and bring in some more quality


fuck off i say


Difference will be that in Arsenal the team plays for RvP.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

[…] the player himself seemed genuinely delighted to have made the move to our club, and spoke about what it was that attracted him to us: It’s the philosophy of how they play. It’s the way Arsene Wenger brings the ‘touch’ to the […]


It’s a great signing and from what I’ve seen of him he will score goals. Unfortunately due to the early signings of G and Pod, RVP will now leave. Such a shame as those 3 would have been an amazing attacking force. With RVP being allowed to leave we still need the likes of M’Villa. If we don’t sign someone of M’Villa’s quality then I feel the 2 forwards we have bought don’t excuse the loss of RVP and could lead to yet another trophyless season. I hope I’m wrong


Didn’t know signing strikers early meant RvP’s inevitable departure from the club. How did you even come to that conclusion? Geez.

[…] And the second article is from Arsenal Arsenal. Here the author tries to unsort or rather reveal the mythical entity that is Arsenal Football Club. […]


Troll your a fool if you think RVP won’t go!

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