Sunday, December 4, 2022

Montpellier president confirms Giroud Arsenal move

Further evidence has emerged – if it were even needed – that Olivier Giroud is an Arsenal player.

President of Montpellier, Louis Nicollin, confirmed the deal to, saying “I wish him well.”

Nicollin also revealed that Arsenal had paid the full release clause fee, thought to be around €15m, but refused to give more details thus ensuring the ‘for an undisclosed fee’ part of the [Arsenal sign player] template on can be used with traditional impunity.

Despite some rumours, Nicollin said that Marouane Chamakh was not part of the deal, coming after Bordeaux’s president spoke about how a return to his old, far more successful, stomping ground was unlikely.

The only thing missing now is official confirmation from the club, which surely must happen sooner rather than later, and Giroud will join Lukas Podolski in Arsenal’s attacking line-up next season.

There is still clarity required over the contracts of both Robin van Persie and Theo Walcott who, in the light of England’s exit from Euro 2012, could probably find time to have a chat about it when he takes a break from writing his colouring books.

It’s also likely that Arsenal will move on superfluous squad fodder but then we all know that already.

Thanks to @jamiedalton82 for the heads up

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How are we pronouncing Griouds name ? Gee-rood or Gee-roud (sounds like loud)


Well, we don’t call Djourou “JowRaow”, so there…

Master Bates


french people hate consonants


That’s how the announcers on Euro were pronouncing his name. “Gee-rooo”

Makes me think of the Hangover II. “Hell-O”


I’m half french and second Master Bates’ version – Gee-roo.

Mr. G

I’m not at all French and second Master Bates’ version – Gee-roo.


I’m full french and we pronounce it “Giroud”


Oliver giroud!!!!!!!!!

Oliver geeeeeruuuud!!!!!

Owiver giwouuud!!!!!!

We pronounce it the way we want,
Afterall, he is our handsome devil.


Drop the D.



Okay AMIEN I will drop the D.


It’s “Gee-roo”, with “roo” as in “rooney” if you will (could have found a better example but, er…no imagination atm).

But please, “ou” in french is not “oww” 🙂


Roo roo roo your boat….


.. gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily our wage bill must be cleaned.


Commentator: walcott to van persie and the captain lines it up for olivier geeeee…….wow!!! That’s a wonderful goal.

Get it?, olivier geeeee……wow


That is one ghetto fabulous president..

John Murray

If Giroud and Djourou play at the same time, then this will be REALLY confusing b/c their names are pronounced similarly. This surely must be the end of Djourou’s time at Arsenal.


Djourou play, pfft!


Good stuff wenger. Now get M’villa, then put away the cheque book and raise the axe.

Bendtner,chamakh,park,dennilson,squillaci – they need to go.


Let’s hire and minivan and throw in Diaby.

Goon Mate

What’s going to happen to our brand new state of the art health facility then?

Cygan's Right Foot

Abou and Jack are giving it a hell of a work out, that’s what’s happening.

Super Hands

Perhaps with that much cargo, you’ll require men with ven to ship out all that dead weight.


What is with this M’Vila interest?
Did you follow Ligue 1 season at all?
He was poor all season with Rennes. Was awful with Equipe de France during the Euro cup, and had many off-pitch stories we just wished he hadn’t.

In brief, he would be everything but a good signing for us.


Bet you were saying the same about koscienly and where is he now?. You’re a fucking wardy obviously with no life. Ever seen a tree?, go hug three or two and maybe you’l have something useful to do in your life. (which I doubt you have)


Look at M’Vila’s stats. He’s the nearest thing to a young Pirlo in European football, and also has mighty impressive numbers for interceptions, tackles and dribbles against.


Yes, Thomas, it’s always great to receive life lessons by someone smart and wise enough to waste his time insulting people on the internet. Koscielny was impressive during his time in Lorient, but M’Vila is just a disappointment. But you’ll see, Arsene knows best. Lack of trophy seems to have created a whole bunch of frustrated ppl, getting excited about a signing of a player they never heard about 2 weeks ago (who saw a single game of Montpellier? Or seeing “stats” was enough for you?), and wanting a player that is more known for his frequentation of prostitutes and… Read more »


Yes ced, we are allowed to use stats to judge a player. That’s the whole point.
Players like andre santos,koscienly,nasri, I can go on and on- did you know them before they came to the club?- fuck no you didn’t.

The fact that real, arsenal, inter are all interested (plus his impressive stats) in m’villa is enough to tell me he’s something.
So please don’t go around the internet trying to sound like the voice of reason when you clearly have no point. You are an arsenal fan-yes but a shitty one.


So, for all the people who low-rated my comment, or insulted me for saying what I said about M’Vila:



Errrr is this the same player who the French national team is basically built around?


The french team is built around no-one. There are no leader in this team. Especially not M’Vila, who played only one out of 4 games in Euro. Alou Diarra was the key man at this position.

Cygan's Right Foot

Wasn’t he coming back from injury during the Euro’s hence the lack of game time? That would defeat your point though right?


Bendtner is definitely gone. Chamakh is gone, but not sure about Arshavin and J.Y. Park. Arshavin can still be effective as a CAM, especially Rosicky has an injury issue that may affect his form in the beginning of the season. We’re awfully thin in the CAM department. As for Park, I am more inclined to believe Park will stick around at least until the winter transfer, and, if he doesn’t play regularly by then, he will likely be loaned out to a club that has potential to keep him after the loan is over. No more unnecessary comment on Denilson… Read more »


If Arshavin stays it has nothing to do with him being a good CAM or anything else, it’s because we can’t find anyone to take him permanently. The way he tired after less than an hour of every game in the Euro’s, especially when you consider it’s a 5th of the pace of the Premier League, tells you all you need to know really.

Master Bates

I hope announce the signing this year


M’vila in and we’re set.

And we need to sell (give away) Chamack, Squillaci, Djourou, Park, Bendtner, Denilson. It’s a lot of weekly wages that we can get rid of right there.

arsene's bottle of water

Not quite set. There’s a risk we need another keeper too – if Fabianski is so unhappy and Wenger decides to do him a favour and sell him. Then there’s Mannone in the exact same situation. And we don’t have Manuel anymore. So it would be only Sczez!
A reserve goalkeeper would be needed.


And a right back to cover sagna at the start of the season, as much as I love young Jenks I don’t think he’s quite ready yet

That would be why he’s understudy to Sagna and not a starter. Why spend more money on a position we have able cover for?


He looks like the love child of Woody Woodpecker and a tub of lard


arsenal still havent done the medical yet so a biiiit premature. but basically all done


montpellier’s president is phly as phuck


Nice to have Giroud in Arsenal. Le Prof and Mr. Gazidis are truely keeping to their words. M’vila should be next and probably a solid right back as cover for Sagna. That would surely make RvP and Theo sign new deals. Top Gunner4Life!


Would still like to see Vertonghen at Arsenal. Immensely talented, even though he seems to be a bit thick-headed (referring of course to his comments about us). He is versatile too, can play fullback, centerback and midfield and given our injury history/record, we need versatile players. He still hasn’t signed with the Spuds so I’m hoping he’ll come to his senses soon and give Arsene a call.

Cygan's Right Foot

Why don’t we just sign Frey, Melo and Benzema while we’re at it….. The fact he is ready to choose the mashed spuds over us to begin with makes me want to shoot him out of a cannon, which is aimed at ‘Arry’s dog that will damage his money management.


Maybe I know nothing, but these signings can only further state a case for Theo and RVP to re-sign. I don’t know…maybe I am just too attached to Arsenal players….but right now we have a really strong looking squad. Vermaelen Merte and Kos are all starters in CB, sagna needs to come back, but Jenk can do well. We have two decent left backs, our midfield is absolutely stacked now with Jack coming back…we have lots of options on the wings and now through the middle…I guess I just wouldn;t understand wanting to go to a ‘bigger’ club. I am… Read more »


Only just crossed my mind, but if Walcott sees himself as a CF and we’re signing CFs and CF-types, it might not be incentive; quite the opposite, actually. But it’s a thought that literally just flashed through my mind, nothing important…


keep walcott on the wings for the love of god hes a low skill player with a lot of pace. his lucky ass strike in the euro wont help his mindset….


That is most certainly a point.. and he’s said enough times that he does. I rather hope Theo will stay, yes he can be as frustrating as hell but there’s been hints during the last season that he’s turning the corner a bit. Just have this horrible vision of him moving to Chelsea next year or somewhere else then suddenly turning his occasional flashes of awesomeness into a really regular thing.


Lucky strike? Didn’t you hear the boy? It had a Ronaldo like dip!


fair point Eddy….fair. I wonder how him basically not playing for England will effect his mentality. Thoughts? Good or bad towards Arsenal?


Man this summer sure is wierd, in a good way!


Well, RVP claimed he wanted to see the club make those kinds of moves before he signed. I should think that if this was poker, the club just called his bluff.

The Davies

Another cracking signing to add to Podolski. All we need now is M’Villa, or another DM, and M’fucking chuffed

*gets coat*

Brian Mendoza

I demand that Wenger use that hairstyle in red and white. This is not up for discussion. Make it happen.




Walcott—–Van Persie—–Podolski


That’s a side capable of winning trophies, no doubt.

Master Bates

why do people assume if we sign players we MUST start them , I am sure he’ll still be useful even if he had his handsome tushie on the bench


Honestly, I don’t care how you pronounce his name as long as he’s playing for Arsenal!!!

Hurry up with the medical and put pen to paper. While you’re at it have M’Vila getting a medical at the same time and they can use the same pen to sign for us. Get that shit done ASAP and show RVP why he’s staying!

He posed on a gay magazine, Giroud, Giroud!
He’s got a chin and he doesn’t wear a snood, Giroud!
Nasri’s a cunt and he’s from France.
But so is Giroud and he’s not a cunt,
Ooooo-lllliii-vvverrr-errrr, OLIVER GIROUD!

Pascal Cygan's anal beads


Merlin's Panini

how about:
Nasri’s an ugly little shit
but Olly Giroud is really fit.

oh, and it’s Olivier, not Oliver. Sorry for being anal.


Why do you hate me so much?

Merlin's Panini

cos you’re a bit of an arse.


mvilla will play anchor and song will play right wing until sagna returns lol




Wonder if Wenger will play Giroud and RVP together. Assuming RVP stays, of course.


RVP can go to the dutch oven and burn,we need loyal players who pay back the loyality shown to them.we make stars .

Van Persie should commit suicide in agony by jumping into an oven, and not just any oven but one from his native country (presumably away from your country)?

I think you’re a sick man.

Says the man with a username like that…

Cygan's Right Foot

You do know what a dutch oven is right??? I doubt he’ll burn, maybe gag a bit but that’s it

I’m sure Van Persie can fit his chocolate leg inside a Dutch oven.


Death by Dutch oven.

Well… that’d be a hell of a way to go, I guess.


M’Vila or Etienne Capoue, keep Robin, Song and Theo and we shouldn’t worry about what the clubs around us do….oh and of course burn some dead wood


hey does anybody remember that youtube video arseblogger linked to in one of his blogs some time back on the experience of going to watch arsenal play live. It was a night game and had classical music playing in the background, desperately trying to find it..


I might try that some time.

Last time I went to see Arsenal play at night all I could hear were the fucking nobheads behind me bitching for the whole 90 about how shit Song/Kos/Theo/Wenger was and how they should all be sacked immediately.

Next time I’ll make sure I have my iPod and a good pair of headphones.

Clock End Mike

if wenger goes on and signs m’villa and then robin,theo,song re-sign after this
we should be chanting ‘we got what we want’ next season.

Rad Carrot

He’s not signed yet – at least, not officially.

Don’t get me wrong, really exciting news, but I refuse to celebrate and welcome him until we get the official word he’s an Arsenal player.


Spoken like a true Arsenal fan.


Thank you! True stuff, though.

I do the same thing when watching internationals. I remember in our 5-1 win against the Hun, I was so sure we’d still lose until the 93rd minute.

Merlin's Panini

wow. Freddie Ljungberg’s put on some weight hasn’t he?




Osama Bin Laden sent out a new video to prove he was still alive. In it he said Spurs were rubbish recently. Britsh intelligence have dismissed it saying: ”That could have been recorded anytime in the last 8 years”


don’t you mean that it could have been recorded anytime, ever.


I met this really kinky girl last night. ‘Humiliate me,’ she said … So I bought her a Spurs jersey.


I’m very happy about this! The whole of last year we never had a plan B. We sometimes even threw the BFG up in the opposition box if we were not winning, hopefully with Giroud we can have a plan B.

On the M’Vila note I would be over the moon if it happend, but a little part of me thinks, what will happen to my favourite Coq?


Cup games, rotation in the first team, utility right back, or a loan to a EPL club. I don’t think his development will be that much affected as people claim it will be. Arsene knows what he’s doing.




Not cool man..trying to kill a chicken while its trying to balance on a beach ball, that’s animal cruelty.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Chocolate Leg

Exciting times to be a gooner! Cannot wait for preseason to start. M’Vila reminds me quite a lot of Gilberto in that he doesn’t really attempt anything flash. He doesn’t fly into tackles really either – he just focusses on positioning himself as the point of the defensive press.he’s always where he’s supposed to be and its this kind of midfield discipline that we’ve lacked since the departure of flamini. I think signing him may prove even more critical than giroud or podolsk. Arsenal could win the fucking league next season, and manuel’s beard that gets the adrenaline pumping! Fuck… Read more »


Yeah we gottaaooLIVER.

Usmanov's Larva


You promise me Arsenal and M’vila. Buy now! No want French Gerrard cause English one is crap!

Cygan's Right Foot

Is this comedy where you come from?

[…] Montpelier president and lunatic Louis Nicollin has confirmed Olivier Giroud’s departure. Again, there’s no fee quoted but speculation that Wenger met the player’s release clause, which has been reported at between 10m to 15m euros. […]


RVP behind Giroud!!!! Not in a gay way, but in football terms..we gonna be unstoppable, already love this man and only watched him play 12 sad french minutes


Giroud’s French
Frimpong’s Dench
And Nasri’s on the bench!


And you get a thumb up.


off tune—
easy fix
Giroud is French
Frimpong is Dench
And Nasri still sits on the bench

Adekunle: ilorin

My brother recently asked me the most weird thing i could do in my lifetime, and i replied ‘ be a spur fan’. Pffffffff………. Hurrible is’nt it?


Not much of an imagination eh? I can think of about twelve million things weirder than that I could do. Here one example: I could dress up in a chicken costume and go to work and ask all my co workers I’ve they’d like to have lunch in a dodgy Mexican restaurant then eat a bottle of laxatives and take the bus home.

Supporting spurs is just stupid.


Small worry. While it would be ever so nice to daydream over RVP, Giroud, Podolski, Walcott, Gervinho, and Alex OC all being on the pitch at the same time, there is another possible narrative being played out here. That Wenger is already resigned to letting Robin and Theo leave the club. Of course, it could just be good planning given what happened last year, and the options Podolski and OG9 now give Wenger in relation to RVP. But if that’s the case then it’ll have to be funded with Bendtner going, Vela going, maybe Arshavin, Park, and Chamakh* also. And… Read more »


Just because it has happened in the past, doesn’t mean it’ll happen again.

If we lose Robin and Theo, it’d be troubling – but we’d need to cross that bridge when we come to it. I’m enjoying the positivity that’s revolving around the club at the moment; it makes a change from several years of nothingness. Enjoy it, and hope that we can keep our best players to make a serious challenge next season.


the thing is, if we lose rvp and theo we will bring in money and with that money we can certainly improve the whole squad, i don’t want them to leave, but it really isn’t that bad if they do


I hope I’m wrong, but it looks like RvP is going. But so are the likes of Arshavin, Bendtner and Vela, so we should have no problem in funding the wages of the newcomers.


the fact that some fans are resigned to losing rvp,theo or song shows that they are classless.
i don’t understand this ‘it’s ok,we can use this money’,
‘oh him.he’s replaceable’,
‘he is not bigger than the club’ attitude.
what the hell are you guys talking about.
yes we are in the champions league and we have had the best summer in terms of transfers so far or atleast in terms of the feeling we get.
why do some of you guys wanna ruin that feeling.

Jim Deen

“superfluous squad fodder ”

Now that’s one tasty sounding vegetable.


For horses I think, nasri surely is familiar with that, him being a horse-faced cunt and all.


Who’s this Na$ri y’all keep talking about? Is he a footballer?


From what I have seen, this nasri character is a less than astute critic of French sports journalism and certainly not a footballer.

Romford Pele

He came to us when Nasri went,
Giroud Giroud.
He’s got a chin and isn’t bent,
Giroud Giroud.
Giroud is French and Frimpong’s dench and Samir Nasri’s on the bench.
Oliver Giroud (and Nasri’s still a cunt).

[…] Giroud. Despite it being as done as a deal can be without being officially signed, there was further confirmation from the President of Montpellier who wished Giroud well, said Arsenal had paid the full release clause (around €15m) and that […]

Lord Teddy Ears

I want this guy to do our contract negotiations and head up the PR department what a hair dooooooo !!!!

Thats made my day 🙂

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