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Squillaci Bastia deal edges closer

Sebastian Squillaci is on the verge of a move to newly promoted Ligue 1 side Bastia.

According to France Football, Squillaci has traveled to Corsica for discussions with talk of a one year deal, plus an option for a further year. It is believed he will be allowed move on a free transfer from Arsenal despite having another 12 months to run on his current deal.

Squillaci arrived from Sevilla in the summer of 2010, fitting the age and experience profile Arsenal required at that time. However, his time at the club has been less than successful and he made just 6 appearances last season due to a combination of injury and lack of form.

Arsenal’s apparent willingness to let him go on a free transfer is a sign that the club are ready to take a financial hit to streamline the squad this summer.

Meanwhile, one of Nicklas Bendtner’s agents says that there is worldwide interest in the player after his Euro 2012 exploits. The bid Dane raised his profile through a couple of goals and some lucky underpants and he’s now got plenty of options to choose from.

“The interest is overwhelming, just as it should be after the way Nicklas performed at Euro 2012,” said agenty bloke.

“We are getting closer day by day. We are not commenting on individual deals at the moment, but it is fair to say the interest in Nicklas is global.”

Arseblog News fully expects him to move to Timbuktu United by the end of the week.

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Le Squid, we wont miss you!


Le squid?????

Is that one of those chinese dishes?


My bad…
Now where is that Balrog again?


Good to see that the club are willing to suffer a financial dent just to make room in the squad. The looks of it are that the club learned from last summers lessons. COYG

why is my name required


this doubles the chances of us making one more signing!


Because we’re going to spend money to replace someone who made 6 appearances last season despite a defensive injury crisis that went on for 2 months? 😛


More because we overpay the donkeys on our squad to a ridiculous extent.


This “overpaid donkeys” is a load of bollocks and just shows the short-sightedness of some people. I strongly doubt that players would agree to come to Arsenal if the first discussion on personal terms is “I am only willing to pay you crap wages in comparison to what you could get somewhere else just in case the potential that you have shown that prompted us to buy you turns out,two years into your contract, to not be there after all and we are in a situation where you are then earning twice as much as you should be and we… Read more »


Every year TGSTEL and his Dad are talking to everyone and everyone is interested and they cannot say anything yet and blah, blah, blah…


TGSTEL? The Greater Spotted Toast Eating Lemur?

Forgive my N00biness.

Happy Gunner

The Greatest Striker That Ever Lived. He’s a legend already.

Runcorn Gooner

Bendntner’s agent says “He has suitors all over the world”
Just as long as they will shell out the
right transfer fee they can come from
Mars for all I care

larry kamvy

I will never forgive bendtner for that miss against barca…..overated twat..


Have you forgiven Henry for those misses against Barca in a CL final? Strikers miss all the time. Stop hating.

Lukas podolski

I will get yee into the final and then I will score all my chances.
No misses!!!!!


and what about his goal against sp*rs?


Did you ever forgive Fabregas for that backheel that ended up being a Barca assist? Enquiring minds want to know.

Merlin's Panini

To be honest I still can’t believe he did that. It was fucking stupid. I still like Cesc, but fucking hell. What was he thinking? It was like he got possessed by Eboue or something.

Bendtner's Ego

I still think about that back heel with disgust.

So, no.

gooner from bangladesh

We’d need a decent fifth choice then? I’d prefer promoting Miquel :e


Didn’t work out, at times to a pretty damaging level. But all the best for the future, Squiddy.


It’s a shame Squillaci didn’t turn out to be the player we expected. And that is one of the problems, the expectation level at a club like arsenal is so high. Many fail to make the grade. At the time he arrived we needed a experienced late 20’s defender to come in and ad depth to a weakened back line. On paper he was exactly that, and a bit of a bargain to boot. AW has had some amazing successes in the past with that kind of transfer. Sagna and Eduardo being a case in point. Ed was looking to… Read more »


That’s more like it.


Youtubed Squillaci’s goal for us if any and this is what I found, sums it up for me really – . But he’s still not Silvestre so I’ll wish him good luck.


Saw him score the only goal of the game for us, in a truly turgid 1-0 victory against stoke. It was scrappy, he didn’t look happy, and 80 minutes of no fun later neither was I. But ah well, the man’s played in a Champions League final, he”d been a very decent perform and a large number of clubs, he wasn’t really over the hill when we bought him, I don’t think anyone could have foreseen it turning out this badly. It’s strange how recently when we’ve bought these fundamentally solid players we”d been buying for a while to flesh… Read more »


What bums me is how can a man who spotted the likes of Sagna and Koscielny go this bad on Squillaci..


Squid,pls pack your bags well so as not to forget anything that would make you come back to london
TGSTEL its good that you have global recognition,just make 10M cash for us and that would be great.great Dane


Timbuktu United,,, yeah yeah sure.. he will be a superstar of superstars there.


Thank god for that. One down, five to go and with global interest in Bentner his stock could rise to £20m (yer right). Still the best thing for us is to re-sign RVP and I feel thats only going to happen if quality new signings are completed in the coming weeks. Giroud and one more might convince him. COYG!


Hey giroud, Is it true you’re joining arsenal?


Starting to talk in the 3rd person already, are you giroud. Maybe u have a little greatest striker in you, yourself… Or some Wallcott


timbuktu utd….lol

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

larry kamvy

Thierry made up for those misses by signing a new contract with us…….he knew deep down that he let us down……………arturo lupoli is better than bendtner….FACT.


Lesson learnt via almuni affair. if they had reduced their asking price or indeed let him go years back, then they would not have needed to pay him mega bucks for several years only to release him on a free.


Bye guys 🙁

Please remember me for the goals I scored against Partisan and Stoke and not anything else.


I’ve always wondered why you looked distressed after scoring a goal, then it dawned on me that they were all in the wrong net.

And for that, thankyou and goodbye.


Bench buddies for life, Seb!!!


Timbuktu remember to fold in your wing mirrors and provide free pizza for TGSTEL



The Arsenalolic

Can I pls help pack his lagguages and give him a free drive to the airport ?
Jeez the best news if Squila leaves

D Fresh

How is old nick overrated….nobody rates him
Which is a tad unfair I think.Hes better than Chamakh and should of been the one we kept last season.

David Brent

just sprained my back after doing a couple of cartwheels.

Lord Teddy Ears

I wish both these guys the best of luck elsewhere and hope the money we free up goes to players that can help us win some silverware any silverware I dont care.

Come on Arsene hand in the pockets mate buy buy buy


Yay!! Can we also retire the No.18 shirt when he leaves. Previously worn by Mikel Silvestre, Pascal Cygan…

Olufemi loveth

No 18 jersy shld be given to johan jor


Au revoir, mon douche (copyright D. Trotter). As for TGSTEL, he´s clearly a target for the world´s fastest growing top flight, the Honduran Super League (I believe there´s an Arsenal there in division 2, so he should find his level)… Jokes aside, I can´t help but feel that his attitude has cost him any chance of a career with us. Let´s face it, he isn´t exactly devoid of talent or confidence (a la Chamakh/Park), so it was set up for him to achieve had he really wanted it. In the end he only wanted to show the world his pants,… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

thanks for, erm, everything Squillster…


Giroud let’s see how he perform 1st before we get excited


Free transfer? Surely we can at least get a bag of burritos for the lad.

Hudson Hornet

Free transfer?

Haha fantastic work.


Every time I hear of Squillaci–or Bendtner, or any of the other deadwood, I think of the title of one of Dr, Seuss’s books: “Marvin K. Mooney, Will You PLEASE LEAVE NOW!”


Give squillacis place in the 25 man squad to 4 players. one over 21 botelho and 3 under yennaris bartley and miquel. that way we cover at least 5 positions just by shifting one player who couldnt even play one position. a few more moves lile this would be good. how about giving benayouns squad place to lansbury campbell afobe and ryo again one over 21 player out and at least 5 positions covered. whilst benayoun and squillaci are experienced players i would take the 8 players mentioned instead.

Metal Man Thing's Mate

I think Squids looks rather like Bez from the Happy Mondays in that pic.

[…] are letting all and sundry know who’s available (if it wasn’t obvious enough already). Sebastian Squillaci moves closer and closer to a move to newly promoted Ligue 1 side Bastia (which is where we got Alex Song from, I think). […]

[…] listening to). Sebastien Squillaci, who at one time looked just the kind of defender we needed, could soon be heading to Bastia, newly promoted to French Ligue 1. Now with the arrival of Giroud, departures for Marrouane Chamakh and Park Ju-Young look quite […]

[…] Sébastian Squillaci is being linked with SEC Bastia who were recently promoted to Ligue 1.  We’re also apparently so keen in offloading […]

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