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Bendtner agent hints at Arsenal stay

Nicklas Bendtner’s new advisor Tom Brookes has stressed that he and his client are not in a rush to sort the Dane’s future with a possible Arsenal stay still apparently an option.

Refusing to be drawn on a link with AC Milan, Brookes, who works for International Sports Management, gave an update to TV 2 Sporten:

“I can certainly say that the interest is there. I cannot say from whom. I have no authority to disclose such confidential information, but it is as you would expect with Nicklas.

“He has a good age, he’s a top player, and on top of a good European championship tournament, he is obviously one that many clubs would like to have in the squad. So it is natural that clubs will be interested as they are. But which clubs I can not say. ”

Not included in Arsenal’s squad for the tour of Asia, Bendtner has remained in London this week to work on his fitness and to pick over possible contract offers.

“I think it is in everyone’s interest that the sooner we know what will happen next season, the better,” continued Brookes.

“That being said, it is important to make the right choices so that all parties are happy.

“There is no panic or desperation to get clarification as soon as possible, it is about doing the right thing for Nicklas’ career – whether it be at Arsenal or somewhere else.

“It’s an important year for Nicklas. He has a good age, he is harmless, and he is fully charged after a good holiday. So he’s ready. Now we just need to find out where he should play.”

Arseblog News think it is interesting that Bendtner’s agent should even hint at a possible stay at the Emirates given the player’s apparent determination to secure regular first team football. Of course, with Robin van Persie seemingly on his way out, Olivier Giroud and Lukas Podolski as yet untested in the Premier League, and the likes of Ju-Young Park and Marouane Chamakh also tipped for exits, there remains an outside chance that Arsene Wenger views the 24-year-old as an attacking option this season.


Cheers to @RYO_cleverfish for the heads up

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Dolgion Ch.

man that fucking agent is talking and talking and talking. “the interest is definitely there, I cannot say from whom”, “he’s a top top player”, “we have several offers”. just fucking get him transferred and be done with it!

What's my name?

The question is, why do Arsenal seem to struggle more than many other clubs to sell off unwanted players and yet frequently lose our best players with annoying ease?

Looks like we’ll again be paying precious wages to players who really ought to be off our books and who contribute little or nothing to our cause (no need to go through the ‘dead-wood’ list of names again).

Truly beggars belief.


Maybe because our unwanted players are also unwanted by other clubs


“The question is, why do Arsenal seem to struggle more than many other clubs to sell off unwanted players and yet frequently lose our best players with annoying ease?”

The answer is simple: we have a fucking idiot manager who can’t seem to grasp the basic concept that a player should be paid exactly what he’s worth; no more, no less.

That’s why we now have about 10 player who we can’t get rid of. And that’s why RvP, Nasri and others are walking out the door.

Casual Observer

re: Fatgooner… This is the same manager who seems to be one of the few who can grasp the concept that clubs should only make financial decisions within their means?

Midfield Corporal

It’s because we pay our average players too much and our good ones not enough. The wage structure at the club is our major problem IMO.
That said, if we sorted out the wage structure, I think it would solve the issue of not being able to ship out the dross as they would no longer hang around just to pick up their fat pay cheque, however I think we’d still lose our star players, if we offered them £200k a week Citeh would offer £250K.

gun powder

if you have fairly less resources than the rivals and established powers, coupled with you high ambition which “victory via harmony”, you have to be patient and accept that you will be screwed sometimes.


Blah, blah, blah, Arsene Wenger dumb, blah, blah, blah, Arsene not smart, blah, blah, blah, give me your Doritos! blah, blah, blah…


Are you fucking backwards or something?


I can’t believe this. Well, I can, all too well.


If I was able to ignore that fact that Agents are slimy twats who somehow have been given far too much control of the players….. some of the things they say are actually very funny… even if they don’t mean them to be….


TGSTEL is like that bad smell that refuses to go away. Or the floater that refuses to flush.

Bob Smith

His agent is full of shit but smart playing this card. TGPTEL would probably get a few games in the coming season and scored more than our other current strikers at the Euro’s. I think it’s time for him to move on, but if we don’t buy another striker to replace RVP, putting all out hopes on Giroud and Podolski would be naive, we don’t have Newcastle’s luck when it comes to strikers.

Good Omens

TGPTEL … Prat ?

big black clock



The bad news is getting too much.arsene its time for the good news.COYG


Wenger puts the entire seasons’ hopes on crock diaby and now we can’t get rid of bendtner.
I don’t know why but i’m getting the jitters.
Bendtner had a good euros and we still can’t get rid of him!, i’m scared to even think on whether park, chamakh etc will ever live the club.


Maybe they should also try to breath the club first, then live the club.

Breath, eat and live Arsenal FC.


Perhaps if you’re going to be critical of someone’s spelling, you should mind your own. I believe you’re trying to say “breathe”, not “breath”. Before you claim that it was a typo, note that you did it twice.


So was I supposed to give a fuck about what you just said.
I bet you go around looking for errors in people’s posts instead of understanding the concept.

All these are indications of no LIFE!!!.


Giroud and Podolski aside, Bendtner and Chamakh make good back-up options. It’s like having the best 4th-choice striker in the EPL (we’ve already done this with the center-backs). I feel sorry for Chamakh (and especially Squillaci). Everytime he’s subbed in, on Twitter almost every Arsenal fan would immediately cry and whine “Oh no, not Chamakh”, when he hasn’t done anything. On the few instances when he came on with more than 5 minutes to go, he was diligent, and didn’t do anything so particularly wrong. Confidence an issue, but HE TRIES. It’s a bit discriminating don’t you think? He’s doing… Read more »


“It’s like having the best 4th-choice striker in the EPL”

Better than Dzeko and Berbatov? You intrigue me.


Almost completely agree (Citteh and Utd have arguably the best 4th choice strikers). Bendtner has scored some important goals for us, usually playing in the position that he should’ve been playing in the first place and the Euro’s showed how dangerous he can be in set pieces (despite his agent saying that he’s “harmless”). Sure, he’s maybe a bit too overconfident, but if Wenger becomes more flexible with the formation (is anyone else going to play the lone front man as well as RVP?) I can see a future for Bendtner at Arsenal. Besides, when RVP goes, can we really… Read more »


well said. bendtner is not as bad as many gooners like to make out. i wouldn’t be against keeping him around if we offload the other backup players. he doesn’t have a bad record for a young striker and showed at the euros what a handful he can be for defenders. i certainly wouldn’t fancy being up against him and giroud together with crossed being fired into the box…

its a me

Well said.

Dolgion Ch.

I had a lot of time for Chamakh. It sure isn’t easy being backup to the best striker in the league in a team that requires 1 striker up front, and being unable to play wide. What I DON’T have time for is going shisha smoking with a guy whose team you just lost to. That really pissed me off


Assuming Wenger gives Theo a run at CF, and RVP/Park/Chamakh/Arshavin goes, our attacking options would be:

Podolski / Giroud / Theo
Ox / TGSTEL / Gervinho

Seems decent..


oh no not again.
“seems decent”?no.we want worldclass

we should think of giroud as an upgrade on TGSTEL and chamakh and we should replace RVP either with a new CF like lewandowski or a top class creative mid.


this post about TGSTEL and the one about diaby is a proof that none of us have moved on.we have started our end of the year debate again. the point is if diaby is fit we don’t need anyone in central and defensive mid. if jack and rosicky are fit for the start we don’t need a creative mid.but that is unlikely. also if RVP leaves we surely need a top class replacement. TGSTEL,chamakh,park are all second rate strikers.there is no question of them being decent.emile heskey was decent for his club.we need top class back ups.look at united and… Read more »


No ‘top class’ striker is gonna play as backup unless you’re paying them shit loads of money, and regardless of who we bring in after RVP leaves, there is the risk that the player will take time to gel in. I personally wanna see Podolski played up front and Giroud as backup. I always thought that he was better through the middle and I also have a feeling that Giroud will need a few months to settle in, which is very common for players from Ligue 1. A front three of Gervinho / Podolski / Theo! That’s pretty nasty man!… Read more »


He should need of him stay at arsenal.fc porto,sunderland,ajax can need him.he is a world striker 2 himself and his agent


I would be happy to have him in the squad. Always has scored goals and I don’t think he’s exactly a problem in the dressing room.

Good Omens

I’m not so sure that he wouldn’t be a problem in the dressing room, its well documented that he has a bit of an attitude problem. I understand that every professional footballer has to have self belief and that is healthy to have I agree, but overwheening arrogance and an obvious lack of self discipline off the pitch says to me that he would be a disruptive influence around the club. Admittedly he is young and concessions have to be made at times for youngsters but I don’t think this is one of those occasions. He has already stated publically… Read more »


This agent has managed to look like even more of a prick than Bendtner himself in this stupid hat:


For a while I thought that was Bill Murray.


He’s rocking the god father look alright and no don’t bring up bill murray!.


I’ll be parking the car in my garage from now on then. Just in case.

Peter Blair

He is “harmless” heh

Curiosity killed itself!

yeah harmless to opposition defences!


As long as you keep him away from pubs.


Or get him near parked cars.

Glory Hunter

Maybe it’s just me but if RVP leaves, I wouldn’t mind hanging onto him.


At least he’s the best out of Chamakh and Park and TGSTEL.

Still wouldn’t want him with the winning ‘last chance’ sitter in front of goal in the last minute of any game.

I’d even prefer to have … well … anyone else.

Midfield Corporal

Not much of a list to top though is it. 🙂


He had his chance against Barcelona and that was not the only one. I like him and he can be a good squad player but nothing more. I would sell him.

Lord Murphy

Bendtner > Chamakh


Pat rices shorts > chamakh.
No wages paid is a plus.

El Blondo

TGSTEL is certainly a pillock there’s no two way’s about it although personally if he stayed I wouldn’t think it the end of the world…played as a striker and not a winger think he’d make a solid fourth choice squad player and be great for dead rubber FA Cup and Champs League games when the main strikers need a breather…


Fourth-choice? Name three strikers currently at Arsenal (excluding RVP) better than him.

What has anyone seen of Giroud? Do we know whether he’s ready and good enough to make an immediate impact in the EPL?


If Nicklas wants to knuckle down and work hard to be a part of this team, then it’s no disaster if he stays. With RVP gone, we don’t have an automatic first choice striker (although Podolski is probably top of the list), so it gives us more flexibility in our options.


I’d go along with thoughts on hanging onto him for one more season. As long as someone sits him down and tells him to cut out acting like a toolbag.

We’ve plenty of previous with young strikers with a supposed attitude problem, including one who’s name escapes me at the moment – Hertz Van Rental, or something like that?

Just don’t tell him it’s last chance saloon time. He’d only try and walk over it or crash it into a tree.

Curiosity killed itself!

Park Chu Young doesn’t have an attitude problem silly, he’s just useless!


Are you clairvoyant? Have you seen him play?

Curiosity killed itself!

Therein lies the problem!


I’m sure he sold a few shirts. Bar that …pointless signing


What on earth does he mean by ‘he is harmless’

Did his agent mean to say charmless ?


Well, he is harmless unless you’re a car – whether his own which he seems to have a limitless capacity for overturning or, more especially, the unfortunate ones parked in Newcastle streets.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Not to mention all the children’s psyches he’s damaged with his serial underpant flashing. He’s not harmless. He’s a menace to society, and he has already said he will never play for arsenal again, so we won’t be making the mistake of hoping he will stay just to have him jump ship at the last moment. He isn’t going to be picked in our squad this year, no matter how much spin his new advisor tries to put on the situation.


Watch Diaby have an injury-free season and then ask for a transfer 🙂




He stays when he wants.


I wonder does ‘harmless’ mean ‘uninjured’


Yes, I’d guess it does mean that. It’s ‘undamaged’, Danish ‘skadesfri’, literally ‘damage-free’.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Skadesfri in body, anyway.


seeing the RVP situation, i’d be glad for Nick to stay, at least for this season. especially after the euros, on which he confirmed he is still capable of scoring in important games. even if he moans about regular football, it’s only one season. which may also increase his value, if he performs. at the same time, i’m not buying this Theo for a center forward stuff. just look at him, he’s an ideal winger in terms of build and pace. and just a glance at his stats says how good he is in delivering assists. i don’t see why… Read more »


You answered your own question: “We will do what is in best interest of the club. If you have a decoder in your head you can decode that.” I think Arsene made it pretty clear that we have 7 midfielders in the squad he likes, and there are only 3 spots on the field for them as it is. That being said, one Diaby injury, one Wilshere set-back, or one Song refusal to sign a new contract and we could very well be in the market. Think about Arsene’s mindset: as long as we have Song and Coquelin (and Frimpong… Read more »

Naija Gunner

Am beginning to like the guy, may be Arsene would give him a last chance, he’s better than Chamackh or Park, coz he scores most time he’s played upfront than former and the later.


YES!!!! Great news, I’ve always fancied myself (ahem) I mean this lad, to reach the heights he truly deserves, c’mon Wenger give him a chance, you won’t be sorry:-)

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If you (ahem) he really meant it your (ahem) his flashed undies at the Euros would have said “Forgive me, Arsene”


I understand some concerns about Diaby, but let’s face it… He IS a world class player.


Woops sorry, wrong article there. Anyway, Diaby is still a world class player.


world class??? You base that off 10 minute cameos? Why are you here amongst us lowly fans, surely you should be Arsenal’s top scout, what with your efficient analysis and such


Absolutely, he shows he is world class just in his 10 minutes cameos. Can you imagine what he could be if he played full matches ?


Oh and no, I am a simple humble Gooner, supporting the same team as you are. Well, when I see you almost insulting an other Arsenal fan, you just don’t look like a genuine Arsenal supporter. I will never treat any of the people you can read of on this page, nor all the others. I am much too respectful towards The Arsenal to harm a single part of its community. Love The Arsenal

Jermaine Pedant

August 2011:

NB: “I would like to play at a place where you are happy and play every week, that is the most important thing for any football player and hopefully that will happen soon.”

Wake up, Nik. It’s never going to happen at Arsenal. Now leave.


Don’t worry gunners Milan are in talks with arsenal over Bedtner, he is going to MIlan 100%

TGSTEL's First Touch

To think we were a me-away from knocking Barca out of the CL.
Please forgive me.


Why does everyone still give him so much shit for that? Knowing how exhausted our ten men were and how easily Barcelona was cutting us apart, there’s no proof that a Bendtner goal would have stood up anyway. We blew a tie against Liverpool in similar circumstances after taking a late, late lead on away goals.

Plus, back in the day, Henry fluffed even better chances in the final against Barcelona.

If anyone is to blame for the Barcelona loss, it’s the goddamn referee for red-carding van Persie.

Matt F

I like the fact that Bendtner’s own *agent* listed his top quality as this:

“He has a good age.”


Can anybody tell me any experienced EPL striker we still have in the fold? Anyone? Or you still wanna place your bet on shit you never know?! I prefet Bendtner staying to Chamakh. I’m not saying Chams ain’t good but Bendts is definitely better! Forget about overconfidence! And where is the loyal RVP now, huh? Dude miraculously stayed injury-free the whole season so he could find a better deal elsewhere! Fucking wake up y’all. Bendts is tested in the Premiership. Or would you rather prefer TW14 or Gerv to play as 9? Oh, I see, you want to try OG?… Read more »

two smoking barrels

….we all saw him against Barca


Why does everyone still give him so much shit for that? Knowing how exhausted our ten men were and how easily Barcelona was cutting us apart, there’s no proof that a Bendtner goal would have stood up anyway. We blew a tie against Liverpool in similar circumstances after taking a late, late lead on away goals.

Plus, back in the day, Henry fluffed even better chances in the final against Barcelona.

If anyone is to blame for the Barcelona loss, it’s the goddamn referee for red-carding van Persie.


He’s got an attitude alright, he’s quick to get the hump and he’s on record as saying he wants to leave but hell’s teeth, he’s scored some decent goals. I’ll never forget the winning goal against the sp*ds just seconds after coming on as sub. For that alone, I’ll forgive him everything.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Either sell the self loving cunt asap…


…start him up front every week where he will deliver and become a hero.

you may laugh but footballl gets fucking strange sometimes.

Anyone remember a useless shit by the name of Alex Song?


The Milan story sounds plausible with their cost cutting measures. Sounds like an offer has been made but theyre not willing to meet his Arsenal wages…so his agent is playing the card of him staying where he is…


I eaid yesterday 4 players over 21 will lewve arsenwl this week. botelho has gone squillaci bendtner and arshavin will follow. that will then allow us to bring one in due to the 25 man squad rules. after that it will be a case of one out one in with rvp chamakh walcott fabianski eastmond anqd possibly lansbury all on the potential move list.

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