Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Grimandi: We’re doing everything to keep Van Persie

Gilles Grimandi maintains that Arsenal are eager for Robin van Persie to see out the final year of his contract at the Emirates, but admits that every player has his price and in the current market it will be difficult to turn down a ‘great offer.’

Breaking from the recently towed line that Olivier Giroud had not been signed as a replacement, the midfielder-turned-scout also admitted to that the acquisition of his compatriot was a clear attempt not to be ‘cornered’ in the transfer window.

“We want him to stay home but he is left with one year contract so it’s complicated,” confirmed Grimandi.

“At Arsenal, there is a healthy atmosphere, he’s been here for eight years and he has a real commitment to the club.

“Was the recruitment of Olivier Giroud made ​​to compensate for his departure? Yes, we work to avoid being cornered. But we do everything to keep him [Van Persie] and we want him to stay.

“If there’s a great offer and if he wants to leave and it will be difficult to keep him.

“I would never have thought a players such as [AC Milan’s] Thiago Silva could be transferable, but that was the case for a time. There are parameters you can not handle.”

As much as you have to admire Grimandi’s stoic efforts to turn water into wine, to catch lightning in a bottle, to coax blood from a stone, to de-spot a leopard, to teach an old dog new tricks, to tell the sun to leave the sky (moderate success in the UK aside) and to have his cake and eat it (can’t blame him, he is French), even the most optimistic Arsenal fans have pretty much given up any hope of seeing Robin van Pissypants stay at the Emirates.



Thanks to @RYO_Cleverfish for the heads up

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Arsene Nose

Robin van Per$ie


I wonder what all the players like Song,Walcott and Arteta etc felt like after Rvps comments that he clearly feels they are not good enough to play along side him!!!, does he think that he created all the goals he scored by himself!.

Idongesit Udofia

I’m not perturbed at all since he made d statement dat he wont sign, simply because i support Arsenal not him.




No sooner had I seen the leaked arsenal away kit photos than I died in my sleep. Good lord please let this be a nightmare from which I will awaken tomorrow and continue with life on sweet earth!!!!!!!!!!.


If you can use the word perturbed then you can also write the instead of ‘d’ and that instead of ‘dat’. Refer to Comment Policy for further guidance


Ilya, if you can correct Mr Perturbed, then you must also use a full stop.


Hey Rusty, it’s *Mr. perturbed.
I’m enjoying this.

Justin Ashbee

Hopefully they’ll think to themselves ‘oh maybe I’m not such an amazing player after all and maybe I’ll try that little bit harder and develop a slightly better attitude – more like RvP in 20011/12 rather than Arshavin’. More likely they’ll think to themselves ‘Getting paid shitloads of money for not doing much, let’s hope I can carry that on and pull the wool over Bouldy’s eyes too in 2012/13)!

Arsene's Jacket

Robin ¥an P£r$i€


R0bi^ ¥an pur$i£


Or just r00000000bin van per$ie…..
He’s more concerned about the zeros on the cheque!.


Or simply, ungrateful wretch.


Robin £££ ££££££


What will we do when a player with no ‘S’ in his name leaves for another club? How will we place $ signs in Theo Walcott’s name?

Dr Baptiste

Th€o Walcott?


Or turn the L into a pound sign.


Theo Walcott’$ name.

Cygan in Japan

Th€0 Wal¢0tt

Cygan's Right Foot

I wasn’t sure if i could top that until I found these symbols… ₮h€o ₩aL¢₮₮ but then i decided that it was taking it too far

Cygan in Japan

Robin Van P€r$i€

Red and white striped socks

Is it late for Robin van Purse Strings?


I’m not really down with all the RVP bashing but that is rather good


Yet to be proven.


Robin Coin Pursie


I see what you did there.
While we’re at it, here’s one I heard at Goonerholic ….. Robin Van Payslip. Still LMAO. Surely up there with that ‘Cashly Cole’. Genius of those guys.


After his statement last week, I hope he fucks right off.


ok i agree with you right now.but,i think we should wait for a final confirmation before coming to a conclusion.
he is still an arsenal player and there is a chance he could stay.whatever happens should be in the best interest of the club.but yeah we’re not gonna be chanting his name anytime soon.he still has a lot to prove.

It is what it is

Fuck waiting for a player who has issued a negative, ungrateful and dis-respectful statement. There are ways to negotiate and there are ways. Okay, he says he’ll stay for 3years on 50k a week. What then? We all forget the statement? Personally, I’d question his ambition……

He doesn’t think of the fans, i’m tired of hearing the employer-love orientated drivel that these players spew on joining a club and at renewal time. Oh, just sold RVP to Real Madrid for £16.5m on CM. There’s your effin ambition.

Dave Gooner

Lets not forget what he said about us and the manager, shall we? And in the most duplicitous and patronising of terms. He effectively told us all (and the club, and players, who supported him through thick and thin – and lets not forget, there was a lot of “thin”) that Arsenal is a club and Arsene Wenger is a manager without the ambition to match his. As an exercise in no class bridge burning with the fans, the manager, his fellow players this has few equals. If he stays, it will because there have been no offers for him… Read more »


yes what he did is a mistake.we all do mistakes don’t saying there is still a chance he could come out and apologize for all this.mind you robin has single handedly bought us back to the top.he has that footballing class that nasri doesn’t we should reserve the excessive abuse he recieves until we get the confirmation that he’s moving.


Hear hear! Before he made his statement, I was hoping beyond hope we’d sign the AWGS (Actual World’s Greatest Striker) to another contract. Now? Bah! Almost 30, best years behind him, probably never play another season like last, probably get another massive injury during an international friendly… But seriously, I’m imagining him holding us over the barrel, us conceding to some ludicrous wage demands over four years, and then him reverting to type with a season-ending injury every November for the next four years while we get apoplectic and rage at Gazidis for the piss poor management of our club,… Read more »


Absolutely, I don’t like all this talk of fighting to keep him one bit. He’s flashed his true colours and they, sadly, are the same shade of dog shit brown as an increasing number of professionals in this industry.

Personally I’m halfway to forgetting he exists. I don’t need to see him sulking around the club for another year thank you very much


He’s flogging a dead horse placenta.

Anyone else see the news about Chris Coleman consulting Ramsey about whether to ask Shawcunt to play for Wales? If it’s such a sensitive issue, why have you told the press, you ‘nana?!

Master Bates

I am big Ramsey fan , that’s why I hope shawcunt plays on the team with him. That way he won’t break his other leg


There’s always training. A Shawcunt does what a Shawcunt does best.

A pedant

Toe the line.

etymology is foot-racing, where the competitors must keep their feet behind a “line” or on a “mark” at the start of the race, as in “On your mark, get set, go!”. Another is boxing, where opponents were compelled by a referee’s command, “Toe the line!”, to stand toe to toe across from one another to start a match.

Dr Baptiste

Toe the line is an idiomatic expression meaning to conform to a rule or a standard
Used by the Royal Navy on wooden ships, barefooted seamen had to stand at attention for inspection and had to line up on deck along the seams of the wooden planks, hence to “toe the line”


Am I the only one that wsnts Van Persie to stay till the end of his contract? I think that in the long run that would prove to be a good decision. There are 2 ways I am looking at this. The bitter side of me and the logical side. Let me stary witj the bitter side.


1. At the end of his contract, he would be 30. I would like to see a club foolish enough to pay a 30 yr old 200,000 pounds a week when at the end of his contract he would be 34 or so. Except maybe Anzhi. If he goes there, then the world would see him for what he truly is. GREEDY. 2. It also means that if he leaves he gets no percentage of the sale since it would be a free transfer. No? 3. In fact at the end of the day he might even pull a “flamini”… Read more »


and chances are he’ll get injured as usual

It is what it is

You forget a 30yo Shevchencko was bought for £30m.

He clearly doesn’t care how he looks to the world – greedy, saintly, troubled, distruptive teen who would clash with coaches until Arsene took a gamble on him or otherwise – else, his first thoughts would be of those who supported, praised and worshipped him.

Not to mention those who believed in, trained/coached, rehabilitated, rehabilitated, rehabilitated, rehabilitated him patiently.


“You forget a 30yo Shevchencko was bought for £30m.”

And how’d that work out?

Dr Baptiste

In Football Manager 2006 he unfortunately worked out very well for Chelsea, in real life not so much

Happy Gunner

Your bitter side is nicer than mine. My bitter side wants us to keep him and have him rot in the reserves. Let’s see if he can break the reserve league scoring record eh? 🙂


1. At the end of his contract, he would be 30. I would like to see a club foolish enough to pay a 30 yr old 200,000 pounds a week when at the end of his contract he would be 34 or so. Except maybe Anzhi. If he goes there, then the world would see him for what he truly is. GREEDY. 2. It also means that if he leaves he gets no percentage of the sale since it would be a free transfer. No? 3. In fact at the end of the day he might even pull a “flamini”… Read more »


Regarding the grammatical errors, I have a stupid Android phone. Typing is a nightmare


Get Swype for your stupid android phone. It makes typing a dream 🙂


Swype actually sucks major ass for me.


Really, you on the latest version? I love it

It is what it is

This is not a personal attack, clearly we just have a difference of opinion.

I don’t think we should EVER use those cock wearing cocks as a benchmark or point of illustration. The little mozart wanabe had/s a few years on his contract plus he probably hadn’t hit his peak meaning it wasn’t unfathomable to leave him out.


Latest version? Wow, guess i’m too old for that shit. Giving me suggestions on what I clearly typed – kinda sucks. it’s slower too, I think.


Because Modric didn’t have a year left on his contract so spurs kept him


Again as despicable as the Dutch I missed a sitter which could have made it 4-0 V Milan is, why are we resorting to a fucking scout being our spokesman? We just can”t get it right at the moment, from a silent owner to an abysmal manager. Arsenal for fucks sake sort things out.

big black clock

For fuck’s sake, sit down and shut up.


Abysmal? Fuck right off, whatever Arsene has done is for the good of the club. If it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have players like RVP in our team in the first place. Not his fault players take advantage of the trust he has in players and go for big money.

Dr Baptiste

Ah, so Grimandi was asked a question and he answered and now he’s a spokesman… How do you deal with everyday life? Is everyone who answers your questions a spokesman for whatever walk of life that maybe?


Sorry he is not a spokesman but speaking on behalf of Arsenal Football Club!!!!!!!

“We want him to stay home but he is left with one year contract so it’s complicated,”


The thing that bothers me most is that if he goes which seems very likely, is that he could atleast show some class…
Most of todays footballers are just spoiled brats, such a shame.

Happy Gunner

I believe this is the problem for most people. I would not have blamed him for leaving (Man City maybe) if he had done it quietly and professionally. Putting out that statement means he’s a piece of shit. I don’t care about him anymore.


Well said! He carried himself with class all season long and then to turn around 180 degrees and essentially tell the Arsenal players they aren’t good enough (which in some cases is true, but be a professional and don’t say it….. guess what RVP, Bergkamp and Henry were better than you by miles but they haven’t said it) is classless and I’d say a bit childish.


I think you’ll find we have a great manager


If we had more money, I would leave him out of the team and not let him train, then we will see how much he is worth at the end of a year with not having kicked a football. Once we need to set an example to the other players about what they need to do in the future to be a part of our team

big black clock

I know he’s done a really horrible things to us in the past week, but I can never bring myself to call RVP a ‘cunt’. If he stays and wins a trophy with us next year before leaving on a free, I’d be okay with that.

But I won’t singing his song at the Emirates anytime soon.


Pathetic shit stirring, sensationalist blog. Robin van Pissypants???

You sad cunt, he is still an Arsenal player fuck nuts.

Oh and I see you takling Murdochs money with the S*n advert.


Dick Swiveller

Targeted adverts my friend, I’m lazy so it’s showing me an ad for a sofa, you’re spouting crap so it shows you the Sun…

Arsenal players forfeit their support outside the stadium when they make statements like RvP made, he should get a bit of backing at the Emirates whilst he’s in red and white (and blue, this year) but if he wants to fuck with our club just to get his hands on more cash then screw him.

Dr Baptiste

Do people still not understand how the internet and the targeted ads work? That is amazing, it truly is.
It looks like you’ve spent too much time reading the Sun online Sid and so that is what they’ve targeted you with.


Blogs have you ran over this guys dog? Jeez


What a mug, you’ve clearly viewed the Sun’s website so your being shown it!

Cygan in Japan

Angry man!


For me, RvP has sold his time at Arsenal short. Flog him to Europe, cash in. One man is not going to win us silverware, the team will.


Problem is we keep saying one man is not going to win us silverware which is so true , but if all these one men stayed we would be a great team but we just can’t keep any of them and we are not replacing them with great players. And people have to stop with the money business. Cesc and Henry did not leave because of money not sure if Veira did either. Flamini and Edu were also decent players who left occurred to anybody that it is not always money but something else as well?

Happy Gunner

Do you not recall that we had all these players for the past several years… and fell short anyways. It’s all great to say that we had a bunch of world class players, but they proved collectively to be a big group of pussies.


I do our last trophy had in its squad , Toure, Senderos (always thought he was ok) Cole, Cesc, Edu RVP all who are still playing today and all did not leave because of money also had a certain Henry out injured. Now obviously I do not expect the same team today but some resemblance of a winning squad/

Dr Baptiste

Are you saying Cole didn’t leave for money? The main reason he left is because of money. He left while we were winning things, so ambition to win trophies wasn’t part of it at that time


You really have a problem understanding what you read mate, I said all. of course cashley went because of the money na$sri as well but please read what is written before you reply.

Dr Baptiste

“Toure, Senderos (always thought he was ok) Cole, Cesc, Edu, RVP all who are still playing today and all did not leave because of money” – I did read it and you claim that all did not leave because of money but i’m saying that Cole did leave for money, so he shouldn’t then be on your list.

Donjo Mac

Thing is he isn’t going to Europe, it’s not what HE wants. He’s agitating for this move because he knows City will give him a contract now that’ll gross him £20-£25m more over the period than he will get at Arsenal or almost anywhere else for that matter. For him this is a one time deal – he (and his agent) understand that his stock will never be higher which is why he is trying to force his way out. None of us buy the crap about ‘winning things’. From a footballing perspective he’d I’m sure rather stay at Arsenal,… Read more »

H. P. Arsecraft

Sell Van Cuntie right now, not to shitty, he shouldn’t get what he wants! If he wont go anywhere else, put him in the reserves the entire year without any playtime. Either way I don’t want to see or hear from him any more this season.


Who is he talking about?! I once knew someone with a similar name, but as I remember, he died.


To be fair we have to say it to hold on to some sort of value. He’s all but gone and I can’t imagine half the squad would be happy to play along side him after he tore the boardroom apart. The sooner we get him out the club the better and if Walcott wants to join him then fine.


@gooner IL. How do you come to the conclusion that we have an abysmal manager. Third last year without the likes of Cesc and Na$ri. Wengers a fucking legend. Stop talking bollocks you fool. If you want to blame someone it’s the board you need to look at. If Arsene had the money to spend, he would spend it. We have a salary cap and that’s the end of it.

Daryll Holland

van Persie van Persie,
you’d think he’d show some mercy,
put some money in his pursey,
so his kids can afford a horsey.

Daryll Holland

can I get some help with that last line? Doesn’t sit right with me.

Dr Baptiste

so his kids can afford more horsey placenta’s for their injury ravaged dad? Does that work better?


So his kids can go to nursery.

Verse 2:
Their nursery, their nursery,
made of diamonds, it gleams,
with a nursey, with a nursey,
whose eyes shoot laser beams.

And who wouldn’t sell their club up the river for that? I mean, this is his kids we’re talking about


“So he can get his kids a nursie”?

Cygan in Japan

Robin Van Persie,
Arsenal’s arse is at his mercy.
We all shouted he scores when wants.
Now the only thing he’s scoring with is some jailbait, the nonse.

We knew you were guilty all along!

Adam, Watford

van Persie, van Persie
wants to wear another teams jersey
Show him no mercy
His Goonership legend
Just left in a hearse-y

Not sure if it’s better but it does rhyme at least ! it even scans quite well !

Merlin's Panini

Robin Van Persie
his attitude stinks
of poo poo and wee wee
and other such things
his chocolate leg’s really full of excrement
just like the 4th of July statement.

Merlin's Panini

I can’t be sued for that, can I?

Dr Baptiste

Probably not but I think you should be for the use of poo poo and wee wee alone

Merlin's Panini

sorry, I’m such a potty mouth…

Dr Baptiste

*buh dum tss*


last line: coz he’s a fucking pussy?

Zhuge Liang

Arsene Wenger is Lie Bei, building something great using good management and basing his ideals on talent and loyalty. In essence, he would rather be betrayed by his men then betray his ideals.

Ultimately, he may not win but he will leave a legacy of being the greatest Arsenal manager of this era.


Does that make Alex Ferguson Cao Cao?

meow gunner

Shuo cao cao, cao cao dao

Cygan in Japan

Does that make Mourinho Cun Tee?

Zhuge Liang

I believe Mancini/Manchester City is currently Cao Cao. After defeating Yuan Shao, he collected many defecting soldiers who formerly were his enemies and became the the largest force of the Big 3. Similarly, Manchester City are able to attract a bunch of mercenaries who rather than fight for glory with their club, surrendered for “fame” and fortune. What I am most sad about is that where is Arsenal’s Guan Yu. Where is a player that epitomises bravery, talent and undying loyalty. Cao Cao showered Guan Yu with gifts, kindness and riches yet his resolve was not swayed one bit. What… Read more »


Reply to you all. When Wenger took over and I am glad he did as he brought us great success we had no money and he found un heard of players at bargain prices and turned them into superstars. What has changed? We still have no money so why can”t he find these players any more. And like I wrote above not all our good players left for money. So we have to ask ourselves why they left? Of course the board is also to blame but to live in the past is not healthy. Forget sentiments what is this… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

Because at the time he joined, no one looked at the leagues he did or had his scouting network. Wenger has revolutionised football and the way players are trained, fitness, scouted, etc…. but this has come with the side effect that his pool of available ‘diamond in the rough’ players is smaller than ever. Wenger had worked with Henry before but if he was around now, can you honestly say that Barcelona, Madrid, City, Chelsea, PSG, etc… wouldn’t be at Juve’s door with a large sum of money and a massive contract? The same can be said for all our… Read more »


Lets say I agree with you (I do in parts) don’t get excited not everything, it is all past tense. We have to move on and like I said earlier what is he bringing to the club today? It is like having a super typewriter ribbon salesman and trying to put him in the Apple shop on on Regent Street. Sadly it is over

Dr Baptiste

He brings a very high level of consistency against the financial doping owners of the league. Yes we all want to win the league but at this point in time it is harder as City can just go and buy a whole new set of players every transfer window. Liverpool with spending £100m couldn’t get close to us. Chelsea who have spent more since Roman took over than Arsenal in their history dropped out of the top 4 and only managed to win the CL due to luck and awful finishing from the other teams. Tottenham who again have spent… Read more »


If finishing in the top four is enough for you fine. Citeh won the league in the last seconds of the season by not exactly a force to be reckoned with. By the way second place team are a debt ridden club!!! Liverpool couldn”t get close!!!!! 2 cup finals and a trophy place in Europe by February. We thought we might not get into Europe at all until quite late on in the season. What difference why chelski won the champions league they did we didn’t!! On the luck side remember the West Brom goalie in our last game, sp*rs… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Seriously Gooner_IL, there is no real chance for anybody outside of Manchester to win the Premier League this season. Nobody, not even the richest club in the world, are going to catch Man Shitty this season. All the wishing and wanting in the world won’t change that. Money Talks, but bottomless money pits shout louder. We all want Arsenal to win the league. We all wish it would happen. We all ain’t getting what we want this Christmas. We’re going to have to wait, like all the other teams below us that have been waiting for decades (barring Chel$ki, of… Read more »


Well what Wenger did was set up a massive scouting network to find these randoms everywhere, but with more money in the league, everyone has the same networks and as soon as there is a glimmer of talent, the chelsea’s of this world pay over the odds because they can on the off chance, where we cannot (and should not) do the same.

Cashley left for money as did Flamini, Edu/Vierra/Henry left at the end of their cycles mate and was astute business.

All in all you are pretty clueless


When Wenger took over, Manchester United were the only unquestioned moneybags of the league. And even they weren’t so far ahead of us that they could guzzump us at will.

I’m sure I don’t need to explain how the situation has changed now.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

How can these “Spend Some Fucking Money” people not have noticed that Chelsea became suddenly rich under the ownership of a billionaire and within two years they had overtaken us and were sharing the glory with United, and then Man Shitty found a richer billionaire and they started winning stuff. Chelsea are in danger of sliding into the same trap as we are in because their billionaire isn’t a big enough billionaire to compete with Man Shitty’s billionaire. How the fark do you expect us to compete with Shitty when United and Chelsea are failing to compete with them in… Read more »

larry kamvy

Robin……..we all thought u were a legend……..but i guess we were all wrong…..even eduardo is more of a legend than u ever will be………eduardo..ooooohhhhoo….good times


oh please, fuck right off!!!!!!!!.


I don’t want to see van persie next year unless by some miracle hes signed a new deal. Go abroad and give us 1 ounce of respect

walter the gunner

rvp should not be allowed anywhere near our squad.I hear he is suffering from egocentric and selfishness having contacted the disease while on duty for his country in the euro 2012.sources directly close to rvp tell that he got the disease from non other than Robben.


It’s already realy getting on my tits all this.
Just sell him to whoever, but just do it soon we know the money is not going to be spent on any more new players anyway.


i’d like to think your tits match your big nose. fingers crossed i’m right.


RVP has only TWICE played more than half the premier league games for us in a single season, This has been the first season he’s EVER played more than 24 premier league games for us, and the guy thinks he’s got us over a barrel? Do me a favour. Shame to lose him but there ya go.


He’s let his team down as captain with this farce. I agree, fuck him off to Europe.


Oh! I just cant wait forr us to win a trophy so that these easy-glory-seeking-money-crazy-cunt players (nasri and rvp particulary) and all the others planning to folow suit will now stick their sorry faces in the mud FFS!

Stable Gooner

He. Can. Fuck. Right. Off. For. All. I. Care. Robin. Van. Ca$hi£.

If it wasn’t for Arsenal, and particularly, Wenger’s faith, would he have been in this bargaining position? Talk of “biting the fingers that fed you”

Adam, Watford

No, he would have been in the bargain bin by now.

Or playing in the lower Dutch or Belgian leagues or maybe a plasterer doing a bit of painting and decorating after his career was ended by injury .


Stable Gooner living up to his name there…


I pity Wenger. The similar repeat of last season with the wantaway star. Damn if you do and damn if you don’t it’s a no win situation. I do not want to see any player after making such hurting statement to play in Arsenal shirt again. But would it help us in contending for any of the trophies? Surely would not hurt, considering RVP willfully signs and eagerly does his best on the pitch. A tough one to decide.


Some comments removed. I understand people are fucked off with van Persie but get a grip and leave out the kind of stuff which could get YOU sued.

There’s a very clear and definite comment policy –

You are responsible for your comments, and you alone. Be frustrated but don’t wander into Sp*rs fan territory, please.


Finally. Thanks arseblog.
Rvp is a great player and I have nothing against him. He have a contract with Arsenal, so he can stay or he can leave if somebody wants to pay. Money from his transfer wont go for the new players anyway so I m calm as I could be.


I think you’ll find the reaction to Ashley Cole, Nasri and now Rv P – at least by some of the more emotional plastic fans we’ve managed to collect – post 1996, is exactly the mirror image of the Spurs mob’s reaction to Sol. Of course this statement will produce squeals of anxt, from all the usual suspects. But it’s true all the same. We are becoming more like Spurs on and off the pitch, relying on past glories for current sustenance and squealing in denial when confronted with the truth. Another reason why so many Gooners of long standing,… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

to be fair they would have left anyway and had they gone on Bosman transfers I think we’d all be that little bit more fucked off than we are, so personally i’m reasonably pleased that contractually we’ve managed to at least lever a bit of cash out of that situation the fact remains that you’re largely correct about the pathetic mirroring of Spuds fans when Sol jumped the fence. Particularly sad when you consider the dignity that Wenger exudes in the face of being slapped in the chops by RvP’s petulant statement, or the incredibly childish behaviour of our two… Read more »


Could you also remove all the massively embarrassing poetry tributes/disses to players that have been popping up over the past couple of weeks?

Are we supposed to guess what tune they’re meant to be sung to or what?


rvp is a cunt…………………….sue me!!!!!!!!!!!!


He’s 6 foot three!!!
he’s 6 foot threeeee’eeeee!!!!!!
We’ve got Giroud, fuck Van Peerrsieeee!!!!


he 6 foot threeeeeee……
he’s 6 foot threeeeeee….
three balls more than van per$ie will ever have.


Chim chiminey, chim chiminey, chim chim churu, who needs Van Persie when we’ve got Giroud

TGSTEL's First Touch

I was as pissed as any of you when I read Rvp’s statement and wanted him to fuck right off and never tarnish the Arsenal jeresey again. But I have changed my mind. he still has one year on his contract, our new signings need time to gel and can learn from him. At 30 clubs will be less inclined to give him his 200k contract for 4 years like he’s lookinng for. And MOST IMPORTANTLY: this would send a message to other players who would want to take cuntish agents and do the same thing in the next few… Read more »


As much as I agree with you, he could tarnish the views of team. I think if we have to keep him, we should let him train in solitude and not play him in any matches. He has to learn to appreciate and be grateful for the years Arsenal paid him in spite of his injuries and poor form. His attitude has been disgraceful.

Cesc showed true gratitude – he still does. Toure has been honourable as has Cliche. But Samir is another greedy twat and will get his just desserts.

TGSTEL's First Touch

He may still be useful and will want to advertise himself for potential suitors at the tender age of 30, so I think he’ll do his best and win us matches. We could even win a trophy and compete for the league this time. And again, this will send a strong signal to other players not to fuck with us.

Failing that, and if Giroud, Pod and OX really click next season, then let him rot on the bench or in the reserves. I’ll be fine with that.



In reality we then lose a substantial transfer fee to buy his replacement. If juve come back with a decent enough offer it should be taken and reinvested


Think we should keep TGSTEL. Showed he can score in a team that don’t score (Sunderland & Denmark), he’ll cack himself with the supply at the arse and might crack a few in, seems a more determined TGSTEL now.


Giroud is obviously a replacement for bendtner, since its looking unlikely we will be able to offload chamakh this summer. Tgsel also slagged us off in the press, so its doubtful he can make a return. Ship him to Europe and whoever will pay. Same goes for Vela. That money should be used to offer better deals to Walcott and song. As for rvp, my thoughts on the subject are this: his behavior means he has to go. I would hope gazidis would hold a press conference to say so… And include the asking price. City needs to come up… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

£15 sounds like a bargain


RVP has made his decision (bad one for all concerned). He should be sold if 50 mill is offered or left to rot on the sidelines. Nobody has the right to be so damned ungrateful after being paid well and educated in his art with so much affection. Arsenal have no ambition!!! That is the biggest load of bollocks anyone can say. Arsenal are an ambitious club but are also an astute club. They do not waste capital on glory seekers or morally empty individuals. Shame on the players in the last couple of seasons that got greedy. I am… Read more »

Last arse

In Football Manager, I’ve already accepted a 35m bid for Van Per$ie!




Am I the only one who thinks this Haiku poetry shit needs to go? I feel like I am taking crazy pills

the only sam is nelson

you are the only
one who thinks haiku is shit
so flush? no, it floats


Van Persie has burnt his bridges and must never kick a ball for us again.

His stock is sky-high as a player, so it’s in our and his interest to sell him now and get as much as possible for him. Whoever buys him will quickly regret it when they realise just how injury-prone he is.

I don’t want to see anybody at the club fighting to keep him. I just hope we spend the transfer money wisely.

the only sam is nelson

i’m really ambivalent keep him – ticks lots of boxes (sends the right message about not being a selling club, makes a world class striker potentially available to help push for trophies, etc etc) sell him – possibly (only to citeh if he is perma-banjaxed again, like the old days, but if he’s fit then to juve where he can’t help us, only for shedloads of cash, etc etc) and i’m sure you were being trademark sarcy about spending the transfer money? *we already have* fatgooner, *we already have* *points at the big french lad and the german who isn’t… Read more »


Heard wenger is to use the money from rvps sale to bid for sneijder.
Bidding- yes, we can certainly manage that. Rvps money sale will obviously cover that

Wages- oh wait, we can’t cover his off the roof wages.

Conclusion- BOLLOCKS!!!!!!!


I’m bitter about this whole thing, but in a trictly ration way,I would keep him until the end of his contract as well. Why? Because for his own sake, he better play well this year, otherwise he will not get a good contract next year. He’ll be 30 and no one will pay a 30y old 200k a week if he hasn’t had a hell of a season. I tell you, rationally, if we force him to stay and play for us, then either he plays well for ur this year or he’s fucked. Fucked in the ass by a… Read more »

why is my name required

I know this isn’t related but look at bayern munich … they are also a self sustaining club like us they have a healthy budget, they do their transfers and work operations ‘the right way’ … but for the new season they have already brought in 6 new signings. Now why can’t we do the same? they are European finalists but they still have ambition to improve their squad. they didn’t win anything last season too


They won their league recently in the last five years, have been to semis and finals of the champs league, are the biggest club in Germany, and have had their stadium subsidised from the German world cup bid build, bigger capacity to boot, better sponsorship deals and better merchandising.

Did I forget anything…..

Darren Dein

BREAKING NEWS: Fire crews are tackling a massive blaze at Robin Van Persies house…..Police suspect Arsene.

Merlin's Panini

it’s a cracker


I blame the Deins, notice how this is the same manoeuvring that got Cesc out, release a statement or have a presser say you want to leave at the beginning of the window and and just wait. Two things. 1) We need to firm it out and keep him to his contract and prove once and for all a contract at Arsenal is to be respected a lot more than it has been to date. 2) Avoid getting the fifth element machinations of the Deins by keeping Darren away from the players, then kneecap Darren, and de tan David, as… Read more »

Stable Gooner

On Friday, while at the bar with my friend, he argued that van Persie is wasting his talent at Arsenal (him being a Chavs fan) and that he’s right not sign a new contract. It was this same friend of mine (then my roommate at the University), when our season crumbled in 2008, who told me that Wenger is wasting Arsenal’s money by keeping, (and I quote) a “CRIPPLE”, referring to Robin’s injury woes at the time. I pointed that out to him on Friday we were having that discussion, of course, and do you really want to hear his… Read more »


Diaby come good, hahahah, thanks for the laugh! He could be fit for 3 years, I’ll swear I’ll eat my hat if he does anything other than score own goals and dribble into dead ends, constantly losing the ball.



Adam, Watford

I don’t know about being too big for The Arsenal.

He’s certainly quite tall; I’ll give you that, at least !


Wenger really cacked himself over the Webster clause, got that one wrong Monsieur, still there’s a mighty load you got right in the pro column. Can’t win ’em all eh?

st ox

I think RVP showed his own ‘lack of ambition’ when he missed the perfect chance to square things against Milan. He choked at the most ‘ambitious’ moment of his career so far, to turn around a football match in the most astonishing way. A ‘legend’ without a divided heart and loyalty, and with the single-minded ‘ambition’ to match would have stuck that chance in the net. It was no-one else fault and it was the most serious miss of his career. Everyone misses chances, but he’s paid millions to make those chances count – and he bottled it. Blaming his… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

blimey, TH14 in Paris 2006, much?



We’ll totally dismiss the fact that Nocerino missed an absolute sitter right?

Dr Baptiste




Dr Baptiste

There’s a coq joke in there somewhere, just need to find it


Turns out football is hard and so is our coq.


If he moves, let him move abroad.

If he stays, so be it.

But at the very least have it sorted it sooner rather than later, all the fans can ask for!

Rectum Spectrum

cash in


Cash in, Cunt out. Can’t I get sue, can I?

Eric Irish gunner

If he dos’ent sign when he gets back get rid of him, if he does I think the majority of fans will forgive and forget because of his goals last season and the hope of more,I think the fans even got behind that prick na£ri in his last game against Liverpool I think because he had the jersey on, so it needs to be sorted so we sell or replace and move on


I can’t wait for Frimpong v Van persie!!
should be awesome


Well therez a parlance in my country Nigeria dat says ‘soldier go,soldier come…but d Barracks still remains’…i wont blame him though..but i know Arsenal has got what it takes to succeed without him…Arsenal for life..


Robin van Pissypants? Shame on you. Leave that kind of invective for us embittered fans.


It´s hard to see how RVP could perform a climbdown having set his stall out so clearly after last week´s statement. I´d still like to think he´ll give his all if he´s held to the last year of his contract. But we´re a fickle bunch, football fans. I´m sure that if he stays and then picks up an injury shortly after, he´ll virtually slip out the back door come the end of next season without as much as a whimper (a far cry from the current situation). As for the short-termism of some of the fans championing frivolous spending, get… Read more »


With or without van Persie, the team and the club is still in a strong position to be winning trophies. We have strong and competitive personnel in defence and midfield. A strong strike force from astute transfers. A wealth of talents for the future seasons. We can also expect the LANS Diaby, Wilshere and Mert reinforcing our team and better performances from last season’s signing after adapting to the league. van Persie will soon be 29. If we do renew his contracts it will only be under reasonable conditions that should ultimately benefit the club. We don’t need van Persie… Read more »