Thursday, December 1, 2022

Nigeria friendly postponed

Arsenal have announced that the pre-season game against the Nigerian national team has been postponed citing ‘complexities’ in the organisation.

The club were due to play in the Abuja National Stadium on August 5th but the club’s marketing director Angus Kinnear explained, “Bringing a top-level club to an international market is always complicated and logistically challenging. With the proposed match in Nigeria planned for early August, we could not get comfortable on everything needed to satisfy our requirements, so we have reluctantly taken the decision to postpone the team’s visit.”

“We have a huge and loyal following in Africa, and we are sorry that the team will not be visiting this summer. However, we have a long-term commitment to Nigeria and we are already making plans for a visit next summer.

“In addition, we also have some exciting forthcoming activities planned with our commercial partners in Nigeria – Emirates, Airtel and Malta Guinness, which will kick off in the next few weeks.”

Fans in Africa will be hugely disappointed at the news and last week there were news stories suggesting the stadium would not be fit for purpose in time for Arsenal’s visit. It seems there was more than a hint of truth to those.

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Would have been pretty good for the people there! Next year maybe!

Oh and RvP = classless c*nt


For selfish reasons, next year is perfect for me!


Anyone remember when Rooney said the same thing about united? The 225k a week deal he signed a week later proves players only care about money. Ambition and trophies don’t come into it.


I am too am gutted for Nigerian gunners – I know how exciting it was to see the Arse for the first time – but there are a bunch of other (slightly more selfish, for a London-based fan) reasons why this sucks, too: 1) Going to Nigeria would have been a big deal, commercially. Being the first European club to take their African fans seriously would have been a huge outreach exercise to a developing (and football mad!) continent with enormous commercial potential. 2) Related to the above, a big presence means that kids grow up dreaming of donning the… Read more »


You make a good point there.
I am sure The Arsenal would get better support in Abuja than at the Emirates!
So please, lucky guys who attend at the Emirates, the team needs the “twelfth man”


Such a bad news for Nigeria fan.
Hope one day I could afford to see my belove club in Malaysia.


Logistical problem= UPS or FedEx refused to insure van Per$ie$’ wallet obviously.


Is that “complexities” like a ruthless terrorist group bombing people with impunity in the very area the match is scheduled to be played and ‘Nigerian Security’ being an oxymoron?

Pretty complex.

Persie out, arsenal lives

I see van persie, I see nasri………such a cunt-ish world.


Now that I think about it, van Persie and Na$ri actually rhyme.

who would’ve thought..


they’re spelled the same way too


who’d thunk it?


I understand the whole frustration and I am completely gutted as well, but the “cunt” posts are childish and seriously getting boring (counts for both players). Just stop it please and write something intelligent (unless it’s some really really good banter). Thank you.

Runcorn Gooner

Totally agree AFC.They are both history as far as I am concerned.Lets all move on and enjoy our new regime.


I felt we were a bit overdocked this summer anyone. Don;t want the squad super fatigued before the season even starts. Let’s go gentlemen!


I agree, but I want our new signings to integrate quicker today than I did early yesterday, so I wouldn’t say no to more friendlies and tune-ups. A bit torn on that issue.


I would totally agree with that, but I feel we don’t need to travel to Africa to have these friendlies. I am not in the UK and I am glad Arsenal have not come here because I prefer them to be able to focus on football in London and get to top fitness. Some travel is great but I don’t want the club spending all summer on a plane to play a few games.


Bet there wouldn’t have been so many complexities if van Persie had given his web designer a summer vacation.

It’s a pity how the selfishness of our captain has led to everything going wrong in quick succession. Leading from the front indeed.


Too bad for the Nigerian Arsenal fans,we should have gone to South Africa instead


There is a stadium and team in Cape Town that could accommodate a fixture at short notice….


Must be a disappointing news for Gooners in Nigeria. But right now, we have a bigger issue to address. Provided RvP leaves this summer and we sell the likes of Bendtner and Chamakh, who do we need to get to enhance the striking department? Why does the board dream so small? Let’s make a statement to RvP and everyone else around the world. I heard Cavani is available.

Master Bates

RvP is a cunt

too soon?

ok, Na$ri is a cunt


RvP is a cunt? By telling the truth? In this way Sagna, Vermaelen and Wilshere are future cunts, because they’ll follow RvP’s template when they realize that they’re playing only to make money for chinless American cunt.

You’re brainwashed by unambitios board.


You have a point. By insisting that the club buy players using money it actually has, Kroenke is a cunt.

Usmanov, by contrast, is the only one who actually loves Arsenal FC, a fact he will prove in the next few days when he personally hands Wenger a cheque for a billion quid and says “There you go darlin’, buy summink nice!”

And last of all, people who overuse the word “cunt” definitely don’t sound like complete cavemen retards. Not at all.

Master Bates


I am sorry

Robin van Persie is a woman’s genitalia

Glory hunter

To thereisbearcum:
So ur happy with losing our best player every summer?
Paying the most for match tickets in all of europe?
Having a team that can’t compete for trophies.

It’s got nothing to do with Usmanov, I’m
Just not happy with our current board, simple!


What truth exactly? Just something you wanted to hear.

What were we supposed to do to appease mr. Van Persie’s apetite? Spend a billion pounds to buy our way to the title?

That is not the Arsenal way.


This “money we have” argument is weaksauce. Good businessmen know how to cook their books. See how easily City evaded FFP by getting a mega money sponsorship deal? If Usmanov helps us to get a mega deal from one of his gazillion companies, does is not count as “money we have”? There is no getting around the fact that the club is stagnating like a shit pond while everyone else is moving forward. This club used to fight for the title, now top 4 is like a title, in a few more years finishing above Spurs will be like a… Read more »


“This “money we have” argument is weaksauce. Good businessmen know how to cook their books.” Just cheat! Great solution there, you goon. “See how easily City evaded FFP by getting a mega money sponsorship deal?” Except It hasn’t actually come in yet – but even if it had, Arsenal made their stadium/sponsorship deals years before the fair plays had even been invented – so shit comparison. “If Usmanov helps us to get a mega deal from one of his gazillion companies, does is not count as “money we have”?” No, it counts as money he has (which isn’t subject to… Read more »


Yes, Van Persie, Nasri, Cashley etc are cunts. Not so Henry, Pires, Cesc, Clichy, Toure. The reason is that the former showed no class or respect in the way they left the club. It is for Sagna, Jack, Song, etc themselves to decide in which category they want to be should they in future move on.


Master Bates master mindless cunt. Think and wait for other “cunts” to leave… prepare yourself to call Sagna, Wilsher, Walcott and others the same name…


You sir, are a penis.


Sorry for the Nigerian fans who, I have to say, are among the nicest damned people I have ever met. Hopefully next summer things go differently and they can catch The Arsenal in pre-season.

Now, for completely selfish reasons, I say bring them to Harrison NJ so I can see them play Thierry Henry’s other team. 🙂


Agreed. Though watching Henry’s mixed feelings during the Emirates Cup last year was awkward… Also agreed re: condolences for the Nigerian fans.

sanity modernism

Am very disappointed because I was really bracing up for this friendly between my great country and my great club,anyway they say every disappointment is a blessing

[…] 来源: [Arseblog] […]


The lure of Barnet was too much. Hope they play them instead as usual!


I, too, miss the good old days of Barnet and Bad Burgerland.


Typical Arsenal,
Going back on there word.
I bet IG is right in the middle of that one.


Where word?

Midfield Corporal

Can we stop with the RVP is a cunt stuff. I’m disappointed at his decision and feel let down but I just can’t worship a player one day them call him a cunt the next. Let’s see what happens before we hang him out to dry, there’s plenty of time for vitriol if he joins City.

Master Bates

well keep up ,he surprised us.

H.P Arsecraft

It’s really not that hard. Try it a few times, it sounds better with practice.


Hmmm… Would love to say, ‘ I told you so’ but I never said a word to anyone about this so would rather say, ‘I guess that much’.. Ever since I read Arsenal is to play Nigeria at Abuja stadium, my instinct says duh. Yes, Abuja holds the largest capacity, but we still have lot of housekeeping job to do here in this country and in this city. And oh, event of last 24hours shows that the two of my family (Arsenal and Nigeria) has a lot of house cleaning to do. Nonetheless, am still gutted we couldn’t get to… Read more »

H.P Arsecraft

RVP will board a plane to Nigeria (Wenger bought the ticket) and arrive at Abuja tomorrow at noon. Make sure you dont use water cans, he lacks a spine. He would float away like a jellyfish and end up at some oil shitty city like manchester.


Where does this leave the hugely important Guinness Malt deal?!?! I am not ITK but I do work with two people in the MUFC marketing team. The Arsenal is a joke in their eyes. Something is rotten in how the business is run and the continual flood of players (who are ITK) out if the Club is an indication of how poorly run the commercial side of the club is performing. With an American owner, why is The Arsenal not taken to a far more lucrative and wealthy market? Beggars belief. Gazidis, a former MLS administrator and he can’t arrange… Read more »


The Arsenal is a joke to United fans? Really? Seems you’ve bought into the negative hype while bending over for United fans whose club will soon be hocked on the NY stock exchange.

Seriously. Grow some.


If you think these pre-season games are essentially all about creaming off gate revenue then you’ve clearly wasted every minute of time you’ve spent working in marketing. The Asian and African markets have the potential to be massive for European teams – the populations already have ravenous support for various sides and with the exception of Rugby in the very south of the country, Football is and will remain the #1 sport in the continent, even while local and regional sides are pish. And as these areas become progressively more affluent, the amount of cash they will spend on merch… Read more »


I don’t know about the marketing bit, but as a U.S. resident I have to let you know that you’re off base in at least one area – namely that of premiership support among people around here. I swear I had to do a double take, but two weeks ago I was walking in my Hillsborough, New Jersey neighborhood and I spotted a Vela Arsenal shirt! Furthermore, I play soccer in an over 30 league and almost everyone there supports a premiership team (and even some lower league teams like Leeds, Millwall, Reading, Wolves and (inexplicably) Wrexham) You may be… Read more »


Finally some good news.

Also, rvp Is a cunt.

Frog out.


See what you’ve done R v pur$€.

And there i was all set to visit a few brodas o mine and watch The Arsenal. And Kanu too.
Just feel sorry for you guys though.


I am actually relieved The Arsenal will not be coming down to Nigeria especially since the team would have had to play in Abuja that’s not safe to be honest. We’ve got better stadia in safe states all over the country, but no, they had to choose Abuja cos it’s the nation’s capital. Don’t mind watching Arsenal vs Barnet on tv as far as I know my dear gunners are safe from some evil religious sect in the north.

Ezigbo onyearse

Disappointed!? no, the country is in great disarray,looking for some committees to form,bribes to give and recieve and innocent blood to shed,sensible nigerian gunners are n’t diappointed,we re just surprised on how V.P managed to hide his cuntishness all these while

Naija Gunner

Why always us?

And what they hell is gonna happen tomorrow?


I wish for a quiet summer….but so far its not happening.
In terms of the Nigerian trip…I felt the diary was rather crowded
Far too much traveling,not enough pre- season bonding in Austria as before.
Sorry Nigerian Fans but .with Gods grace next year is a better time.
All we have PLANNED so far is The Emirates Cup next summer.

Hudson Hornet

Has Ivan finished his holiday yet? Or is he waiting for Theo to fuck off aswell?

Maybe hes busy send leaflets by hand to Walmart?

How ironic the people pushing self sustained finance model and upholding morals is asking the oil giants for sponsorship.

You just cant make this up, hilarious.

Usmanov, well done Sir. You have remained quiet enough, time to take these cunts out.

Oh, all that remains is Arsene and Dein’s friendship to help us unite with Usmanov and fuck the rest.

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