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Robin van Persie and injuries: by the numbers

Titi v. RvP

8 – Seasons played for Arsenal by Thierry Henry 1999-2007
370 – Games played by Thierry Henry for Arsenal 1999-2007
337 – Games started by Thierry Henry for Arsenal 1999-2007
33 – Appearances as a sub by Thierry Henry for Arsenal 1999-2007
91 – Percent of games Thierry Henry started for Arsenal 1999-2007
46 – Appearances per season (average) by Thierry Henry for Arsenal 1999-2007
228 – Goals scored by Thierry Henry for Arsenal*
226 – Goals scored by Thierry Henry for Arsenal 1999-2007
28 – Goals per season average by Thierry Henry for Arsenal 1999-2007

8 – Seasons played for Arsenal by Robin van Persie 2004-2012
278 –
Games played by Robin van Persie for Arsenal
211 – Games started by Robin van Persie for Arsenal
67 – Appearances as a sub by Robin van Persie for Arsenal
76 – Percent of games Robin van Persie started for Arsenal
35 – Appearances per season (average) by Robin van Persie for Arsenal
132 – Goals scored by Robin vain Persie for Arsenal
16.5 – Goals per season average by Robin van Persie for Arsenal

So, what happened?

The common belief is that “Arsenal carried Robin through an injury riddled career” and based on the comparison between him and Thierry Henry above, it certainly looks like a career cut short by injuries. For example, if we look at all competitions (League, both cups, CL, Charity Shield) and then just at games started, Thierry Henry started 337 games in his first stint at Arsenal which translates to a whopping 42 starts a season. Meanwhile, RvP started just 211 games in 8 years, translating to 26 starts a year. The same with the percentage of games as starts: Henry was a starter in 91% of the games he played in, RvP is a starter in just 76% of his games.

Maybe it’s unfair to compare the two players, Theirry Henry is clearly some kind of ubermench to able to average 46 appearances a season for 8 years. In fact, to find other players who average the same or more, you have to look at the very best in world football: Messi and Ronaldo. Messi hasn’t played less than 50 games for Barcelona since 2008 and Ronaldo hasn’t played less than 30 games in a season since he broke into the Man U first team.

If you look at Robin’s career graphically, showing the games played, goal scored, and averages of shots/goal and shots/game it looks something like this:

Those two huge dips in the graph are his two major injury hit seasons. The second one (2009-2010) is actually a year and a half long series of injuries where Robin was so desperate to get better that he resorted to visiting Medic Smurf and her Placenta of Power. Whatever happened in that room must have been pretty Smurfy because since January of 2011, Robin has been on a tear scoring 59 of his 132 career goals. That’s 45% of his total. In 18 months. Which might be why Arsenal supporters feel like the team carried the player for all those six previous years.

There is an alternative view, however. What if we look at Robin van Persie’s Arsenal career in terms of his contributions to the team’s total offensive output? In other words, how much was he helping the team despite his injuries? To figure this number I simply took all of the goals and assists racked up by Arsenal in a given year and took every player’s contribution to that total, expressed as a percent of the whole.

Again, we see the same two dips in the same two seasons where Robin was severely injured and we see a graphical representation of his amazing last year and a half where he broke all of his previous records. However, what you don’t see in that chart is that Robin actually led Arsenal in goals scored and total percent of team offense for four of the eight years he was at the club. To see that, I give you this spreadsheet with the years he led the team colored in red:

2011-2012 2010-2011 2009-2010 2008-2009 2007-2008 2006-2007 2005-2006 2004-2005 Average
% of team’s goals 40% 19% 10% 19% 9% 14% 12% 9% 16%
% of team’s assists 13% 7% 10% 16% 7% 10% 2% 2% 8%
% of Total Offense 28% 14% 10% 18% 8% 12% 8% 6% 13%

2006-2007 was a strange year, Henry was on his way out and Robin ended up leading the team with just 13 goals. Arsenal’s total team output was actually split pretty evenly among Robin, Cesc, Henry, and Adebayor. That was such a weird team that Baptista and Gilberto both managed to chip in 8% each to the team’s total output. As such, I can agree that maybe Robin is getting too much credit in that year. After all, he only edged Cesc to the lead by one data point.

Robin’s worst overall year in terms of team contribution was 2007-2008, the season that Arsenal finished just 4 points off Man U for the title.

What I think is probably the most frustrating aspect of Robin’s time at Arsenal for the fans is this last year where he doubled his offensive output. None of the other seasons in van Persie’s Arsenal career have a single player contributing 28% of the team’s total output. Henry is the closest, with 25% in 2004-2005 and again in 2005-2006 while Cesc led Arsenal in 2007-2008 and 2009-2010 with 19% of the team’s output but Robin’s 28% and 40% of the goals scored is really stellar.

That kind of output combined with what looks a lot like a linear progression line makes me wonder what could have been. Especially in 2007-2008.


Follow Tim on twitter @7amkickoff and on

All data via Tim’s personal database

*That’s the official number, I will always count that own goal awarded to Scott Dann so, Titi scored 229 as far as I’m concerned.

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Arsenal Haikus

Van Persie said no
to a shiny new contract
the fans were disgraced

Robin Van Persie
after all we did for you
why leave in such haste

why take the money
you could have been like Bergkamp
you lost our respect

you could have been a legend

Arsenal Haikus

You betrayed us all
you could have become a legend
now you are a goat


You’ve got 8 syllables in that middle line there.

Arsenal Haikus

no need for batman
you were the flying dutchman
stabbed fans in the back

Boris Pimple

You made me feel misery
when you turned out to be a bigger cunt
than that cunt Samir Nasri


Runcorn Gooner

When the Red Red Robin comes bob bobbing along
Shoot the bastard,shoot the bastard


Bollocks to RVP.. After what the Club did to stand by him during his injury-hit years, this is shameful.. Heck, one goal ridden season & u think u are a whole class player. Think abt what u achieved against what Henry or Bergkamp had..
$$ rules these days.. gone are d days of “1-club men”…


Lest we forget, NO Arsenal player is greater than this football club or the best “player” the club has ever signed, Monsieur Wenger..


Don’t cunt him off too much before we can get rid of him, even if he’s being a bit of a cunt


turns out hes a cunt
turns out hes a cunt
robin van pursie
turns out hes a cunt


Number of statements RVP probably should have thought twice about issuing: 1

kiss my arsenal

if carlsberg did statements…….
they’d have to rethink they’re slogan


Number of times Thierry Henry slagged off Arsenal, Wenger, The Board and Team mates before leaving: 0
Number of Arsenal fans who don’t love Thierry Henry: 0
Number of above stats Robin Van Persie cannot achieve: 2


Number of years he has in a different teams first team lineup till they buy off younger and faster players instead of moving him to a deeper supporting role like arsenal would have done and eventually end up warming the bench like berbatov: 1

Hudson Hornet

Ah yes, is the same Henry and Vieira who threatened to leave numerous times?

The same Henry who sulked for his last year?

My gawd some people have shit memories.


“I am a victim of that. I lost Samir Nasri, Gael Clichy and Cesc Fabregas at an age where they should have been playing their best football for Arsenal. But I never left the club when I could have. I could have left 10 times to join another club but I didn’t because I have worked with the same vision and philosophy at Arsenal for the last 16 years – and that won’t change. “Besides, money was never a motivation for me. This are wengers words obviously, his constant use of words like “philosophy” is beyond me. Anyway, words like… Read more »


Please let us all ABUSE this fucker!. I know he won’t feel it but i sure will enjoy reading some comments……..thankyou.
I’l have a laugh or two just like robins past 8 years appear to be now. A LAUGH!!!!!!!!!.

Kacey Uwakwe

I already moved passed this RVP situation. I am looking towards the future. A fit again Jack Wilshere, Ramsey, Ryo, Walcott, OX, Afobe, Frimpong, Coquelin. Arsenal future looks bright.


I’m completely with you regarding the future prospects.

Then however I think back and remember how many times we (fans) have said that in the past 7 years. Difficult not to be frustrated here.

Kacey Uwakwe

Yea that is the problem Arsenal have. None of our future Young prospects have reached their prime. We eventually sell them. I guarantee you that if Fab & Nasri stayed at Arsenal last year, we would have won the league or atleast 1 trophy somewhere. On the bright side, we finished 3rd with all the injuries to our whole team. Verm, Mert, Gibbs, Santos, Jerkinson, Sagna, Arterta, Roicsky, Diaby, & (Gervinho – lost form after African tournament all faced time out with injuries. It is very depressing… But if we keep these players till they reach their prime, we will… Read more »


I agree with Kacey about alot of this but when you say names like arteta rosicky and diaby, i dont think theres much further they can all go in development, they are in their prime. maybe growing past it or at least growing into smarter players(the first two that is) the rest of them we must keep, i am most scared over theo’s future, i know he has room to grow still and has done alot for us offensively with assists this season we need to tie him down and then secure an attacking midfielder, holding midfielder, and one more… Read more »


I see it like this, and please read properly before the keyboard warriors start with your a cunt etc.. I posted that I thought rvp would leave after he came over to us at the WBA game everything he done seemed like he was saying goodbye.  I defended him immediately after he issued his statement, but having read opinions better informed than mine since I beleive what he has done is not defendable.  Having said that the true test will come in what happens next in terms of signings. Most people recognise that we need 1 maybe 2 midfield players.… Read more »

Kacey Uwakwe

Great summary… That sums up everything regarding RVP. We all know he was going to leave after the West Brom game. We are all just mad about the way went with it.


Voldemophobia: The fear of having no

No voldermot, you are clearly okay in that department.


nice summary, I felt the same.

but just one thing, if robin had told the club he was leaving then howcome the day before his statement wenger said he will do anything and everything to keep him?

to spice up his price?


Could you not put a horcrux on him and force him to stay please the same way you probably tricked Sao Paulo into keeping Denilson………

Oh if only life were that simple.


Well said Voldermort! Great summary but I feel Podolski was signed before the club knew RVP’s intentions as the rumours on that one were spreading as early as November and it was the Giroud deal that was probably rushed through as a possible replacement. But as usual we’ll never know the exact details/plans. Who knows maybe Giroud was told RVP would play alongside him for the last year of his contract and that might have influenced his decision in wanting to join us? There’s no end to the speculation and conjecture. The only things that are certain are that we… Read more »


Best comment i have read on this situation. it was so good i thought i wrote it myself as it is exactly what i have been saying to pals though havent put it in writing. well done mate.


We clearly now need to turn our attention away from the RvP situation as quickly as possible and focus on Theo whose contract is also up next year.
Love him or loathe him, I think his situation is now more important than RvP’s as we know that RvP will be sold and I fear that Theo will leave for nothing at the end of the season or for a nominal fee in January.


ohhhh damn. You know the Arsenal situation has got bad when He Who Must Not be Named starts talking about Arsenal. Probably sees a lot of potential here to recruit some more Death Eaters – my guess would be RVP, Usmanov and Stan.


Looking back at robin van persies 8 years at arsenal……ouch!…………..ouch!……..ouch!……ouch!.

Okay i’l stop now.
Can’t really think of anything else.


Clearly on the brink of becoming a legend. On the brink.


Is nobody embarrassed by the fact that the man they now consider a “cunt” was their hero literally a few days ago? And all for the grave sin of pointing out that Arsenal aren’t particularly bothered about winning stuff at the moment? I worry that too many of us have bought the bullshit about a negative net spend being “the Arsenal way,” and seem willing to sacrifice anyone who disagrees. Remember when we used to win stuff? It was brilliant. Even better than having a “sustainable” financial model, but you wouldn’t know that from these boards. Face it, the board… Read more »


Internet Arsenal fans are a fickle, and sweary, bunch.

For me there was always the possibility RVP was going to leave, so not surprised or upset. Just a bit peeved at the way he has gone about it. Which was probably just be him following shit advice from cunt agents.


I’m a bit ambivalent about how he’s gone about it.

Even assuming that he’s being self-serving, much of what he says is true, and it’s time we acknowledged we’re being shafted by our board. Too much focus goes on Man City and Chelsea having rigged the game. Of course there’s an issue there, but for Christ’s sake, we generate the 5th largest revenues in the world.

If there’s one thing worse than having a sugar-daddy, it’s having a sugar-daddy that’s figured out you’re a cheap date.


Agree. I am not too torn about him leaving, but many Gooners including myself are upset the way he revealed his intent to leave. He could have done in a much more professional way. Perhaps this is a bless in disguise. I’m sure he learned a valuable lesson: It’s hard to build reputation but easy to lose it. I see this as an opportunity to revamp our roster. Our future looks bright on the pitch with youngsters. We still need to get new players up front and in the midfield, though. Also sell ones in whom we have no interest.… Read more »

Glory hunter

The unfortunate fact is nothing anyone says seems to have any impact on the board! These guys are even more stubborn than Arsene! They haven’t even responded to the open letter, which is very noble of them but also a bit frustrating. I don’t know how much more debt we owe on the stadium but PHW did say paying it off NOW isn’t an option due to fees associated with early payment(even though they could) – I found that strange but it’s apparently true. I agree that RVP’s statement was ill advised but at least he was honest, the worst… Read more »


I forgot something –

“We need to give this and that player a chance in the first team because he’s a massive fan of the club, bleeds for Arsenal, plays with his heart on the sleeve. If and when he fails we will of course lynch him and blame Wenger for giving that player a chance”. “We love Jenkinson, he’s a true Arsenal fan”. “Oh god, Jenkinson is shit, we need a new right back ASAP”.

Midfield Corporal

Agree with you 100%. However disappointed I am with RVP I’m not going to start calling him a cunt, he has given us 8 years service, whereas Nasri and Adebayor jumped ship after one decent season. It sad for all parties that Robin will not be welcomed back, I was trying to think of any other players who had given the club 8years service but upset the fans, Frank Stapleton is the only one I can think of.

Der Springer

I don’t believe “the board are pissing on us”. The sustainable model is the best way to go – unless you would prefer to whore us out to some Russian billionaire. Arsenal is still a very wealthy club and an elite team in England and Europe. At present, we cannot compete with City’s finances but we can still compete with them on the pitch and the signings of Podalski and Giroud, with possibly more to come, are indications that we intend to.


We have whored ourselves out to some billionaire who is *making money from us.* That seems like a problem to me.


People forget that we’re still in debt and have any expenses at all. People assume that since we do generate millions, everything should be thrown into transfers. People forget that the money is used for: * Player wages * Staff wages * Stadium debt * Other debt * Stadium maintainence * Training ground / other facilities maintainence * Player transfers * New medical centre * Medical treatment/bills * Sign-on fees * Payment to feeder teams/satellite teams * Public relations * Scouting network (which is 10 times larger than anyone can imagine) Not to mention the fact that we’ve just spent… Read more »

Cygan's Right Foot

Except that we don’t pay dividends, so all money earnt stays in the club and doesn’t go to board members.


Nice one, Nico. Amazing sometimes, how quickly some ‘fans’ change their opinion about…anything.
And sorry for thumping down the Jenkinson bit — didn’t get it then 😀


Well said Nico, absolutely spot on.

Hudson Hornet

Aye it is embarassing and classless.

Good luck Robin whatever you do.

Class act


Class act??????………….more like class-LESS CUNT!!!!!.


Fucking cunt, I hope he snaps his cruciate!

Lets see how many seasons the pricks at the etjihad stadium will nurse the cunt through.

Let’s go 4-4-2 with Podolski and Giroud up front and slay every other fucking team in this league.


rather he goes to psg for 25 30m we buy in our 1 or 2 mid fielders and a 4.* striker cos lets face it messi level is out of our reach ready made
then psg can do u a favour in europe and beat a potential stumbleing block for us. no damn way is he to be sold to any1 in the pl


Trade RVP for Javier Pastore?


442 what is everyones fascination with this out of date old system? it only worked before because everyone else played it.

the current formation works with the personnel we have. 142 goalscoring chances were created for van persie last season. no other player in the league had that many opportunities. im telling you now if giroud gets the same amount he will score 50 goals not 30. rvp was wasteful last season and his 37 goals in all competitions hides that as great an achievement as it sounds.

Cygan's Right Foot

I think it’s because with 4-4-2 we were successful. Henry with Bergkamp just behind, Freddie and Bobby on the wings with Vieira/Petit/Fabregas/Gilberto in the middle Cole and Lauren at fullback with Campbell and Toure in the middle. So if you like it was more 4-4-1-1

Midfield Corporal

I think too much is mad of 442 or 433. The way we played 442 want that different to our current system, DB10 dropped into midfield like Rosicky does, Freddie played a similar role to Theo and Pires wasn’t a left winger in the traditional sense, he did what we want Gerv to do. Both systems rely on our full backs overlapping.

Cygan's Right Foot

We can essentially do it again as Podolski’s best position is as a SS rather than out-and-out striker.
I reckon Gervinho will have a great second season like Koscielny and even if Walcott goes, Chamberlain will be a fine replacement.
Arteta, Song, Rosicky, Wilshire and Ramsey vying for the 2 middle slots, will keep competition high and so hopefully make them produce their best

Midfield Corporal

Cygan – are you saying Podolski is in the SS?? That a bold statement to make my friend.


Thoroughly enjoyed that rant you should post that in le grove!. As an aside please don’t ever compare the arsenal to that hateful “loyal”(ist) mob rangers again!
Ps. I fucking love stats


I hope Frimpong cuts him in half.


Fuck the thumbs down cunts on this thread, grow a fucking pair!


Truth is, Arsenal will YET AGAIN manage somehow to compensate the loss of RvP. A slight but painful downward spiral is visible though and that really hurts. But the loss of our captain is a disastrous signal that the club is sending out to other clubs and players. Also, forcing RvP to sit out his contract and transfer him to a club he doesn’t want to play for (as suggested by Mr Blogs regarding City), I can totally understand the arguing here but as a player would you like to join a club that in the end might want to… Read more »


he’s crap. i knew it


Chuttad sala RvP. Bech do sale ko.


Is that voodoo or some shit?

Henry's foot

He says RVP’s a cunt now sell him


Nahin, yeh banda to RvP to bas gaali de raha hain. Voodoo to bad main aaye ga.

damien joyce

What a great edition of “by the numbers”. I’m beginning to look forward to these now, though not if we’ve had poor result. I must admit I really didn’t realise RVP had been as reasonably prolific as he has been, I’m taking into account that it was difficult to get into the groove when picking up the niggling injuries, so I have to hold my hand up and know that I was bit misinformed in my own opinion of his previous 6 and half years. I’d love to see Ian Wright and DB10 added to those graphs, I’d like to… Read more »


Afc, the only way we can come our of this with any credit is to make the signings that we know we need and that rvp reckons we were not willing to make. It will hurt more if he goes to city or man u but if we put our own house in order and show the ambition that every ex player and journalist reckon we now lack then let him go to whoever. It’s the perfect opportunity for the board to show the doubting football world that we are serious about competing. Leave things as they are now with… Read more »


Agree with you. Lessons should be learned from last summer.I think RvP isn’t convinced. Arsenal should improve the squad before preseason begins and not wait till we lose badly to realise we need some positions filled.Podolski and Giroud purchase can’t be the end.

Der Springer

Christ – what low esteem you hold your club in to call it a laughing stock. We topped Sp*rs, Chelsea, etc last year AFTER losing Cesc and Na$ri. We put up a good fight in the Champions League. So Arab oil money steals another of our players; they are pinching lots of players – it just so happens that Arsenal has some of the top players in the EPL.


If it were not for AVB’s and John Terry’s troubles, Chelsea and Sp*rs (and maybe Newcastle) would finish above us. We needed a massive luck to finish third. Remember that we finished 19 good points behind Manchester clubs; we conceded 8 against Man Yoo, 4 against struggling Blackburn and 3 against Norwich. Wasn’t it a laughing stock? If not, then you’re PHW in disguise, grow a pair and admit it. You’re either the old man himself, his relative or his wife? Why do we lose our star players in infinite loop? Its the same story every summer and it doesn’t… Read more »


So Dreamiest, it’s OK to excuse Chelsea & Spurs their misfortunes but you overlookour troubles? We lost two of our most influential players for goodness sake, and our fullbacks, and Wilshere etc But you can’t see that can you? For you it’s luck. Didn’t you notice, we went on a winning run beating teams that were supposedly superior to us? As far as I’m concerned Chelsea & Spurs were lucky to even be that close to us last season. If you feel we’re a laughing stock, why is it you support the Arsenal? Part of being a Gooner is being… Read more »

Cygan's Right Foot

The world you say… *strokes chin thoughtfully*


Agree and disagree.

Point 1- the board and Arsene are not synonymous. I get the feeling they make his job a shitload harder than it should be.

Point 2- fuck selling him to united or city. That’s lame. Would fuck face sell us Ronaldo or Rooney? ( not that I want either of those cunts, but you get the point).

Point 3- buy a proper replacement, a midfielder and tell theo to fuck off.

Point 4- no pussy shit, win the league and let everyone else eat there hats.

Job done.


robin van cuntri?…….oh I mean robin van pursi£?……..or is it robin van pussy?…..

Forgive my ignorance I know it’s all the above.


I blame Silent Stan. We made good money last season from selling our better players but we did not reinvest that money on players


Except Arteta, Jenkinson, Gervinho, Mertesacker, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Santos, Podolski and Giroud.

But no, you’re right – we should have invested the money in players.

Cygan's Right Foot

I’d like to say that your reply wasnt showing when I did mine Bear but it’s good to see we agree


I’m pretty sure Podolski and Giroud weren’t signed last season.

And the rest are solid players – the Ox is particularly promising – but not replacements for what we’ve lost by any stretch. Good resale value though, largely. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

Cygan's Right Foot

No but the money from last year would have been used for them


none of them are Cesc replacements.

Cygan's Right Foot

Except for Gervinho, Arteta, Santos, Mertesacker, Podolski, Giroud (don’t forget, no player has been sold since those 2 were signed) etc… Transfers, fees and wages are all part of that money in. If you leave all of those players out, then you’re absolutely right


Abuse the guy dont summarise the fucker. The only debate you should be having is whether van persie is 90% cunt or 100% cunt.


already over RVP… fuck him.. a done story..
don’t waste your energy on hate…

will never get over that 07-08 season though.. 🙁


Does anyone else have the “Patricia lost 2st 8lb” advert at the top right?

That bitch looked even fitter when she was a bit more chunky. What a rack.


I think the adverts are tailored to your internet history, so I guess you have been looking at a lot of fat birds recently

Park Chu-Young

Its time….


Really surprised by some of those stats. Surely Wenger must know these figures considering the attention he pays to even the smallest of details. Which leaves the mind boggled at why we never sorted RVPs contract out a couple of seasons ago.
Would like to see some stats for TW14 to see if he’s more consistent than people like to believe.

Going slightly off subject is TV5 going to step up to be Captain with SZCZ or Wilshire as Vice Captain?….


I hope we don’t make Vermaelen captain, it’s tempting fate too much. Barcelona seem genuinely interested too. He’s their ideal player – a footballing defender, who doesn’t overly bother about defending.

damien joyce

TV5 is probably the most likely default choice, I wouldn’t give any VC to Wilshere, just let him play. My personal choice for Captain would actually be Koscielny, I see tinges of Tony Adams in him, I was harsh on him in first season but last year he was immense, another year like that please Laurent, but sign a new long term contract beforehand if you do.


I put up Koscielny’s name for captain earlier in the week as my “long-shot” choice. He’s a player that I can admire, as he obviously loves every moment he’s on the pitch, and he leaves everything out there. This is why I USED to love watching Kolo Toure play- he obviously loved the game and played with such enthusiasm and spirit (you could almost see Gilberto and Sol telling him to wipe the grin off his face)… of course, then we sold him to that money laundering lot up in Manchester. However, I think we need to give the armband… Read more »


He signed his last contract in 2009, that was when he hadn’t really had much of a prolonged span of fitness and form. The 2nd half of 2010/11 was good indication that he might be beyond the ‘wait a game or two he’ll get injured’ phase and the summer of 2011 was when the whole will he/won’t he? drama started. And after another season of fantastic form and fitness he now has said he won’t sign a new contract. So in summary, I don’t think the club have dithered in offering him a contract or getting him to sign it,… Read more »


Here is some more stats – this time on the first 4 seasons of a players arsenal career
83 stars made by van persie in first 4 seasons
43 goals scored by van persie in first 4 seasons
79 starts made by bendtner in first 4 seasons
45 goals scored by bendtner in first 4 seasons


Probably best off if we give it to Song as he will only have a year left on his contract at the end of the season


We sell our captains it’s a curse. Ide give it to bentner.

damien joyce

or diaby??? Some people might thumb that suggestion down but imo we’ve wasted too much money on him in wages and he’s taken a place in 25man squad which cld be used more prudently, jeez lansbury could have been given a go at least he’s fit. I know he has great technique but he’s never shown any grit ( I remember him and denilson larking around v Wigan 3-2 loss and then got red v New 4-4). Really though we cant use a space on him again this year please, why should we continue to be so loyal when players… Read more »


in the midst of all this shit i would like to ask you who the FUCk is DIABY?
someone please give me an explanation or maybe i should wait for a statement from an official diaby website.


I would have loved to see him fit for some time, because I think he has something really different and special to offer…an almost zidanesque elegance of playing, e.g. when he turns away from opponents, although he’s such a lanky lad. Shame really, but you’re probably right it’s just been too long.
Funny though, how Clive Tyldesley still sees him playing — in the England-France game he twice referred to Abou Diaby when Diarra had a chance…


¸Captain Ramsey! Nobody rich will buy him! We ll have a captain for the next 10 years. 🙂

D gospel

Since we sell our captains…i’d give it to chamakh.just that the guys will soon be learning to smoke shisha after a defeat…wud give it to mikel 08

D gospel

Since we sell our captains…i’d give it to chamakh.just that the guys will soon be learning to smoke shisha after a defeat…wud give it to mikel 08(plays with his heart and brain)

Ezigbo onyearse

For me, a special treatment should be given to dein infected players,ya probably a quarantine because the mutation will eventually occur,look at rvp from a bronze statue to a brujudas(brutus+judas)!,that disease must be viral

Arsenal thugangel

I think the question we should be asking is why have we lost our best players consecutively?


Agreed, but the answer is too obvious and too painful.

A better question would be: what is a thugangel?

Torquay Goon

In all this sad mess we need to remember the common denominator in much of Arsenals problems over the last few years, Darren Fucking Dein season ticket holder total cunt son of David PR leader of R&W holdings it’s all political bullshit RVP can fuck off as can Theo 1 game in 5 Walcott if welcome the Russian but Araenal
Ooze class this rubbish is embarrassing


That’s one massive run on sentence.


If he went to Juve, I could almost find it in my heart to be indifferent about him and the sheer arrogance of his statement. If he goes to City, he will be a pariah.

Ezigbo onyearse

All hail captain Mik Arteta!


Would be an excellent choice. Looks infinitely more trustworthy than RVP… always thought RVP’s hairstyle was a bit dodgy.


I feel bad about losing RvP, especially in such a manner, but I also feel sorry for him too. That his letter was a stab in the back is undeniable, but I suspect he received direction from the shadowy world of agents and lawyers. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Robin was amazed to see the hate-and-discontent that bubbled up from the fan base. As far as the C word that keeps popping up: Samir Nasrat is a cunt, Robin van Persie is not. That he was leaving was in the back of most of our minds, and Arsene… Read more »


I have no reason to feel sorry for him or to believe that he signed that statement at gun-point. He knew exactly what he was doing. He tried to burn bridges with the club while remaining on good terms with the fans. In the end it exploded into his face. I’m sure 200k/week he’ll be getting from Shitty will ease his pain.

Whether he’s a cunt or not…Probably not. But it helps.

Boris Pimple

You made me feel misery
when you turned out to be a bigger cunt
than that cunt Samir Nasri

Boris Pimple

Doh that was meant to be at the top with all the other rhymes


It was equally shit.

Boris Pimple

well it had to be, it was the same one


Had lots of respect 4 RVP b4 dat statement,was angered dat he claims he dint expect the backlash,we know we got probs but our captain shouldn’t have been the one to diss us like dat! Most of us believed he would have stayed at least one more season to see if we really are ambitious enough….even if he wasn’t going to stay,ur comment Mr.plasticfuckingleg are not fair considering that AW stood by you all thru ur injury riddled past! Short memory,mean dude,fuck off very much!


rvp agreed to the letter. he read it. he took shots at the club manager the board and fans. lets not pretend he cant read. if he didnt like the club he shd av left in quiet. This other bullshit is his fault not his agents not his lawyers. if it was he’d hav sacked them. We’ve lost bigger players than robin and come out better. Keep the Faith Arsenal wont collapse

In Arsene we Trust


The views on this website are becoming pitiful. So entrenched in hatred for a player that has always given 100% and was a very good captain – even though he knew he was going to leave. Ever think of that? He could have dossed his way through the last few months, but did everything to get Arsenal into the top 4. You’re ire is completely misplaced – it should be squarely aimed at that bastard Wenger who has you all wrapped around his deceitful fingers. This man is completely divorced from reality, his ego is truly bigger than pluto as… Read more »


Pluto? Maybe Asteroid 2012 LZ1, but Pluto is really exaggerating things.


Haha poor Adma, ‘that bastard Wenger’ is the one likely to be at the club next season along with the ‘pitiful views’ of those that are on this site. Your captain did ‘everything he could to get Arsenal into the top 4’ also because it served him a purpose. I’m not doubting his commitment but to claim that he’s some angel who had no concerns for himself is stretching the limits a bit. If he had thrown a fit, someone else would have stepped up and people would be calling him the choicest of words then instead of now. I… Read more »


Good find, kh!


Really? I would rather Wenger defended our team in public than destroyed them whenever anything went wrong. This is a man who took a half decent arsenal team who had just lost both captain and one of its talented midfield, started the season appallingly and still finished above spurs and chelsea and you want him out? RVP has just shown himself to have no class. Why do the fans hate Na$ri, Adebayor and Cashley and not Clichy, Kolo, Petit, Henry? Because the latter all went about their business quietly and respectfully. Clichy informed the club that he wanted to elave… Read more »

Glory hunter

You honestly haven’t got a clue, if you think the problem is Wenger then u really are deluded and probably senile.
If there’s 1 individual that is exempt from any blame it’s Arsene,

you honestly think any other manager would have managed to consistently keep us in the Top 4 with a board that sanctions the sale of our best players every season?

Do you even understand what’s going on?

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The most pressing issue is the need to strip him of the captaincy right now so we have a new leadership hierarchy well entrenched for the new season. Even if he stayed for the season he obviously could not be captain.

And he deserves the humiliation, it would be nice to send him a clear message that the club and the fans find his statement insulting and patronising respectively, and that he’s burnt his bridges.


I think we should also take his squad number away. The number 10 should be reserved for a player who WANTS to wear the red and white, not for a player who doesn’t. Giving it to Podolski or Giroud would be a sign that we’ve moved on.
In fact, I’m such a vindictive asshole that I’d like to see the club remove images of RvP from the adverts about the new home kit on the official site.

Bendtner's Underpanties

Robin Van Per$ie. $o all of a $udden I read that you are $omehwat $urprised at the reaction to your agent/lawyer crafted $tatement? Really? How i$ it possible that after reading that load of bollock$ (I hope you did read it before letting it go up on your web$ite), that you could po$$ibly think we would not have such a reaction? Blogs is absolutely correct and I feel Arsenal need to step up now. Do not $ell this guy to Man $hity. Many of us knew he may not $ign. Ok, he want$ to go…..fine. If the Middle Ea$stlands a$$holes… Read more »


I’m looking foward to winning the league with or without RvP. him, cesc and nasri were part of the team and we won f**k all so why w’d I care as if him leaving means is the end of Arsenal. I support those that want to play for our beautiful club Arsenal.


He wants to leave for trophies, or money or whatever reason, he is free to do what he want, but he has no right to criticize the direction of Club so publicly while still on Club’s payroll and try to turn fans against Ivan and Club. Not to forget he disrespected Arsene, the man who stood loyal to every single one of his players esp to RVP during his injured plagued 7seasons. I will want him to f*cK off bcoz he thinks he is bigger than the Club , while he was happy to sign a extension in 2009 while… Read more »


RVP will not be missed, I am surprised at the doom mongers here! For the last couple of seasons the team has been set up to provide for RVP to the detriment of the”team”. When he is gone we will be a team again, you only have to look at the Holland team to see the truth of this. There are no offers on the table at the moment for precisely this reason, I cannot see Man C, Utd, PSG, RM or Barca rejigging their whole operation to accomodate one egotistical Dutchman! who is nearer the end of his career… Read more »

Cygan in Japan

He leaves when he wants!
He leaves when he wants!
Robin Van Persie.
He leaves when he wants!



he talks like the president
he gave goals as presents
but as it is evident
he is a CUNT and my memories of him are FADED!


I think the most painful part of the RVP saga is defending him and trusting him throughout the summer and throughout his career, idolising him. And with one swoop he has made every Arsenal fan hate him. From hero to cunt in the time it took to read his statement

Hudson Hornet

Imagine where we would finish without Robin last year?

Podolski, Giroud, without RVP = Meh

All that remains is Wenger to say enough is enough, I cant deal with losing starts every year.

Glory hunter

If that happens Then it’ll be mid table & the end of st. totteringham’s day 🙁

Runcorn Gooner

Hudson Hornet.Imagine where we would have been without Henry,without Tony
Adams etc etc.
It’s all irrelevant .What is relevant is that AW gets a team ready for the challenge.
The past is the past .The future is crucial.
In AW we trust.


Read some good news today; Kalou has signed for Lille, meaning Square Head won’t be joining us!

RvP-last of Wenger’s generation who won us nothing! Let’s hope the next will be better!

S Nasri

Well that’s taking the pressure of me for a while


You ll always have a pressure. Your brain is to small, and City s bench will be crowded next season too, with you in the middle. 🙂


Here is my take on events so far… The statement was the only way the agent/rvp could secure a transfer now. I think that he was told that arsenal would hold him to the last year of his contract if he didn’t sign. So the only way the agent or outside forces could secure a transfer is to piss off the club/board. That is why the letter targets them so specifically. They are the weak target. He may have wished/intended to try and come out of this with his cake and eaten it, but there just ain’t no  PR expert… Read more »


I agree man, Rvp is not a Na$ri cunt type.

Glory hunter

That does make a lot of sense!
But If the board sell RVP to Man city, then we can all agree that they are equally as bad as the players that we label greedy mercenary bastards!


I think Rvp will end up in white shirt. Real Madrid.

Runcorn Gooner

What is amazing is the number of thumbs up/down involving RVP over the
last few days are much closer than in previous players departures.
Long live freedom of opinion.
Personally thank very much for last year and goodbye.Just hope your new club
is not EPL.

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