Spalletti confirms Arshavin deal interest


Zenit St Petersburg have confirmed they are weighing up a permanent deal for Andrei Arshavin.

The Russian international returned on loan to his former club in February and promptly picked up a medal as Luciano Spalletti’s side coasted to the title.

Nevertheless, despite impressing during his time at the Petrovsky Stadium, it looked as though Arshavin had damaged his chances of another return to his hometown after offending the club’s president with comments made in the aftermath of Russia’s exit at Euro 2012.

Rejecting suggestions that a deal for the Russian national team captain is dead in the water, manager Spalletti told the Zenit website that the 31-year-old is still a possible recruit.

“From my point of view, Arshavin is a player of high class. In addition, he is an intelligent man. It all depends on his motivation. I have little doubt about Arshavin.

“It is absolutely definite that if he returned then he’d play just as well as he did last year.

“Arshavin is one of those names that we are discussing.”

Under contract at the Emirates for one more season, and seemingly deemed surplus to requirements by Arsene Wenger, it looks almost certain that Arshavin will leave the club this summer. Qatari side Al Sadd and Turkish giants Galatasaray have also been tipped to make the player an offer.

Signing for £15 million three years ago, the diminutive midfielder has showed only flashes of his mercurial brilliance since his four goal Anfield salvo earned him cult hero status with the Gooner faithful.

It remains to be seen how much Wenger recoups, although a figure in excess of £5 million (I’ve plucked that figure out of my arse) seems reasonable.

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Hudson Hornet

Hopefully this will go thru and we can re-invest his wages into someone exciting. If ever there was a time to maybe push the boat a little further and bring in a star ansthis is it.

RVP for Llorente
Arshavin for Ganso

Then I woke up.


Woke up ey?. Found chamakh, bendtner, park etc.
Les miserable.

damien joyce

does that make Wenger the “Master of The House” filling up the squad with bits of this and that!!!


We will most likely keep paying his wages and keep him on to fly messages to our friends around the wizard world.

Dr Baptiste

Rumours abound that we have rejected a bid for RvP from Man Utd. Things are starting to pick up pace…. YAY!!!


“Rumours abound…..” Rumours abound that: We are selling RvP to ManUre. We aren’t selling RvP to ManUre. Shiteh have offered 20m for RvP. Shiteh have offered a sack of 50 quid notes for RvP. Shiteh have offered a bazillion pounds for RvP. RvP is going to Juventus for 8m. RvP is not going to Juventus for 8m. Juventus have / have not offered 8m for RvP. 8m is / is not the sort of money that Juventus would / would not have / have not to pay / not pay for RvP were / were not he going / not… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

“Liverpool have become so confused that they’ve bought Carroll off themselves and managed to lose money on the deal.” Ha! That one made me chuckle

Gunner From Another Mother

Hahahaha, brilliant. Bout sums it up


“It all depends on his motivation. ” kinda insulting isn’t it? So his crap form at Arsenal is because Arsene doesn’t know how to motivate him or because he’s “unmotivated” because Russia are crap internationally? Shouldn’t his career, ability, family, paycheck motivate him!

Please sell him and use the money to buy Dempsey! He’s a player who gives 110% to his club every game. If there’s money leftover put it towards Affelay or M’Vila as we need both.

Armchair gooner

The fantasy of football manager rears its ugly head again…..


I know there are folk on this site who don’t think much of Dempsey at Arsenal, but I say YES! (Besides, clint ought to know better than to to Liverpool, when his ambition is to play CL football.)

Gearoid Kelly

I knew a Father Clint Power once


Goodbye dear meerkat.


Spalleti?…..spaghetti bolognaise……lunch.


bahaha!!! I think the same thing everytime i see his name.

Merlin's Panini

oh well, sad as I will be to see him leave, it’s time.
Thanks for the good bits Arshavin. I’ll miss you on Arseblog.

I suppose he could be replaced by a singalong with Lukas Podolski or
sexy time with Olivier Giroud.

Good Omens

That pretty much sums it up for me too; I’ll be sad to see him go, but I shall be content that he has.


C’mon AW, make this a done deal. Want him OUT! He looks easier to shift than some of the others, and we have plenty that need to move. We need to start somewhere.


Aurevoir russian Assasin,its about time.thanks spaghetti


I wish I could pull 5 million out of my arse!


Where’s the fast forward button to all this transfer talk? This is becoming increasingly more grating. I just want to wake up in the morning and check the news saying the transfer window is closed. They should have a new transfer policy. A one week window where all clubs take bets on how long Nasri will last against a homocidal goat. Not sure how that’ll help get you the players that you want, but I’m still ironing out the details.

Merlin's Panini

amen to that.


With reports that RVP is not going on the Asia tour, is that not a breech of contract? I know that my boss would not take kindly to it and we know that footballers want to have the freedom that “normal” employees have so…

Lord Teddy Ears

See little guy hope it works out lets get some fresh blood in !!!


Goodbye little arshavin, halo tall and handsome girolski.

On rvp going to asia, I couldn’t care anymore. I’m already looking forward to the after-rvp life.
Whether you think he’s going to shiteh, glazerhawks or the turin is irrelevant. Let’s just leave that to him and his twisted money oriented mind as our team gel properly in Asia.


” It all depends on his motivation.”

sums him up

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

big black clock

Does Arsenal not treat players’ agents properly? I’m saying cause RVP’s agent, Kees Vos, is also Nasri’s agent, and instigated both players’ transfers away from the club. Maybe Gazidis won’t give him a seat on the board?

Or of course the more likely scenario is, he’s a massive fucking cunt.

big black clock

Thanks for the reply blog. Looks like Le Prof has a few enemies back at home eh?


So Jean-Pierre Bernes did a stretch for game-fixing before moving on to becoming an agent, It just proves once more the moral ground on which these creatures operate, and brings to mind yesterday’s picture of agents surviving with cockroaches after nuclear catastrophe!


That’s the most interesting thing I’ve read in about a week. What a cunt.


We should stop “keesing” rvps’ ass especially when he’s “vossing” a move away from the club.

Master Bates



Haha mb, thought I could sneak one in, seems not. Out I go.


This might sound completely beyond the pale… but have you considered that agents don’t have any personal feelings towards clubs AT ALL and probably just preoccupied with doing their job and getting the most money for their clients possible?

big black clock

Which is why I called him a cunt, no?


More importantly, getting the most money for THEMSELVES.


‘plucked the figure out of your arse’ eh?
Do you work for the Sun/Star/Mail/Express as well?!

damien joyce

If this news that RVP has refused to travel then he should be suspended from club activities for two weeks along with his wages in that time, just ignore the cunt for two weeks and all correspondence that links to him during that time, when he comes back we’ll deal with him then, I’m sure Man Citeh won’t want to be linked with upsetting and tapping up Arsenal players 2 years in a row, he has well and truly severed his links to us now so fuck him, i don’t care if he stays. goes or disappears into Etihad sponsored… Read more »

damien joyce

grammatical self correction:-
IF the news is TRUE is what I meant


I will certainly miss the cast of characters from the arsecast with our host of player/charachitures leaving in recent seasons… With amaury bischoff pi, eboue, sylvester, and the penis of william gallas all departed and the seeming exits of arshavin and tgsel nik bendtner seemingly out the door… Who will we mock next?
Perhaps blogs needs to work on a Moroccan accent for the (hair) stylings of chamakh?


there is always coq


Aaaaaargh!!!!!, whether rvp fucks off or stays I just want it all to end!!.


I could take V Persie leaving and even to City but not those Utd cunts.

Hoping he goes to Juventus finding it disrespectful he is even thinking of going to Utd pretty much shows he is a ruthless selfish bollix.

If he does go to Utd and I he gets injury f**king wanker


well if he moves to any of those manc clubs i hope he pulls out a hargreaves at city.


Or a tevez, then goes on some golf holiday in the middle east. Where then he’s caught in between the syria crisis and he’s then taken hostage for atleast a year!. Comes back, when he’s 31 years old with his knees having given up on him, he then retires and I then smile as we look back on what could have been……..

Too much?


Hopefully the RVP to Utd story is us finally using a situation to our advantage. We leak the fact they’ve bid, so Sir Drunkalot has to comment. Citeh then know they’ve got a serious rival for him, as do Juve. Ergo, up goes the price. The problem with Cesc last year is the price was basically fixed, as there was only one club in the running. That being said, we should still string the Mancs along till 31st August, fucking up their plans for a new striker in the process, before telling them both to fuck right off as we… Read more »

[…] is calling for two of our forwards. Firstly, Andrei Arshavin is still on Zenit’s radar, with manager Luciano Spalletti saying: From my point of view, Arshavin is a player of high class. In addition, he is an intelligent man. […]

[…] is calling for two of our forwards. Firstly, Andrei Arshavin is still on Zenit’s radar, with manager Luciano Spalletti saying: From my point of view, Arshavin is a player of high class. In addition, he is an intelligent man. […]

[…] is calling for two of our forwards. Firstly, Andrei Arshavin is still on Zenit’s radar, with manager Luciano Spalletti saying: From my point of view, Arshavin is a player of high class. In addition, he is an intelligent man. […]

[…] is calling for two of our forwards. Firstly, Andrei Arshavin is still on Zenit’s radar, with manager Luciano Spalletti saying: From my point of view, Arshavin is a player of high class. In addition, he is an intelligent man. […]