Spanish press: Arsenal have bid for Cazorla


According to a report in Spanish publication El Confidencial, Arsenal have made a bid for Spanish international winger Santi Cazorla, although they face stiff competition from Tottenham Hotspur who are eyeing the player as a possible replacement for Luka Modric.

Arsene Wenger is understood to be a long-term admirer of the fleet-footed wideman with the boss thought to have lodged a bid for the player last summer while he was still at Villarreal.

Gazumped on that occasion by big-spending-Qatari-owned Malaga, who spent a whopping €21 million, it looks as though the 2007 Spanish Player of the Year will again be on the move with the Andaluscian outfit ready to sell their most high profile stars due to serious financial problems. Last week Villarreal reported Malaga to UEFA claiming that more than €3.5 million of Cazorla’s transfer fee was still owed to them.

Jose Salomon Rondon (also linked with the Gunners this summer) and Nacho Monreal are also set for an exit with reports circling that Malaga have been unable to pay their players in recent months.

Able to play on either wing Cazorla’s acquisition could be seen as pre-emptive cover for the loss of Theo Walcott (should he not sign a new contract) or as a replacement for Andrei Arshavin, whose future at the Emirates still appears uncertain.

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good palyer


ROBIN VAN PERSIE is still a prick!!!. Let’s not forget this.


**Pinch of Salt** 😉


many, many pinches


Indeed. I wouldn’t trust any story from a publication named “Confidential”!


Just goiung by this article- Spanish player of the year that went to Malaga for money, not a lot good.


He went to Malaga because they were supposed to pay 21 mil for him and he got more bonuses but no substantial increase in his wages when he moved.


Ben Lyttleton (who writes for Guardian occasionally, mainly on France) said last summer that the reason this deal (and also the Mata one) didn’t happen wasn’t that we were gazzumped, let alone that the player was too greedy to be interested in us; it was rather that we didn’t make an offer early enough because – supposedly – we were waiting till Cesc and Nasri were sold. I’m not saying he’s right – I haven’t a clue whether he is – but before writing off the player as being interested only in money, it’s as well to remember there could… Read more »


So he was forced to go to Malaga, like Ibrahimovic was forced to go to PSG because they made an offer.


Are we really gonna do this Allen?.
Okay, he’s a good player who’s best years are clearly behind him. Used to be a regular in the spain squad but now he’s nowhere near selection.

But then again, it’s £3.5 milli???

Dick Swiveller

He’s only 26, right? That’s a few good years left at his peak and experience of how sour a big move made purely for money can go, not bad if he’s available on the cheap.

Pretty sure there’s as much truth in this as any rumour, but then again I think that of EVERY rumour I hear and the Podolski/Giroud ones seemed to work out.


Park was around £3.5 milli…..wasn’t he?, Probably not a good comparison.


You guys need to learn to read, Villarreal are still owed “3.5 mill euros” from Malaga regarding the transfer of Cazorla which equates to around “£2.7 mill pounds” He would cost a lot more than the figures you’re quoting. The guy is technically brilliant two footed, can play on the left or right has the intelligence to play in the hole with skills to match. Carzola would give Rosicky and Ramsey some competition in the “Cesc role” a more the welcome signing if it happens.


thank you Gunnermaniac, saved me some time

gun powder

Cazorla looks a cool player.


if I had a dollar for everytime i hear “Arsene Wenger is understood to be a long-term admirer of…” i’d be able to give Van Persie whatever he wanted and have some leftover for Walcott


I’m a pessimistic fuck so i’m sure it won’t be enough.


Correction: “..facing stiff competition from [some team called] Hotspur”.

I dont think its competition, or if we need to be worried about competition from small teams like Spuds.


I’m all for financial stability and all that, but I really hope we stick it to Sp*rs on this one: leave them scrapping for seconds at the transfer table for a change.


I kind of hope spuds buy him and he’s a big flop. They’ll overlay, and it’ll only help to ruin their finances further. Without selling modric and Defoe this summer, they have no money available without taking more loans, as they’ve used up all the money corluka generated by buying vertonghen…
Oh, and they have such a great defensive pairing in the center… Assuming they play vertonghen there, who else do they have? King retired, gallas is creaky old, and who’s that other guy? Lol.

Dr Baptiste

Dawkins is the other one isn’t he? Or was it Dawstep?


Comment removed – text speak Please read the comment policy


Could you say that again using proper words?

Merlin's Panini

i dnt undstnd a fckin wrd u jst sed.

What's my name?

Translate to English, please?

Good Omens

Please in English is… please. (I know it was in relation to the text speak post, but I couldn’t resist, my coats waiting, I’m on my way).


Also, in no way will he be a replacement for Arshavin, as the article suggests. We have Podolski, Gervinho, Ox and Ryo all vying for that left-wing spot.

Merlin's Panini

I think we might see Gervinho playing more on the right this season, and the Ox, especially if Theo jumps ship.


Ryo said last season that his best side is the right but, conscientious and polite little Japanese lad that he is, he added that he was very grateful to Bolton for giving him the opportunity to get better on the left (not much of an opportunity: I really don’t get the hype about Owen Coyle). Ryo may not be as quick as Walcott but he’s not slow either and I bet he won’t take so long to master an accurate cross.


Great player. In his prime as well. He’s 27, got at least 4 good years left in him. Arsenal’s strategy with regards to player age certainly has changed. Podolski- 26/27, Giroud- 35, Cazorla-27, Arteta- 29, Santos- 28/29, Mertesacker-26 (who’s very good, he’s not slow, actually one of the quickest at the last WC, check fifa’s stats). Even park wasn’t exactly young, just not good enuf/ not given chances.
I guess we’re working towards getting some trophies, and also ensuring that all our youngsters aren’t poached as they run down contracts.


Yea Giroud is 35 and i love John Terry…


Lol… my bad. Giruod is 25. Its a typo


I’m a massive fan of Mertesacker but cmon now, even I would admit he’s slower than slug. his strengths lay elsewhere


Mertesacker is not as slow as the pundits think. He is slow on the turn (as u would expect for a man of that size), not in a straight line. Also, his size makes him appear slower. Height=long legs= seems to run slow but isn’t.


I would agree with that. Not agile does not equate with not fast.


I think on this occasion I’m going to go with all the times I’ve seen with my own eyes Mert being slow, over FIFA stats (what stats would show player speed, anyway?).


These stats here:

Mertesacker’s top recorded speed in the 2010 World Cup was 28.35 km/h, which put him among the fastest players in the tournament.

Of course, top speed is only one measure of a player’s “pace” in football. As Adi alludes to, the reason why Mertesacker seems “slow” is because he’s not very agile and he’s not quick off the mark. On the other hand, if you had players competing in a straight-line sprint, then I find it completely believable that the BFG would be right up there.

Phillip Boyer

As a center half, he does not do much, if any long sprints. Agility and ability to match a strikers change of pace is what is needed in a CB. So for all intensive purposes, he is slow. Don’t need stats to analyze what you see with your own eyes

Gunn 'em Down

how in the hell can spurs give us serious competetion


The competition i’m guessing was for his autograph…….signed on gareth bales undies.


Monies, specially from the impending sale of Modric.


This could also be agent speak. If the spuds had inquired but then not followed it up the club/agent may want to get something happening, so they mention a far more superior team to try and get spuds moving again. Just a thought.


I’m sure if you use your brain you can figure it out.

Glenn Helder

I know! We’re much bettettetter than them


Hope he wont be remembering his DNA sooner…


Cazorla is such a cool surname B)

Happy Gunner

And here I thought I was the only one thinking that xD.

overseas gunner

have been pronouncing it carzola till now,
i find cazorla weirdly unprononouncable for some reason


If cazorla comes (IF!!!), walcott either leaves or moves to cf. I guess a theo, podolski, santi front 3 is not bad (rotating). We need someone bigger in midfield though. Podolski is the only tall guy, and he’s no aerial threat.


Ermm… 1.92m Olivier Giroud?

Agree that we need a CAM to battle Rosicky though.


If theo stays, he’ll want to move to cf. The only way i see him there is rotating with another player. Giroud is more of a target man, won’t rotate. That’s why i put poldi there


The CAM issue is an interesting one, especially given Rosikys age/ injury record. It could be that AW sees Ramsay, Wilshire and Arteta as able to back up or grow into the postion so he may not fill it. Even the Ox?


Okay, he’s been off sick for a year, but how has everyone forgotten Wilshire so soon?

Speaking of: I think it’s sad how I’m the only one who has faith that Diaby will finally overcome his injury issues this season and get back to being the massively tall midfielder who ghosts past players and definitely doesn’t lose his rag and headbutt people…

Pascal Zidane

A great player, probably the best outside Barca and Real madrid. The sort of quality we should be signing but are we quick and decisive enough? Competition will be stiff, Spurs will have Modric money to burn. Hopefully we’ve learned from the Mata fiasco, I would love to see him at the Emirates.

Mr. Black

Um, Spurs will only have Modric money to burn if they sell him. There’s still a long way to go in the transfer window, and I get the feeling it’ll take them a while to sell him at their £30m valuation. So realistically, we should have a free run at cazorla for a while, it just depends on how high our bid is. I think it will be quite low though which will drag this on. The problem is that Malaga are up the shitter, and we being the great bargain hunters (lol) will try and get him for a… Read more »


I won’t take it seriously,but if wenger really thought of buying cazorla,why not?
Great player,only chances to play for spain limited by the huge talent of spanish midfielders. I also heard about afellay,if either one is materialised,I’ll be happy.


If only Man City and Chelsea could go the way of Malaga, the league would be a much better place


i would prefer if they all just pulled a rangers or leeds


This isn’t meant as a personal attack by any means, but I’m puzzled by something. Arseblog News doesn’t just religiously report any old rumour bandied about by the Daily Mail or the Mirror or other English-language publications. Presumably the writers here are well-aware that most of them are, to put it lightly, absolute rubbish. So why do you relay – in a fairly uncritical fashion, it has to be said – rumours like this one just because a foreign outlet happens to be making the claim? The French and Spanish media also contain lots of silly transfer rumours – it’s… Read more »

Lord Teddy Ears

What are you going on about and why does anyone have to justify where they get information from to you although it does say in the article. Are you the news snippet auditor.


In the time it took for you to write that comment demanding to know what I was going on about, you could have read my comment properly and figured out what I was going on about…


We rarely post transfer speculation like this, as you rightly point out, but it tallies with something I heard last week – and I know 100% that we were close to signing him last summer.

For the most part, however, we avoid this kind of stuff because it is just speculative rubbish.


Thanks for the response Blogs. This site usually does a good job of avoiding spurious rumours – and you regularly warn against taking the tabloid rumour mill seriously – so it just struck me as strange that this story got a run here.


Not a problem. And I guess that it sticks out a bit is a good thing, in a way.


What has happened to Malaga’s cash then Blogs? I thought they were just rolling in petromoney. I have to say this is the first I have heard of this story and I live in Spain, as you know.


Not 100% sure, Bren. I thought the investment was solid but have seen talk of problems for a little while now

14 the new 12

Hi Blogs, Sorry it’s a bit of the topic but we are in preseason, and finance seems to take up as much space as football. I just saw this overview over net spend on another forum – I’m not sure if it’s correct or if it’s only on players or including new facilities etc. But could I ask you to do an overview and comparison over the net spend at some point if you have the numbers. It would be really nice to be brought up to speed on the financial side of it, as I am dead tired of… Read more »


Spanish press, english press, french press, italian press…….
press everywhere for stories to get us all in a frenzy


Our rumor frenzy will exhaust Spud, some how.
Nice play from Le Boss.


I wish but I live in reality so not happening

Merlin's Panini

You don’t look half as threatening as your name suggests.

I suppose we haven’t seen you angry yet though.

solomon akinfolarin

or maybe thats how he looks when he gets angry and then looks like the real hulk when he is not


how can u live in reality with name like HULK?


I’m off to scout this guy in Fifa 12 and Football Manager. I’ll let you know what I come up with.

Merlin's Panini

be sure to tell David Moyes, won’t ya.


Can i just point out that Cazola isn’t a winger, he is mainly a central Midfielder similar to (but not quite as good as) Xavi.

Curiosity killed itself!

If we sign Cazorla, then i actually start taking our title ambitions seriously.
The guys a wonderful talent, not sure if he’s back to his old self after the leg break whilst at Villareal but im willing to take the gamble.


would be pleasantly surprised if we signed him!

Midfield Corporal

I like the idea of getting in a replacement for Theo, then telling him the contract on offer has been withdrawn and you’re on the transfer list. Start sending a message to these players and their agents that we won’t be bent over a barrel and arse fucked. Then offer Song a contract, if he doesn’t want to sign with 2 years remain sell him too otherwise we’ll have the same shit next summer. It should be standard club policy that if you don’t renew with 2 years remaining then you’re sold. I’m finding it hard to give any player… Read more »

Curiosity killed itself!

if only it was that simple! Imagine Theo is notified by his agent that Chelsea are willing to double his wages! Are u trying to tell me, he shouldn’t consider it?? Its not like he was raised as a gooner, and Chelsea have a better chance of getting him a trophy even if he spends most of his time on the bench. Dont get me wrong i understand where you are coming from, but in reality its never that straight forward. In hindsight, wouldnt it have been a good idea to give Cashley the extra 5k a week he wanted… Read more »

to be honest the two year stuff is doable, it means we hold them by their balls and can demand what price we want, instead of having a player release a statement saying he does not want to sign with us or pull out of a contract, it would send a message to the other players if you want to sign do it if not start looking for a club because we dont take shit, FYI i wont be surprised if song leaves, with two years left on his contract if rosicky , Djourou have signed new contracts with Koscielny… Read more »


If we gave in to all demands, that would send out a signal that we’ll give in to all players’ demands easily.

Also, I believe whatever amount Cashley claims he was asking for extra, it’s probably smaller than he wanted. He needs to justify himself, of course.


Missed the boat last summer. Can’t see it happening unfortunately.

Good Omens

If this rumour has any grounding in truth (I’m sure many can make up their own minds as to the validity of transfer rumours), would it mean the end of Walcotts time at Arsenal ? That is to say is the writing on the wall in regards to Theo signing a new contract.


Ive got really high hopes for Gervinho this season. The lad had a better season than that chinless Na$ri in his first season with us. He had an interrupted season with the AFCON aswell. If he can get his feet sorted infront of goal i think we’ve got a real player on our hands.

The invincible arse

So, he can surely continue that with another AFCON interrupted season?


I agree, I really like Gervinho and, as you say, most players take time to adjust – Ade was useless for well over a year. Gervinho actually started last season really well and in his final season at Lille he got the double the number of goals and assists as the ultra-hyped and expensive Hazard. Has a better reputation as a hard worker as well.

Poor unfortunate Ade, poor unfortunate Spurs – both still with their heads down doing the sums and neither can make them add up.


I don’t know why the walcot hype,who needs him to sign a new contract,he can as well join blackburn who cares. Arsenal isn’t a racing club but a football club… We need players like affellay & ryo,those who use their pace well. Time for arsenal to move forward


Ryo? dont want to be a spoilsport but how can you compare Theo to Ryo? Theo is a senior England international with years of experience while Ryo is yet to start for Arsenal. am sure Ryo will turn out to be a good player eventually but at the moment Theo ranks over him.

Anyway if he doesn’t want to sign for us then he may fuck off and join Rangers for all I care 😀


You say ‘senior England international’ like playing with that old boys club of wife-beating no-hopers is a positive? Pff

Those cunts have probably all spent the summer telling Theo he should leave the mighty arse, in between not passing to him or the Ox. Cunts.


typical arsenal transfer rumor.I’m not buying it!!


Nobody is forcing you to buy it


i hope arsenal buy it.

big black clock

Words can’t explain how incredibly overjoyed I am to see Malaga in the state they are at now.

Clubs like Man City, Chelsea, and PSG are a ticking time bomb. Malaga just proved that.

Nwosu Desmond

Arsenal financial policy is still the best in Europe and with the financial fair play coming up soon…i cant wait to sit back and see so many European clubs suffer for it.


no rich euro clubs will suffer because of ffp because its a joke and teams already know ways to get around it.


Hate to say it but im not expecting anymore signings until 4 more players (after vela and denilson) have.found new clubs.
why? cos even without those 2 we still have 28 homegrown/non homegrown players. i think once 4 of squillaci botelho eastmond arshavin park walcott chamakh bendtner rvp find new clubs we will bring one in if 5 go then we might sign 2 6=3 etc

Dr Baptiste

But the club register the players. You can have 90 players in your books if you want but only 25 will be registered.
If we signed him, we just wouldn’t register one of the other players

pat rice's nan

how cool does Nacho Monreal sound? All together now NACHO NACHO MAN!

Rad Carrot

*Holds up hand*

Um… I’ve never actually heard of this guy before today. I’m not usually this unaware of who our prospects are – is he any good?

*Shuffles feet nervously*


*goes to youtube*



Not sure whether to thumb up or down. it made me laugh, but ‘yes’ it was a bad example.
I’ll just pass.


I doubt we’d offer enough to snaffle him if other people are in the chase and he cost such a lot before.

Arsene never offers more than he thinks players are worth – regardless of what other teams might pay.

Dr Baptiste

But with Malaga in an odd financial situation, they may sell for less than they bought just to get some money in.


oh no, where is the comment I replied to? aaah!


Never seen play, but thought from reports of Malaga games he played more am role? If/when Rvp goes think we finally need a Cesc replacement, not a giroud competition front man.


Sorry of post is wobbly, I’m drunk in a car

Touraine Gooner

So long as you’re not driving…

Save 75 cents

We don’t need any more f*cking wingers


I agree with Midfield Corporal about signing a Theo replacement before Theo actually leaves. It’s about time we be pro active. I fully expect Song to ‘do a Walcott/RVP’ and run down his contract to the last year – that’s why I believe we’re reportably after the likes of M’Vila, Capoue, Biglia etc. as a 2 year advance security! Would be good to have another defensive midfielder play alongside Song on some games next season and then if Song does leave we’d still have Coquelin/Frimpong to step up.


I’d be amazed if Song did a Walcott. He said recently he’d be in tears if he was ever forced out of Arsenal. Walcott’s a different matter. He’s English and has no special loyalty to Wenger or Arsenal, especially now his idol, Henry, has gone. He’s a Liverpool fan and he’s had a rough ride from the Emirates’ booers – his dad was reported to be really disturbed by the abuse he was getting. Song has had more than his fair share of abuse as well but thankfully his gratitude to Wenger (and maybe his liking for London) seems to… Read more »


His agent is that snake Darren Dein. He’ll be next on the out list, alongside (hopefully not) vermaelen, whose agent is Kees Vos.
I honestly think arsenal should have a clause in player contracts preventing them from having dein as their agent.


walcott is a liverpoop fan and he and his dad don’t make it that big of a secret, so if he wants to go there he can, he would fit right in. but i still like him as an impact sub or to play him in the open games because that’s when hes deadly

Midfield Corporal

Did he really say that? I hadn’t heard it, what source? I hope he doesn’t mean he’d be in tears if he was forced out……because he wants to leave for nothing and earn a massive contract elsewhere.

Phillip Boyer

You are silly if you think Song has not had his head turned by some of the teams supposedly sniffing around. Despite all the flack he catches for not being defensive enough, after RVP and Kos he was our most important player (obviously Arteta is right there as well). And as mentioned above his agent is Dein, who is worse than John Terry in my book. I would love to be wrong, but I feel very strongly that this is the summer we need to get a CDM that can learn from Song and be blooded slowly in his first… Read more »

Der Springer

Song is my favourite Gunner (his name graces the back of my jersey) but I don’t think his proclamation of love for Arsenal means anything when it comes to contract negotiations. We have seen too many players that say what the fans want to hear but act contrary to their words when large amounts of cash are on offer. RVP being an obvious example.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Malaga come in and spend a bunch of money & now they have no money? I would love to see this happen at Citeh!

I’d love Cazorla or Jesus Navas at Arsenal! Both are quality players but I don’t think we’ll ever see either in the red and white.


sevilla wear red and white…

Dr Baptiste

If Malaga are in trouble financially, maybe we can finally get Jeremy Toulalan (Wenger always buys him every year in each new Football Manager, so he must be good) or even get Julio Baptista back…


Just to point out to all gunners cazorla is not a winger his bes position is CAM and I had opportunity to watch him at villareal many times he has excellent trough pass he is very good passer his best position is CAM ,he is playing winger in malaga and Spain because malaga need a winger and spain is full with world class in the middle of the park. He is like nasri type of player nasri best position is CAM and he played on the wing for us and city and I’m sure that if this rumor is true… Read more »


My Typo suck sorry for the mistakes .


Not a chance. Too much financial baggage. AFC hates ‘it’s complicated’.


Another day another name linked

I think we are up to about 90 now



Great player, would be nice if he signed, but let’s wait and see. I doubt it.


he is one of the best spanish player outside the one from barca/real .
but until i read we have a bid accepted and he is talking salary this will be be only gossip..
actually for Mata of a fact coming from last summer exciting news we were gone signing another spanish international ,i will only believe it when they say he is passing medical after accepting our offer


The transfer talk seems even more maddening this summer. The rumors are too fast and furious to track. Does Le Prof have a new tactic? Perhaps he has his minions feeding BS to the media outlets across Europe in order to lead the Spuds and Cheskis of the world astray? If we don’t know who Wenger is really interested in signing, then those parasites may not know either.

By the way, what’s the status with Wilshere? I’m more than a bit worried about the lad’s fitness.