Squillaci ‘out of reach’ for Bastia


Sebastian Squillaci’s time at Arsenal is up, but after a number of stories linking him with newly promoted Bastia, their president has admitted his club, like many others in France, do not have the financial ability to make a deal happen.

According to Pierre-Marie Geronimi, there is too much of a gap between salaries in England and France, as well as taxation issues which make it impossible to bring players like Squillaci back to Ligue 1.

“Sebastien Squillaci is an extraordinary player who plays for Arsenal where he has one year contract,” he told RMC. “I can not even give you his salary. He is one of the players who are out of reach for us and for many clubs in France.

“Times are tough for everyone,” he continued. “It will be increasingly difficult for the French players playing abroad to return to France. There is too much difference today between a wage in France and the English salaries, and the tax incentives in France will not be made for the benefit of these type of players.”

While some will choose to view this as a sign that Arsenal are paying salaries that are too high, it’s more an indication of the huge financial dichotomy that exists between a top tier Premier League club and a relatively small French side.

Squillaci, like Robin van Persie and Theo Walcott, is in a position where his contract expires in 2013, and it might take a gesture from Arsenal in order to make a move elsewhere seem more attractive. There is an indication that Arsenal are willing to waive a transfer fee so let’s wait and see what happens.

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So much for our egalitarian wage structure. I know Van Per$e is an idiot for putting out that statement, but I wonder what would have been the result if we offered him a wage to rival that of the other cunts sniffing around. Why shouldn’t we pay him what is near to what he would get at the other cunts?

It’s ridiculous that we have a ‘wage structure’ that cannot be adjusted where necessary. People will say VP is greedy, but what modern footballer today isn’t?

Dr Baptiste

So we pay RvP 200k and then Song wants 200k, and Vermaelen wants 200k and Koscielny wants 200k, etc… As soon as you remove that wage ceiling, you are going to be in financial trouble (see Portsmouth, Leeds, Rangers as examples). We have a wage structure for a reason and yes it’s not perfect but it stops us from hemorrhaging money


The result would have been exactly what Baptiste suggests. Yeah, we get Van Persie for a couple more years – then six more players in the team pop up asking why they don’t get £200k a week. Then Manchester City pops up the year after all like “Robin, muthafucka that. We’ll give you £400k.” or worse, they pop up next year all like “Can’t believe we were going to give him £300k last year – he’s been injured the last four months!”

And at the end of all that – does £200k Robin Van Persie make us any more likely to win the league/CL than the £70k Robin Van Persie we’ve had for the past few years?

It’s the proverbial rock and hard place. The fact is, Arsenal are in the position where they’ve been priced out of buying the most publicly glamourous players – and let’s be honest, this has been the case for a decade now. This is the whole reason Arsene Wenger was brought in: He knows how to bring up kids and his scouting system is set up to concentrate on diamond in the rough players who display outstanding potential. The only thing we can do is bear with that and hope that we get more Henrys than Bischoffs… or cheat.


As Arsenal chooses to rely on “self sustaining model”, why don’t we hand out more merits based contracts?

So, lower the fix salary, but relatively increase wages when the player a) plays, b) plays well, c) scores etc etc. This may sound a bit too simplistic at first but with all the stats that we have these days, I’m sure something could be worked out. We should have model that creates real incentives for players to perform well and thus get rewarded in return. Personally, I wouldn’t have had a problem if RvP had gotten 200k a week with all the goals he scored. He’s worth it! (correction: he was worth it). Such a system would also avoid Arsenal paying too much for players like Squillaci and avoid situation where players sit out their contracts. The better we play, the better our financial results etc etc…. It’s just an idea.


Hi AFC, very good point, I took a trial with a club in the late 60’s (failed miserably) art that stage the pat structure for a first division club was:
Pitiful basic, better than working mind you.
Appearance Saturday
Win bonus Saturday
Appearance midweek
Win Bonus midweek
Plus cup money, plus the odd chairmans bonus.
If all went well a reasonably glamorous and relatively well paid career while your knees held up but bloody hard work and you did have to work at it.

Decided (as I obviously was a crap inside right) not the career for me, mind you for 70,000 a week I could be persueded to put my crapness on show and I would probably seem to care a lot more about my club than some of the ones we currently have.


“Sebastien Squillaci is an extraordinary player”

I was going to think of a witty comment. But with a quote like that I don’t think I need to bother.


Obviously the French think he´s got lots of “Squills”…


You’re missing the point. I know fans have ludicrously myopic, selective and short term memories, but try and have some perspective here please. Let’s say for arguments sake, Van Persie never had released that statement…All I’m saying is that if you wish to keep your best asset, you may need to bite the bullet at some point rather than keeping this ridiculous (and convenient) inflexible wage structure.

No one is saying pay everyone 200k a week, but if you have proved you are that important (and the market rate, albeit grossly inflated by the other cunts, is this much [ ]) there is nothing wrong with paying the market rate (insert better term here) for somebody who is of that bracket because, let’s face it, he’s by FAR our best and most valuable player. You could add that he has solely been responsible for our 3rd place finish and keeping us in the CL position, therefore being able to compete at that level, and again the fact that he has dragged Arsenal from absolute mediocrity last season, says so.

At some point, if we want to stay a ‘big’ club who ‘wants’ to compete we are going to have to compete on wages too.


“No one is saying pay everyone 200k a week…”

That’s exactly what you’re saying.

Dr Baptiste

How do you then decide what qualifies a player to earn 200k? If we use RvP’s season as an example, surely Koscielny, who has had a remarkable season, deserves close to that. Song has provided a number of important assists along with Walcott while Vermaelen has scored some important goals to get us to 3rd. Then we have Arteta who showed that without him, the midfield looked uneven at times and Sagna who has shown his consistency in every season.

So that’s 7 important players right there that would cost the club £1.4million a week, and we’re not even taking into account the wages of at least the other 4 first teams players let alone the players we want to move on. That’s why we don’t pay Man City wages and why they, for the last 2 seasons, have overspent with around 110% of their overall turnover on wages.


Yeah you could say that he was solely responsible for our top 3 finish but that would be moronic. Without the assists of the players supporting him Alex Song (11) Theo Walcott (8) Gervinho (6) Ramsey and Rosicky (both 4) Arshavin (3) Sagna and Arteta (Both 2) AOC and 6 others (1 each) you could also argue that without those assist we wouldn’t have finished where we did either. 56 Assists plus RVP’s 9 makes 65 assists. So solo goals scored comes down to 8… And who’s to say they all came from RVP.

We scored a total of 73 goals in the premier league last term. RVP may have got 30 of them but the rest of the team got 43.
Who would you say contributed more? One player or the team as a unit??

Also did you forget about the exploits of Wojciech Szczesny our No.1. When RVP wasn’t scoring, Chezny and co were keeping the goals out.

Was it RVP who scored the goal against City or was it Arteta. The final game of the season- the must win game to guarantee our CL finish was it RVP that got us the 3 goals or was it… West Brom vs Arsenal 2-3 ( Long, Dorrans/ Benayoun, Santos, Koscielny) Not to mention Gibb’s last ditch saving tackle to deny West brom a goal late on.

So to cave to one players contract demands after he has one and a half good seasons would be ridiculous because then like the other guy said everyone would be asking for that much and before you know it we would be in financial melt down. Not to mention we have a similar problem already.
We started with T.Henry paying him top bucks then Fabregas and so forth and it lead to a rise in wages and then useless players being given top wages- Chamakh, Squillacci etc now we cant get rid of em because other teams cant afford em i.e Squillacci to Batia called off as they cant afford his wages. If RVP is leaving for the money then let him go. He has had one and a half good seasons, who’s to say that next season he doesn’t get injured again and spends the next half on the sidelines again like we’re used to seeing. We cant afford to break our structure and give players 200k a week. future Financial fair play rules dictate that.

I for one would love to see him stay but if he does leave then so be it. We’ve got 2 TOP strikers as replacements. We’ll be fine. Plus its only a matter of time till he gets injured again anyway… And who’s to say his next one isn’t career threatening with his age and history

Master Bates


actually it was Fulop who gave us 3rd position…. people need to appreciate him more ,so underrated

Runcorn Gooner

Perhaps it was extraordinary in that he doesn’t actually play for Arsenal.
Didn’t he play for Fulham in his one EPL cameo

Jack Jumblies

I think a space was missing. He meant extra ordinary.


He is a weird one, on paper, he was everything we were looking for but on the pitch WOW is it a different story. Made so much more sense than Silvestre, he was always a hack with a vein for a head.


Ah well. On another note, what’s the number of “aci’s” we have in our squad, there’s Squilacci, Miyachi, who else?


Robin Cunt Paci, is that can be counted?

Runcorn Gooner

Are you serious?


Take the racial slurs somewhere else dickhead.


Let’s make him captain!, there’s no way he’s leaving arsenal at free will.


*hears squillaci might stay………….dies.

Cygan's Left Foot

If he is here for another 12 months. We should get the best out of him, let him do the filing and the photo copying in the office!!!!.

Dr Baptiste

If he wanted to go then he would take a pay cut to make the move happen, even if we did waive the transfer fee.
While we are all aware that Arsenal’s wages structure is a mess at times, you do have to take the rough with the smooth. For every overpaid deadwood player, there is an up and coming superstar that gets paid high wages but we, as fans, are dubious about the club paying out more due to the deadwood (If that makes sense……) and the chance that an injury can put a stop to a great career (see Diaby as an example)


Depends, the club maybe willing to let him go for free.

But £60,000 a week is MASSIVE for a club like Bastia. Probably not even offering him half of that.


60000 euros will be more than their transfer budget


arsenal already say he can go for free problem he is on 60k a week ,
bastia is a small team with a small budget and they cant even afford the 30k a week let alone 60k.
bastia will really need to comvince him to take a big hit on his salary or maybe arssenal could take a samll part of it


Whilst the player is entitled to honour his contract on a very large salary, you would also think a player who will be 32 in August would want to play.

If Squillaci stays at Arsenal he’ll clearly make more money than at Bastia but come next summer who will want a soon to be 33 year old who has virtually not played in two seasons? Just six appearances in 2011-12, it’s hard to see him even getting that many in 2012-13 at Arsenal.


With Arsenal’s injury record, you never know. Might just end up playing 10+ games or so! *shudders*


He could easily find himself, “Almunied”.
Play (cough… sit) out the last year of a £50k a week contract and have no where to go.


So you mean that Basita can’t afford to match the ridiculous amount that Wenger decided to pay this clown? I’m shocked!

The great thing is that this third-rate joke will be gone at the end of this season – unless our illustrious leader decides to give him a new contract. That wouldn’t surprise me.


It beggars belief…. On the one hand Arsenal ‘lack ambition’ because we don’t hand out the stupid salaries that City do. Yet, numbnuts like Fatgooner will complain we pay too much and get stuck with players we can’t move on.

So which is it? We pay too much, or we pay too little? It can’t be both, so please make up your mind.


We pay useless players too much, and cant afford to match the top players wages. Its not that we pay too little although we could stretch the wages without these long term contracts tying the deadwood to 50k a week plus.


Out of 4 CB (Kos, TV5, BFG, and Squid) only one is deadwood.
So I don’t blame Le Boss at all.


If you know who is going to become a superstar and who will fail, please get off the website now and apply for a job at arsenal… Since you are the only person in the world with that ability.

Runcorn Gooner

Every top club pays massive wages to rubbish players.Liverpool take the biscuit
for having so many


‘So which is it? We pay too much, or we pay too little? It can’t be both.’

Actually, it can be. Paying too much to the crap, and not paying enough to the existing quality, or refusing to pay the going rate for players we want to buy, has put us in this situation.

You pay players what they’re worth – no more, no less. This is what useless Wenger just can’t seem to understand right now. If certain players demand more then you just tell them to fuck off and go somewhere else. That’s what SAF does.


A minor detail Fatgooner – you pay people what you think they’re worth. RVP when we signed his current contract in 2009 was arguably not worth the 70K or whatever it is he makes. I say arguably because the talent was obviously there, but the fitness record meant that had we sold him then, nobody would have been moaning. But the club obviously felt it was worth extending his contract and after another year on the sidelines he’s finally found form and fitness and the last 18 months have been amazing for him. You always offer contract based on future performance – what you think someone will be able to provide for the team and possible improvements in the seasons to come.

If Squillaci was not offered the contract he got when he signed for the club, he would have gone elsewhere and you would moan about the club not being able to compete with proper wages and another ‘experienced player’ going elsewhere. Like some have pointed out at the time he signed, he seemed like just what we needed. The fact he’s turned out to be a total flop is not something anybody could have predicted when he signed. And now the club are actively trying to sell a player that hasn’t worked. Nothing wrong there either.

I see Djourou get a lot of stick for getting a new contract, but when he signed the contract he had played solidly in defence and looked like he was fulfilling all his potential. He still might but playing at right back and being in and out of the team has slowed that progress somewhat. Had he not been offered a new contract and come in and had a great season and then left on a free – cue some more moaning about not offering the right contracts to the right people. Sometimes you get a few decisions wrong. The management team sees more of these players than we do and are better qualified to do the job and so I am more comfortable with them taking a punt on whether or not someone should be offered a contract.

And also, The OX is being offered a new contract apparently. What if he has a terrible season and makes Denilson look like Pele? He’s unlikely to have such a drastic dip in form but he is young and the pressure can tell. Will that mean the club are wrong to offer him a contract now? Red nose has lots of players on big contracts as well, and they contribute little if anything to the squad. We hear less about them because frankly we don’t care about their squad. Finally ‘if certain players demand more you tell them to fuck off and go somewhere else’…..isn’t that what seems to be happening with RVP? I just feel people try to expect perfection from others just because they earn 10 or 100 times what they make. Wenger may have bought a few players that haven’t worked out for the team or put too much trust in the likes of Denilson and Bendtner but to me he’s got more of such decisions right than wrong and the fact he’s trying to sell Chamakh/Squillaci/Vela etc shows that he knows these guys have no future at the club. It is not like these guys are being given 10 year extensions. Some people like to find fault with everything and everyone. I get it you admire the cunts at Man U so much, that is fine….but we’re not going to be them or like them….as a long time supported you should know this better than most.


This has been bugging me for ages, but this here seems like a good place to ask: Where exactly are people getting all this solid information about players’ wages? Doing a quick look, the only sources I can see come from http://www.arsenalnewsreview.co.uk/index.php/news/2355/30/Wages-of-76-players-on-Arsenal-payroll – which for me just shows up as a blank page, and http://arsenaltruth.squarespace.com/arsenal-truth/2012/2/23/arsenals-130m-wage-bill-exposed.html which would appear to be first, identical information, but more critically, something the author freely admits has pulled out of his arse based on sources he chooses not to reveal.

Personally before I get on the bandwagon slating Wenger for paying the likes of Squil and Denilson £60k a week, I’d like to see a bit more evidence than a blog. But that’s just me…


Agreed. Unless people are quoting salaries from Football Manager. In which case, I’m happy to take it as gospel 😉

top guns

Wenger is a greedy bastard, he’s happy to earn over 130k a week but doesn’t think the players should!

Dr Baptiste

If I got the same abuse from fans, players being hypocritical prima donnas even after the patience that was shown and with no help from the board during those times, I think I’d want to take home 135k as well

glory hunter

135k a week!!!!
How come Wenger’s wages aren’t in line with the rest of the management team???
Im guessing that rule only applies o the players, Wenger u sly dawg 😉
No wonder Pat Rice left for pastures new lol


It disgusts me when fans of this club continue to slate players. Yes, he struggled for us but what help is it going to be if you constantly put players down. The same thing is happening with Ramsey who again is another ‘clown’ that our ‘stupid’ manager has signed. Support the players and they will improve and appreciate this team.

Good luck to him, he was a decent player on his day and he never complained once about lack of playing time which is admirable in today’s world.

Master Bates

they were right to offer him that much ,he’s won trophies in the previous clubs he’s been to ,he has reputation ,older players get high wages because they have signed many contracts each adding his wages…..

now don’t hate our lovely manager and squid , there are people who actually deserve to be hated eg Kony,Hitler and Roberto Mancini

theo van nasregas -> Lukas Girmaelencielny
theo van nasregas -> Lukas Girmaelencielny

Batistuta is a legend.

Merlin's Panini

and a cunt.

Dr Baptiste

and a ‘roid riddled cunt at that

Dr Baptiste

That’s not even what I meant to put, from a different conversation entirely… damn copy and paste.

Merlin's Panini

still, it applies.

theo van nasregas -> Lukas Girmaelencielny
theo van nasregas -> Lukas Girmaelencielny

If he is a cunt, then what is van Persie?

Merlin's Panini

also a cunt. There doesn’t have to only be one. There are many:
Rooney, Terry, Ashley Cole, Xavi, Puyol, Pique, Paul Scholes, Gary Neville, Tony Pulis, Sam Allardyce, me, I could go on…


Vanpurse-y would be cunted cuntifull cunt


I’m a FATCUNT and I know it. ………. *shuffles legs


We complain all the time about more transfers…and who knows maybe we are right…but the reality is that this French team can’t afford a free transfer of a player under contract because of their wages…and there is no way squillaci is even close to a top earner. Crazy


This is seriously depressing. Fiorentina have apparently denied making an offer for Chamakh also because of his high wages. We should either accept £6 million+ or a bottle of the finest champagne and a few party balloons, Gazidis won’t hire a clown at least we got our own called Squillaci.


it seems kinda fucked up.


I was thinking that the good thing about Squillachi is that he just keeps his mouth shut and plays when he’s called upon. It suddenly occurred to me that I have never heard Squillachi’s voice. Has anyone heard him interviewed? Can he speak or have we all been cruel to poor dumb Squillachi?


I have some stock that looked lovely and shiny in the catalogue but I haven’t been able to shift the items for 12 months. Even at 50% discount. I am now giving it to charity as it costs me more to keep it on the shelf. Cut our losses and declare it the taxman. At least we will get a discounted tax bill.

Merlin's Panini

Maybe he should decrease his wage demands. Seeing as he’s on a strong salary when he’s played fuck all football for a year you’d think he would consider that he’s not really worth it.
I hope he can get a move this summer for his own good and ours.


Yeah i was thinking of doing the same. i have a contract at work paying me a grand a week. for doing next to nothing. but another company wants me but i will have to work a 6 day week for a quarter of the money.

can anyone give me some advice as to what i should do? oh i only have a couple of years left till i retire so may then not have any income apart from my pension.


Well put, don’t understand people who think players will go for a reduced salary.

Squill is probably pissed that wenger does’nt give him a chance, hard to see your own weaknesses

Merlin's Panini

doesn’t really work the same.
a) he’s getting paid an insane amount of money for any man, as are all footballers.
b) he actually does a job he enjoys. If I enjoyed my job I would want to be at work 6 days a week no question.


Mikel Arteta took a pay cut to join The Arsenal


I’ll give Squillachi one thing : He certainly has a stern ass face. I was actually happy when we signed him, not only because he was decent in fifa 11, but because of his face. If I was an attacker and came face to face with him, I’d definantly feign injury and get subbed off…

Merlin's Panini

yeh, I don’t like ass faces either.



This applys to both rvp leaving and the probability of squillaci staying.


theo van nasregas -> Lukas Girmaelencielny? Wherever is that, where Nasri is greater than Poldi? Ah, I see, you are from Mordor…

theo van nasregas -> Lukas Girmaelencielny
theo van nasregas -> Lukas Girmaelencielny

Ha? It’s an arrow, not an inequality sign, man.



top guns

Apparently we’re having the same issues with Fiorentina and Chamakh.


What this means is that when Arsenal look to buy a player they need to be extra sure that the player will be able to cope with the Premiership, and is of a sufficient quality that if things don’t work out, another club with sufficient funds will be willing to take them off our hands. There is no room for taking a punt on a player hoping they will be good enough. Arsenal have to be extra certain, or find themselves stuck with a pile of dead wood that nobody wants to buy.


@svendude. Of course it can be both. We pay to much to average players and they tend to stay because no one else wants them plus thier salaries.
And we can’t keep our top players be it for lack of trophies or lack of will or wages. Your choice.
60 k a week for the squid is crazy. We pay great money to many average players and won’t pay top money to keep out best players.
Right or wrong that’s the fact of life at arsenal.

Dr Baptiste

Can we burn the deadwood or did we forget to rotate it so it now has damp?

big black clock

Are we still a selling club if we have problems selling our players?

Dr Baptiste

Antique dealers; we have items to sell, they are valued at a higher rate than is probably their true value and only a certain type of person will buy them


If only ‘Arry were still Shite Hart Lane…



theo van nasregas -> Lukas Girmaelencielny
theo van nasregas -> Lukas Girmaelencielny

You mean D’oh.


The Italian club is saying the same thing of Chamakh and yet we need to move these deadwood to create room for proper players. What to do? I suggest : absorb part of the wages(a la Manshitty) until their contracts wind up. We must compete this season or it will be bad, real bad.


It’s looking more and more likely chamakh (high wages) and park (no offers) will be in our squad next year.
‘head in hands ‘


When Chamakh arrived he was a promising prospect and was actually quite good for a few months, putting in decent performances while our money-grabbing ex-captain was having one of his injury periods.
When RvP came back Chamakh seemed to lose that ability and has gradually became the player he appears to be now.

So should Wenger have set his wages based on the knowledge he had at the time of purchase or guessed what he would be like a year later and set the wages based on that???


Well add him to the list. Fiorentina sporting director Daniele Prade said:
“Have we made an offer for Chamakh? We have not made one because he earns 3million euros (per season).”

For a club that values financial stability it sure seems we overpay players more than we should and underpay the players we need to keep most.


To be fair, 3 million euros a year seems about right in the modern age of footballer salaries and whatnot. It translates to roughly just over 45k pounds a week.

For a striker that was brought in to play when van Persie was having his annual injury – for a kind of half-first-choice striker – that’s pretty good. Especially considering we paid no transfer fee for him. If he was able to replicate his early form when called upon, you would probably just be slating him for wanting to leave when Darren Dein decides to let him know City could triple that! 😉


We will Almunia him out.

the only sam is nelson
the only sam is nelson

£5 says you were chanting “England’s Number 1” at Manuel about 2 years ago


[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Anyone else worried about these purple training tops?

the only sam is nelson
the only sam is nelson

My source at the club has just been on the case with Johann Djourou and JD’s financial wisdom might be worth bearing in mind here. As our Swiss expert points out:

– the € is worth nearly 20% less than it was 2 years ago. Exchange rates are inflating the contract value of players. It’s difficult to pin the blame for that on the player, or the club

– Seen much French league football on the telly lately? No? Then perhaps they don’t have a fucking massive TV rights deal that means they can pay competitive salaries for top talent

– £760m a year flows from Sky to the Premier League and players’ agents negotiate hard to get their clients a big cut of that. If you are a sky subscriber and you got a letter telling you that they had to put up your subscription rate by £2.50 a month then now you know why

Besides which it makes no sense that people complain about a player with 21 international appearances and a Champions’ League final under his belt being overpaid, at the same time they bemoan a player with a terrible injury record, a history of underachievement with his international side and a history of discipline troubles being underpaid.

How fucking weird is that?

why is my name required
why is my name required

Money is ruining everything …
Damn it.


Squillaci’s middle name is Messi — too bad he doesn’t play more like him.


Or did someone hack his Wikipedia page?

Merlin's Panini

I thought it was Englehart or something. Hence him being called that in FIFA for the last few years.


I’m not really surprised the French think Squillaci is “an extraordinary player.” These are the same folk who think Jerry Lewis is a comic genius.


I won’t read a bad word about the country that gave us Pepe Le Pew.

Eric Irish gunner

Just heard van persie might be doing a Rooney, what sort of people do players employ to write their statements and fuck everything up, I’d be happy if he stayed but not as captain and he’d have a lot of grovelling to do to the fans who pay his fucking wages


They employ lawyers. And just to finish things up, I have a lawyer joke:

Q: Why don’t sharks eat layers?

A: Professional courtesy.


Q: What’s the difference between a catfish and a lawyer?

A: One’s a scum-sucking bottom feeder and the other’s a fish.

the only sam is nelson
the only sam is nelson

to be fair i think we’d be no different to the glazerhawks fans with rooney or citeh fans with tevez

but it’s amazing that since rooney’s outburst and subsequent wage increase, the glazerhawks have gone backwards – and yet wazza doesn’t seem to mind so much. presumably his parameters of success have become elasticated, or maybe that hairweave thing fucked with his brain, because it surely can’t be teh massive pay increase paul stretford screwed out of ferguson… can it??

mind you taggart does like his revenge, and you can bet rooney will get his at some point. heh


RVP’s statement was more brinkmanship and a chance to plug his personal website, than anything more sinister. Perhaps a little misjudged but lets be honest, the furore from Arsenal fans is slightly over the top. RVP is only affirming what most fans think anyway and that is, Arsenal won’t win the league with the current squad. I agree with Eric, if RVP will not sign an extension then the captaincy should be given to someone else, like Arteta

Bendtner's Ego

A couple of match winning goals and the fans will forgive him.

a barrister writes...
a barrister writes...

we may well end up crossing our fingers and hoping that the same is true of our pizza loving, pant flashing, car jacking, princess fucking, shy and retiring, TGSTEL niklas…

mind you, off the bench and cunt in a header like the one against spuds and i think we’d all be happy to forgive and forget


I don’t think that the RvP situation is as clear-cut as it might have seemed earlier. If he already has a deal in place with City or anybody else then I would have expected to hear about it by now. Maybe the sheik is getting cold feet.

Perhaps a few perspective buyers are begining to remember his terrible injury record and are thinking again.

Wouldn’t it be a laugh if he had to grovel back to Wenger and ask for a new contract?


back to training .what a feeling!!! cant wait for the new season!

A lawyer writes...

Re: The John Terry Trial

It is normal procedure in these types of cases, in the interests of brevity, to establish certain facts (before the start of a trial) upon which both defence and prosecution agree. This prevents the wasting of the court´s precious time and helps bring any dispute to a quick resolution.

In this particular case, The Crown v John Terry esq., I cannot understand how both sides failed to establish in the preliminaries that John Terry is a cunt. One only needs to take into consideration (a) everything Mr Terry has ever done in his life and (b) anything written about him on any football forum (the evidence is overwhelming).

As the first few days of this case continue to drag on as this most obvious of facts is debated, I for one feel disgusted at this huge waste of public funds.

a barrister writes...
a barrister writes...

Re: John Terry being a cunt

My interpretation of the trial thus far is that we have already established ipso facto that John Terry is a cunt, and that the court’s time is instead being devoted to discerning what kind of cunt he is.

Whilst you might point out that the answer (“a massive cunt, your honour”) is equally obvious, and that therefore the question of degree is redundant, it is perhaps worthwhile to imagine the case as an exploration into the taxonomy of cuntitude. Or, to put it another way, is John Terry a racist cunt?

Invoice for my usual fee + disturbing my lunch premium (200gns + 25%) in the post to your chambers


“Arsenal’s representatives at the European Championship are still on holiday but plenty of big names were on show at London Colney, including Thomas Vermaelen.”

thats directly from the officially website and most of the pics are vermaelens’.IS HE THE NEW CAPTAIN? HOPEFULLY


The captain’s armband should have a disclaimer.

WARNING: Prolonged exposure to the Armband may cause Ego Inflation, Increased Wage Demands, Cunt Metamorphosis and may even in extreme cases cause Homesickness and Acute Sudden Barcelona DNA Syndrome. Handle With Care. Keep Out Of Reach Of Useful Players.

gunsen gurner

Arteta for captain.He controls our play anyway so we should give him the armband.Last season he showed that he’s irreplaceable, and as much as i hate to say it,Vermaelen is.

gunsen gurner

Plus he’s already told the barca cunts to fuck off


I’ll subsidize a portion of my salary to see this move to Bastia, if we all sacrificed a bit, we’ll save ourselves long term pain should he have to make an emergency appearance.


It’s not surprising, and arseblog is right by saying “it’s more an indication of the huge financial dichotomy that exists between a top tier Premier League club and a relatively small French side”.

Yes, £60k a week is a lot for Squillaci, but I doubt that’s a realistic number. Either way, like someone else has already mentioned, he was just what we needed at the time. Sh*tloads of experience (from Champions League, French national team, Ligue 1, Primera Division, loyalty, hard tackler, the right age.

His transfer fee was pretty small, with £2.5m being reported all over the place. Low transfer fees for players like that usually means high wages. An agent isn’t going to rest on his laurels when it comes to a top 4 PL club which always participates in the Champions League. The agent, and presumably the player himself, knows that the player can add at least £20k on his wages.

The same goes for Chamakh and to a degree also for Park though we paid a transfer fee for him. Bosman transfers equals massive wages and sign-on fees, it’s nothing new. It’s always been like that.

Chamakh had just had a wonderful season for Bordeaux and I’m pretty sure we faced stiff competition for him at the time. We also needed a new striker as Eduardo had been shipped off and van Persie was struggling with injuries. Chamakh had a great first four of five months at Arsenal, but as everyone knows, it went downhill when van Persie (obviously) regained his place in the starting lineup. Ever since that, “fans” have been saying how useless he is and bla bla bla. How is going to prove anything when he gets to play as little as he did? Keep his freshness, maintain a form?

Then we have Park, signed (in my opinion) only because we couldn’t secure a work permit for Joel Campbell. Similar transfer fee to Squillaci’s and is not on the wages everyone keeps talking about. Probably gave us a lot of decent PR in South Korea and the signing made sense at the time. He, like Chamakh, had just had a pretty good season in Ligue 1.

So basically, all three signings made sense at the time, so people have little to no right to blame anyone for any of these three transfers. The wages are a part of a complete package. You can’t just choose to not pay players because they turn out to be “bad”.

We’re 5th on the top Premier League wages list, and that’s not really that bad, is it? Like others have said before me, we can’t bump one guy to £200k, it’s just not possible. Anywhere. It makes no financial sense and it makes no sense in a collective environment. We’re trying to re-structure our wage budget, but bosman players and the “right” players with low transfer fees will still continue to earn huge wages, because that’s the price of being a top four PL team and a consistant CL participant. The bigger the team, the larger the wages. It’s too easy to just say “oh that transfer didn’t work out, and he’s on massive wages aswell! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH OUR CLUB? KROENKE OUT”.


Err, the bigger the club, not team! (Last paragraph.)


The internet can provide a lot of bogus info as we know, but I just read the following:

“After taking advice equaled only in its idiocy by Maverick Carter’s ‘The Decision’, it appears Robin van Persie departure from Arsenal may not be certain after all.

Last week van Persie released a statement on his personal website stating he wouldn’t seek out or sign another contract with the Gunners. Gooners cried, poorly written goodbyes were penned and some managed to create greatness while enduring the pain. Sky Sports says hold the phone:

Sources suggest the situation could yet be resolved with echoes of Wayne Rooney’s transfer request that preceded his signing of a bumper deal with Manchester United in 2010. Van Persie has already stated he loves Arsenal and that he will have further talks with Ivan Gazidis when the club’s chief executive returns from holiday.

Put simply the market for RvP right now doesn’t appear to be strong. PSG aren’t interested, Arsenal doesn’t have to accept the low ball offers from City and Juventus. Might as well hear what Gazidis and Wenger has to stay before contemplating his next move. Tell us more:

This raises the intriguing possibility that Van Persie’s personal announcement that so displeased Arsenal was partly used as an act of brinkmanship ahead of further negotiations.

Sounds about right. If he comes back – 60/40 he does – the infamous website statement will be forgotten as soon the Dutchman scores. We saw it with Tevez at City and van Persie hasn’t acted that terribly. This saga better end soon.”


the only sam is nelson
the only sam is nelson

i think that the internet can provide a lot of bogus info


Now it seems that van Persie is playing a ”Rooney” on us. That’s what Sky reports, that is.

Kinda fed up with this now..


And people is thumbing this down…


*are! Dammit..


Maybe it’s just one people?


Van Persie playing a Rooney on us?
He’s not fooling anyone. He may have the cuntishness down, but he isn’t a repellant troll and hasn’t got his pubes on his head, which gives the game away.


Loan him out at the very least and let other club pay for his service. If he leaves as a free agent after that, then so be it. We cannot salvage money all the time. Sometimes minus return is a part of business.

Sad Ham

buy bendtner and get squallaci free.


A necessary part of the deal.
That suitcase full of sponsored underwear isn’t going to carry itself.


Dont know why but saying he earns a £3 milli a year sounds alot than what it actually is. You italians you, take him for fucks sake!.


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Arsene Wenger does earn too much money.
Arsene Wenger has made bad decisions.
Arsene Wenger punched my nan.

She’s really old and has a plastic bladder.