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Twitter guidelines issued as Frimpong is charged

The Premier League has issued guidelines to clubs and players on the use of social media as Twitter-related incidents continue to make front and backpage headlines.

The instructions, which have been put together in conjunction with the PFA and the FA, basically outline that misconduct charges will be dished out to players who say naughty things.

Sightings of football money deity Rupert Murdoch handing tablets to Richard Scudamore are as yet unconfirmed, although speculation rises that the following wise words have been inscribed in stone.

  • Don’t be racist.
  • Don’t be sweary.
  • Don’t make accusations about Howard Webb being a Manchester United player.
  • Don’t promote sponsorship stuff…you get paid loads anyway.
  • Don’t tell people you’re having a bet on a game when you’re not.
  • Don’t copy and paste Nietzsche quotes because it makes you look like a tit.
  • Don’t turd all over the Queen’s English.
  • Don’t post too many pictures of Nando’s outlets.
  • Don’t pose for pictures doing that weird hand thing that may or may not make you look ‘gangsta’.
  • Don’t flirt with women of questionable morality.

In essence the advice is ‘try as much as possible not to act like a dipstick footballer.’

Unfortunately it appears the advice came a little too late for Emmanuel Frimpong who this afternoon was charged with misconduct for comments made to a Spurs fan.

Hopefully the young Arsenal midfielder will learn from his mistake.

It may even be better for him to follow the lead of Jack Wilshere and Wojciech Szczesny by closing his Twitter account and focusing on his career.  Leave the pissing about on the interweb for us layabouts…

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the only sam is nelson

interesting goatse tribute pic there

our frimmers is a man truly in touch with his meme history




That’s stretching it a bit


oh twitter, oh twitter, the only place mountains are.made from mole hills!


“Don’t make accusations about Howard Webb
being a Manchester United player“….

I particularly love this one.

Horward webb=> uniteds’ LANS.

Andrew Dickens

That’s ‘professional layabouts’ if you don’t mind.


“Good game, now focus on next”


Frimpong is still DENCH!!!!


I think being a spurs fan is in itself torture and punishment enough so no need for that frimmers.


Lets not be too hard on some of the players, especially the youngsters. Twitter is the only connection we have with them these days, overall it’s probably healthy for fan/player interaction!


He’l take his frustrations out on the field when he comes back i’m sure. I expect a few knicks on players and constant rants on players and referees’ faces.

He’s frimpong and he know’s it!!.


Why did he not say I’m sorry in that last tweet and.
Who is advising that young boy, saying he did not know what it meant.
It was wrong of him to send that tweet with the derogatory word.

Foolish Boy


would you say sorry if someone prayed that you broke your arms and your legs, I don’t really give two shits what he did even if it was only over twitter and maybe he should be a little more mature.


He is a bit of a spastic, but he’s OUR spastic, so until he leaves or whatever, they can fuck right off!



What was the tweet?

Would be nice if we at least knew that much.


A spurs fan told him that he wished frimpongs arms and legs to break, and frimpong said:Scum y*d. Why dont sp*rs fans get punished for calling themselves that then?


Please see my comment below. It’s irrelevant what they call themselves.


They get pumished each time they put on a sp#rs jersey.



This thread will not turn into a debate about whether or not it’s ok to call Sp*rs fans by that word, even if they use it themselves.

There’s a strict comment policy here –


Because they’re punished enough for being Spurs fans.


By being Spurs fans*


I know i wouldnt stop calling Howard webb a manchester united player even if it requires my last breath


It may be just me but shouldn’t these lads be focusing on playing football and solidifying themselves as first team players?

Who cares what some Sp*rs fan says on the internet? They’re jealous and always will be so let them say what they want.


I’m not convinced that posting on twitter indicates a player isn’t focused on their football.

Give the lad a break.

Eric Irish gunner

Fuck the spurs cunt but frimster should get on with being a footballer and less of the dench twitting

Matt F

Not the biggest David Baddiel fan, but he’s right on the money about sanctions being taken against Spurs for appropriating that particular word. I’m sick of hearing our fans tagging it on to the [INSERT NAME OF LATEST SPURS MANAGER] song. The frivolity with which Spurs fans use the word gives the impression to others that it’s a harmless word to use. It’s not. Have Spurs ever actually done anything to stop people using it? If not, it’s pretty outrageous.


It’s fairly standard for people to appropriate terms used to denigrate them, and try and turn them into something different. The n-word and American blacks is an obvious example. Not sure why this outrages you quite so much.

Matt F

Because most of Spurs season ticket holders are not ethnic Jews.



But equally, blacks weren’t n*****s.

That’s sort of the point. In these contexts, people don’t stand there and contest the accuracy of the insults that are thrown at them. They transform the nature of that insult.

What did you expect Spurs fans to do? Come up with a chant pointing out that their Jewish links are historical or tenuous at best?

You’re just looking for a reason to take offense.


Speaking of songs, what song are we going to sing at the bearded midget spuds have hired? I’m going to miss the twitch song. And winding up Joe Jordan.


Frimpong…you have talent. Go use it. Leave the internet trolling to us untalented a-holes. IT IS OUR DOMAIN! But seriously, I would not want a twitter as an athlete. Just leaves a place where people think they can say anything without consequences…and you as the player will be the one who gets in trouble


I agree with the fact that these players have to watch what they say, I disagree that they should ‘stop & concentrate on their football’ they have a life outside of work like the rest of us…….well some of us anyway.


I can understand Frimpong’s irritation, but he needs to take a deep breath before rashly replying to some troll. If players can’t think five minutes before shooting themselves in the foot, maybe there should be clauses in their contracts that forbid them from having Twitter accounts.

Having said that, I must admit that when I first saw the crawl on SKY Sports announcing that he’d been charged with “misconduct” I thought he’d done something serious like a DUI.

jai jawan

hey… they’re kids man…

not like they’re training 24/7. i mean, we all do watch/ read/ comment about football when we’re supposed to be working, eh, don’t we? (like, right now) (no matter how much/ little we earn)

P.S: i still think that facebook is a glorified address book and twitter is a waste of time. but, hey, that’s what kids do these days!

Merlin's Panini

well, let’s hope he’s learned is lesson.

Anyway, I feel I must say Eisfeld we were always going to win today even at 1-0 down on 86 minutes.


Blogs, you forgot to add to your commandment list:
-Don’t publicly post locker room-type banter like “Aaron Ramsey, you look like a rapist”


He tweets when he wants…oh.


Arsenal should ban players from using Twitter full stop. And spare me the whine about ‘free speech’. Do you want fifty plus thousand a week or do you want to tell the world of your concerns ? The choice is yours. Last seasons lap of honour showed Frimpong ” thanking the fans” by marching round the pitch in a long coat staring at his mobile ‘phone, for his latest updates. That pretty much sums up him and the attitude of most of the ‘Twitter’ Brigade. Twitter less and train more – and who knows, we might win something. Unlikely I… Read more »


“And spare me the whine about ‘free speech’. Do you want fifty plus thousand a week or do you want to tell the world of your concerns ?” So it’s okay to not allow people a means to express themselves as long as they’re wealthy? I don’t even have a twitter account and I don’t care how many Arsenal players use it of their own free will. Free speech is a basic human right. It’s not “whining” to expect people to respect it. Twitter is not a bad thing. If a club has concerns about anything, they should try to… Read more »


The weird thing is if you take the phrase ‘scum y*d’ , add a few letters and take a few away, you get ‘total bunch of spud cu*ts’……….. I know ….WEIRD.


So the spuds fan who wished bodily harm on frimpong is being charged as well? How about the spuds fan who used the same ethnic slur in a response tweet?


Not sure the FA has that authority. Will check though.


Just to update you – it turns out that the FA don’t have any legal or regulatory powers over what football supporters say on Twitter. Must be some sort of loophole.


Surely the police have the authority, if they’re wasting time with Rio Ferdinand’s tweet about a distasteful nickname for cashley Cole.


Or, you know, they could just leave it because it’s pretty unimportant.


i dont see the point of any footballer being on twitter, honestly, just dont bother with it

oh, and will the fa be charging rio too?


Thanks dude. Will get on it.

I actually think he thinks those are the guidelines.


Yea.. Plagiarism at it’s best..

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


He is our very own Balotelli… head

Steve of Chiang Mai

Of course as we discuss this most “serious matter” (MOOMH)…the FA no doubt are preparing their charge against John Terry…..

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