van Persie: I won’t renew my contract


Robin van Persie has released a statement this evening to say he will not renew his Arsenal contract.

In a statement on his official website, he said:

This is an update for the fans about my current situation. I have kept quiet all this time out of respect and loyalty for the club and as agreed with Mr. Gazidis and Mr. Wenger, but since there is so much speculation in the media, I think it is fair for you guys to know what’s really going on at the moment.

As announced earlier this year I had a meeting with the Boss and Mr. Gazidis after the season. This was a meeting about the club’s future strategy and their policy. Financial terms or a contract have not been discussed, since that is not my priority at all.

I personally have had a great season but my goal has been to win trophies with the team and to bring the club back to its glory days. Out of my huge respect for Mr. Wenger, the players and the fans I don’t want to go into any details, but unfortunately in this meeting it has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward.

I’ve thought long and hard about it, but I have decided not to extend my contract. You guys, the fans, have of course the right to disagree with my view and decision and I will always respect your opinions.

I love the club and the fans, no matter what happens. I have grown up and became a man during my time with Arsenal FC. Everybody at the club and the fans have always supported me over the years and I have always given my all (and more) on and off the pitch. I am very proud of being part of this fantastic club for the last 8 years.

As soon as Mr. Gazidis is back from his 2-week holiday in America further meetings will follow and I will update you if and when there are more developments.

Robin van Persie

Obviously this doesn’t preclude him seeing out his contract and staying for one more year, but when he talks about fundamental disagreements about how the club should move forward, then I think it’s pretty clear what’s going to happen.

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Never rated him.


no point in saying shit like that. We all know he is a really world class striker. A real awe- inspiring character in the team this season.Shame. I grew to love him as arsenal man. This guy is someone who carried us into the champions league this season. We can’t replace him, like Cesc before him.

We’ll need someone else to take up the responsibility. Let’s just hope our next captain won’t leave the club after 1 year. Already I’m hearing Vermaelen is moving to Barcelona.


I think it was prob a joke.


Anyone else hoping some stupid Sp*rs fan has hacked into his website an it’s a hoax ? ( though don’t think there’d be a sp*rs fan smart enough)


Van persies mother is probably spanking him on the ass right now.

Bad persie, bad.


I respect his decision.

Farewell, Cunt..!


Me: honey, where do we keep the short gun?
Honey: it’s on the top shelf honey, why do you need it anyway?
Me: ah nothing much, just wanna shoot some guys kneecaps right off.
Honey: do it right honey, do it right.


Come on its not about winning trophies….Its always MONEY that matter to the modern footballer ! whats dutch for wanker ?


Not sure, but I think wanker is dutch..?




It’s ‘rukker’

Hate to see him leave. But remember, it’s about Arsenal, not Robin.

Greetings from Holland.


Go to a better club – with lots of other good players
YEP – that worked for Holland


GunnerHolland, are you any good in the no.10 position, and do you have your boots handy?


darren dein-massive cunt media-cunts gazidis-dopey cunt hill wood – drunk bastard RVP–nothing was critical in his statement for me except this “I have grown up and became a man during my time with Arsenal FC. ” well,fuck you a true captian and a real man will never do what you just did.if van persie really wants to play bad then i personally hope he goes to MAN CITY and rot there. we have been through enough already.i hope cunts like him learn from gerrard or john terry as a matter of fact. WENGER-massive respect to this man.i hope his loyalty… Read more »


he has a statue


then fucking make another one.


In gold.


You’re an idiot.


Arteta for captain.


So out of my “huge respect” to RVP- FUCK OFF CUNT.

Cygan's Left Foot

ramgooner’s head deep inside Arsene’s arse, he has lost sense of reality, just like EVERY blind sheep Arsene NOT The Arsenal supporter that know nothing about the beautiful game. Arsene is THE PROBLEM not the solution. Time has passed him by, he has no pride on what he does and taking so far over 50 million in wages and won NOTHING part from making the yank money to keep his job. Arsene now accept being humiliated by everyone from Na$ri to Vieira as he ONLY care about is making money for the club to keep his job. The only time… Read more »


Cygans left foot???????………more like cygans left penis.
Arsene is the problem?……….oh please TROLL OFF


Sagna would make a great captain, Koscielny would be a decent choice, most of the other candidates havent been at the club long enough(Mertesacker, Arteta). Or not enough tactical instinct (Song, (though i do highly rate him as our =2/3 best midfielder, secondly i think he wants to go to italy at some point in future) Verminator is more suited to the number 2 role. the rest are simply too young or inconsistant. Maybe Ros if has another good season

Jamie McLaughlin

At the end of the day it’s all about money this I’m leavening for sporting reasons is a load of crap we wouldn’t offer him the 200 grand a week that other top clubs would because the board won’t break there pay structure at the club even tho were told there’s huge amounts of money at the club one plus side to all this tho is we still have the ox watch him fly next season and we will get jack Wiltshire back so stop crying over spilt milk we’ll cope with out him just watch


What frustrates me is that if Fabregas, Nasri et al had bothered to stay and we hadn’t had the nightmare engulfing us at the star of the season, we could have won/would definately have been closer to trophies last year. I believe Man City buy a much to weaken their rivals than strengthen their own team, how many bloody to class international strikers do they need? In my opinion, and this isn’t a knee jerk reaction but this is just further evidence that teams like Chelsea/Man City are killing the game. People moan about ambition and the board saying “give… Read more »


It still astonishes me that so many arsenal “fans” still don’t know the name of our young English midfielder. It’s Jack Wilshere.


Does this mean Chamakh stays?


I cant rate you!


All those years collecting big wages whislt sat on his injured arse.

The game is just about who has the biggest wad now.

When Manc shitty “won” the league and then chelshit “won” the CL football, in my opinion died.

First time in 30 years i have not renewed my season ticket.

The game, for me is dead.

Oh and Robin,,, Fuck off you mercenary.


Hello Everyone I’ve been silent because I’ve been speechless Wow…. that is real harsh from our Captain. I always knew him to have a single minded spirit but you cannot act in that manner to management… nor hang you dirty laundry in public. A little Meddle For the years we carried you…No Charge For the times your were injured and we paid you… No Charge For the one year out of eight you made us smile …..No Charge And the total cost of our love…Is no Charge Sell Him…. even to Man City, or to Juventus. Arsenal is the SHIP…… Read more »

Andy Mack

For standing by you when you were accused of rape in june 2005 – NO CHARGE!

why is my name required

What does loyalty mean to a person like robin? We fans will be hurt the most. players like maldini, del piero, totti, giggs will be sad because the age of mercenaries is upon us


…Robin van Persie
He leaves when he wants


Chim chimmeny Chim chimmeny chim chim charoo who needs Van Persie when we’ve got Giroud





Arsene's bottle of water

…with a machete


Don’t see the MAJOR fuss about Persie. We scored plenty of goals before he suddenly found fitness, and we will continue to do so, it’s been our defending that’s been an issue in recent years. We will certainly not have an issue replacing his goals next season, and we get rid of a certain amount of unrest, so let’s all calm down. All said and done, he carried a huge amount of burden this season and did it without any complain(until now, any way). Many thanks to him for guaranteeing us another season in the CL and the benefits that… Read more »


Well not FREE to bugger off, let’s get at least 25 mill for him, yeah?


I never thought he would do that. I don’t understand what players want the club to do? Do they want £50 million signings?

What's my name?

Strange one, this announcement, coming just after AW affirmed the club’s commitment to ‘moving heaven and earth’ to keep him. 2 top signings already sealed and the transfer window still wide open and he says he’s not convinced about the club’s direction?

Why not just admit that the offer of greater loot (possibly oil money) has turned your sights elsewhere Robin? Us fans don’t mind honesty, it’s when you try to BS us that we get peeved with footballers.

Anyway, so long…don’t let the door hit ya….

Eric Irish gunner

I’d say his agent told him to come out with the statement so interested clubs will start bidding, it’s a load of bollox one good season in 8 and 7 with on off injurys and that’s the thanks you get, it should be good to see does wenger stick with his statement of he’s not leaving even if he dos’ent sign and van persies statement of I won’t join another English team, I would’ent put money on it


Couldn’t have put it better


I already said it in a post on that previous article, Arsène buying two class strikers was more than a hint that something like this might happen. It’s all too rational and logical. It’s difficult to make an assessment of the whole situation though. On the one hand, it should be clear now to everyone that top players do not see Arsenal as a trophy winning team anymore and that Arsenal simply cannot compete with the few other teams when it comes to attracting top quality. As awful as it seems, let’s look at the good players we failed to… Read more »

Dave Gooner

Personally, I don’t believe a word of it.

“Out of respect to you guys” Robin? What the fuck? – at least be up front about it: you want to cash in. “Out of respect for us guys”, you might not try to totally undermine the manager and the club that stood by you as you leave.

I wish the guy well, but I can’t help feeling really disappointed with him and his sucky selfish attitude. So lets get what we can for him, and move on.

One things for sure though. Arsenal Forever,. With or without Robin

Eric Irish gunner

Well said


Great player, but just that. A player, not The Football Club.



Really conflicted as to how to feel on this one. Is the statement a good thing, at least it ends all the speculation and total bollocks being talked. On the other hand, it puts us in a really weak position to get a decent transfer fee. As with Fabregas, everyone now knows he definitely wants out, and we all know Wenger won’t force a player to stay against their will. I really fucking hope he doesn’t go to Man City, let’s hope his move is abroad. I’ll wish him well, and remember what a brilliant season he had as captain.… Read more »

North Bank Gooner

well said dave, i know if i was offered 2x my salary to do less work i would jump at it, but all the bullshit is what pisses me off. lets hope we can cash in our asset, and send him to the rich teams in russia or china!!


he wants a team with mental strength and ability. He has a talented team. But a team that can beat Barcelona one day and then lose a cup final to Championship side Birmingham City within 2 weeks. We can turn up with no character or desire some days. Ultimately those days cost us titles. RVP needs a side that wants to win every match every time. He is that kind of player. I can’t argue with his desire. Ultimately every player that has left the club has one something. Be it Eboue or Cashley or Cesc or $amir. They all… Read more »


he wants a team with mental strength and ability.


No, he doesn’t. I guarantee you what Van Persie wants is a sugar daddy team. I’m sure all he said was, “hey are you guys going to invest money like City and Chelsea, because that’s what it takes to make a winning team these days.”

Gazidis said no, self-sustainable etc., and Robin said thank you very much, bye bye.


“Ultimately every player that has left the club has one something.” we could have won something if he had stayed fit for more than one season! mostly the one we lost Dudu at Birmingham. here’s one man who knows his PR. when Adebayor started mouthing about money, he was the first man to defend him openly telling the club to pay higher wages or ‘the club would lose its star players’. he retracted his statement the next day after realizing the negative mood from the fans towards Ade’s campaign. and how everyone assumed he wanted the club to show him… Read more »




No. Hate Nasrat if you wish, but so far RvP has shown more class than him. I am disappointed but we’ll all get over this.


No they dnt want 50 mil signings but also they don t want players like Ramsey in the first 11 all season!


🙁 i’m seriously gonna cry right now. shitty week starts now

Van done runner

You´re not gonna cry as much as Arsene, look what that fucker
has just done to his resale value !


Chamakh must be over the moon!




Absolutely gutted!

Nicky Wan

Will he see out his contract and what does he think is wrong with the club’s strategy? Annoyingly we won’t get an answer for a few weeks yet.


I hope not, let’s get what we can from him now


Exactly. He wants to go? Fine. But at least help the club get every freaking extra penny we can for him.


Disappointing to see, especially after the faith Wenger and co. kept in him through every injury and setback.


He’s bottled the competition in the premier league. I’m guessing he goes abroad for a 50/50 toss-up for the Spanish title, rater than fight for or 5 clubs in England. I would hate to see him at Manche$ter or Cuntski anyway. Also, this might sound bitter but I wouldn’t mind one bit if he has the worst spells of his career after leaving either. Unlike Cesc and TH he doesn’t have a genuine reason to leave.

gooner sam

Just because he’s no resigning doesn’t necessarily mean he’s leaving this summer

gooner rob

I’d rather see him leave this summer than next year. This way we could get some cash.


will we spend it then?to buy a proper replacement? or to buy a kid?


If we buy two new ox’s then fine by me, bye bye unloyal jerk, cesc should still be ours too, hated watching him play so well at euros, why do they leave us

Matt F

Well, thanks for sticking with us through all your injuries.


funny, he didn’t seem to mind how the club was being run then did he?

Matt F

Well, his next club is a hell of a lot more ruthless. One long-ish injury = out of the team, loaned to Spurs, Wayne Bridged, released.


Fuck me,i waited 30mins thinking i was dreaming after reading what he said about us not trying to move forward

the cunt really never had us in mind before revoir robin.dont bloody care where you end up


You just managed to make me smile twice on such a day. Class act.


Well said. Fuck him. We roll on. He’s a cunt. End of story.


As disheartening and betrayed this situation may feel, you can’t call RvP a cunt and put him in the same category with Nasri and the likes. I don’t like this as much as you, but we the Gooners also need to stay classy and not lose our composure, for we are the fans of a world class club.


RVP is a cunt! like na$ri!
OMG IT WORKED?!! it seems as if i can.

Henry's beard


Oh well. This has happened before and it will probably happen again. A real shame after the amount of faith Wenger has shown in him, but as someone approaching the tail end of his career he has to make what he thinks is the best choice for it.

Hopefully we either get a really good offer for him (or as good as it can be with only a year left) or he stays and helps us win the league.

*Weeps uncontrollably

Good Omens

I can’t say I’m suprised, just disappointed and I can certainly hold the weeps in unless he goes to join Nasri No-chin at City, that would be devastating.
We all wanted him to become a club great, an icon; but he’ll leave as just another player, and thats a huge shame.


you can’t blame RVP.

He clearly says that he wants to win titles whereas Wenger+Gazidis does not (their ambitions didnt match his). He also says that this is not the first time it has happened, meaning that he voiced his fears abt Arsenal showing too little ambition – yet Arsenal don’t want to change their low ambitions.

Why should he stay at Arsenal when the club is not in it to win titles anymore?


Of course you can. Years of injuries, unrelenting support from Wenger, we’ve been augmenting the squad well this summer. Worse than Nasri in my eyes. He’ll no doubt leave with more class, but he owes the club a lot more than Nasri did when he left. We don’t know the full story yet obviously, but so much for loyalty. This after he saw what a difference it is playing with a team that isn’t cohesive or geared around him during the Euros – where he looked nothing special. This announcement shows zero respect for Arsenal or the fans despite what… Read more »

Fergie the Gooner

Completely agree with everything you’ve said, to address it to the fans is just an effort to save face and a cheap one at that.

It’s a poor judgement call. I honestly can’t see him getting regularly in the City team ahead of the likes of Balotelli, Aguero, Tevez etc… he may win a trophy or two, but he might want to ask Hleb how that felt when he was at Barca or Lukaku at Chelsea last season…


Couldnt have put it bettter myself. ARSENAL FOREVER.


Of course you can blame him. Worse than Nasri in my eyes, as he owes the club a lot more than Nasri ever did after 7 years of unrelenting support through his injury ridden 20s. We obviously don’t know the full story yet, but this announcement displays a massive LACK of respect to the club & fans as all it does is reduce his sale value. I had thought that his mediocre Euro performance when surrounded by a team that isn’t totally geared for him would show what a special place he had at Arsenal. We should keep him for… Read more »


(Sorry for the double-post – browser span out!)


well how do you know that wenger and gazidis are not in to win trophies? i mean what is the basic criteria to show that you intend to win trophies?maybe something like entering a decent team in every competition? keeping an always injured player in the squad and reaffirming your faith in his talents can be translated as “not in to winning trophies”? after diaby i guess rvp is the only arsenal player to receive most of his cheques on treatment table. crying about ambitions of the club after one extra ordinary season (in messi-less era) sounds quite familiar. yea… Read more »

Matt F

Are you fucking kidding me? How on Earth does Van Persie have greater ambitions for Arsenal than Wenger? He scored his goals last season in a massive stadium that exists due to Wenger’s desire to make the club compete financially with the biggest clubs in the world. Wenger took us from midtable with a team of semi-fit footballers to one of the biggest clubs in world football. If Van Persie’s ambition amounts to “buying as many players as Man City, PSG, Chelsea, Anzhai, …,” then I hope to God he never comes back as manager, because he will bankrupt us.… Read more »


Totally agree.
He should leave. Players complain constantly of the trophies but do not stay to allow the club to have a core of world class players. Plus the fact that he was the captain is more aggravating

It’s like if I were complaining that that something at my job is not working the proper way, and I do shit to solve it.

……….I’d rather have a sustainable club (that has the chance of a title every year)……….than a lot of titles and then my club dissapear……anybody have heard about GLASGOW RANGERS?

Good riddance VP

Johnny D

As well as the money the club has invested in the medical facilities needed to keep patching him up!


Good comment Matt F. It is a sad day for football when players however good they are begin to believe they have the right to questioin the direction of a football club that has existed for over a 125yrs, means so much to an enlightened many past present and future

Big Dave

This time I REALLY dont want to listen to Adrian Durham on the way home.

Chief Ten Bears

nobody should want to listen to Adrian Durham of their own free will.


Maybe we can sign the Higgs boson to take his place.

The universe giveth and the universe taketh away.

Glenn Helder

Shamelessly nicked from Dara’s twitter…..


Are we talking football or metaphysics here, what a self-congratulatory unfunny comment. P.S How do you know?

F Azzat

Break a leg!


Don’t be fatuous. The guy just scored an incredible number of goals for the club.

So fuck off.


Why don’t you also break a leg. Or is celebrating our past success good enough for you? The rest of us want the glory years back.

If he is putting the past behind us then so will we.


you fuck off, and when you get there fuck of some more


Sorry Chris but ‘the guy’ scored ‘an incredible number of goals’ for 1 season in 8! Count them, eight, EIGHT!!!! Seven years of injuries is what he will be remembered for not 1 incredible season. The same way Na$ri is remembered for only giving the Arsenal 6 months.

H.P Arsecraft

Fuck off and break a leg Chris.


Van persie, you sir are a VAGINA!!!!!.


Indefensible. Maybe he didn’t want a repeat of the Cesc saga of subterfuge and speculation, but no captain should do this to their team. He’s calling out not only the management, but everyone else at the Arsenal for being “unambitious.” Absolute bollocks.


I just wish that we could for once have captain like Stiven G or Totti who will stay with the club and live to become a legend… I realy feel sick, football is turning to a jocke…no respect, no love, no loyalty, just pure selfishness!!! He had one and a half good season and he’s now turning his back on us… He must realy love all those people who sing his name at every game!!! GUTTED


Or a captain like Alessandro del Piero, who stayed at Juve as they sank into Serie B…


My stomach just flipped.
Honestly feel sick.


The trouble is, this statement doesn’t clarify anything for the ‘fans’ at all. We still don’t know the extent of his demands, even what they are regarding (more players? we’ve already signed two strikers) and I’m not sure what he expects the club to do.


Strip him of the captaincy. Sell him. I love RvP, but I love Arsenal more.

This is such a ridiculous thing to say when announcing he’s not renewing his contract:

“my goal has been to win trophies with the team and to bring the club back to its glory days”

Do that, or fuck off.

over the mars

he spent a lot of time on the treatment table…scored a lot of (important) goals
the “feelings” for the club ..i guess were strictly professional

…the difference between a legend and a good player

disappointed for arsene…rvp has let the man down


What do players want? They want to win.

I hate myself for saying this, but as the evidence mounts it becomes evident Cashley made the correct decision.

That said, I hope we throw everything off, go win everything and prove me wrong.


I see your point, but come on. We’ve just got a Euro 2012 semi finalist seasoned German international and the top scorer of the French division 1 winning team. Really couldn’t care less about him now, he could have become an Arsenal legend in the mould of Henry ect, but he’s chosen a nice fat pay check instead. Take away the captaincy, give it to Vermalean who’s proven to the fans that he truley cares about this club, and sell him. He’ll never replicate the form he’s had at Arsenal, and just like all the others he’ll regret it. Now… Read more »

Michael Miller

Are you serious? If so, why don’t you follow RVP, Ca$hley, and Na$ri out the door. RVP’s statement pretends to be about the fans, but it’s really all about him: him forcing his way out of the club, him putting himself in the shopping window, and him trying to dupe fans into not hating him. The worst part of it is that by releasing this selfish drivel, he’s driven down his price tag and hurt the club not only on the pitch (with his absence) but financially as well. So much for loyalty. But hey, if you’re looking for “smart”… Read more »

Master Bates

Don’t be silly Cashley left for more cash


Strip him of the captaincy. Sell him. I love RvP, but I love Arsenal more.

This is such a ridiculous thing to say when announcing he’s not renewing his contract:

“my goal has been to win trophies with the team and to bring the club back to its glory days”

Do that, or fuck off.

I’m utterly sick of this happening to us, but I don’t blame Arsene or Arsenal. I blame modern football and its players.


Totally agree. I hate it when players go on about wanting to win trophies, yet aren’t prepared to hang around and help make it happen. I genuinely thought we had a legend on our hands, but instead we have a one-season wonder.


Exactly. Joining the side that’s already winning is much less work than taking the side that’s in third place or so to glory. And footballers dare talk about ambition!

RVP goes to Barça or City or wherever, he’ll never again score as many goals or be so important as he was for Arsenal. He’ll spend a lot of his time in the bench like Nasri. Very ambitious indeed.


So Wenger doesnt really think he will win trophies now, does he (based on what RvP says here) :

“a meeting about the club’s future strategy and their policy.

my goal has been to win trophies with the team and to bring the club back to its glory days.

it has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward.”


I said it above, and I’ll say it again, briefly:

Van Persie: Are you going to invest crazy money to make us successful?

Arsenal: No, we operate with a different model, which we hope will make us successful in the long run.

Van Persie: Long run? I’m going to be 40 soon.

Arsenal: True…

Van Persie: Bye!


Well you can read it how you like, but it could equally be that Robin wants the board to cave to Usmanov and buy the league with petrodollars, like City. In that case, he can fuck off.

In the end, players want the temporary glory, but the club will want the long term success. I personally want the club to outlive me, unlike Rangers.

Glory hunter

So in that case, why are u mad at him? I’m honestly tired of hating all our ex-players, they can’t all be cunts! The simple fact is we can’t compete on & off the pitch, we don’t win trophies & we don’t pay top wages. I honestly don’t begrudge him for not signing a new deal, I wouldn’t either. He’s an excellent player, he doesn’t have too much longer at the top, he needs to do what he feels is right for himself & his family, as selfish as it sounds. We need this vicious circle of losing our best… Read more »


Devastating news but this appears to be a common theme – ambitious players and the club have what must be huge differences in opinion on how the club should move forward. For someone like Robin it must have been massive.

Dont blame the player. Blame the board. Blame Gazidis. Blame Kroenke.


Yeah, what they should do is sign a couple of quality forwards nice and early in the transfer window. Oh hang on…. We are never going to match the spending of city ect. Never. So what’s the point blaming everyone for it? Look at the statement united released today, I never want that shadow hanging over our club, and with wenger and this current board it never will.


strange with all this ambitious player who want to leave we have won fuck all. if it was all about trophy maybe they could give a little more on the pitch and we would have won at least one …
flamini nasri ade casley left because someone can afford to pay them lot of more simple . cesc we all knew he was gone to leave one day to barca
exept casley none have become important to their new club winning something,


Flamini was different. Wenger didn’t think he was good enough with one season left on his contract, Mathieu proved him wrong and then decided to leave. I respect that more than Fabregas saying he always wanted to play for the team that all but gave up on him, after Wenger et al turn him into a world beater.


Arsenal have ONE move now to ensure that the club is not confined to being a selling club forever. Say to RVP “OK thanks for letting us know this early and thanks for your service. We look forward to one more season with you. Training starts in a few weeks. See you there.”

He has a CONTRACT. And if the figures of 20-30 million being spoken of are accurate then he is worth that for a season. Keep him. Simples.


but will his mind be on it, will hius heart be in it? If it’s not then what’s the point? and why should it be, if he’s already decided he’s going?


Doesn’t matter where his mind is if he is rotting in the reserves until a few months before his 30th birthday. He’ll have made his descision and be fucked for it.

Having said that, Torres went for 50 mill (regardless of the differences in contract situation, Torres is still shit), so if we can recoup anything in that region we should cash in asap and move on.

Eric Irish gunner

It would be great to do if the club could afford it


Sorry, have to disagree with you. The club has to sell him as he will be an unsettling influence. How can you have a supposed leader gain any respect from younger players when he tells them to do something, if they can turn around and point to the fact that he, himself, is not prepared to hang around for the rest of his playing career at the club.

It’ll be a patchy season at best from him, so now is the time to cash in and bring in someone who does want to be at the club.

Michael Miller

You’re telling me that this wasn’t unsettling LAST year? It was very unsettling, yet he he still played well and helped us to third. So hold onto him this season. Simple. It’ll be clear that he’s leaving but he’ll play well again (1) because he wants to win and (2) to show other clubs that at 29 he’s still got it. And if he refuses to play or plays like shite, then park his van prissy ass on the bench. This goes beyond RVP. We need to show that we’re not a feeder club. And that starts by holding onto… Read more »

Eric Irish gunner

I agree just saying it would be great to let these players that sign contracts and want to leave early to rot in the reserves but it will never happen again with player power


The way he puts its like a girl breaking up with you. “Oh, you are great, but I have met someone else better.”

I wonder what he deems as “ambitious” Signing Afellay? signing the entire Dutch team?! Seriously, at this stage this “ambitions” seems bollocks. Right after we signed Giroud and Podolski. Sorry Robin, even Henry didn’t get to choose his team, and he is a bigger legend. Goodbye then Robin!

Matt F

Right, so what does everyone make of Wenger’s comments given that RVP had already refused to sign a new contract? Do we really want to keep a player who doesn’t want to play for the club, and has (surely) been stripped of the captaincy? What a shit statement that would make.






I’m not quite sure what this has to do with the subject matter but I’ll agree all the same.


Thanks a bunch for the 18 months sterling service over the last 8 years. Get him sold sharpish to City for as much as possible and strengthen the team as soon as possible.


Are you fucking kidding me?? RVP is the best striker in the Premiership. You want to strengthen City even further? If he has to go – and Im of the opinion that we keep him for his final year – he’s not the fuck being sold to city. With or without Robin we are going for the title next season, and I refuse to accept that we are a feeder club to any club, never mind the reigning champions. Get your priorities straight. This is a massive hurdle, sure, but lets not panic and make it the reason we go… Read more »

OH dear

You’re a deluded fuck.


I don’t blame him, we are not going to sign the midfield players we need to win a top trophy and he clearly wasn’t given those guarantees at his meeting with gazidis.
Anyone who seriously thinks this team with its current midfield can win the league is deluded.
As some said on here and were slaughtered for it, giroud and podolski where signed as his replacements. And the money from his sale will pay for them and not more new players.
Sad day for arsenal fans yet again.


So you can predict the future? Tell me who’s gonna win the Premier League next season?


definitely not arsenal 🙁


that’s all he needed to know. there’s something missing from this arsenal team. there is. we all know it. sometimes being a footballer is just a job for some of these players. they don’t need to win. they have no real desire to win. they just talk about it. hey’ve become good at that. look at Song for example. If he wanted to win, he would dig his heels in and defend. Instead he goes for glory all the time. I don’t blame Robin. Him and Cesc were the ones who actually wanted to win something. That’s why they’ve both… Read more »


As someone said, somewhere: “No one is bigger than the club; Even Henry couldn’t demand who he wanted in the team, and he is a bigger legend than RvP will ever be”.

RvP doesn’t decide the team; and if he thinks it’s his right after giving us a year’s return on 8 years’ investment, he’s sadly mistaken.


Pathetic behavior from rvp. Lowers his market value considerably as well. The only good thing coming out of this is that any deal will be done soon.
Arsene Wenger is probably the most loyal man in football, alongside probably David Moyes. And like Moyes, he’s constantly losing the players he invests so much time and effort in.


No, it makes it clear to all and sundry that the bidding can now commence. He may as well have put a For Sale sign on his chest.


I wonder how many years moments like these make arsene age. He must be 134 by now…


How does it lower his value?

No comparison to the Cesc situation, in which there was only ever one buyer. In Van Persie’s case, all he’s done is open a bidding war. Let’s hope such a war pushes his price up.


Don’t need him.
We got as much as we needed out of him..
He’s 29.. 30.. getting old.. He’s on his way down anyways.
Dont need him for next season either. Let’s by one more key player and lets move on. Arsenal is BIGGER than van persie.. or any one player. GO GUNNERS!


I agree. I also think it’s terrible to treat a club and fans who have supported him through thick and thin like this. He comes across as if he’s bigger than the club. Awful really. My initial thoughts are “he’s lost the plot”.

So when we actually have a great chance of winning something he fucks off.

I really hope we win something this season just to shove it up his arse.


loyalty is obsolete these days

the only sam is nelson

Self serving bollocks I’m afraid. Since when is it for players to dictate how the club operates? “I don’t want to go into any details, but unfortunately in this meeting it has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward” my hairy arse. Agree with it or disagree but to hide behind it as a reason for not signing a contract extension – having had the cheek to say that it wasn’t about money – is piss weak. What a fucking shame. Still, we’ve a new front line up… Read more »


Well put.

One other thing that puzzles me about this is why it seems to happen at Arsenal more than any other Prem club. Bale, for example (who is, yes, massively overrated), could play for a better club, but chose to stay at hotspurm and just signed a lengthy contract. I’m sure Modric and Van Der Faart will do the same. I’m sure you could point to many other talented players in the Prem who choose to stay with their current club despite better opportunities elsewhere at clubs with more ambition / ability.

So why Arsenal?

[self-pitying moan]


Can’t see where he should go. City? Hopefully he has too much class, and with 4 strikers they are not really in a need. Juventus? Seria A, really? Barcelona? Messi and Villa, that should do it. Real Madrid? Benzema and Higuain… PSG? No prestige in winning the french league, when coming from TOP4 in PL.

This is in my opinion the most ODD decision, unless it’s money that drives him. As a captain and as a self-proclaimed loyal player — he should stay and fulfill his goal; winning trophies with The Arsenal.


Since we’re not going to get much for him anyway, I think we should sell him back to Feyenoord just to see what he does about it.


Sell him to the highest bidder. It’s really that simple.

Gunsen Gurner

Class?!? If he had class he wouldn’t have released this statement which has severely damaged the value of any transfer fee we might get for him.


Class? That went out the window with his statement mate.


I used to think he had class, but what he had was good media skills and his own ambition. RvP has just demonstrated his total lack of true class.


Well he can f**k off to wherever, and sell him quickly please. Hope you end up like Hleb ¤idiot¤


RVP leaving. Crushed. Wenger stays. Hope.
Thanks for the goals Persie, will always remember ones against Charlton & Everton


Only last night I stumbled upon this 12 min interview of Robin Van Persie with Geoff Shreeves from the end of the season…….

Around the 5:10 mark, he starts discussing ex-arsenal players like Clichy, Nasri and Toure that have moved to City ….he justifies their moves there (in a way), stating “oh, but they’ll always be gunners deep down” or some such…. ..

Its uncomfortable.


Yea, that confirms pretty much that leaving to shitty is more than possible…and quite likely will happen, fukker


Was expected, or else h would have signed earlier.

And so I think that’s why Wenger signed Podolski and Giroud so quickly, he knew after RVP announcement it would be more difficult to sign players.

How much to expect from RVP transfer? Say about £20m/£25m. Hopefully we buy a SPIRITED midfielder with that, someone like Schweinsteiger would be awesome…


Eboue showing his passion for The Arsenal at least:


Is it really his Twitter account ? I mean, some of his tweets are quite rough haha

Merlin's Panini

Why do the committed ones have to be the shit ones?

Eric Irish gunner

Proberly because we over pay them and no one else wants them look what we have out on loan

The Dude

This statement drives his price down enough that there is no point selling him. Only City would overpay for him and under no circumstances can we sell another player to City. Let him go thru another season without injury and prove himself to his suitors. Who knows, we may win something this year


Fucky McCuntfuck Shit Fuck


RVP leaving. Crushed. Wenger stays. Hope.

Thanks for the goals Persie, will always remember the ones against Charlton & Everton

for gods sake

Vermalen can take his place hehe


no thanks ,already rumour some club are interested in him give to wilshere,


Is anyone REALLY surprised? Let hope his next team stick by him and give him a new contract when hes out injured…oh wait…they wont will they? Fool


“@Persie_Official why why why ! Why have you left wenger to suffer another loss again. You would never be the same if you leave. Stay pls”

– Eboue on Twitter.

One of the players that we obviously should have kept. Eboue became a legend in my books with this tweet.

Third Contact

But then

“Come 2 think of it. When I left ,I won a trophy ,when Fab left he won a trophy, when henry left ,he won . So maybe @Persie_Official is right”


Assuming this is for real, and not some charade like the one Rooney’s agent played early last season, I wonder who becomes captain next?

Arteta, Verminator, Schzesnzey all come to mind.

H.P Arsecraft




He is already vice captain. However, on current form he will be off at the end of next season after stating how much he loves the Arsenal and have us in his heart 🙁


Should make Chamakh captain, then he’ll leave soon.

It’s the kiss of death




Rvp aside. What the fuck is gazidis doing on hols at this time of year?!


He’s obviously violating his wife in anger right now.
Pussy!!!!!!!, get back here

Matt F

Is RvP seriously trying to excuse himself by saying that he has greater ambition for Arsenal than does Wenger? In the same statement he claims to be respectful towards Wenger, and yet this is about as disrespectful towards Wenger as an Arsenal player can be.

One season as captain and star player, and he thinks he has the right to disrespect the greatest, most loyal manager this club has ever had? Fuck right off, Robin. If you want to win trophies and/or earn more elsewhere, just fucking say it. Don’t give us insulting, martyristic bullshit like this.


Not really sure if I want to have him in the club this year if he wants to leave. Better to sell him off and get some money for him, than using a player that is not fully commited to the club anymore. Really disapointed, though, after all the club have done for him. Always stood by his side when he was injured.

Corona X

Who’s talking about using him? Let him rot in the reserves.. Give him a year to contemplate his stupidity….

So upset 🙁