Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Walcott: I’m still negotiating with Arsenal

Theo Walcott insists he is fully focused on pre-season training and hasn’t been distracted by any speculation about his future because he’s not heard any.

Claiming that his agent is still in negotiations with Arsenal, the England international clarified that he hasn’t been stalling over a new deal, but that talks were always scheduled for after his return from the European Championships.

Speaking from Malaysia ahead of the Gunners first full pre-season game of the summer Walcott told Sky Sports:

“It was always going to be (a case of) hold back until the end of the Euros. We continue to talk and we’ll just see where it goes.

Responding to suggestions that links with both Chelsea and Liverpool had side-tracked him during recent weeks, he continued:

“Not at all because I didn’t have a clue about any other clubs, anything.

“I’m an honest guy. I like to get on with my job. I’ve got to work on pre-season, I don’t want any distractions.

“Like I say, my agent and the club will continue to talk and when there’s something to know I’ll get involved.”

There’s no doubting that keeping Walcott is more preferable than selling him. While he continues to frustrate on the pitch, his improvement (as seen by his stats last season) suggest that he’s a weapon you’d rather have on your side than not.

Who knows, with Robin van Persie set to leave, he may even find himself in contention for a starting berth as a central striker…something he’s been pining over for some time.

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Just sign the contract Theo! You know it’s best for you!!!

What's my name?

Something tells me he may turn out to be a top-notch re-signing…surely he can only get better, being still so young and yet now vastly experienced. And with last season’s pretty decent stats, he won’t need any radical improvement to make a significant impact for us.

Let’s just drop aside this ‘being consistent in patches’ Theo, and be really…er, actually consistent. 🙂

why is my name required

Barca fears Walcott. – Messi
He’s quicker than our whole team put together. – Guardiola

Mark Renton

It’s amazing how most gooners don’t rate Walcott much but ask any opposition and they will tell you the goose bumps they get when he is in possession. Its almost unbelievable.


Barca might have a genuine reason to fear Ronaldo. They had no reason at all to worry about Walcott. And the results showed both to be true.


So your negotiating ey?, come on bossienly, get in there and boss him into a new contract!!.


Cazorla being targeted by seeing walcott’s scenario? Just in case eh?


It amazes how little respect Arsenal fans have for Walcott. I think he’s a very dangerous player infront of goal and I would love to see him play as a central striker. Hope he signs and gets to play in the middle.


“play in the middle.”

No. Just no.


It’s like you’re Arsene Wenger! What a coincidence, I’m Steve Bould!! Didn’t expect to see you here you old bastard you!


Thiery henry isn’t a central striker they said. Robin van Persie isnt a central striker apparently either. When will Wenger get it right?…
The lads been given the #14 for a reason. Let’s see what he can do up front

glory hunter

Think its pretty obvious that Sallymoose gave you that thumb down goontang! lol


It always amazes me that some Arsenal fans think they know better than not only Arsene Wenger, but also Fabio Capello and Roy Hodgson, if these world-class, experienced football managers don’t see Walcott as a central striker why do you insist that he is one?! Walcott doesn’t have the technical ability to be a central striker, you’ve all seen what his ball control is like, why do you think he will be better in the crowded centre of the pitch against physical CB’s as opposed to being in acres of space on the wing? There’s far more to being a… Read more »


Well while I do admit I am no professional manager who has led his team to a undefeated season I just dont see Walcott as central. I dont know, my opinion but I hope he re-signs and punches me in the face by beasting up the central spot.


Theo Walcott will be unable to play in the middle unless we ply 4-4-2 as he does not have the physical size, strength or technique to play up front on his own with his back to goal (that’s how they have to play in the formation) Playing 4-4-2 simply does not happen anymore because it means you get over run in mid-field and you are rigid in terms of your formation. When was the last time anyone won anything playing a traditional 4-4-2. The nearest you get nower days is a 4-4-1-1 but nooone bar the cunts play that regularly… Read more »


I WISH PEOPLE! Sorry about the typos!


If we can get him signed back up and perhaps bring someone in, I think the negativity will turn again. I think people are worried about him and VP because of numbers…two in two out doesn’t improve us. I think if we keep Theo and bring in some sort of creative player…we will be looking sexy. As much as I loved loved loved RVP…he is 29 and I doubt will ever be able to have another season like the last. So if he stays cool…if he leaves then we move on. It is simple

Indian Gooner

from winger to striker – like King Henry eh ?? 😉

glory hunter

Sallymoose again ?!???


you only good in arsenal know it!


No, Theo, you are doing it wrong! Don’t your agent do all the stuff because he will surely f*ck it up. You go first by saying “I want to sign” and THEN the agent comes in and gets you the best possible deal, not the other way around.


Well said “he’s a weapon you’d rather have on your side than not” considering what he did against spurs and chelsea last season.

He does have inconsistency issues but he is much more more of a threat than not.. no doubt about that..

As far as Im concerned, we need to sort things out ASAP and get settled. All that matters most is kicking off with a blanced team when the season starts.

Anders Lovén

“I know nothing” – So the boy just plays football, and then sometimes his agent calls and say “Hi. You just signed a new contract. You are new earning 2 gazillions every week!” or “Hi. You’ve been sold. Pack you booths, we are heading for glory and gold in Russia!”

Come on.. At least say you hope a solution is found soon, as you are eager to stay.


You can’t leave until you’ve scored over 200 goals in the ’14’ shirt Theo!

Merlin's Panini

he’ll be here into his 40s then at this rate.

Merlin's Panini

but seriously I would be very happy if he signed again. He’s devastating on his day, and it would be nice to see a longer one of those patches of consistency.


he could have said:

i want to play for arsenal

walcott says: We see what happens…

big black clock

Why would he say ”I want to play for arsenal” when he’s already playing for Arsenal?



he wants to see what happens!

do you wanna sign a new contract with arsenal?

walcott: I wanna see what happens

meaning, he doesnt want to play for arsenal, he wants to see if something else comes along with more money.

big black clock cunt

big black clock

Or maybe he’s been told by the Gazidis and co. that contract stuff are never to be discussed with the media? Don’t be so judgmental and getting on our players’ backs so much.

Walcott saying “I want to play for arsenal” is like John Terry saying “I’m a racist”. We already know.


It’s not enough that you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about – but you’ve got to be a twat about it too.

What sort of agent would say to his client “Well I’m trying to negotiate a juicy new contract for you, so basically what I want you to do is go to the media and tell everyone exactly what you want…”


He already plays for Arsenal.


Who needs Robin when we have Theo


I guess theo…


santi carzola can play in fabregas roll he plays there for spain more than he does on the wing. if u want the pre season friendly link follow me @kyekye45 i will post it in 5mins


Or it’s £1.50 on Arsenal Player

Mental Strength

If Feo leaves as well, then basically we got Giroud as replacement for RVP and Podolski as replacement for Feo. And if Cazorla comes in then that’s probably for Diaby and Wilshere fitness problems.

So basically if we dont get any one else, we havent really strengthend our squad from last season.


i thought you wrote Feo by mistake and then i saw you do it again.. So basically you are some shit who doesnt care about our team or plays and is just trolling aroung.
*Tuck Off*


Hope he re-signs . He’s 23 for gods sake and he IS improving every season. Yes he’s frustrating but I’m sure consistency will follow with maturity. Chelsea don’t even need theo and Liverpool .. Well they are just plain shit


i hope he signs the new contract, he can be really dangerous and create goals for our new strikers + the boyish good looks and being a nice guy can help our marketing a lot and all that crap stuff that, alas, is so important ….

but got to be realistic about the superstar wage demands please!


Great..i hope he signs. We should not loose two players at the same time like it was last season. Bad for team morale.


If Theo signs an extension that will be great for the Arsenal. I am convinced his developmental stage are well behind him now. He’ll surely be threat to opposition defender come August


Santi carzola already an arsenal player? Its been reported by guardian that carzola has agreed personal term wit arsenal. Just hope its true.


Carzola an arsenal player? Agreed personal terms? Hw true could dis be


Anti jokes

A penguin walks into a bar. The bartender says, “So what will it be this time?” The penguin doesn’t answer because it’s a penguin.


Two beekeepers are talking shop.
Beekeeper 1: “How many bees do you have?”
Beekeeper 2: “Got about a million bees in 20 hives. What about you?”
Beekeeper 1: “I keep 20 million bees in 1 hive.”
Beekeeper 2: “ONE hive?!”
Beekeeper 1: “Yeah, fuck em. They’re only bees.”

Eric Irish gunner

I’m sure he’s in regular contact with his agent and knows about all interested partys and is playing the waiting game with arsenal, why wait till after the fucking euros and longer again, he’s a decent player but should’ent be holding the club to ransom so sign up or say you want to leave so all can move on


Walcott will stay!


I’ve never seen an Arsenal player so popular for doing so little since Charlie Nicholas!…..and I love ’em both.


Let’s just forget about all his assists, eh?

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


I spent all season arguing with all around me about Walcott. The expectation of the Arsenal crowd is absurd, they criticise his every mistake. Walcott is an impact player that means he has to try and create opportunities which means he will lose the ball or mishit a cross far more often than say Arteta. The fact is he scores and creates chances and vitally without his pace in the side we lose the weapon of playing the ball behind the defence. He should only be allowed to go if Oxade Chamberlain is ready to replace him. I say sign… Read more »


two blondes walked into a bar….youd think one of them would have seen it……….


A lion walks into a bar. The barman says “Holy shit, I didn’t expect to see one of you in here!”

The lion replies; “Who the hell told you I was teetotal?”

[…] and Arsenal are still talking but has remained fairly non-committal when talking about his future, saying: It was always going to be (a case of) hold back until the end of the Euros. We continue to talk […]

Lord Teddy Ears

Great player hope he stays but we have the OX if he does go


“Not at all because I didn’t have a clue about any other clubs, anything. “I’m an honest guy. I like to get on with my job” When they start coming out with crap like that, you know they’re lying. He and his Agent have inflated views of his worth and he wants to see if anyone else comes in with a better offer. Nothing wrong with that. But spare us the “I don’t know what’s going on – Honestly !” guff, because guff is what it is. If we got a decent offer for him – £15 million – we… Read more »


Get it signed Theo… Interesting theory about him playing up top if RVP does go?! I am sure that is what he will be hoping. We will not have to put up with his crossing at the very least!!Bring on the new season!


problem is, we know, that the time is ready, but when he will sign, we don’t know, maybe tommorow, maby in a week, mabye never, mabye we sholud just sign new to be sure about our future. when walcott is good, he is arsenal, when he is bad. then he goes. thats how it its, and its a good deal.

Gunner 4 Ever
hate norwich n tottenham

Hudson Hornet

Goodbye and good riddance.

Not good enough for us – sadly.

Lets cash in and invest in the likes of Santi. Miles ahead of these over rated english players.

[…] and Arsenal are still talking but has remained fairly non-committal when talking about his future, saying: It was always going to be (a case of) hold back until the end of the Euros. We continue to talk […]

[…] shortly afterwards. Perhaps this will give confidence to Theo Walcott who Arseblog reports is still negoiating with the club, hopefully he can find a pen in the next few weeks and follow Laurent in this crazy new development […]

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