Sunday, August 7, 2022

Bendtner: staying at Arsenal is not an option

As the summer transfer sagas continue around players we don’t really want to see leave the club, it’s been pretty quiet about those whose departures might suit both them and us.

Nicklas Bendtner is one. Having spent last season on loan at Sunderland, ending up their top scorer with 8 goals, his future has been up in the air since Euro 2012.

But TGSTEL has given an update to his situation ahead of Denmark’s game against Slovakia on Wednesday. Speaking to the Danish press he said, “It is not an option to stay at Arsenal. It’s not something I want or Arsenal. I expect that there will be a clarification on my club situation before the transfer window closes.”

Revealing that he had rejected some offers because they didn’t meet his requirements Bendtner confirmed that there was interest from clubs in Germany, Spain and Italy.

“Yes, there is something from those leagues, there are concrete talks”, he said, before pulling down his trousers to show off a pair of underpants advertising Denmark’s number one armadillo food manufacturer.

He then disappeared in a puff of smoke which turned out to be him driving his £200,000 Maserati into a tree.

Thanks to @ArsenalDane for the heads up

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Well that’s that then, might as well write this season off already.

….is the reaction that absolutely no one will have


Gah, Well, my username throws light on stuff, obviously; but I think he has to go as well. Not because we can’t use him (I believe we can use him better than Chamakh) but he just needs a change of scenery to sort his shit out.

He’ll be great in the Bundesliga.


I think I’m probably alone here but I actually think chamakh is a player and is much better than TGSTEL. I doubt mr Bendtner feels he has a chance with Chamakh, Podolski, Gourou and maybe even VP in front of him!

Dean '67

Yep, your riding solo on this one, SON!.


Chamakh = lazier than the guy who
named Newfoundland.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yeah the guy had a choice…Newfoundland or ThankfuckforthatfinallyIcangetoffofthisstinkingfuckingship. Bendtner said all this a year ago, so we know he really wants out. I think he’s like the guy who’s waited all his life for the perfect girl, and when he finally gets her into bed he lasts 20 seconds. Yeah, she’s as sexy as hell, but he can’t stay with her because it would always remind him how when he finally go the chance he had dreamed of he came up short. Every day he stays he is reminded of his inadequacies. It would be a kindness to send him… Read more »


Well all right then.


I gave you a thumb up for being a New Haven gooner.


Right on. Cheers!


What about me????


Get on with it then! Last season there was all this talk about many suitors yet we only just managed to get him a club on loan. A decent striker but……………….


Always rated him during his early years at Arsenal but the Sunderland escapades (etc.etc.) somehow showed his personality is not up for top top class.

Henry's beard

Best final two paragraphs of an Arseblog News story ever.


Indeed, although a bit sad that this might be his legacy at Arsenal, he did score some goals (+ misses)…


That’s the best part of this blog that belong to Arse.


Oh fuck. How the hell will we get on without him!? Time to just own up to the fact that we’re going to be relegated this season, guys…


The most talented among the deadwood at Arsenal.


And Shava is NOT deadwood. Just for the record.


Whatever his ‘requirements’ are, lower them and then do one. The arrogance of this twat is extraordinary. Wherever he goes he will score a few goals but I wish he would bugger off ASAP , lighten our wage bill and stop clogging up newsnow with his mutterings.


He had that last year. Poor attitude & he behaved appallingly on loan at the mackems. Shame cos he’s got talent, just not as much as he thinks.


Theres a lot of smoke still rising over a swap deal for Mexes – lets just hope it isn’t just from the remains of his car !

Dean '67

TBH bendtner is actually better…..but we have a guy in our ranks named……chamakh- twice the shit in my arse. Sick of waiting for him to get better, just leave or take another profession. Seriously.


How can you dislike bendtner? He did try and hit adebayor whilst playing him…….

Mikel, Andre's Best Friend

WITH him mind you, not AGAINST.


Yup………but you know what i meant…..

Dean '67


Oh too early?, sorry.


Knowing him he probably missed!


He looks like he should be a backwards euro pop DJ like David Guetta. Bendtmau5. I can imagine him playing utter shit, but believing that the world loves it, with his snazzy pink headphones.


“Bendtmau5” had me snarfling coffee out of my nose. Well done.


Stop talking and just leave.

Mills N7

To be honest, I’d rather have Bentdner on the pitch than Chamakh, but much rather have Chamakh than Bentdner off it… (as his car-smashing, loudmouth antics off the field have shown). So given that he’s going to get minimum game time (even if van Persie stays), I’d rather he did one. (But he still gets props for hating Adebayor before the rest of us…)

Mikel, Andre's Best Friend

Here’s Chamakh vs Bendtner

Smoking shisha VS Crashing car into tree
Playing well early on, then shit VS Playing like TGSTEL forever
Driving well VS Driving into a tree
Going to a restaurant and paying VS Demanding a free meal
Normal underwear VS Paddy Power underwear
Normal boots VS Pink boots
Quiet, down-to-earth VS loud, cocky
Patient and hard-working VS when do i get to play CF guys?



I’d rather offload both. I would also like to see Park being given a chance. He scored a good goal against Japan in the Olympics bronze medal game.


His teammates certainly love him now that he has triggered their win and saved them all from the need to do National Service. He improved 19 player’s football careers with that single moment of class, and that when his countrymen didn’t really love him anymore. he’s clearly a strong character.

I don’t see why we shouldn’t keep him and give him a bit more of a chance to show what he’s got this year.


Bendtners attitude seems to be “I would rather not play football unless I’m getting paid what I think I deserve and on a team in the CL” I feel really bad for any team willing to take his ego on. He surely won’t play at Real or Barca. Does he think Juve or the Milans would be interested? There was a rumor floating around about a swap deal with Arsenal Bendtner for Mexes. Could benefit both parties involved but unlikely. I’d say he needs to go to Germany to a team like Schalke or Werder Bremen I will be overjoyed… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Actually his attitude is simply “I think I should be playing all my team’s games, at the top level of football, but Arsenal won’t give me the chance because they can’t see the obvious… that I am TGSTEL. Therefore I must go to a top team who will let me play every game.” Sunderland weren’t a top team, so he got bored and started getting his name in the papers for all the wrong reasons. He really is doing himself no good by believing his own hype.


“Nicklas Bendtner har afvist klubber.” “Der har været konkrete tilbud, men Nicklas Bendtner har ikke fundet en ny klub endnu.”

So say Jyllands Posten Sport. Very roughly translated:

“Nicklas Bendtner loves his life as a clubber.” and “He also loves eating concrete and men. Nicklas Bendtner always ends the day in the ickiest club he can find – usually without funds.”

He will be missed.


Sack your translator

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Google! You’re Fired!!!


“Loves eating men” eh ?!?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The quote missed this part, that didn’t make it into the newspaper article.

“Nicklas Bendtner säger att han blev inspirerad att bära rosa stövlar eftersom han var alltid att bli kallad en Bell slut. Nu bär rosa stövlar, kan han se ut som en klocka slut i båda ändar.”

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Which Google Translates as

“Nicklas Bendtner says he was inspired to wear pink boots because he was always being called a Bell end. Now wearing pink boots, he looks like a bell end on both ends.”

the only sam is nelson

so the amount of interest in him is about as much as it was last year (when we heard remarkably similar stories about big clubs being interested)

so that’ll be norwich on loan, then. grant holt coming the other way, we hope

Mach III

Bendtner.. Sorry, TGSTEL, you looked so promising when you and Aaron made your debut appearances in the Champions League both scoring… However you had your opportunity when it was between you and Arshavin up front and you hacked the ball to the left, right, and over the top of the goals. You then graced Sunderland with your dazzling football, and now you are back at the team that cannot use your greatness effectively. Please leave!


I wud love him to stay but he shud leave cos I don’t see a life for him

Mikel, Andre's Best Friend

Oh but he will live.


Funny how this guy has been saying “I don’t want to play for Arsenal, please sell me” for two seasons now and yet Van Persie is the one “disrespecting the club” when he says exactly the same thing.


Yeah, but Bendtner is shit.

Dean '67

No fatgooner, it’s pretty obvious your the SHIT here.


You don’t see the difference? I do. I can even explain it. Except I’m tired. So very tired of typing words about van Persie. And miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep.


There’s no difference at all.


Okay, yeah, there’s no difference. So tired. Hold me.

Mikel, Andre's Best Friend

We love RVP, he plays in his favoured central position now (he grew into it), we pay him, we adore him, we almost idolize(d) him.

We don’t love Bendtner, does not like being played in the wings, we despise his cocky I’m too good for this shit attitude, we PAY HIM for this, and a lot of us want him out.

RVP effectively asks Arsenal to sell him despite all this and the fact that we have made 3 great signings

Bendtner, unsurprisingly, wants to leave.



You need to look up what QED means.

Quantum electrodynamics? Not sure how that relates to football….

Dr Baptiste

If you say it over and over again, it just becomes diluted and the fans just shrug their shoulders and say “go on then”. He was all mouth and no trousers (but lots of pants) when it came to showing his magical abilities on the pitch. We all got bored of waiting for him to maybe come good and it never happened. With RvP, all his interviews up to last season were about his love of Arsenal, how grateful he was to Arsene for standing by him or how he was going to stay for his whole career when he… Read more »

Arsene's bottle of water

He’s obviously full of shit. When other clubs come sniffing around our players it gets spread everywhere. With TGSTEL, however, it’s only him and his father spreading these rumours, but we never heard a single hint of which clubs they would be. Pfffff


i will rather like Bendtners stay and i belive he will be better then rvp the player we have to sell is Chamakh, ji sun park this 2 player have to leave seriously

Mikel, Andre's Best Friend

Ji sung park is in QPR


Not sure QPR would be too happy if we try to sell Ji Sung Park!!
Though Park Chu Young maybe easier to offload if we tell some unwitting buyer that he is the former ManU player.


I wud love him to stay but he shud leave cos I don’t see a life for him in our Team in the nearest future


Congrats Nick.


NB52, cock off and jog on….

Red and White Stripey Socks

Fuck off then! And take Park with you.


hard to be TGSTEL with all these even greater strikers in front of him.


This is The Greatest Story To Ever Be Told (TGSTEBT)

big black clock

That’s it, I’m sick and tired of the lack of ambition in this club. Out with Gazidis, Usmanov in!


“concrete talks”? that makes no sense.


Concrete talks:
“You can come and play for us, but if you do any of that prima donna shit or keep banging shots into row Z we’ll set your feet in concrete and chuck you into the sea.”


Bendtner wants to play football so he can improve and fulfill his ambition. He was always good for 5-10 goals during his years at Arsenal, despite usually coming off the bench. He believes in himself and wants the chance to prove himself elsewhere if he can’t get it at the Arsenal. Chamakh would rather sit on the bench and pick up his paycheck. He doesnt have a goalscorer’s mentality, and is afraid to shoot when through 1v1 with the keeper. Chamakh scored an entire 1 goal last year. He’s useless, and worse yet, he’s fine with being useless. Why all… Read more »


NB is shite and will always be shite. Out of 100 strikes at goal, 90 will go over the bar into row Z of the Upper Tier, 10 will be on target and only 2 will score.
He is a very wasteful striker and truth be told, probably not premier league quality.
But his dad believes in him 🙂


” Out of 100 strikes at goal, 90 will go over the bar into row Z of the Upper Tier, 10 will be on target and only 2 will score.”
I think this right here is AARON RAMSEY.


Mainly because he’s a doucher. It’s not his goals against the likes of Leyton Orient that we don’t like, it’s his shitty attitude.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Jerry blink

Chamakh had a great 2 seasons with bordoex like giroud with mönt watever the name both have the same similarities i stil blve in chamakh if u hate then take his jersey and go play


I am going to feel like a moron wearing all his jewelry in my Arsenal kit now

Lord Teddy Ears

Bye Bye and dont let the door slap you on your arse on the way out. Yet another example of a pampered ego that could have been special but ended up an over payed idiot who will soon be forgotten.

Also John Terry is a clitoris

A. Usmanov

I like this man, he reminds me of a younger me never talking bullshit going for best situation for him and family indeed The greatest striker that ever lived in mentality atleast.


Fair from Bendtner really. Everyone can make shit gags about his overconfidence or some truly terrible misses, but he’s a good striker. Certainly good enough to be rotated at Arsenal and not shipped off to the north east whilst utter shambles like Park and Chamakh sat here doing nothing.

But yeah fuck him eh? Fancy actually wanting to play football.


Why did my name find its way into this squabble?

I work hard. I try hard. You think it is easy to sit on bench?


For a second I read the word “squabble” as “scrabble” and then I realized that if there is somewhere where “Chamakh” would be a force to be reckoned with, it would be in Words With Friends.


It’s gotta be hard keeping your ass from falling asleep on the bench. Glad to see it’s not keeping you from being fit.


Joking aside, I know Bendtner is a cocky cock, but what do you think we should get for him? In spells he did ok, got a few goals and had a fair Euro campaign……

£6 Million?????


Chamakh = lazier than the guy who
named Newfoundland.


‘it is not an option to stay at Arsenal…’
Sadly for all concerned, SuuuuperNick™, it is,because you are unfortunately under contract with this great club,you car bothering,trouser dropping fuckwit.


That report just about sums the half whit up.

His ‘Agent’ was gobbing off about ‘Global’…’Universal’…’Intergalactic’ …interest and he’s still parking his lazy arse in our back yard and drawing an Arsenal wage – thanks to Wenger’s ludicrous desire to overpay him.

For his sake and ours, a departure cannot come quick enough. Ditto Squillachi, Park and Chamakh.

Let’s hope this happens before Saturday.

The Professional

What a head on this guy, seriously.

If he his head was physically 10% the size his huge ego makes himself out to be he might get a few headers in for us.

He’s probably a left handed wanker.


Bendtner…..scores against Spudz after 20 seconds as substitute…..scores last second winner against Wolves….scores last second winner against Hull. He has given me great celebration. Good on him…..and never forget.

[…] hierarchy. According to Arseblog News, Bendtner has already declared that staying in Arsenal is not an option, and I strongly believe that Arsenal has no plans to keep him as […]

Merlin's Panini

He sure does like talking about concrete.

Merlin's Panini

D’oh! Someone already said something like that. Sorry.


Barca want to buy him after seeing him impressively trip over his feet when he had a chance to score against them.

Rik Standard

My most devastating moment as a Gunners fan was watching Nick do this:

couldn’t like him ever after.

Rik Standard

in the second leg of the Champions League Quarter Finals no less…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

“Get out of the fucking way, you bimbo”

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