Song admits Barcelona interest but says he’s happy at Arsenal


Alex Song has told Sky Sports that he’s aware of interest in him this summer but insists he’s happy at the club.

The Cameroon international has been increasingly linked with Barcelona in the last couple of weeks with the Catalan press and the Barcelona players laying the usual groundwork for a move.

But Song says while he’s aware of said interest, and refers to Barcelona as the best team in the world, he’s content at the Emirates.

“I am not going to lie if I said there is no interest but I am at Arsenal and I am happy at Arsenal,” he said. “Barcelona are the best team in the world, and speculation will always continue until the window closes.”

That said, speculation can easily be killed off before the window closes if a player really has no interest in a move, but then no player with a brain closes off options and it’s naive to think Song would, especially given the agent advice he’s bound to be getting.

Reports from Spain this morning suggest Barcelona have lodged an official €15m bid for Song but there has been nothing said from an Arsenal point of view.

It remains to be seen if Wenger would be tempted by another extraordinary profit on a player he brought to the club for £400,000 back in 2006.

Whatever happens there can be no doubt that Barcelona’s interest and intent is very real, but with a contract until 2015 Arsenal are in a strong position to make a decision that suits the club above all else.

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Song’s comments seem positive overall. He committed to Arsenal as much as he could without basically shutting down all options, which, as you said, he’d be silly to do.

Plus, Sky Sports understands that he’ll look to sign AFC extension first, before thinking of any move. It must be true!


I agree. His comments are quite positive.

If he were to leave, €15m is an absolute joke. Song is worth twice that. Barca really are cheap *****.


Come on. 27-28m – of course, But 30? Nah, he’s not that good.

Glory Hunter

to agent:
Andy Carrol went for £35M and Jordan Henderson £20M
On those 2 basis alone Song is defo worth £30M


Yeah, but honestly those were inflated English player prices. If Carrol and Hernderson weren’t English I guarantee they wouldn’t have commanded those transfer fees.

Songs worth ~25 max.


@Glory But they were Daglish signings and he is mad as a spoon. TBH I’m not sure he understands metric money…


@Agent, imagine if Song was English. How much will he be worth? To me Song, is the best DF in the premiership and if you think, he is not worth 30m pounds, then i wonder who is?


Another way to look at it: If Cazorla is worth 15m, is Song really worth any more? Younger, but not nearly as good.

More general point: establishing a player’s “fair” or “accurate” transfer value is impossible. Transfer value is only really what the market will pay.



The figures quoted are in Euros…

€15m is roughly £11.8m.
€30m is roughly £23.6m.


@gary: right, my bad, I was thinking in pounds. While I don’t think it’s a good idea to sell him for less than £25m (and even that would be questionable), I also don’t believe he’s worth £30m, not to say whether he is sellable for that. With one more great season and 2+ years of contract left, maybe.

@glory hunter: the crucial word here is ‘worth’, now, you don’t think carrol was worth £35m, do you?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla '60
Gutbukkit Deffrolla '60

The simple answer to your question is that Cazorla is worth 30m pounds. I don’t care what we paid for him, we got him for half price. Wengernomics strike again.

It is what it is

He’s worth as much as any club is willing to pay for him.
If I had to buy him, I would’nt pay more than £24m.
If I had to sell him, Id be looking for £28m.
And if it were to Barca, they’d have to cough up £30-35m.


Well he’s bent over, parted his cheeks and is looking coyly over his shoulder. Maybe start looking for a really obvious replacement now Arsene. Before he joins someone else.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla '60
Gutbukkit Deffrolla '60

I know something beginning with TH that was bent over and taking it up the arse towards the end of last season.


Look he has an Arsenal DNA. Fuck off Cuntelona!!!


Best of luck Ryo at the DW Stadium I have no doubt you’ll return to the Emirate a much better and experienced player.


Looks like he could teach RVP a few things about respect for the club and fans


Good, but he really needs to stop folding his shorts during games.


And here I was thinking he just went in for a slide tackle and never fixed them.


……NOOOOO!!., I like his big strong thighs.


@Srbistuta, and how does that affect you…It’s his style. Learn to live with it


I think the shorts shorts are so he can stretch further during a standing tackle? I really don’t know but I prefer to think it serves a purpose lol


I will get downvoted so hard for this but:

I don’t really rate Song as a DM for us. He’s not disciplined enough to play that role. And let’s not kid ourselves, he’s not Yaya Toure. I’d rather have a REAL DM like M’Vila (if Arsene can overhaul his temper) or Le Coq or Frimpong (when he’s fit).


I trust you hadn’t even heard of M’vila until earlier this year.
Case of grass is greener on the other side. Wiith Cazorla in our team , the need for Song to create will not be as great as last yer. And unless he decides to roll his thumbs instead i expect him to spend more time defending something he is also very good at.

Forza Gunners

Honestly, your concept of DM has died, like all jobs in the world today you got to be an all rounder, have a specialism by all means, mentality wise, skill wise or set piece etc.., but if you just gonna tackle and pass sideways to the attacking man, you are pointless cos all the oppo will do is target the AM, and snap into him.

As we are rarely under attack as per usual, you’would have a player just sat on the pitch protecting the back four who aren’t getting attacked, what is the point of him?

Yaya Toure

Are all DM’s…. or are they not real enough for you.

Arsenal team conceded 49 goals not Alex Song, he’s not Yaya Toure …pffftttt.


whoever told u that pirlo is a dm lied to you, he is a playmaker….just like arteta who people believe is a dm,when he is a playmaker……..there are two types of playmakers,deepsitting ones like pirlo and the ones that play closer to the striker like cazorla


pirlo isnt a DM , no idea where you get this, he is a deep lying playmaker,


Song does what Wenger Says. You’re a chump to think otherwise.

We had problems last year in the creative midfield department (lost 4 players…fab, jack, diabs, and…that c*nt).

You should be commending Song for stepping up, and showing another side of his game, rather than wishing for a total unknown quantity. 11 assists!

Seriously stop annoying people, specially when you know you’re annoying.


@GunnerBattalion, for your information, if Song had been a DM like Mikel of chelsea, we would not have qualified for the champs league, and yes, i said so. He has 13 fucking assists. Give the man some credit..

Gutbukkit Deffrolla '60
Gutbukkit Deffrolla '60

That opinion based on a season carefully monitoring him? Pity it was the season when he was asked to put more effort into going forward than defending. If it wasn’t for that you might be onto something.


That’s more like it.


Song that great,it will be a step aback if we lose our most creative player last season and we know no replacement can fit in immediately

Naija Gunner

At least he has respect and loyalty for the Arsenal compared to that grey haired guy called p€r$i£!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

To be strictly honest, Song has been singing almost the exact words RVP was singing for the last couple of years before he turned on us. It was all camouflage when RVP did it, and if the right offer comes along then Song will probably be off if Arsenal let him. The real hope is that if it happens that he will go with more dignity and respect for the club than RVP has shown.

Having said that, I hope Barcelona fail to lure him away. I’d like to see him stay and improve with us rather than some other team.


Wonder if the contract negotiations are happening now? If so, it is a useful time to have another club inquire after you…


Yes , but i really wonder how he pulled of getting no less than three Barcacunts bigging him up publicly. If he was going it will suit as way better if it wasn’t this year and him as well as a shorter contract would mean a Higher salary.


Like that lot needs a encouragement to tap up a player? I’m sure they are hard-wired.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

They get performance bonuses for a successful regulation-avoiding tap up.

Merlin's Panini

typical I post on this subject in the previous article and it appears on here just before I click submit!
Ho hum. Well, I’m glad he’s said something, and it’s more or less what we wanted to hear. Sky Sports said something about him wanting a new contract though there are no quotes. I’m not sure where they got that information but would hope that it’s true.

Dolgion Ch.

Well this Song’s words are music to my ears.


In your face barcelona!, in your mothercuntin’ face. Not everyone is dying to join you.
But if denilson is then by all means


As if they need more players that only pass sideways…

Dean '67

In denilsons mind, every ‘sideway pass’ = a pre -assist. He’s a very confident guy.


Dear Barcelona,
Just because you have UEFA eating from the palm of your hand doesn’t mean we have to. Please go fuck in the offward direction.


Gunner battalion why not have song amd m villa everyone always says one is better then the other to win leagues you need two DMS all the time pushing each other. I don’t think it’s him not being a dm I think it was wenger asking him to play more advanced due to the lack of drive creativity. It showed when rosicky came good at end of the seaso when u create u can’t just do it stand still it’s with movement which is why cesc is so good. Cazorla looks the real deal so with this and the return of willshere I think he will play more defensively amd help protect the defense. What ever you say about song he had a great season for us last year amd always gives 100 per cent will play in Amy position asked by wenger without moaning cb rb cm he is versatile and is the reason barca want him. Yes he makes the odd bad pass and position is sometimes only sometimes weak but overall he has been one of our best players for years and people should focus on the good he does for the team. To compare him or replace him with coq or frimpong would not cut it you would see but don’t worry gooners wenger knows what he is doing.


Continuity is very important and I hope that he stays. However with all cards in our hands, and with Arsene playing the poker, I feel very comfortable about this situation whatever happens.

Dolgion Ch.

Song is a good player who has some important qualities. He has an eye for a pass, has good balance and doesn’t lose the ball most of the time. He can defend and protect the back four but can also go forward. He has a strong overall game, and with Cazorla now taking on the creative playmaking duties, he will be more focused on the defensive aspect of his game. I’d say if you look at his improvements over the past years, you can see that he’s only going to get better. He’s 24 years old, so he will most likely become world class by the time he hits his prime. Yes, he tends to try to play hollywood passes when the simple option would’ve been better, and sometimes he fucks up with some sloppy play (though last season he sort of had to play like Pirlo, with the lack of creativity in midfield, and that is a tough ask of any player). I reckon that he’ll improve on his concentration, especially with Bould coaching the team now.

15 Million Euros is a fucking insult by the Catalynian hypocrites.


Good points.
Song has been really important player in past few years.
His spell at Charlton shaped him to midfielder and he continued to progress with us.
The only knock I have with his is that he won’t shoot even if his life is threatened! For crying out loud crack one Alex!
This and he tends to be a bit adventurous in the opposition half leaving our high line without support. Arteta/Rosicky/Ramsey/Diaby/Coq/Jack have to cover for him when he wonders on forward.

Dean '67

Let’s all laugh at barcelona. The manager, the stadium, the players, the staff and their close relative the UEFA.


He says “speculation will always be there till the transfer window closes”… So its just speculation with no substance!! thats alright with me


I think that he’s a very, very strong player and it’s nice to hear one of our more pivotal players actually say the words “I am happy at Arsenal”. However, I feel Song is replaceable and with 3 years on his contract we could do worse than to see how highly Barca value the player as long as the money is reinvested in a solid CDM.


He once talked about how Arsenal was his barca. His dream club amid some talk of interest from inter. Now the barca mouthy cunts start yawning and most fans are quick to jump on his back.
Not even when he says he’s happy and the fact rumours will always be there. Even if he had quotes on signing a new deal i bet the same fans would beat him with that stick.
Take a good look at how hard it is to shake off that scapegoat tag Mr. Ramsey. Even if you become better than messi, there will always be one or two hoping to say i told you so. And some sad to see you made a big step forward.

In the last few days i was thinking, he’s not in a worse situation than theo, nor did he release a statement, nor did any club offer to treble his “weekly ambition.” And if it had been say Kos, those cunts were dreaming of then every fan would have told them off.
Reading all Arsenal blogs of late would give you the impression he’s put in a transfer request already. I know i am in the minority but i still believe WE ONLY HAVE ONE SONG…….
……. Until that time comes, that is.

Forza Gunners

is it too early to say Wenger knows…


if you listen to wenger, he never knows until the ink is dry…


Am used to us selling players now, it’s a yearly occurance, only difference now is that we have bought real quality replacements this time around.
If barca keep knocking and song shows willing then not to bothered if he goes as long as the club continues its policy of buying adequate and quality replacements. Losing players isnt ideal that’s obvious but ide rather have settled players with a desire to win things at arsenal than those with an eye on the pound note that other clubs have to offer.
So far song has said the right things so he has the benifit


I think Song deserve a new contract. He is established, constantly well performing player ( like Kos or Bac). His commitment shows that and also his presence in the dressing room makes team stronger. Forget about M´Villa and don´t forget we have the back up players like Ramsey, Coquelin, Frimpong,This is bunch of quality players, which are in my opinion a bit underestimated and they didn´t get much credit like they deserve. So overall I think we don´t have to be worried with the midfield. I personally think we don´t even need Sahin. We already have Santi and with Wilshere on his way back…exciting times is coming !

Dolgion Ch.

Agreed, we should get him to sign a new contract, ideally this summer or next. We need the continuity and keep our first team players (as long as they are happy to play for Arsenal), so this is something worth spending on. Also, an extension would be important with Barca’s tappy uppy antics come next summer. Same with Walcott. If he wants 100k, then I’d be ok with that. After the excellent business this summer, we need to look at tying the core players of the squad down for the long term, which would be more efficient money-wise than losing one or two first team player every year and replacing with on-par players through transfers.


I am a big fan of Song, so I don’t want to see him leave.

The club might have/find reasons to let him go, but the fact that he was purchased for 400000 and would be sold for millions can’t be one of the them. I think it’s misleading to look at that way. It is much more realistic to look at the cost of Song over the life of his Arsenal career. He doesn’t play for free and those wages should be included in the players overall cost, since he is still developing. Think of it as a development cost. Clubs can pay higher for a developed player or do it a lower cost in house.


Well another good news in a pretty happy summer (except the Persie storm) sun has been shinning on the Arsenal ground.
Song makes mistake from time to time but he’s improving so much year after year, we can only expect these silly misjudgement to go away with a couple of years more and maybe the competition with the Coq will help too…
I hate RVP for what he said. It just made we wonder at the time of his statement what would have happen last year if cesc was in the squad and fit? Probaly more goals than Messi and CR7 with Cesc topping the assists in Europe…
I am glad we hold on to VP, as we finally have the squad to play on all front with a competitive squad, and I really think this year we could win something.
We must win a cup at least to show to the world The Arsenal is not a “trainning ground” for world class player, but a club with a winning mentality and ambitious(i don’t doubt it but it seems a lot of people do).
And finally, i think this summer shopping come in due time and Mr. Wenger knew perfectly he couldn’t invest more in the squad before as we have been putting a lot of money on other things (stadium to pay back, medical facilities to build, project youth to start…). But now that everything is done and on the way, we are finally able to spend to reinforce the team.
I am so excited about this new season and SAF is probably pissing his pants wondering if he’ll be able to play CL next year without calling Cantona out of his retirement 😉


[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


‘Stoke City remain keen on Michael Owen’

Good match, considering none of them have played football for the past few years


Is anyone else sick of the “Barcelona are the best team in the world” title?

Real Madrid won the league last year
Chelsea won the CL

They’re a great team (with Messi) but there are definitely teams out there that can beat them. Arsenal being one of them!


We always needed a player who would kick the opposition when required…we have that in Song….however, opinion about him has always been divided…all i know is he is the most improved player in the history of football, in the history of improving…i sometimes cant beleive its the same player who was sent to charlton on loan…
Barca have one less ‘Doll’ to add to their collection…

arsene's bottle of water
arsene's bottle of water

Mmm, he’s also the kind of player who would hug opposition as Joey Barton.

I have mixed opinions on Song when it comes to being a hard man. He’s certainly strong as a rock, but he seems a bit naive at times.


Barcelona are the best team in the world,,,,Thanks for that !


Well, that`s a step forward. The next, and the more important step is what he`s going to do about it. Join them, or contribute in the quest to destroy them.

He stays, fine with me.
He goes, I`ll watch with interest as he sprints to get the ball back within 4 seconds, over 90 min of a match 🙂

arsene's bottle of water
arsene's bottle of water

I totally think this will come back to haunt us in the next couple of seasons.

For now Song is being respectful, but also he knows he has a long contract ahead. After 1 or 2 seasons a wantaway player can get really unsettled and do stupid things. I think this can silently build up and AW needs to have a replacement ready if Song leaves in the near future.

As the profit over his price tag when we bought him, we shouldn’t look at it this way. Let’s not forget the hard work the coaching staff have put on Song’s development over the years. If we keep making profit on transfers like these I don’t see a lot of advantage for Arsenal. In some ways, we paid a price higher than £400k, having fielded a player who was probably too green for the EPL. I know there were times in the beginning of Song’s career at the club when I just wanted to throw my telly out the window! So now that he’s finally “world class” we should reap the rewards for a change.

Darren Dein

Hello Fellow Gooners,
You might remember me from the Henry saga, or the Cesc Saga, or the… oh you get the picture. Arsenal treated my beloved Daddy so mean and it meant that I was unable to get the diamond encrusted butt plug that would have pleased me sooooo much. So now I have to make money for myself and as I have no real life skills I thought that leeching off others would be a good idea. I am sure you all understand. That Giroud is a nice looking fella, do you think he would let me represent him?


Fucking hate the barca cunts I hate the rat faced messi alves is a cheating hore of a cunt xavi looks incredibly greasy all the time like he covers himself in chip fat. They nicked our captain always try to take our best players for peanuts. They beat us in our only champions league final. All it would take for me to hate them even more would be for the chinless cunt nasri and Ashley cunt to join them it’s like they have a personal vendetta to fuck us over. Jog on you slimy greasy pricks. I watched a game over there once when travelling and one of there fans said to me you English have no decorum cos one of my guys took his top of as a joke to celebrate a barca goal. He also said he didn’t know who arsenal were as if they were to important to care. Apologies for the I hate barca outburst amd the swearing but they make my blood boil. On a positive note we look good. An up the real Madrid as well for next year

arsene's bottle of water
arsene's bottle of water

…and they failed to beat Chelski when it mattered the most! Those… greasy… bottlers!


I don’t think this a particularly positive story as some would suggest. Just the same old story framed in a more positive light due to the circumstances Sounds to me like Song would like to leave and Barca are interested in him. With the length of his remaining contract he is nt in a great position to force through a move so just does nt rule anything out.
While i would like him to stay if it was a case of getting decent money for him and replacing him with a proper DM I think the team would benefit overall (or at least it would nt be of same magnitude of replacing fabregas/RVP). We need to get a consistent committed squad together for a few seasons in a row to make any real progress i think.

big black clock

Haters can piss off.


Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yeah, Bohemian Rhapsody. Nothing else comes close!

Haven’t we got some good footballers in our squad this season? We might have a good year if we get a little bit of luck. I think we’re due some.


He said he is happy here. So it’s case closed unless its the club which wants to get rid.


“I am not going to lie if I said there is no interest but I am at Arsenal and I am happy at Arsenal,”

double negative spotted.hence there is no interest.

Big Tone

the guy isn’t agitating a move and we don’t need to respond at all if we don’t want to I say bury this story until something more concrete comes out about it! song certainly isn’t irreplaceable but i’d be sad to see him go!! lets hope we tell those despicable cunts where they can stick it!


I know they all have hugely inflated egos but a part of him must think ‘if I go there, how the fuck am I going to get into that midfield on a regular basis?”


Interpretation: “I’d love to go to Barca but they are lowballing Arsenal on their offer so I know I am staying with the gunners”. Its for the best, Alex, you won’t get a game a Barca and the Gunners are on the verge of something special……


Same way RVP should look at his “offers”. ” Sorry Old Bacon Face, but if you only value me enough to offer 12.5 for me I’d rather stay at Arsenal. Thanks for making up my mind for me…. & I don’t care how much my agent wants his cut!”

Would be nicer to hear more stories like Craig Bellamy & Kaka (rumored) taking pay cuts to go to a team that gave them so much support. Kaka is rumored headed back to AC Milan at a significant paycut to help them out.

damien joyce

Why is it that the tightest bastards in the world barcelona are always trying to lure our players? Why can’t we get Real Madrid interested, at least they compensate with decent fees, I fucking hate Barcelona now and it really pisses me off cos i used to quite like them when Luis Enrique and Stoichkov were starring, but now they just make me sick


Can someone please hack into Barcelona’s chief scout’s laptop and clear his Football Manager player search settings as its clearly stuck on Arsenal.



Alexandre Song bought from Bastia 01/08/2006 for £1,000,000 after
2005-06 loan made permanent

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

“Barcelona are the best team in the world, and speculation will always continue until the window closes.”

Lol this a great statement. It says that don’t worry I am here, the talk won’t stop though till the end of window.


Hopefully not his Arsenal window…

kiss my arsenal

a paltry 15m euro supposed bid..if only it were possible to bitch slap barcalona right in their cunt face…cheeky catalonian cunts

Merlin's Panini

It is possible. Never stop dreaming


That’s the kind of statement Van Persie would’ve made if he had been using his noodle!

“I am happy at Arsenal but I’d listen to offers from other clubs and I want to keep my options open”

RVP – cuntish, arrogant, generally back stabby.

Song – being fairly honest about the situation.


Seeing as the comments on this piece of news are essentially about cunts (Barca and their f*cking DNA bollocks, David Dein), how about some thoughts on this:

– The FA, so often charge and ban-happy, will be taking no action on Ivanovic after his over-the-ball tackle in yesterday´s “friendly” curtain-raiser. Basically, they´re confirming what we already know, namely that the Community Shield is so pointless, we may as well stop bothering with it (note the poor attendance, nearly 6,500 below capacity at the not exactly massive Villa Park).

– UEFA, so often charge and ban-happy (especially where the Arsenal are concerned) have reduced John Terry´s ban for the red card he rightly picked up in the CL semi-final against Barcelona. When, in the history of football, have UEFA ever reduced a ban (particularly one as clear cut as the incident in question) and why have they seen it fit to do this now, several months after the match? The only explanation I can find is that it is one set of cunts looking after another one. Truly shocking.

Clearly Abramovich has worked out where to spend his money if he wants his team to win…


I can’t believe that a game in which the result doesn’t really matter and where fans of both teams would have to travel over a hundred miles to reach the venue wasn’t at full capacity. SHOCKED.

Why exactly should Ivanovich have been penalised in the league for offences made in a friendly, by the way?


I´ve got no issue with fans not attending any football match. Indeed, if they´re being asked to pay top whack (20 to 45 quid) for what the FA now class as a “friendly”, then the attendance is quite reasonable. My rant is aimed at the FA.

If you´ve been watching football as long as I have, you´ll know that the Charity Shield (as I know it) was traditionally both a curtain raiser for the new season and the first chance for a bit of silverware (over 65,000 went to Wembley to watch Arsenal play Spurs in 1991). It meant something to fans and players alike, and despite asking people to stump up big to go and see it, the FA are happy downgrading it to mere friendly status (compare this to how the “Supercup” is played in most other major European countries). If its just a friendly, let the fans in for a tenner.

And if you need me to spell it out regarding Ivanovic (and obviously you do), he got a red card in an FA-sanctioned competition. Red cards in the FA Cup are served in the League and vice-versa, and since Keegan and Bremner came to blows in `74 (Youtube it if you don´t know what I´m talking about), red cards in the Shield led to suspensions served in the League. Basically, the message now is that it´s ok to kick the cunt off an opponent in the Community Shield because it doesn´t matter anymore as a competition.

Does that seem right to you, Bearjizz?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Absolutely. Give the players in the meaningless curtain raiser the chance to break an opponents leg to keep him out of action for the season and the FA will congratulate you on picking such a clever time to do it. City could be down a player for months as a result of that tackle. All the FA have done is told people it’s OK to be violent in their friendlies as “it doesn’t count”. Fuckwits.

If it’s “only” a friendly then his reckless tackle should lead to him being charged with assault.


I admit I wouldn’t mind shagging Scarlett Johansson, but I’m happy with the current wife.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

However, as I am ambitious, should Scarlett Johansson offer to pay me a considerable fee for my services I would then have to consider my options very carefully. It would then be up to my wife to match or better Scarlett Johansson’s offer. My wife must show her own ambition if she wishes to continue to benefit from my not inconsiderable skills.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I hope you’re as good as you think you are Anton!


Reports out of France that Spuds have made a bid of 15 million for M’Vila.




He also stated he wants to go to a CL team and none of them in the PL are interested right now


I am a bit disappointed by comments from lots of Gooners here as well as Arseblog itself which wrote a sarcastic story earlier when the news first broke about Alex Song and Barcelona. On one hand we want a big fee for the most improved midfielder in our side with 11 assists to his name last year (as important as RVP and Arteta in last year’s campaign). At the same time, I read comments that “I won’t mind if Arsene can get M’Villa to replace Song. He is anyway a better DM”.

It is easy to make such flippant comments and slag Barca for wanting Song. Basically, the grass is always greener on the other side. M’Villa looks all solid right now because he doesn’t play for us. What if he takes a season to settle after Song is sold to Barca? After number of years of penny pinching and hard work trying to get kids to keep us in top 4, Arsene finally has money to invest in experienced internationals. More than us, it is Wenger who desperately wants to win the league. Song becomes doubly important this season. All those guys hankering about him being not so good should remember what happened to Liverpool when they sold Xabi Alonso. They are a living example of wrong choices. Trust Wenger on this. He knows more than anybody else who he needs in the squad. Unless, Song really wants a transfer, Wenger will not sell him.

The same can’t be said about RVP. He is a goner going by Wenger’s reply. History shows that whenever he vehemently emphasizes that a player is an Arsenal player, that player ultimately gets sold. I hope I am wrong because I would love to have him on bench for all our league matches to come around 60min mark and score winners for Arsenal and win the league…he can take over Benayoun’s squad number!


you said it right after years of grooming and making the player he is today there is no point in slagging him and saying someone else’s better.
Yes it might be for a pay rise but we all know if the players play they will get a improvement on their contract they dont need their agents or themselves to come out ask for more.
And why are we frustrated because after all these years of trophyless season where we have done quite well to still be in par among the top clubs in europe, we finally go out and do something in transfer window that we havent done for ages there are players who for their own sake have comeout with the statements for getting a better deal aNd we thought they were one of us.
Again you dont need to ask for a raise Arsene will give you one. Best example Arteta.