Arteta ‘convinced’ by new role


It would have been a brave man who put money on Arsene Wenger looking to solve some of the team’s defensive issues by re-deploying a cultured midfielder, but in moving Mikel Arteta back that’s exactly what he did.

The Spaniard’s discipline defensively has been outstanding, and when coupled with his passing ability it’s provided Arsenal with a solid and effective platform from which to dictate games.

Arteta himself is happy with the way things are going and is convinced that the new position suits both him and the team.

“Playing as a defensive midfielder was a big transition but it is more a mental thing,” he told the Evening Standard. “The boss is convinced that is the best thing for the team and I am, too, so let’s do it.

“If it works and in games like that where you probably think you need more physical presence but you still create and are able to match the physical ability and the way they play, it reinforces your belief. I am totally happy that is a good way to play.”

Arteta completed 100 out of 106 passes against Man City

The stand-in captain also had praise for Aaron Ramsey, calling the Welshman’s performance ‘superb’, despite playing in a position which isn’t fully natural to him.

Meanwhile, Vito Mannone says the team showed real character to come from behind against last season’s title winners.

“We did all we could do to put pressure on them,” he said. “It shows great character to come back, especially against the champions.

“The team performed really well and everyone gave everything to come back and get a point. Every save that can help the team, I am really happy with.

“I was not happy with the goal obviously but I came back stronger with some saves.”

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Who says we need M’Villa when we’ve got super-Arteta?


Song who?

One thing is for sure, now that we’ve got Mikel Arteta as our super DM, we’re giving the ball away alot less.


I agree. my feelings about song were always that he gave away a lot of fouls on the half way line and gifted opposition the ball a lot in the middle of the park, leaving us very vulnerable to counter attacks.

mikel’s discipline and comfort on the ball make him a far better option than song despite not having the latter’s physique. plus as a naturally more attacking midfielder he also has that creative ability.

this is all borne out by the fact we song song with no fuss when there was no pressure (regarding contract situation) to do so.

good call from le boss.


Does anyone know how much game time Song has had with Barca so far?


Not me. I personally dont’ bother with barca matches. Hence the question song who?


he is a key player in the best midfield in the EPL

Heart Expert

Arteta is a heartbeat.

Rarely covered in glory. A role quickly or easily forgotten. But once in a blue moon, you lay your palm on your chest and find him there. Drumming the beat to your tune, letting you breathe, giving you life, gunning you on.

When I grow up again, I want to be like Arteta.


Beautiful words. I held great respect for him at Everton, and now that he’s in our colors, I couldn’t be happier!


Good man..
just the positive aura about him
everyone is feeling the vibes

he’s like the person you dont want to dissapoint


that’s the spirit artertistic.A lot of respect for you vice captain.


I love you Mikel. That is all.


I love him. It takes a true professional to put the team’s needs first and not go off in search of personal glory *coughAlexSongcough*


He was destined for this role. Even last season he played this role whilst Song was off running the length of the pitch.

He is everyone’s cover and literally we would not function without him in this team.


A top player, one of the best signings Arsenal have made.
No wonder Evertonians we’re gutted to see him leave….. Panic buy ? … No chance 🙂

Up the Arsenal

lee adams

never really understood why he was labled a “panic” buy. He had been one of the top 5 cm in the league for a number of seasons when we signed him. Always feared coming up against him.


yeah those freaking freekicks of his at everton


I just love him. I’d probably be gay for him. LOL. Anyways, he’s a really really solid player. The way he collects balls after tackles, his stand tackles, speechless. Pure class! MA8


I’ve completely forgotten that Song existed these past few weeks.

Midfield Corporal

Who is this Song you speak of?


When he gets the ball,
He turns, looks to his spanish friend
And they exchnage quick one two’s
You want this ball?
No sir, I’ll instead spread it wide.
You want to go through me sir?
No, I will get this ball off your legs, no sweat.


Goon Goon Goon

Any other player of that age at another club would probably have mouthed off to a newspaper about not being happy at playing out of position. Arteta says “yeah cool, why not”. Shame we hadn’t bought him sooner. Proper legend


Arsene must resolve Theo Walcott’s contract issue. If he lets Theo go, then AW should be sacked.

Arsene's festival sleeping bag
Arsene's festival sleeping bag


You’re funny.

Dr Baptiste

Oh good lord….. Another idiot has arrived

Midfield Corporal

I’m guessing from the name you are taking the piss Harry, but just out of interest how do you ‘solve’ Theo’s contract problem? Give £100k a week to a player who isn’t first choice? I hope we keep him but in the wider scheme of things if he goes I don’t think I’ll lose any sleep over it.


I’d like to have whatever this chap’s on.


Not me! Sounds like a ghastly reality to be living in!


We know that’s you, Theo.


Yeah, definitely. That makes so much sense. At the moment with no Walcott we’re not running the ball off the pitch really really fast, it’s unacceptable and Wenger should definitely be sacked.

lee adams

have you not been watching Gervinho?


Are you Harry Redknapp?

The Truth

Nah, if it was Harry it would read as follows:

Yea, definnately vat maks so mach senc at ve mommant wiv no Wallcot wer not runin ve bal of ve pitch rely relly farst its unnacepptoble an venger shud definnately bee sacd


The more the season goes on, the less Arsenal need Theo and so his position is getting weaker and weaker. If a decent replacement can be found, then let him go…

Dan Lewis

you’ve lost the plot, why should AW let any player hold the club to ransom, we offered him a contract which suitably reflected not only his abilities but his contribution to the team and he’s holding out for more money, i’m glad that he’s standing his ground and not just pandering to players who clearly don’t have an ounce of loyalty towards the club

Brohan Cruyff

How is this relevant?

glory hunter

If Theo decides to sign,then its good news, if he doesn’t we have no choice but to move on, we’ve lost better players and survived ad will continue to do so.

Likewise If the club decide to give him 100k a week, there’s not a lot we can do about it, we need to stop acting like its our choice what contract he’s offered!

Personally I don’t care how much the players get as long as they give their all when representing The Arsenal!

H. P. Arsecraft

You wont get the job so twitch away Redknapp


There’s no one better than Mikel Arteta!

sir lewiz

sure Harry must be Redknapp’s oda son.wu cares if theo is sold?u fool!


Arteta is man of the season


Harry is a P***k


Mikel is great. I’m so glad that he seems to be as happy at Arsenal as we are with him. He’ll finish his career here I’m sure.

When you look at how many clubs he’s played for (Barca, Rangers, Sociedad, Everton and PSG), it’s fantastic to think that he’s found his home.


Mikel & Santi = deadly midfield! We’ve finally got the perfect balance of youth & experience. Also have a steady balance of attacking creativity along with defensive positioning. Everyone in the squad looks happy and focused and they seem to get along really well together.

I LOVED the goal celebration yesterday with the dogpile on Koscielny! That was pure joy. Everyone is happy for whoever it is that scored and the team are focused on getting goals, not just getting the ball to one little boy anymore.


Lmao @ One little boy, That little boy is quickly becoming the only little boy to get the ball to at that place that he went off to, One Man Team anyone?


To be fair, the little boy at Man U got maybe a few touches in during his 90 minutes on the pitch. If Man U weren’t always playing with 12 men (thanks, refs), he wouldn’t have gotten to take that PK at all.


Being with ManU, the little boy will probably be the top scorer in this season, scoring on penalties alone.

Merlin's Panini

The guy is consistency personified. He’s a serious player, isn’t in it for the money, clearly loves playing and really understands the game. What a hero.
Must say Ramsey was superb yesterday too. It’s good to see players who areb’t automatic starters playing so well. The squad is so well stocked in midfield I don’t actually think we’ve ever had so many real quality players in the middle.


I think it’s quite nice that he was a childhood friend of Xabi Alonso and that they grew up together in San Sebastian dreaming of careers in footballl.

San Sebastian was already my favourite place in Spain. Even more ‘favouriter’ now!

big black clock

Arteta would make a great manager, I reckon. From the way he talks you can see that he has an excellent understanding of Wenger’s tactics and knows the game well.

He not only knows his role in the team but knows the role of all his teammates as well. A future role in AFC? One can hope.

Till then, play and retire with us you legend. You’re already our greatest ever number 8.


I would go that far mate he is a great player but he has a long way to go for that.besides that’s wrighty’s shirt


Ljungberg wore the no. 8


And don’t forget his hair 😉
We could already see how important he was last year, without him we only had that lucky win at West Brom. I think we have a way better midfield this year, but he’s still probably the first name you want to see on the team sheet. Top player, top professional 🙂


Slight subject change: What is Wenger doing with Giroud?

Ok, so we’ve just bought this French striker who’s supposed to be the dog’s bollocks – so why hasn’t he started the last two Premier League games?

The feeling on this website is that Giroud just needs a few games to find his form, then he will magically transform into Ian Rush and go on to smash every goalscoring record at the club. So how come he only gets 20 minutes against one of our fiercest rivals?

Considering that Gervinho has the finishing composure of Lord Such on speed, why isn’t Giroud given more of a chance?

I hope he starts against Coventry: anybody can score against them!

Goon Goon Goon

I think with the recent trouble we have had with strikers we shouldn’t jut throw him in the deep end straight away especially after not getting on the score sheet straight away. Best to unleash him this week in the mickey mouse cup to get him scoring that way. If he banged a goal within his first few games we wouldnt be in this situation. Taking the pressure off is the best way to ease him in. + I’d rather play an in form Gervinho than an out of form anyone


I think Gervinho’s last 2 performances deserved a place in the starting line up yesterday and to be fair to the lad he never stopped running and was always looking to take his man on.
Ok he didn’t have his shooting boots on yesterday and some of his decision making was frustrating but I put it down to a bad day at the office. At least with Giroud on the bench we now have a plan ‘B’ if required


Love Arteta but think a certain Ian Wright might have something to say about being our greatest no 8

Dr Baptiste

Is he going to write it in the Sun in his usual ‘anti-Arsenal’ tone?

Frank de Boer

Lassana Diarra!


Been instrumental so far, i kept saying if cesc ever left id sign arteta but even though he hasnt replaced him he is just as important as him, just hope he dont get injured


Mr. Reliable.

I mean come on, does anyone even remember Alex Song?

Arteta's Hair Gel

Yes..Thats the bloke barca will try to replace next summer with Arteta. As his official hair gel, i will advise Mikel against this move.


Naturally he didn’t exist in the eyes of the media before he came to the prem but Arteta actually played as a DM for much of his early career. His technical ability and injuries in the squad saw Moyes move him forward with great success.


Love Arteta. My cult hero.


He is the example of a modern day DM. Technical ability,discipline and brilliant vision of the game.

I have said in another post but I will say it here. Once we get Wilshere and Rosicky back to full fitness, we have one of the best midfield(both bench and starting)in the EPL. Really looking forward to Wilshere coming back to the side. Arteta-Wilshere-Cazorla. Oozes class


him and koscielny are two of the cleanest tacklers i’ve ever seen.One of the best signings by anyone anywhere-and with his metronomic pace to the game he’ll go on for years like some sort of perfect haired duracell arteta.And for that we can all be thankful.


I think with Arteta now hitting 30 and all the experience he has in the Premier League and with his intiial education in Spain, he has to be a perfect candidate for that DM role. I.E he is vastly experienced and this enables him to switch more easily between positions in the midfield.
I’m sure Wenger has been thinking about it for a while, the reason we didn’t see it earlier maybe, is because Wilshere has been injured.
The one thing i’d like to see Arteta include in his play a bit more, is his shooting from distance, last season he was fantastic at offering this option. but with him playing a bit further back it means he doesn’t get as far forward, but his long range shooting is a significant weapon that should be utilised especially against teams that play with a defensive block that sits deep (like the Sunderland game for example).


is this a career-lengthening change for arteta?

if arteta wants to be the team’s engine for the next decade ala scholes (but without being such a tackling cunt) i’m all for that!


“The boss is convinced that is the best thing for the team and I am, too, so let’s do it.”

Fucking a right

Dial Square

Just read a piece on the BBC sport website with Theo saying, him staying is dependant of him being played as a striker – i hope he does stay but since when did players pick the fucking team, and tell the manager where they are going to play ???? IF !! this story is genuine…..fuck off Theo


Does anyone else remember the Everton fans saying he was past his prime and not useful? It is amazing what Wenger can do with players even when they are not young. This guy is pure class


Isn’t it funny that while Walcott complains about playing on the wing, Arteta plays wherever he’s needed. Shows the difference in character.

Steve Bould's hairdryer
Steve Bould's hairdryer

In the age where Andy Caroll is worth 35million, it shows that Arsene still knows a hell lot.
Arteta to retire with Arsenal in glory ~! it’s about time we have another Arsenal legend.


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Erick Medina

Always had the greatest respect for him when he palyed for Everton. When we signed him I thought “We finally got a natural attacking midfielder” but now that he’s settled down in the DM role I see that he’s given a lot more to the club than if he was playing as an AM


his hair is like his passes….always perfect lol