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Match Report: Arsenal 6 – 1 Coventry

Arsenal scored six goals for the second game in succession at the Emirates as they eased their way past Coventry and into the fourth round of the Capital One Cup.

Olivier Giroud broke his scoring duck for the Gunners in the first half with a deft chipped effort, Ignasi Miquel bagged his first goal for the club, while a two goal salvo by Theo Walcott bolstered the England international’s claims to be an out-and-out striker. The best goals of the evening came from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain –  a rasping effort from 23-yards out – and Andrei Arshavin who finished a neat move on the break with a cool finish.

The night began slowly for Arsene Wenger’s second string with little of note happening in the first 35 minutes. The boss handed debuts to Argentine Damian Martinez in goal and 18-year-old Swiss Martin Angha at right-back, but the starting line-up was littered with well-known faces.

It was perhaps the lack of youthful energy which played its part in an initially lackadaisical start to the game. Too often play broke down in the final third with midfielders unwilling to penetrate the Coventry backline and certain individuals looking very rusty. Andre Santos’ positional sense at left-back left much to be desired, while Arshavin’s profligacy in possession frustrated even the most ardent of his supporters.

In the end it took determination from Francis Coquelin, a livewire throughout his 70 minutes on the pitch, to spark Arsenal into life. The Frenchman’s sliding tackle on the edge of the Coventry box allowing Giroud to spring the offside trap and calmly clip home for his first Arsenal goal. He’d had a half-chance five minutes before, but when push came to shove he finally delivered the goods.

At half-time few could argue with the scoreline, although many might have questioned the desire.

In the second half it was a different story. Presumably after a stern talking to from Wenger, the Gunners upped the pace and showed the necessary guile to skewer their inferior opponents. Arshavin won a penalty two minutes after the restart following some clumsy defending only for Giroud’s tepid effort to be pushed round the post. The Frenchman wasn’t aided by a lengthy delay caused by a couple of numpties streaking on the pitch.

The second goal arrived soon after. The ever-entertaining Oxlade-Chamberlain lashing into the top corner after an assist from Arshavin. The young midfielder’s ruthlessness was a sign of things to come. A fine break saw Coquelin (possibly Chamberlain) feed Giroud who instantaneously slipped a delightful pass to the onrushing Russian. The 31-year-old in one movement controlled the ball in the air before rolling home past a helpless keeper.

Buoyed by the killer-instinct shown by his teammates Theo Walcott scored a fine fourth. Peeling off the right wing he raced through the defence, took one touch and rifled home across keeper Murphy. It was very similar to his second against Spurs back in February.

Emmanuel Frimpong, Marouane Chamakh and Serge Gnabry replaced Coquelin, Giroud and Oxlade-Chamberlain with 19 minutes remaining and in the bedding in period substitute Callum Ball grabbed one back for Coventry from close range. Alas, as the visiting fans revelled in their consolation strike Ignasi Miquel nodded home from an Arshavin cross to restore the four goal cushion.

Gnabry showed flashes of his talent by darting in from the left wing and curling an effort which was deflected past the post before Walcott wrapped up proceedings by showing the young pretender how it’s done. With few passing options available he raced down the left flank, cut inside and slid a perfect finish with all the Gallic flair of Thierry Henry. He’s a long way from emulating his hero, but the manner in which he turned on the style was a timely reminder to Arsene Wenger of his ability.

All in all, a very tidy performance by all concerned and great to see such a big turnout at the Emirates. It’s Reading away in the next round towards the end of the month.


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Why the fuck did I turn down tickets for this -.-


Ha! After watching the Wigan Match in the snow last year I was asking myself “why did I buy these tickets? “


ah don’t be too hard on yourself, i was there… most of the time was spent celebrating anyway… very tiring


Mark G

Oh the joys of being a cunt Richie 😉 lol

Le sausage

Most definitely worth the 10er…absolute value for money! I’ll be sure to get tickets if we have another home game!


that oughta cheer you up!
all the goals 6-1


Giroud scored. I’m happy for this fella. I really am.


With this scoreline Arsenal have won by the score of 6-1 twice in its 3 home appearance, hopefully scoreline extends well past Chelsea game. BTW congrats to the Arsenal ladies for beating Barcelona by the score of 3-0 in their own turf.


Barring any out-of-ordinary series of injuries, we definitely have sufficient depth to challenge trophies this season. COYG (Yes, plural.)


Giroud help Arsenal score 6hicks.

Fergie the Gooner

Yeah, I was desperate for him to score and thankfully he did. I think the commentary on the penalty is a bit harsh, from our seats it looked like a decent one and it really wasn’t helped by two topless coventry chavs running around the pitch for several minutes while the stewards pretty much just watched and Giroud was standing at the spot waiting to get on with it.

Ignasi also looked Mertesackeresque in his reading of the game!


On holiday in the Caribbean about to watch h the BBC highlight show online. 7am wakeup on sat for the Chelsea match #dedication…. Haha ooh to be a gooner

Good Omens

Probably not the same reason I did, but I regret it all the same. Well done the lads, nice to see some ‘fringe’ players show what they can do.


MOTM: the owlish one!


Arsh looked good as the second striker, his natural position.




Don’t worry, he might be in the last year of his contract and playing out of position, but I don’t think there’s a messy divorce coming up.


Chelsea are probably in their dressing room right now pondering on how to keep arshavin quiet come saturday.

It’s 2012 and we’ve now got a guy named cazorla…….pssst!. This is not squad depth, this is pure arsenal magic.


Theo’s 2nd goal was a beaut


I don’t want Theo to go. Think people give him too much stick.


Terry is a cunt.
Fuck le grove.
Media can kiss my arse.
I said terry is a cunt right?


Now here I was all amused at 5-3 scoreline at Terry is cunt comment got and you had to go spoil it, anonymous punk 😉


“Arshavin’s best position looks to be behind the striker now because that’s where his vision, the creative side of his game, can be very efficient. When he has to work on the flank it is sometimes working against him because he has to work too hard up and down. But when he’s central he always had an influence on the game.” – Wenger

What is this I don’t even


Also cheers Giroud, so happy for him.


Miquel is developing really well. Was better than the experienced Djourou. Good game topped off with the streakers!

damien joyce

I’ve thought Miquel has been our best 4th CB for couple years now, he is more than comfortable at LB (Djourou has proved RB is NOT an option for him) and also, I’m quite sure he is technically efficiently capable of playing DM(!!!) if necessary. if the 3 in front of him weren’t so bloody lovely I’d have a petition to get him some game time!! We actually reaaly do finally have some good youngsters ready to come thru and make an impact, we heard so much about JET, Lansbury, Watt etc let’s hope Martinez, Yennaris, Miquel, Eisfeld, Coq, Frimpong… Read more »


Blogger Carling Cup!!?? Glad the sponsors are doing their job with you. Money well spent.


Pretty sure the byline says Andrew Allen…


He meant Milk Cup, obviously.


Maybe Rumbelows?


Or did you mean COCKS (i.e. Knockout Stages) ?

Oleg Luzhny


Jamesy Boy

I can’t wait for the extended highlights to come on Arsenal Player…


Walcotts 2nd goal was incredible!


Agreed, if he can keep up with that pace and still control the ball well enough to finish then I see abit of henry in him…..abit!.

Here are the highlights for the 6, enjoy


A hybrid of Walcott and Gervinho would be a really good player.


Hoping gervs forehead gets lost down the fucking line.


“Hey Grrr, what did the hand say to the face….SLAP!!!! Haha, I’m RICK JAMES, BITCH!!!!!”


i was on the bench otherwise i would have scored too…!!


Probably in the wrong net.


Bring on the chelsea bus..!!


Heard they tried to take their bus to the Emirates tonight, but erm… there was no parking.

And on Saturday, when they do try to park it, they’re gonna get towed!

Pride of London

6 of the best!


Good performance from the youngsters. Didn’t see the game but heard the Coq got stuck in.


well done and good to see Giroud scoring! Theo scoring two goals will give him some confidence too.


I think Theo annoyed quite a few people (myself included) earlier this week by being a little outspoken to the media. He gave the best possible response tonight though, even if it was against a tiring league 1 team.

Two very good goals, with the second actually pretty awesome. More of that, commit one way or the other, and he might just get people back on side.


I don’t get why his comments were taken badly. He was presumably upset that the media had painted him as a mercenary, and tried to explain his own reasons for not signing a new contract. I didn’t see it as arrogant.


He was in trainning, the media came and wallah!!! he spoke like it came out of a book o somethin. Clearly felt that way for a long time. So I really do not think he’s in for the dough. He really seems to relish striker role.

Wenger today…..”his time will come, right now there’s alot of competition there”.

So fucking shut up walcott, your time will fucking come. Skip some ropes and be useful to the team.


Ermmm he was interviewed while doing his obligations for his sponsors. I doubt Arsenal would let a journalist come into the training ground let alone letting them interview a player midway through training.

Apart from that, I don’t see why his statement is taken in such a negative view. All he wants is a try at being a striker, get a new contract and hopefully not to be sell off.


Strangely his goals proved he DOESN’T need to play through the middle or start as a CF because the way we play means he’ll always find himself there. He scores better goals from an angle……….no more excuses Theo….sign up!


Miquel had a blinder at the back, and it was great to see him in the centre rather than at left back where he played last year due to a lack of full backs. Arshavin showed desire, and looked good playing centrally as a second striker and not on the wing. Walcott with an Henry-esque goal curling it into the far corner was pure class, however should have finished other opportunities, but I think Wenger should give him a chance up front. The Ox. Wow. Bossed play, tracked back, covered for Santos who went wandering on a couple of occasions,… Read more »


Wenger should give him a chance up front? For goodness sake that is where he plays already! He can move anywhere across the front line during a game and he does that. I just don’t this fuss about starting in the middle.


Probably not that important, but Theo’s celebration after his first consisted of running from the right post to the right corner flag, then almost all the way over to the left corner, flag finger in the air, by himself. Most of the side had retreated to halfway for the restart by the time he’d done. He did take two good goals but also missed a one on one under no pressure by failing to hit the target. The celebration I only bought up because it really did scream “look at me, look at what I can do.” Fair play if… Read more »

North Bank Upper

Glad someone’s pointed this out. Also, he took his goals well but was very frustrating until the last 20 minutes – I’d say on the whole he gave us the bare minimum required after all his talk this week. His celebrations for both goals were unnecessary. Especially annoying was his hanging around on the pitch applauding the fans on his own after everyone else had disappeared down the tunnel – not fooling anyone! Still, good result and great to see some strong performances from those who haven’t had many chances yet this season. Coq and Miquel excellent; Arsh Giroud Yennaris… Read more »


Wow, you can tell you have an unnecassarily biased agenda against a lad when he scored two goals and it’s seen as ‘the bare minimum’, not to mention treating him applauding the fans as some sort of selfish, suspicious act!

Gandalf's Kebab

Hahahahaha that’s just perfect. Oh, Feo.


Arshavin, fairly disinterested in spite of the stats.
Walcott only interested in scoring for himself so that he actually breaks even on his bosman…either that or he still hasn’t learnt how to pass.
Santos will have to do better than this to threaten Gibbs.


Haven’t you noticed? Theo only passes to RvPrick so he can get a hug from his god.


And le coq was top of this match today.
Played firmly behind giroud from the onset
and did well with distribution of his balls to
throughout the pitch.
So we can all say le coq stood up and got


Hopefully we can see more of Asharvin in the second striker role 😀


He was terrible in the first half maybe because he hasn’t played in a while but don’t believe the hype he was only good in flashes and gave nothing defensively which wasn’t too bad because we were playing Coventry!


I hope Marco Marin plays against us on Saturday so he can see first hand that B Ivanovic is no match for Podolski


What was this little boy going on about?.
He thinks that fat russian can keep down poldi?, what a gob!. He joined chelsea and he’s getting this much of game time…..fuck all!.
The kids got too much time on his hands me thinks. Poldi will reap em apart, cazorla closely behind.


Ivanovich = Serbian

Marko Marin lack of game time = prior injury

[…] Match Report | Highlights | Arsene’s reaction […]


Brilliant night at the emirates. And those streakers were a good laugh!

Mikel Artekkers

Went to the game and I have to say that this article does not do justice to Arshavin. He was dominant today, stringing balls everywhere, pinging passes through the defence, a number of passes he made should have led to goals, and he beat a couple of players with his skill too. Plus 1 goal and 1 assist (as well as winning the penalty).


Any highlights?


Check Free 3-minute highlight pack. All the goals. And Giroud’s penalty miss.


How was Frimpong when he came on? Did he get stuck in or could you see some hesitation? I love his raw intensity it would be a shame for him to lose it

Mikel Artekkers

I wouldn’t say hesitation as much as being more sensible, rather than the red card on a timer he was before the injury. I don’t think he’s lost his intensity, he didn’t shy out of any tackles he had to make, but then again Coventry were dead and buried by the time he came on and he didn’t really have much enforcing to do.


cheers mate, suppose we;ll have to wait for the report from the U-21 match to assess how ready he is for first team action

Gandalf's Kebab

What the fuck is it with 70th minute substitutes? You can set your watch by them almost


Mixed reports on Arshavin, Every news article ive read said he was “re-born again”.

Any thoughts from someone who was there?

To be honest, i just cant help but love the little guy. So when i woke up this morning (living in Aus) and saw the result and Arshavin’s huge ass smile celebrating, i couldnt help but smile myself. The guys infectious when you can tell he is out there and loving his football, pulling all sorts of goofy faces, knowing that hes having fun, which generally means hes playing well.


And i heard theo got a standing ovation, i hope arshavin got the same treatment if he played as well as i read. I know its 1 game, but for what he copped against manchester united last year from our own fans, the little guy deserves credit if it is due. Especially after everyone time and time again writes him off.

He can still be a game changer, and either way you look at it, if you see Arshavin on the bench of any team, that team has depth.

Mikel Artekkers

He was MOTM for me – played a very Santi Cazorla-esque role and did it well. Opposition couldn’t get near him.

Nuno Moreira

Highlights can be seen here for those that haven’t seen the goals.

John Connolly

I know it was “Only Coventry” but that 2nd Theo goal was very Henry-like. If he can do that against top opposition, i would have no problem with him up top…


But this is the point, he doesn’t need to be up top to do it!


I know this is Arseblog and all, but how classy was MIroslav Klose against Napoli for admitting he handed that ball in the net? Guy deserves a thumbs up from anyone who loves football and fair play.


Who captained the team tonight? Djourou or Arsha?


Djourou i read.


Ironic how Theo managed to prove he’s best in the last 20 minutes against tiring teams cutting in from the wing! Arsene knows!!


Totally agree. All he does is make me angry…Oh shit, not my good pair of trousers

big black clock

Theo can’t win can’t he? He doesn’t start in over 2 months and people slam him for not scoring goals.

He starts and scores a couple of goals and people slam him for his long celebrations.

And we wonder why our players don’t show much loyalty. Smh.

big black clock

Everyone praising Arshavin from watching highlight reels just proves that he is nothing more than a Youtube player right now. If you had watched the first half you would have seen how atrocious he was when we’re trying to defend. Coventry were way more attacking in the first half and Arshavin did fuck all to win the ball back. He only shone in the second half when the whole team started attacking. If that was Rosicky you can bet your ass that he will work hard to win the ball back. This is why I think Arshavin should not be… Read more »


Give the guy a break. He’s obviously not match fit having not played a full game since Euro 2012. And it seems in our new defensive system, the 2 up top don’t necessary have to track back.

Mikel Artekkers

He was always the one making the intricate through balls and back heels to split the opposition defence and send a man through. Despite these high difficulty passes he made (throughout both halves), I can count the number he missed on one hand. He scored ans got an assist as well.

North Bank Gooner

few too many backheels to no one, but it was great to see the flashes of the man/owls obvious talent. lovely take and finish for his goal. nice 1 AA.

arsene's bottle of water

You sound like you’ve just watched Arshavin for the first time.

Most of us know that with Arshavin you’re bound have goals and assists. His final ball in the final third is often excellent. He is a solely creative player. We should know by now that we cannot count on him defending.

This Arshh hate is getting really old now. FFS, the guy grabs a goal and 2 assists and you say he’s a YouTube player? Pffff…


Miquel ahead of me?? what???? Wenger out!


Arshavin was terrible fist half, every doubt you could have about him was there. 2n half improved but was starting from a very low base. Theo took his goals well not bothered about the celebrations. Can do what he likes. This is purely about money and not about his position in the team. He can’t use the rvp excuse as we are playing well and it’s early season and it’s been used. He could play up front until January but would still leave. He’s painting himself into a corner now, it’s a shame we are going to lose him but… Read more »

[…] Match Report – Goals […]


Re: Theo, well done to him for scoring last night but we have to remember that he scored the 4th and 6th goals vs. Coventry and before that he scored the 6th goal vs. Southampton – he needs to be scoring the deciding goals against the top teams on a consistent basis to merit £100k (as reported), nothing he has done in the last six years suggests he is anywhere near that level. If truth be told if he wasn’t english he’d be on £30k max at a mid-table prem team.

fight against fickleness

You mean like against Spurs & Chelsea last season
Or against Barca & Chelsea a couple of seasons ago.
Jheez, its like Theo’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t!!
He really cant win, maybe he should just leave.

And If there’s 1 thing we can all agree about Theo, is against the Top teams he usually does well as they don’t sit back and defend! which gives him the space he needs to flourish!


So four goals against top teams in last six years marks consistency? As I said he needs to be doing this on a consistent basis in the big games

Nuck Fasri

It is obvious some Arsenal fans want to force Theo out of the team. #shame

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Theo’s second goal was worthy of the 14 he wears. Chamberlain’s finish was good, though it was right down the middle and the keeper should have saved it. Arshavin looked delighted and I felt really happy for him. Lets hope he pushes on. If he shows the form he did when he arrived, I will feel for all we are up against. I always like him, and I still hope he comes good. Most imp. though our #12 finally scored. He should have had two, but a goal from open play is better than a penalty. Though if he had… Read more »

Arteta's perfect hair

Yeah Arshavin was good last night, his awareness of others around him was very good. But his work rate when we lost the ball was poor, be a very good impact sub when wenger does his 70th minute subs.


Theo and Giroud kicked ass!!! Readings gonna get stomped next cup game for sure.


Theo proved that he can be effective scoring goals on the wing. He should stop deluding himself about playing in the middle and improve his wing play or go

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