Montpellier 1-2 Arsenal: By the Numbers


UEFA stats are weird but all stats tell a story
(All stats via UEFA graphics at half-time and full-time)
3 – Goals scored by both Montpellier and Arsenal in the first half
0 – “Good chances” either team had in the first half
2 – Good chances Montpellier had at full-time
0 – Good chances Arsenal had all game
43 – Percent of possession owned by Montpellier in the first half
51 – Percent of possession owned by Montpellier at full time
121 – Passes completed by Montpellier in the first half
210 – Passes competed by Arsenal in the first half
247 – Passes completed by Montpellier in the second half
165 – Passes completed by Arsenal in the second half
6 – Shots by Montpellier in the first half
4 – Shots on goal by Montpellier in the first half
12 – Shots by Montpellier in the second half
6 – Shots on goal by Montpellier in the second half
5 – Shots by Arsenal in the first half
4 – Shots on goal by Arsenal in the first half
1 – Shots by Arsenal in the second half (on goal)
11.75 – KM covered by Cabella²
11.67 – KM covered by Belhanda
2 – KM covered rolling on the ground in order to draw a foul by Montpellier
11.46 – KM covered by Diaby³
11.22 – KM covered by Arteta
1.6 – KM covered by Diaby as he dribbled past 6 players and set up Cazorla for Arsenal’s only shot of the second half, then ran back to play defense for the next 30 minutes.

Opta stats

7 – Aerial duels won by Olivier Giroud¹
0 – Aerial duels won by Yanga-Mbiwa
3 – Number of aerial duels Yanga-Mbiwa prevented Olivier Giroud from winning by kicking him in the face, chest, and hand from behind
6 – Tackles by Mikel Arteta¹ (co-leader along with Gael Clichy’s Funky Hairdo)
6.6 – Tackles per game averaged by Alex Song in Champions League Group Stage play 2011-2012¹
7 – Interceptions by Jamel Saihi¹
6 – Interceptions by Vermaelen and Gibbs combined³
14 – Clearances by Hilton¹
7 – Clearances by Mertesacker³
5 – Shots by Cabella²
10 – Shots by Christiano Ronaldo¹
4 – Fouls by Belhanda²
1 – Assists by each of Jenkinson and Giroud²
2 – Assists by Angel di Maria¹
1 – Through ball by Olivier Giroud²
2 – Through balls by Angel di Maria¹
3 – Chances created by Jamel Saihi²
10 – Chances created by Angel di Maria¹
100 – Percent of passes (14/14) completed by Camara²
100 – Percent of passes (50/50) completed by Christiano Ronaldo¹
94.9 – Percent of passes (75/79) completed by Mikel Arteta³
3 – Successful dribbles by Diaby²
7 – Successful dribbles by Christiano Ronaldo¹
100 – Percent chance that Jesus Christ has a Ronaldo complex
44 – Shots taken by Gervinho for Arsenal in PL and CL, 2011-2012
4 – Goals scored by Gervinho for Arsenal in 2011-2012
11 – Shots per goal for Gervinho 2011-2012
11 – Shots taken by Gervinho for Arsenal so far in 2012-2013
3 – Goals scored by Gervinho for Arsenal so far in 2012-2013
4.7 – Shots per goal for Podolski in 2011-2012
9 – Shots taken by Podolski for Arsenal so far in 2012-2013
3 – Goals scored by Podolski for Arsenal so far in 2012-2013
100 – Miles per hour that Bouldy claims “in training, right foot or left foot, (Podolski’s) shots fly in at.”


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¹Best in the Champions League in this category
²Lead both teams in this category
³Lead just his team in this category

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“0 – “Good chances” either team had in the first half”

Well, that’s counter-intuitive to say the least. How is a penalty kick not a good chance?


I can only assume a “good chance” was ultimately not a goal.


It says ‘good chance’ not gift!


The “missed” is implied? I hardly think so. If you are right, then I think UEFA should just call it a “good chance missed” and not misleadingly a “good chance.”


100 – percent “good chance” that even UEFA’s statisticians are idiots.


Every Arsenal fan needs to have as much fun with this as I did!


O. My. God. LOL!





its 9am, I’m at work, and this made my office dance!

Davey Jones

That is brilliant old boy! I’d like to see a Santos version so we can see the cuddly maverick display his wonderful Samba moves.

Norn Iron Gooner

lol, outstanding. That just took up 10 mins of my day. Off to troll the spuds forums now.

“you’re playing on thursday night??….” then add that link.


master floda

“do the wenger”

gooner odst

you have killed me Nate…death by funnies.


I did have some fun with that. About three years ago.


Love the stats.
I think you missed Shots per goal for Gervinho 2012-2013 – 3.7


10 – the number of games we have been unbeaten in France, right?
5 – unbeaten games so far this season.

Hugh Jarse

We have been beaten in France once –

No – you’re right, we’ve only been robbed in France.


It’s 9 games I think.

Borneo Gooner

100 – percent chance that UEFA is full of cunts.

Runcorn Gooner

1 number of goals conceded by VM in 3 Games (and that was a pen).
Chessers time to up your game.Competition for places is what we need.

Gooner Al

3 – Number of times Joe Hart threw his toys out the pram in Madrid.

Love the stats, Tim!


3- the number of games wenger is likely to miss at the start of next seasons champions league
0- the number of reasons for said suspension.
0- number of times suspending wenger has succeeded in stopping Arsenal progress from the group stage.

You cant stop us Platini you cunt.


1.5 – the length, in inches, of Platini’s penis

Dean '67

10- number on arsenal shirt i’m so waiting to welcome back.

Dean '67

1- Number of heartattacks diaby gave me with that failed turn in the box.

He was found in a similar situation after some minutes but this time he cleared it right off.
Verminators stare of death I suspect was behind all this.

Andrew Maher

I was watching the game at 4.30am in Australia and falling asleep just before that moment because I was confident we had the game in the bag… then Diaby did that. Oh my god I almost threw my laptop out of my bed.


Hehe dude lol. That’s what we all need sometimes, a memorable moment. Diaby a beast, nonetheless.


Yanga mbiwa, what a fucking arsehole, it’s like he was out for girouds blood.

Don’t touch that gentleman you prick!


And we should really try to find a way to deal with yaya toures bursts going forward. That guy can acclerate from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds. Watching the madrid game now, and for the first goal he absolutely flew past marcelo. Citehs main strength is mainly with counter attacks and they will punish you my friend.

Come sunday I hope we take the game to them but use the highline with caution, the offside trap is great but we have cunts for linesmen im the epl so gotta keep it tight back there. And now that we play citeh next nasri just elevated his cunt pedigree. CUNT!

NA$ri's Hamstringed Brain
NA$ri's Hamstringed Brain

Too bad, el cunt just managed to hamstring his bloody self. I doubt he will be in the line up for our weekend fixture

Dean '67

And I love CR7. Yes. I do now fuck off.

Los Polandos

Now, i would reaaly like to get to know the origin of “jesus” stat.
I do not think that any Arsenal fan should have any feelings for that (greedy, sulking, narcisstic, ex-united) cunt.


I think it was a joke


I think it was tim trying too hard.

Los Polandos

I realise it was a joke. In my childish way I simply refuse to be amused by any joke that somehow flatters Cristina R. For some twisted reason he’s at the very top of my hate list, among the few and rare john terrys of the world.
@7amkickoff – sure he’s stats are impressive. I just choose to ignore it. Imagine joey barton scored a hattrick against chealski – would you compliment him? Of course not, unless he broke terry’s spine in progress. And managed to jizz on abramovich face while scoring the last goal. And got so excited that he’d start misquoting Schopenhauer, which would all lead to fatal stroke. Then and only then would i compliment him. Maybe even in public.

Per's Nimble Footwork
Per's Nimble Footwork

A very strange feeling: despite Abou’s attempts to gift a goal to Montpelier, and Per’s failed lunge, I was less than concerned about us conceding another goal in the dying minutes of the game. I just thought it was never going to happen.

Good thing it didn’t. A deserved win for the Arsenal.


[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Pascal Cygan

WENGER OUT! Another goal conceded, this isn’t good enough.


[…] *As always, stats, even simple ones like “shots” depend largely on who is counting. […]


Diaby back to his usual self, a f’in liability!
Couple good games and everyone is going crazy, when his number of good games surpasses his bad games, then I’ll admit I was wrong about him.